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    YES BACK TO HARU ROKUHARA Haru s still Rokuhara s toy HARU S FURIOUS but then he gets smart gets Rokuhara to take off the handcuffs by promising to go on a date with him HHAHAHA but Rokuhara gets himself a new pet the next day which pisses Haru off he s not sure why cuz all he wanted was to be free of Rokuhara then the date Haru forgot about it but Rokuhara stood outside waiting for him all day AWWW they make up 3 he tells Haru he got a new pet b c he had photos of Haru he wanted those HAHAH Haru freaks at his private collection of pictures of Haru they end up back in a bed hahaYoru Kyougi s too eager to work at the rate he s going, he s gonna collapse before graduation Director Asagi wants to send him on an exchange program with a school named Kinkajou for 2 weeks he meets Ebihara Muga who helped when he collapsed in some hotel earlier after he went to see 2 clients who turned out to be 4 they put drugs in him Sai tells Yoru that Ebihara s rich he wants money so he gets all cute with Ebihara kisses him but Ebihara basically tells him to FUCK OFF Yoru takes a 2 day job he wants to get close to Ebihara but Ebihara won t keeps studying being busy OMG Yoru s used to being treated badly during sex by people IT S NOT OK he Ebihara do have sex after he provokes Ebihara enough he s got a wound on his back from the hotel it starts bleeding again or something b c when he wakes up, it s all bound up courtesy of Ebihara And Yoru thinks that Ebihara s so composed outside but is a beast in bed HAHA Ebihara s a presidential candidate or something has a girlfriend or whatever gets a text from Yoru saying his stomach hurts he feels like dying Ebihara freaks haha watch it be nothing he gets there surely, Yoru looks fine he dries Ebihara s hair which is wet from the rain they get closer Yoru wants Ebihara to buy him after graduating Ebihara s still paying him for sex Yoru isn t sure how he feels about that any he feels it s than sex but by paying him, is it just meaningless Some other student approaches Yoru for sex is willing to give him money too Yoru takes the deal EBIHARA SEES THEM BY A BUILDING GETTING IT ON STOPS THEM then he brings back Yoru to their room throws some money at him is gonna force him but Yoru hits him says no but EBIHARA STILL FORCES HIM THEY DON T PART ON GOOD TERMS WHEN YORU RETURNS TO FULL BLOOM YORU LEFT THE MONEY THERE IN FACT Asagi is making Yoru stop working he says Yoru s body needs rest to not worry about paying the bills for his mother in the hospital the school will take care of that he forbids further contact with Kinkajou school Pres Ebihara tries calling Yoru but Yoru doesn t pick up Ebihara arranges to be a customer for Yoru but does it thru another man he knows so Yoru freaks when Ebihara shows up Ebihara tells him he bought Yoru for 10 years time WTF but they ll work it out i think but Yoru knows he loves Pres Ebihara 3

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    I love the character development If you can ignore the fact that they are selling their bodies it s quite cute.

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