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Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians summary Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians, series Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians, book Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians, pdf Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians, Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians 415e244aae Alcatraz Versus The Evil Librarians Is The First Adventure In A Fantasy Series For Young Readers By The New York Times Bestselling Author Brandon Sanderson The Fast Paced And Funny Series Is Now Available In Deluxe Hardcover Editions Illustrated By Hayley LazoOn His Thirteenth Birthday, Foster Child Alcatraz Smedry Gets A Bag Of Sand In The Mail His Only Inheritance From His Father And Mother He Soon Learns That This Is No Ordinary Bag Of Sand It Is Quickly Stolen By The Cult Of Evil Librarians Who Are Taking Over The World By Spreading Misinformation And Suppressing Truth Alcatraz Must Stop Them, Using The Only Weapon He Has An Incredible Talent For Breaking Things In This Original, Hysterical Homage To Fantasy Literature, Sanderson S First Novel For Youth Recalls The Best In Artemis Fowl And A Series Of Unfortunate Events VOYA

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    For the record listened to this one on audio.This book is what you d expect from Sanderson Good story Nice rapid plot An interesting well orchestrated cosmology And a cool magic system that s central to the story Two things of special note 1 Unlike most of Sanderson s other work, this book is aimed at a YA audience I still enjoyed it But if you re looking for a grim, 800 page tome, this isn t it 2 This book is fairly meta, especially for YA It s first person, but the narrator regularly intrudes and talks about what he s doing in the writing of the book Why he s writing what he s writing The narrative conventions he s using It s an interesting addition to a story, and certainly nothing I ever ran into when I was reading as a kid.

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    Also known as The Official Author s Notes for The Way of Kings.Stay with me.The first clue is in Chapter 2 I ve been many things in my life Student Spy Sacrifice Potted plant However, at this point, I m something completely different from all of those something frightening than any of them I m a writer He gives structural tips and a hint as to his personality You may have noticed that I began my story with a quick, snappy scene of danger and tension but then quickly moved on to a boring discussion of my childhood Well, that s because I wanted to prove something to you that I m not a nice person He boldly states how he would like you to read I would ask you to kindly refrain from drawing conclusions that I don t explicitly tell you to make That s a very bad habit, and it makes authors grumpy Unsurprisingly, he trumpets the importance of his work Remember, despite the fact that this book is being sold as a fantasy novel, you must take all of the things it says extremely seriously, as they are quite important, are in no way silly, and always make sense He explains his plot devices to engage the reader I ve worked very hard perhaps I will explain why later to frustrate you One of the ways I do this is by leaving cliff hangers at the ends of chapters These sorts of things force you, the reader, to keep on plunging through my story He does this despite further elaboration that a hook at the beginning of a book is an unexcusable trick, and that I have it on good authority that when an author gives a hook like this, he isn t ever likely to explain whyand, if the explanation does come, it won t arrive until the end of the story Ultimately, he expresses his writing goal, which should have been quite obvious if you follow the Way of Kings ten book series, now up to book two Authors write books for one, and only one reason because we like to torture people He continues Authors also create lovable, friendly characters then proceed to do terrible things to them This makes readers feel hurt and worried for the characters The simple truth is that authors like making people squirm Given my concerns with Way of Kings, I appreciated his notes regarding time in novels Three chapters is an awfully long time in book terms You see, time moves differently in novels The author could, for instance, say, And I spent fourteen years in prison Now this sounds like it would be a great deal of time fourteen years but it actually only took one sentence to explain So, therefore, it happened very quickly Three chapters, on the other hand, is a very long time And a final bon mot on pacing Now, if you are ever writing a story such as this, you should know something Never interrupt the flow of a good action scene by interjecting needless explanations I did this once, in Chapter Fourteen of an otherwise very exciting story I regret it to this day I tell you, I gained tremendous insight into The Way of Kings.But I know what you are going to say I read it wrong.My review for Way of Kings I really enjoyed the polite dinosaurs view spoiler So, a real review, you ask Why are you asking me You should read Sanderson yourself, because I m quite sure I m going to mislead you by reading it wrong I enjoy many younger adult targeted books, so don t think me an old curmudgeon when I say he doesn t quite nail the premise It is vaguely amusing when he mocks many of the genre pretenses particularly a bold call out to the Harry Potter set up at the end , but there s too much of it throughout the narrative and I m not sure it ll sit well with younger readers Really much, much too much of the overt commentary When I started writing my meta review thanks, Mitticus , I actually had to leave out some author in text comments on character and pacing John Connolly s Samuel Johnson series plays with this concept in a sophisticated, enjoyable way way.In this book, Alcatraz is about to be kicked out of his umpteenth foster home for burning down the kitchen on his 13th birthday Someone calling himself his grandfather shows up the next day much like Hagrid in Harry Potter and suddenly someone is trying to kill him Classic special but in an unrecognized way set up They head to the library to infiltrate the headquarters and recover Alcatraz special birthday present a bag of sand Fun things include the premise of Librarians being Evil, and running jokes about the gentility of dinosaurs However, Alcatraz also has a anti hero narrative in the mode of Artemis Fowl that is off putting It s too much tongue in cheek what, exactly, are we supposed to take seriously here The finale was disappointing, particularly with another big reveal for Alcatraz really, when is enough enough Overall, I d say it was middle of the road I ll throw out the idea that Sanderson just is odd about female characters Like he s trying too hard and just ends up doing reverse stereotypes.The Evil Librarians are the best concept behind it, and the humorous tone is cute Aside from that, it lacks the inventiveness of Potter and the Girl Who series, the language playfulness of Valente and Snicket, the commitment to devilishness of Artemis and the cleverness of Connolly Most importantly, I just don t feel the emotional truth it needs Would I pick up the next book Sure Would I give it to a future niece Nah hide spoiler

