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    Original review posted on The Book SmugglersA Beautiful Evil is the sequel to last year s Darkness Becomes Her and it picks up right where the previous book left off Ari, our cursed to become a gorgon when she turns 21 protagonist is training to be able to tap into her dormant powers so she can face the powerful Goddess Athena and rescue her father and her friend Violet She has also been allowed by the Novem the supernatural families that run New 2, this world s futuristic version of New Orleans to visit their secret library to research the way to Athena s secret realm and how to break her own curse.A Beautiful Evil was an extremely frustrating read I was wary to begin with, given my conflicted thoughts about Darkness Becomes Her and unfortunately ALL of the problems I had with the first book make a return with a vengeance to the point I could comfortably copy and paste my thoughts from that review Simply put, this series has an awesome premise and world building but flawed execution, lacklustre secondary characters and formulaic writing.First the positives I like the world building and the main character a LOT The Greek Mythology reimagining is everything I want from my Greek retellings By making Athena the Goddess of Wisdom and Strategy into a power hungry lunatic who likes to play with the lives of those who serve her and who has horribly cursed Medusa and her descendants, it competently takes into consideration what immortality and the passage of years can do to someone s frame of mind I love this because often than not, in Fantasy, we come across immortal beings that don t seem to be affected at all by all the time they have lived and all the things they have seen or endured.With regards to Ari, our main character, I love that she is a mix of vulnerable and kick ass, that she lives on that line where she is adamant she doesn t want to become a gorgon because she doesn t want to become a monster but is inevitably attracted to the power she has.That s about it though, when it comes to the positives Unfortunately, none of the aforementioned aspects is enough to hold this story together when the execution of the plot is so rushed as to make it ridiculous and even conflicting with what we are told Athena is supposedly one of the cleverest strategists and yet, leaves quite a few things to chance The location of her temple is supposedly one of the most well guarded secrets of the ancient world and yet Ari finds all the clues to find it after a couple of visits to the library with a thoroughly easy way to open its alter dimensional door.Although I understand that there is an element of urgency given how Ari s father is undoubtedly being horribly tortured by Athena, Ari and her friends rush into danger with no back up, no training unless you count the couple of sessions she had and no real plan Repeat after me ONES DOES NOT SIMPLY WALK INTO MORDOR And if you do, there has to be real consequences But in the end, I felt that every single plot point is addressed, Athena was defeated for now , Ari is sort of comfortable with her powers and has the hope to fight the curse and Ari and love interest Sebastian walk into the sunset even though Ari does something really fucked up to him when they are taken by Athena The resolution of that conflict is so rushed and dealt with in such a hand wavy manner as to be problematic although there are things still left open, I do wonder if this is going to be the last book.Further, the secondary characters are one dimensional including Sebastian his character is only surface deep, his descriptions don t go much beyond his looks and even the one thing that might define him in terms of emotional conflict is disregarded with no real consequences The writing relies on shortcuts adrenaline that runs through veins to convey excitement blood pressure rising to convey anger and so on and so forth Not to mention how weird is it that the book is extremely violent, with horrible, graphic scenes of torture both emotional and physical and yet strangely PG when it comes to Sebastian and Ari s romantic relationship They pledge themselves to each other but don t do a lot than hold hands.In my review of the first novel, I said that it felt like reading a prequel Well, this one reads like an entire series of 10 books condensed in 287 pages Despite my misgivings with the first book, I still had hopes for the second book I tried, I really did, to give this series a chance but I really don t think this is going to get any better It s time to say goodbye.

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    You know things are bad when the heroine of a book wants to die and you want her to die too I m usually not too picky about cliched story lines or unlikeable characters in a book as long as something or someone stands out and excites or inspires Unfortunately, Ari stands aside and lets the people she cares about suffer for her Ari, who wants to rescue Violet and her father from Athena, charges into situations unprepared, unfocused, and unwilling to use her powers because they make her feel like a monster Though she in unwilling to save herself, she is willing to turn a friend into a monster for her own benefit and then feel resentful afterwards Playing the victim and watching others be strong as they are tortured in order to compensate for her weaknesses of character make her a monster in my book Ari bemoans Athena as a cunning strategist when all Athena has done is torture her friends in front of her, waiting for Ari to respond, react, something.anything Anything And the reader gets tortured with a never ending cycle of poor me, somebody save me Ari also, at times, shows an aptitude and arrogance that s unearned She is the classic damsel in distress and should have been given a pretty dress instead of imbued with supernatural abilities.

