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  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • A Touch of Temptation
  • Julie Blair
  • English
  • 13 June 2017
  • 9781626394889

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    NetGalley ARC provided by The Publisher in exchange for fair and honest review Trust your readers.Not everything needs to be explainedThere is no such thing as a realistic dialogue. Eroticism story This was an x rated story in all form and fashion about each person trying to find both their inner selves sexual life then going on trying to also believe in themselves another thing was the amusement and the unusual dive of the storyline into BDSM then explaining who is top dom submissive relationship in the book which was very intriguing and added an interesting twist to this story and it was nice that the author let readers discover all the information while reading because it was needed towards the delicate balance and for both relationships that are because they were involved in the so much SM BDSM Each character were clearly well define but very different from each other the author took the time to provide and to also practice safe sex in the storyline which was a big plus Their P.O.V exchanges were flawless at times and the attraction between both leading characters was palpable Well worth to take the time to give this pornographic erotic filled book a read Highly recommended to 18 year old

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    This is my third book by Julie Blair, and she is definitely growing as an author and storyteller A Touch of Temptation is a very enjoyable read with two well defined and likable main characters, and a nice bunch of supporting and minor characters of all kinds On my Goodreads shelves I am collecting all kinds of stuff tags to better remember each book I have read, and among other things there is a shelf for superb grandmothers, and Kate s gran Katherine is truly memorable.There are lots of interesting and well explained facts about sex and how to make sex a whole lot interesting Everyone can learn something from this book All that is perfectly incorporated into the story with enough, but not too much, nicely done erotic scenes.I was surprised how much I liked this book given that erotic romances are not exactly high on my romance scale I would recommend A Touch of Temptation to anyone who enjoys steamy erotic romances but with a sweet love story and a meaningful plot ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley

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    Loved this one There wasn t necessarily anything surprising with the whole butch femme toaster oven scenario, but I loved how it handled the whole idea of learning how to have sex It s one of the few lesbian romances I ve seen that handles that realistically and highly responsibly Safer sex ftw Full review here

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    You have to know what she wants before she does Kate Dawson wakes up sick on the morning she is supposed to write her exams for bar admission She is expected to take over her father s law firm, marry the appropriate well connected man and carry on the legacy and reputation of the Dawson family Following a lengthy illness Kate retreats to her grandmother s cabin in the mountains to once again study for the bar exams After meeting her handsome next door neighbour Chris Brent, she discovers that her education has been sorely lacking in key areas of her life Chris has no interest in a relationship She has watched her friends fall in love and be crushed by women they thought would make life partners She enjoys pleasing women and fulfills her sexual needs as a top at sex parties held at her friend Georgia s home When Kate moves in to the cabin next to her she is captivated by this innocent, beautiful woman They share a love of classic movies and begin a friendship which develops into exploration and sexual awakening for Kate Can Chris keep her usual detached interest in sex for pleasure only or will Kate draw her into a relationship she does not want or need A Touch of Temptation is one steamy read There is light BDSM handled tastefully and enough erotica to keep you squirming in your seat while you read I am not a huge fan of erotica but Julie Blair is an author I have come to enjoy so choosing this novel to read was a given She did not disappoint The reader does have to get past initial heavy handed character portrayals and the Shakespeare phrase the lady doth protest too much, methinks kept running through my brain as Kate mentions how sex with Todd is painful and she never orgasms while Chris ruminates over sex for pleasure only with no attachments Understanding where these characters stand gives way to a winning story of sexual exploration with Kate being a rapt student and Chris a gentle and wonderful teacher.Great characters both good and evil and a few twists I didn t see coming made for an excellent read I had to keep reminding myself that Kate is only twenty four so the constant and annoying interference by her society mother is understandable The strength of the story comes from well portrayed secondary characters that challenge and complement our two leading ladies along with solid descriptive writing This is a love story wrapped in the guise of erotica Both Chris and Kate are on a path of discovery I enjoyed watching them discover their inner butch and femme sides I also enjoyed watching both women grow as their relationship developed ARC received with thanks from Bold Strokes Books via NetGalley

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    A real treat Two women living in two totally opposite worlds Chris doesn t do girlfriends, no commitments for her She only wants the fun part Could she break her own rules and fall in love Kate lives her life as others expect from her A life without complications But from out of the blue or maybe as a result of her illness, Kate has doubts about everything Her gran, a very wise, supportive and lovely woman, wants Kate to stay at her cabin for recovery, to become stronger and to find out what SHE wants One experience after another threaten to change everyting It was something Kate never thought she would have It was all so new to her and it doesn t fit well with her lifestyle I loved the lessons from Georgia It s so well written and it makes my cheeks burn red I was just 30% into the book and I had to stop myself from skipping pages I badly wanted to know where the two of them were heading to This book was utterly sexy and the romance doesn t get much better than this story It has me hooked immediately from page one You will be treated to some seriously steamy scenes You ll have to read it for yourself and believe me, it s well worth the effort.

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    Detailed score 3.75This was one intense read and won t be for everybody.It has lots of sex but no smut We are aware of the thought feel process behind every action, if if that action is to go to a sex party engage w multiple partners.In terms of deciding if it s for you lots of butch femme and top bottom dynamics talk Some will probably feel it was a bit too label y some light bdsm stuff one character has consensual sex w lots of partners No infidelity supporting characters are a bit one note either there to encourage our leads or keep them apart Little grey in between it is a romance when all is said and done If you like out and out erotica, this may not be for youOverall, I really enjoyed reading a different and very pwoar filled take on the traditional leads overcoming barriers to love to be together tale.