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    Meet MC his name is Al short for Alcatraz it is not his fault the evil librarians use the most famous names of his dynasty for the most notorious prisons The book starts with poor guy being tied to a bunch of outdated encyclopedias and is about to be sacrificed Indiana Jones and the Tempe of Doom way say what you want about the evil librarians, but they sure got style Chronologically it all started innocently enough Alcatraz was an orphan who was changing foster parents faster than you can say, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious He had no clue about his parents or any living relatives until he received a gift for his thirteenth birthday, supposedly from his father Inside the package there was a bunch of sand and nothing else It seemed like a pointless poor joke except for the fact that the said sand caused Alcatraz to meet a crazy guy claiming to be his grandfather and to follow him down the rabbit hole literally speaking You see, the world as we know it is controlled by evil librarians through careful distribution and suppression of information They are about to conquer what remained outside of their influence and Alcatraz had the key to opposing them Whether he wanted or not, he was in the game a gun pointed at you from a blank point range makes you decide which side you are on really fast If all of the about sounds like a clich , you are completely right Brandon Sanderson makes fun of a lot of them among other things Do not take this book seriously as it is not supposed to and you will like it Brandon Sanderson has a lot of dedicated fans For this reason I am very surprised at the relative obscurity of this series which I would not hesitate to call quite underrated I forgot the last time I read equally good humorous YA fantasy I also learned that Sanderson can write funny humorous books a lot of people can write humorous books, but funny is something only few succeed in When the book is not funny it is at least amusing One example of this there is a guy who has a very powerful talent he is always late How powerful the talent it It turned out the guy is impossible to kill with a gun as he would be late for the meeting with his bullet Another guy has a talent for very effective falling down Once again it turns out he does it right before a real danger so if you see him doing this you better follow his example and hope you hit the floor faster than him My only complaint about the book is the following The narrator Alcatraz himself often breaks the fourth wall While it is always amusing, for me it comes out way over the top and sometimes forced to be really funny This is even though one such breakage contains possibly the best part of the book I am talking about Alcatraz s musing about sadistic authors spot on This in my only complaint, but it is a big one To make a long story short the rating is firm 4 stars and I will most definitely continue reading the series Avoid it like plague if you are in the mood for something serious like a book about a dying dog, or something similar I am quoting Alcatraz here , otherwise read it and have a good laugh All hail evil librarians

