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    This is my favorite of Rohdeler s books It is written for practitioners and describes the philosophy behind community acupuncture Using oriental noodles as an example, Rohdeler compares community acupuncture to Vietnamese Pho It s pretty basic, tasty, and people from all walks of life enjoy it She compares this to the way acupuncture is traditionally practiced i.e gourmet noodles Both are noodles, both good for you, but one you may not be able to afford.Particularly of interest to practitioners is a list of points used in community acupuncture Pick this one up.

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    As a consumer of working class community acupuncture, my acupuncturist recommended I read this book when I started asking questions about how it all works Most of it is really easy to grasp, both the part about acupuncture but also the part about working class community acupuncture There were some parts about specific acupuncture points that I skimmed over since I am not trained, but the book is still well worth it for the lay person as well So working class community acupuncture is AWESOME It allows normal folks to receive this excellent medical treatment for so many ailments in a way that is so feminist socialist community minded working class respectful it is incredible Find out about community acupuncture on the Community Acupuncture Network CAN s website, AND also read this book Or you can just head in to a nearby community acupuncture clinic and check it out for yourself But this book s got the backstory method to the madness wonderfulness

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    This was a great book, the end there were some articles of varying length by other authors than the main author of this book While there are some parts of the book that are rather technical, which I skipped over, the book as a whole gives a great understanding of the community acupuncture model of treating people.My main issue with the book is that it s very much anti the accepted form of Chinese medicine and acupuncture I think a integrated approach which is middling between the 60 180 treatment 1 patient an hour and the 15 30 treatment 5 patients an hour might be needed Many people criticize the model of General Practice Physicians, because they only give 10 minutes per patient This is a similar approach, and may have the same issues.

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    I thought this was a very good explanation of acupuncture using simple analogies Some people get this weird idea that if they can t figure out how something works, it s not valid I don t need to understand electricity to understand how to operate a light switch I feel like the same is true acupuncture.

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    this book single handedly changed everything I thought about the practice and application of acupuncture Gave me the confidence to practice, practice and learn on the job without getting hung up on theory.

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    Bit of a slow read at times, but it s a great explanation and manifesto for the community acupuncture movement It s also ideal for anyone interested in the business of acupuncture.

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