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    I originally read this novel earlier in the year and decided it was due for a reread and I for second time I wasn t disappointed This was the first novel that I read by Julie Blair and I really enjoyed it It was written well and even though at some points I felt it dragged a bit I still enjoyed the story and the characters left me intrigued enough to keep turning the page The characters were strong with solid personalities that help me to engage in the story.Kate knows the road she s on is the right one for her and her family but after she has a health scare her priorities shift When she moves to her Grandmothers Cabin for some rest, she meets Chris, whom she never expected to be attracted to By changing the course of her future by testing the ground of the attraction will everything she has always strived be lost When Chris first see s Kate she is instantly attracted to her but number one Kate is straight and two Chris doesn t do relationships but she can t seem to stop thinking about the girl next door.This was the first book I read with BDSM and because of this I have been drawn into another genre of Lesbian Romance and erotic novels since It opened my eyes to other sides of sex and eroticism without being to hardcore The way Chris eases Kate on her journey to sex and BDSM I felt like I was part of the journey and I learned a lot about the topic through Julie Blair s explanation.This will definitely not be the last book I read by Julie Blair 4 Stars.Check out my Blog Reviews on

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    Received from NetGalley for my honest review.This is a case of where I wish I could rate different parts of the story When Kate and Chris were friends and exploring I enjoyed the story Almost everything else about it, I hated.I HATED HATED HATED Kate s mother and friend Nic They ruined the story for me Could have been a 3 4 story book without the two of them They were both bitches and Kate was awful to let others rule her life so long I understand it, I did the same thing and my birthmonster has nothing on Kate s mother but I still don t like to read it because it s shitty and it sucks and I really don t want my books to imitate my life.Another thing that annoyed me was the damn 501s OMFG Chris scolded Kate for calling them jeans and they were mentioned as 501s the whole fucking book It was mentioned 19 freakin times Did Levi or whoever does those jeans pay the author In a 200 page book just over it was a bit much at every 10% of the book.The sex romance was forced a lot of the time I want to give props when she did FINALLY explain safe words, but still, it just wasn t to my liking It was like she only researched BDSM enough to know some basics and tried to build on it It didn t work While not the most awful thing I ve read BDSM wise, definitely not a good portrayal either I didn t like Kate, Chris was ok Georgia and Katherine were the only likable characters in the book Not enjoyable 1.5 stars

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    I liked it, sure, but and this might be weird coming from me but there was an awful lot of sex in this novel Sure, Kate has a sexual awakening after she learns how to have an orgasm with Chris and feels like a kid on Christmas morning but jeez at some point it felt repetitive and I got an urge to skim through it I didn t though What I did speedread was the angst after the 80% mark because I was not feeling gregarious at that point Kate s mom and her best friend Nic are the manipulative bitches in this story and her grandma is just awesome The sex talk was weird As soon as the blood left their brains and rushed south they had these weird staccato sentences It threw me a bit I know that the Sapphic sex education Kate receives at the hands of Chris is well educational, but it killed the romance part for me a bit Or maybe it s that I m just not so into the whole handsome butch who s packing going after the pink princess scenario But hey, the writer isn t doing a bad job I see plenty of 4 and 5 star reviews so if this speaks to you I think you should give it a go.m f, a few times, she has a longtime boyfriend after all f f explicitThemes princess pink vs 501 wearing butch, I think the author has stock at Levi s because it s mentioned a lot, there was a lot of sex but not necessarily the kind that floats my boat, nice little plot twist with Nic, I didn t see that coming.3.2 stars

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    Well that was hot This was my first book by Julie Blair and what a read it was 25 year old law student Kate crashes her car on her way to take her bar exam Her grandmother suggests that she take some time to recuperate by spending some time in her cabin There she meets Chris, her neighbor for the next 2 months I loved the chemistry between Chris and Kate I really liked Kate s story line and her discovery that not only was she not in love with her boyfriend but she was falling for Chris Her rediscovery of her sexuality and introduction into light BDSM made for quite a few sizzling sex scenes.All in all I liked this book and the author s writing style and look forward to starting Never Too Late

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A Touch of Temptation characters A Touch of Temptation , audiobook A Touch of Temptation , files book A Touch of Temptation , today A Touch of Temptation , A Touch of Temptation 8d778 Stanford Law Graduate Kate Dawson Is Focused On The Future Laid Out For Her Partnership In Her Family S Law Firm And Marriage When She Moves To A Cabin In The Santa Cruz Mountains To Study For The Bar Exam, Crossing Paths With Her Intriguing Neighbor Leads To A Journey Of Sexual Awakening And Self Discovery That Wasn T Part Of The PlanLandscaper And Handsome Butch Top Chris Brent Has A Well Deserved Reputation As A Considerate Lover Avoiding Relationships With All Their Emotional Messiness, She Indulges In Her Favorite Pastime At Sex Parties And With Casual Lovers She Enthusiastically Agrees To Initiate Her Cute Neighbor To Ways Of Sexual PleasureSex Was The Deal Falling In Love Ruins Everything Or Does It

About the Author: Julie Blair

Julie Blair has always believed that reading fiction is one of life s great pleasures From the time she was old enough to hold a book, escaping into worlds where anything is possible and endings are usually happy has been a favorite pastime Growing up a tomboy before it was fashionable, Julie attached herself to sports, especially softball, which culminated in her pitching in the Women s College