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    4 A buddy read with the young at heart folks at BBB This sucks I had written a review, I had made it funny and adorable, as well as recommended this book not only to the middle graders for whom it was written, but also to all those who enjoy a fantastical adventure written with such wonderful flare and wit, that you have no choice but fall in love with it and wonder why the heck did you wait so long to get to this brilliant series I had written it, but somehow it has gotten lost in the twilight zone of GR.I am not planning to try and write another marvelous review, since I only write them at the moment when I complete the read, thus infusing them with my emotions at the moment However, I will tell you that the book s protagonist is the 13 year old Alcatraz Smedry, a boy with a very special talent he can break almost everything he comes in contact with, usually without even wanting to He is also a writer It is a writer s greatest pleasure to hear that someone was kept up until the unholy hours of the morning reading one of his books It goes back to authors being terrible people who delight in the suffering of others Plus, we get a kickback from the caffeine industry Authors also create lovable, friendly characters, then proceed to do terrible things to them, like throw them in unsightly librarian controlled dungeons This makes readers feel hurt and worried for the characters The simple truth is that authors like making people squirm If this weren t the case, all novels would be filled completely with cute bunnies having birthday parties Hey, those are his words, not mine So, the world we live in, apparently, is not at all what we think What we think we know about our world has been force fed to us by the most evil of Evil Cults The Cult of the Evil Librarians After all, what better way to feed us faulty knowledge than take over the Libraries and all educational facilities and books, thus making us believe whatever They want Exactly So, there I was, tied to an altar made from outdated encyclopedias, about to get sacrificed to the dark powers by a cult of evil Librarians Hmmm, I am going too deep Needles to say, the books we read are mostly lies, thus evil, and Alcatraz is here to open our eyes to the truth So, instead of me telling you how important it is for you to read this series, let me finish with Alcatraz s own words Actually, my experience has been that people generally don t recommend this kind of book at all It is far too interesting Perhaps you have had other kinds of books recommended to you Perhaps, even, you have been given books by friends, parents, or teachers, then told that these books are the type you have to read Those books are invariably described as important which, in my experience, pretty much means that they re boring Words like meaningful and thoughtful are other good clues If there is a boy in these kinds of books, he will not go on an adventure to fight against Librarians, paper monsters, and one eyed Dark Oculators.In fact, the lad will not go on an adventure or fight against anything at all Instead, his dog will die Or, in some cases, his mother will die If it s a really meaningful book, both his dog and his mother will die Apparently, most writers have something against dogs and mothers I wish all of you Happy reading and don t get caught by the Evil Librarians

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    5 EYE OPENING ST RSHeads up Goodreads librarian agents might try to get this review taken down at any moment They definitely don t want me exposing all their secretly nefarious ways, but at long last, I give to you the truth Fact 1 This book is NOT written by Brandon Sanderson This is NOT fantasy Don t be fooled It is written by Alcatraz Smedry grandson of Oculator Dramatus, Leavenworth Smedry His editor only made him use Sanderson s name to keep away librarian attention This is Alcatraz s autobiography, okay Nonfiction Fact 2 Librarians are evil I should have known They always made me feel uncomfortable with all their staring and constant hovering while in libraries Now I know the reason for their insistent vigilance They are making sure this book and others like it stay out of public hands That s pretty much how they rule the world They control all the information and supposed knowledge given to us info that we sadly just accept But I m not being restricted from the truth any longer They kept this book a secret from me for years, but now that I have it, I m holding it tight.Fact 3 The Smedrys are civilization s only hope They ve been trying to save us from total domination by using their special powers called Talents Talents can range from anything like being terrible at math to waking up extremely ugly to tripping in fantastically glorious ways Alcatraz has the breaking Talent HE CAN BREAK THINGS WITH THE FORCE OF HIS MIND How epic And he s about to face his toughest challenge yet, infiltrating his downtown library an extremely dangerous place to retrieve a lost bag of sand and save the world Oh yeah So there you have it The truth Strange, right Brilliantly strange And weird But not only is Alcatraz s story incredibly funny and jam packed with action, it s filled with heart as well Underneath all the fun humour and cringeworthy puns, this is story that surprisingly carries across subtle messages about responsibility and courage, trust and self confidence all while you ll be laughing out loud.It actually felt somewhat meaningful, but anyway, back to the important stuff The Librarians want to control the entire world We can t let them Will you join me in the fight to stop their evil cult Go read it and help me spread the word GO GO P.S To all my librarian friends Please don t hate me for exposing you I know you re evil and all, but I love you guys.

