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    Okay, I admit it, I ve always been fascinated by the Gilded Age, a time when unfathomable fortunes were made and spent, a time before federal or state income tax and a hundred years before the great synthetic equalizer major credit cards I wanted to know about the one and two year honeymoon trips to Europe while their mansions were being built how they traveled, what they saw I wanted to gain insight into how Caroline Astor was able to gain, wield and retain so much power I wanted to learn about the dollar princesses and why wealthy Americans were willing to trade their daughters for threadbare royal titles None of that appears here Instead King has cobbled together a 455 page book seemingly from census reports, household ledgers and back issues of Architectural Digest His footnotes are nonsensical and the only substance in the book come from his endless descriptions of ornately carved walnut panels and marble pillars Honestly, if you want to learn a little something about the Gilded Age watch James Cameron s bloated film, Titanic Better yet, read something by either Edith Wharton or Henry James.

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    There isn t a whole lot to this book catalogue after catalogue of fortunes, fancy dress balls and feasts Greg King s spare and effective prose kept me reading, though He adds the right amount of human interest without becoming gossipy, the right amount of historical fact without becoming dry and dusty.This isn t a sweeping overview of the Gilded Age, nor a learned analysis of the social or economic factors that led to it But read in conjunction with such books, it provides a concrete measurement of the wealth that defined the era it makes you realize just how opulent and decadent the time was There s also a healthy dose of lifestyles of the rich and famous here, if you like that sort of thing, plenty of mansions and art collecting and multi million dollar shopping sprees I found it a bit tedious, to say nothing of the crass materialism, but I can understand the appeal of that.With its smooth and effective narration, you could do worse than this book if its narrow focus is what you re looking for.

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    This book has a split personality On the one hand, it has lots of gossipy stuff about Gilded Age society and interesting explanations of how that society functioned On the other hand, there are a lot of chapters in the middle that comprise a death march through seemingly every conceivable architectural and design detail of a series of houses from the era I m still not sure how or why I kept slogging through them, but if I never read about another pilaster or boiserie again, it will be too soon But for those chapters, though, it was interesting, if not beautifully written, stuff.

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    I was fascinated by this book truly enjoyed reading about the lives of the super wealthy in the age of tacky show offs I feel sorry for anyone born into that place in society as an introvert The endless inane forced socialization must have drove them absolutely bonkers.

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    Well, this is a history book It is a darn good history book Meticulous research and reporting on the Splendors of this age It is not a novel, nor does it have much dialogue between or among anyone The author details the interior of tremendous homes and I wished for pictures One picture is worth a thousand words and in this case it would have been very true Then, I realized that I could Google these places by name and voila PICTURES Do this There were jaw dropping moments for me things I had never heard before and I do think this book is a gateway book to others on this same subject or about ANY of these people at any time or place in their lives I struggle with how many stars to give this as if deserves all 5, but worry that if you are not looking for a book of this scope and think you will be entertained by a story, you will be disappointed It s massive, detailed, and fascinating but not entertaining

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    A fascinating look into the Gilded Age and the people who were holding court during it Caroline Astor, the Vanderbilts the Belmonts are just some of the Gilded Age families The Kardashians can t hold a candle to these people The incredible amounts of money spent on anything and everything was boggling King gives the amount of money in sums of the day and also what that would be in 2008 terms Chapters on transportation, the houses, the jewelry, Newport society and homes all open a window to this time gone past.

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    This is a great book if you want to learn some salacious gossip about the great families of the Gilded Age Although the book is titled The Court of Mrs Astor , it actually encompasses all of the who s who of that era I especially loved the chapters on etiquette, balls, and servant life It s truly remarkable the strict decorum with which these families lived their lives Definitely a must read for anyone looking to learn a little bit about Gilded Age New York.

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    interesting subject but blech, the writing When I m counting the number of times you use the same adjective on one page, you need to find a better editor.

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    Detail rich, yes, and that s part of what I wanted from this account of the Gilded Age society A good mixture of brief history and anecdotes about Caroline Astor, Alva Vanderbilt, Mamie Fish, and their families and social associates along with reasonably detailed descriptions of their dress, jewelry, houses, and social customs.

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    The years when the Astors, Vanderbilts, and other mega wealthy and self absorbed swells in New York dominated society are brought to life in this book Caroline Astor, the self appointed Grande Dame, determined who would receive the much sought after invitations to the over the top social functions as the group wandered between NYC, Newport, Europe, Florida, and wherever else their dancing pumps wanted to go My interest in this era was piqued when I visited Newport and attended a private dinner in The Gold Room in Marble House, originally owned by William K and Alva Vanderbilt I couldn t imagine people actually living amid all the splendor for no than 10 weeks in the summer I also couldn t imagine changing my clothes 7 or 8 times a day were there actually outfits that were only suitable for letter writing Two things I remember from visiting there our guide telling us 1 that if you could want it, you could have it, and 2 they were only happy until the next bigger and grander house was completed In my opinion, too much of the book was given to the descriptions of the exteriors and interiors of the homes Facades, dining rooms, ballrooms, paintings, tapestries, furniture, etc were detailed for each home I hope I don t have to read such words as Italianate, ormolu boiseries, and rocailles in the near future.Excuse me, I feel the need to run out and buy myself a tiara, diamond and pearl choker, and jeweled stomacher you look it up.

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