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    Kelly Keaton really knows how to make her characters suffer I thought Ari had it bad in Darkness Becomes Her, but what she goes through in A Beautiful Evil, if it were me, I would have crumpled into pieces and completely lost myself Not Ari though Even when she thought things were completely hopeless she never gave up She would work her brain until she found a way A Beautiful Evil is just as action packed as Darkness Becomes Her and full of lots of twist that I did not see coming at all My heart broke into a million pieces for Ari She goes through so much in this book But with everything she goes through, she learns something new about herself There really isn t anything else I can say without giving away any spoilers The story definitely progresses and you get to know Ari and all the other characters a little better in this book Secrets are revealed, the unimaginable happens, and Ari and Sebastian s romance grows a bit It was just non stop from chapter one, super entertaining, and a definite page turner I loved it I think I enjoyed this one a little than Darkness Becomes Her to be honest I highly recommend this series, especially if you re one who likes action packed books full of brave characters 5 out of 5 stars

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    I must say after reading a butt load of books that hold no interest at all I have finally stumbled upon a book that drew me in and left me reeling With the current books on the shelf it is a relief to find a book that makes me want to read all through the night to see what happens to Aristanae and Sebastian.It is also a relief to read a book that has a clear and unhampered writing style unlike may of the mediocre writers that roll out the books so fast its like reading a diary with missing pages Kelly Keaton has a fluid and intriguing book that s action pact and guaranteed to keep you entertained and wanting Finally a writer that tells a story that has you hanging on for Don t pass up this book, it will have you out of your every day doldrums and into a world filled with adventure, intrigue and danger Where vampire and warlocks are real, don t let this one pass you by, take the time to have an adventure dodging Greek gods and falling head long into a world where the impossible may just be the most amazing thing ever Bronwyn

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    This and other reviews can be found on Reading Between ClassesCover Impressions OOOOOOHHHHHH PRETTY I love the colors and the transition from hair to snake reflecting Ari s pending transformation.The Gist Having survived Athena s attack, Ari attempts to learn about her enemy and formulate a plan for rescuing her father and friend, Violet Really That s it Can you tell that I am less than enthusiastic Review I love re tellings of the Greek Myths I am particularly fond of the Medusa myth and love the concept of following her lineage to modern day However, this sequel to Darkness Becomes Her, fell flat for me Ari was not the kick ass character that I longed for her to be She is petrified of her own power and constantly fights her abilities even though she knows that it is her best bet to defeat Athena and, to make matters worse, she CONSTANTLY reminds the reader of how weak she is RIGHT, can turn people to stone weak as shit Has she even READ the myths She bitched and complained fought valiantly for the right to get into the Novem School I forget what it is called and am not looking it up but then skips out on the very classes that are supposed to be helping her learn about her enemy She enters the super secret library, stumbles upon important information, but instead of using it to formulate a plan, Ari just runs in blindly with a bunch of kids while the magical elite sit at home twiddling their thumbs Right, this is a great plan when you are going up against THE GODDESS OF STRATEGY I couldn t keep all of the characters and their powers straight and I didn t remember any of the hierarchy stuff from the last book And can someone please tell me why there are like 6 different types of vampires in this book Most of the secondary characters were flat and or completely undeveloped Honestly, I would much rather read a book about Violet than about Ari I found it difficult to read the motivations behind some of the characters actions and this made me care less about them It seemed like I was reading action scene after action scene and I needed time to re coup and get in touch with the characters There were some scenes of torture that were pretty disturbing as they tend to get when you are torturing an immortal and I didn t feel they fit with the YA theme Despite almost finishing this book in the doctor s office one of the most boring places on earth I still couldn t concentrate on the plot and did not emotionally connect with the characters or their suffering I don t think I will be sticking around for 3.Teaching Parental Notes Age 16 and upGender BothSex NoneViolence Swordplay, Knifeplay, Gunplay, Torture, VampirismInappropriate Language Shit, Blow Me, Bitch, Jesus, Bastard, FuckingSubstance Use Abuse Drinking

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    Well, where the last one was a 3.5 star that I wanted to round up to 4, this one I just have to round down I still really like Ari, her voice is clear and I find her easy to relate to I love the cast of kids supporting her, they really feel like a family And the sense in the first book of too much of a good thing with all of the differently myths and creatures being pulled into one book worked smoothly and naturally into this one once they didn t have to be introduced and explained constantly The author s style is still smooth, and I liked the brisk pace and shorter length of the story for a change.But It was hard to feel bad for the kids in their predicament in the middle of the book What did they think was going to happen Just because they found a back door into the lair of the goddess of war didn t mean that a few barely trained kids would have any chance against her and her army of minions It was so ill conceived and ill planned, it was kind of irritating Ari could barely access her powers, their only real edge against Athena or any of her monsters or minions, so what was the point of trying to go up against her at this point Desperation isn t an excuse for stupidity The whole thing just felt so silly At one point Ari even acknowledged how crazy it was, she said it was like a mouse going up against a t rex Yes, sure, there was a point, the plot moved on, things played out, but there was a lot of eye rolling on my part during that whole middle chunk of the book It s a tricky thing creating this situation where these kids are set up to battle the goddess of war and strategy, who even other gods are all frightened of, and somehow make it plausible I think it might be believable now that Ari and Sebastian have grown into their abilities and gained knowledge about what they need to do to move the fight forward By the end I was starting to see where the author was going, and I like the way she writes and the characters enough to definitely stay along for the ride, but this book was a bit tricky for me.

