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    Added 3 8 15.I read this book a long time ago I just now remembered, as I looked at one of my book shelves, that I own a copy paperback I vaguely remember that it made me feel good about myself I remember it as being in the genre of armchair philosophy , which to me consists of ideas about life, gained from my own informal experiences There are other definitions but that is how I see it Now, as I browse online, I see that the book has almost been forgotten I wonder if I read it now if would seem so special I believe it was very popular at one time It was first published in 1977 Maybe I should take a look at it again I remember saving the book because at the time it seemed to make a lot of sense and gave me good outlook about life.A review at Google books says A distinguished psychologist and author shows that a fulfilled, meaningful, mature life can be made possible by accepting and living through problems rather than attempting to hide from them FROM can agree that acceptance can be a way to deal with problems But how does one reach that frame of mind

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    So good from my Grandma

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