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    I actually learned from this book I never heard of WASPs Women Airforce Service Pilots, not White Anglo Saxon Protestants before That s so cool And I liked the ending actually I wish it had ended happily, but I like that it wasn t all brushed away And I liked the classic American Girl script of kids and girls being able to do stuff too, of course And the message that a small act won t change the bigger stuff but it can make someone happier at least.

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    FREE READING PROJECT 1st part in goodreadsBook A spy on the homefroont Author Alison HartGenre nonfictionI choose this book because the title looked mysteriously and i love books that have mysteries.This book is about a girl who s name is Molly and she goes to visit her granparents on the summer Molly has a friend , her name is Ana and she is part GERMAN.Everything goes perfect on summer except when Aunt Eleanor flies for a visit she unknowingly brings trouble and a frughtenning mystery Molly starts to look for clues but she discovers something else The purpose of this book is to show people that even the truthfull friends can be changed by the time of the war.I loved this book because it is very well organized and it is very intresting how Molly finds out what happens Yes , I would recomend this book to a friend because it is a very intresting book,that shows you how the war can torn truth apart and doubts can be wrong,I learned so much from this book about history because it shows too , things that the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler wanted Germany to be racially pure and he condemned allot of people to death Some american people hated but others joined him

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    It is August 1944 America is involved in WWII Molly age 10 is visiting her grandparents farm.But Molly and her friend Anna Schulz find that the war at home is much than Victory gardens and collecting cans Anna s brother, Max, is falsely arrested Another German family is placed in an internment camp To prove Max s innocence and solve this mystery, Molly and Anna must lie and mislead their elders This historical mystery provides a German glossary and a vivid description of security and life on the home front during World War II.

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    As Always Ms Hart does a terrific job The truths about the horrific times for American Germans not to mention the Japanese in America, during WWII, are projected well via the children in the book.We are very lucky to not be living back then, with the continued threats of internment camps and being watched by our neighbors and friends.The illustrations by Jean Paul Tibbles are well placed with their appropriate descriptions

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    Wasn t that much of a mystery, but I really enjoyed reading it There was a lot to learn, especially if you are actually target age.

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    The ending was sad, but the story was super good I love Molly

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    This book takes place during a war and so a lot of people are poor and are unemployed The main characters are Molly who visits her grandparents in the summer, Max who works at an airport and Anna Molly s best friend and Max s brother At the very beginning Molly s favorite Aunt Eleanor drops by for a visit Eleanor is a pilot and lands at the airfield that Max works at Later Molly AND Anna are devastated Two people they love are taken and this is very scary for them Then Molly trying to help starts snooping in the airport In the climax Molly is still snooping and finds what she has been looking for At the beginning of falling action Molly and Anna gets trapped in a shed by the culprit When they get out only they know the truth and need to convince a ton of adults Then the culprit makes a run for it But in the end Molly goes home to her parent only to come back next summer.There were so many problems in this book For example Molly and Anna have loved ones taken from them and they solved their problem by snooping around the airfield for clues to prove their friends and family innocent Later in the book Molly and Anna are trapped in a shed behind the airfield So they use their time wisely and look for clues in the boxes that are in the shed And then in the end multiple family s are still in danger so they move away Also in the end a culprit makes a run for it so they all gang up on him and block him off, so he does not get away I think the best problem solver was Molly because in almost all of these problems she was part of the solution But I think the hardest problem to solve was when Molly s friends and family are taken from her that was the hardest problem in the book.I really liked the confusion I liked it because you could still understand what was going on but then as soon as you start to understand the mystery they would say something that totally proves you wrong I think that is super cool I really didn t like the descriptions though Mostly because they were super boring and just took forever to finish They could of made the descriptions a lot better and i would of liked the book A LOT BETTER like A LOT But seriously the confusion was SO GOOD I LOVED IT.

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    A Spy on the Home FrontThe year is 1944 and Molly is visiting her grandparents who happen to be German This establishes one theme of the story, and that is what happened to some of the people of German ancestry in WWII in the U.S Although the vast majority of people sent to internment camps in the U.S were people of Japanese ancestry, some were sent who were German or Italian In this Molly has a friend who also is from a German family and another family they know has already been sent to a camp and they fear they will also be sent.A second theme is the prejudiced that was present against people of German ancestry in the war Although this was nowhere near as bad as the prejudice against such people in World War I, it was still present, and in this case it seems that the head of the local small airport wants a German fired because he is German.Another theme arises in the fear of domestic spying, and in this case incriminating anti war flyers are found in Molly s Aunt s plane and even Aunt Eleanor ends up getting in trouble.Then there s the theme of Molly trying to get to the bottom of the mystery to find out who really planted the flyers in her Aunt s plane, although in this area things prove to be much complicated then Molly thought.There are a number of themes in this book and they are all handled fairly well It s a good addition to the series.

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    Molly is enjoying a visit to Grammy and Granpa s peaceful farm in the summer of 1944 But when Aunt Eleanor, an army pilot, flies in for a visit, she unknowingly brings trouble and a frightening mystery.Molly looks for clues, but she discovers something else that even on the home front, war time changes friends and family forever.Great story The mystery starts right up and is another great one to read Molly does solve the mystery but there s also a little danger involved with her sleuthing A great mystery combined with a little danger really grabs the reader and pulls you into the story until you feel like you re right there and you don t want to put the book down until the mystery is solved.

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    Really loved this one a little talked about era in American history where we didn t always treat our own citizens very well Looking at the German citizens in this story I learned or relearned something I d forgotten that they too had been put in internment camps during WWII Molly is brave and adventurous, not hesitating to break the rules should I be happy about this as a parent to help her friends during troubling times The lack of security at the airfield made me cringe, but honestly, isn t this what it was like back then in the smaller fields Very exciting and recommended read.

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A Spy On The Home Front: A Molly Mystery (American Girl Mysteries) download A Spy On The Home Front: A Molly Mystery (American Girl Mysteries), read online A Spy On The Home Front: A Molly Mystery (American Girl Mysteries), kindle ebook A Spy On The Home Front: A Molly Mystery (American Girl Mysteries), A Spy On The Home Front: A Molly Mystery (American Girl Mysteries) d623795903d9 During A Two Week Stay At Grammy And Granpa S Farm In The Summer Of , Molly Spends Lots Of Time With Her Good Friend Anna Schulz, The Daughter Of German Immigrants Who Live On A Neighboring Farm When Aunt Eleanor, Now A WASP Pilot, Stops For A Visit While Ferrying A Warplane From One Airbase To Another, A Security Check Uncovers Anti American Propaganda Stashed Aboard Her Plane The FBI Interrogates Eleanor But Quickly Zeroes In On Another Suspect Anna SYear Old Brother Max, Who Works At The Local Airfield Though Anna Knows Her Brother Is Loyal To America, She Fears He Ll Be Sent Away To An Interment Camp As An Enemy Alien, As Other German American Friends Have Been Molly And Anna Decide That The Only Way To Clear Max Is To Find The Person Who Is Smuggling Propaganda With Lots Of Daring And A Little Luck, The Girls Manage To Finger The Real Culprit But They Discover That That May Not Be Enough To Save Max In A Poignant Ending, Molly Realizes That Wartime, Even On The Home Front, Changes Friends And Family Forever