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    Actual rating 3.5 stars.This book wasn t as good as its predecessor both because it s pacing was slower and I felt that the character development I wanted in the first book wasn t where it needed to be to make up for the lack of action in the novel s opening chapters Ari now grappling with the knowledge that she is cursed to become a Gorgon before her 21st birthday must not only train to defeat the goddess Athena but must rescue Violet, captured in the previous book The novel picks up at the and of the previous book but I think we spend too much time strategizing, I wouldn t have minded this except that I didn t feel that we got to know the characters that much better in watching them prepare for a battle And while there is a lot of talk about Athena s gift for strategy, when we actually see our heroes face off against her that strategizing isn t shown to any significant degree I m admittedly not the target audience for this book and this book is a fun one, it s simply not one I expect to ever return to.

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    OMG Kelly created a amazing book This book answers so many questions and then leaves alot in its wake Obviously Ari is still kicking ass and taking names as she did before but shes even better at it now and getting the answers she needs She is worrying about everything and still moving forward Ari doesn t let somethings get to her but Athena knows where to hit, right at the heart Ari was alone so much she isnt used to caring about people but she doesnt even worry about it, she knows she wants to protect her new friends and get her long lost father back and Violet Sebastian again hot and cold Make up your mind about Ari she has about you God I wanted to slap him in the face for the games he plays one minute hes all i wont let anything happen to you the next he acts like she doesnt exist Talk about suspense, but I like it it keeps me wanting and wanting to know his story and what hes thinking Ari again goes up against Athena and Athena hits her hard where it hurts She turned Sebastian into the one thing he didnt want to become and then does something unthinkable but I see her point and she was trying her best In the end it all works out and leaves you with questions.Kelly Keaton again you amaze me and write something amazing for us who love your book I again recommend this to you all who loved Darkness Becomes Her you will be amazed by this book and sucked right in

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    We start A Beautiful Evil with Ari learning to fight, because she can t afford to get whooped by Athena Again Not when Athena already has her father, and Violet So Ari learns to fight.Then she decides that this waiting thing is for the dogs, she s going to break into Athena s domain instead of wondering when where Athena s going to show So off she goes, along with Sebastian and Henri Only, things don t go quite as Ari imagined they would, and she gets whooped Again So now Ari not only hasn t rescued Violet or her father, she s gotten people ensnared in Athena s web.A Beautiful Evil is non stop action, with a crazy villainess and an uncertain heroine Her sidekicks rock, the adults in the Novem don t, and you won t be able to put this down until it s all over Upon which you will mutter where s the next book Fans of YA urban fantasy with oodles of mythology should pick up Darkness Becomes Her if they haven t already checked out this series from Kelly Keaton also author of the Charlie Madigan series.drey s rating Excellent

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    This book was MUCH BETTER than the first one Oh God, this book completely drown me in This book is packed with action since the first till the last chapter I couldn t put this book down at all today, it s definitely page turner The story makes me keep guessing what will happen next I adore Ari, she starts to love herself, to use her ability better to save people I d like to see her kick Athena s ass in the next book, lol.

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A Beautiful Evil download A Beautiful Evil, read online A Beautiful Evil, kindle ebook A Beautiful Evil, A Beautiful Evil a0a2ba29dab2 Myth And Mayhem Inhabit A Richly Reimagined New Orleans In This Sequel To Darkness Becomes HerAfter The Epic Graveyard Battle At The End Of Darkness Becomes Her, Ari And Her Friends Know What They Re Up Against Ari Is Facing The Medusa Curse And Is Haunted By The Image Of What She Will Become To Make Matters Worse, The Heinous Goddess Athena Has Kidnapped Young Violet And Is Threatening To Destroy Ari Ari, Along With The Superhot Sebastian, Is Doing Everything She Can To Learn About Athena And To Get Violet Back But The Battle Of Good And Evil Is Bigger Than She Realizes, And She S About To Be Pulled Into A World Horrific Than She Could Ever Imagine