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    Brandon Sanderson can write an instruction manual for a lawnmower and I ll read it I actually have no reason at all to know how to use a lawnmower since I live in a high rise condominium. I only started reading the Alcatraz series after I ve run out of Sanderson s adult and YA fantasy books to read, and these books quickly became bite sized guilty pleasures on account of how hilarious and ridiculous they are In the Hushlands those Librarian controlled nations such as the United States, Canada, and England this book will be published as a work of fantasy Do not be fooled This is no work of fiction, nor is my name really Brandon Sanderson Both are guises to hide the book from Librarian agents Unfortunately, even with these precautions, I suspect that the Librarians will discover the book and ban it In that case, our Free Kingdom Agents will have to sneak into libraries and bookstores to put it on shelves Count yourself lucky if you ve found one of these secret copies So essentially, the real world as we know it is controlled by evil Librarians who keep the real deal information away from the general population Underneath the cover up is a fantastical existence where a certain lineage of people i.e the Smedry s have seemingly ordinary abilities like breaking things, being late, spouting gibberish and tripping abilities which are called Talents that can be controlled and utilised as an advantage How this works is frankly quite brilliant and instead of explaining it, let me point you to the nearest bookstore online or otherwise to get hold of this book and read it already The map of world as we did not know itI am pretty sure that I don t have to mention that Sanderson has yet again conjured a cool magic system for this series, and demonstrated the magic in his usual well crafted action scenes In this series, it involves sand and ocular lenses How Just read it and find out The main character, Alcatraz Smedry is written in a first person, fourth wall breaking perspective His POV is sarcastic, witty and gives the impression that he can be an unreliable narrator Each chapter also begins with asides and jabs regarding books and authors, all which ring true.A few examples It is a writer s greatest pleasure to hear that someone was kept up until the unholy hours of the morning reading one of his books Plus we get a kickback from the caffeine industry Hooks and cliffhangers belong only at the ends of chapters That way, the reader moves on directly to the next page where, thankfully, they can read of the story without having to suffer some sort of mindless interruption Honestly, authors can be so self indulgent The ending of a book is, in my experience, both the best and the worst part to read For the ending will often determine whether you love or hate the book Both emotions lead to disappointment If the ending was good, and the book was worth your time, then you are left annoyed and depressed because there is no book to read However, if the ending was bad, then it s too late to stop reading You re left annoyed and depressed because you wasted so much time on a book with a bad ending What else is there There are references to Sanderson s own works and of other authors peppered throughout the story, which add to the fun factor This new edition also has great illustrations that truly enhance the enjoyment of the book The typical back matter, About The Author and Acknowledgements , is anything but typical Here s Grandpa This is a book and series targeted for the young readers as well as adults who want to kick back with some silly, yet quite smart, humour Character development was adequate in spite of the shorter narrative and I already have a favourite in Grandpa Smedry by the end of this novel The writing is relatively simple but not condescendingly so in spite of the target middle grade audience Given that it is a lot shorter than your typical Sanderson doorstopper, the pacing was brisk and action scenes were plenty and fun It s like a light and fruity dessert after a heavy meal This review can also be found at Booknest

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    On sale Sept 7 2016 on for 2.99Buddy Read with Buddies Books and Baubles and the Sandersonitus gang.Did you know that Librarians were evil I ve always suspected but didn t know just how deep the conspiracy went until I read this book.What does a writer do when he needs to get the creative juices going and take a break from one of the many serious tombs he is writing Well if he is Brandon Sanderson he writes something completely and utterly different and a bit silly and makes fun of himself a little while doing it Now, you re probably wondering about the beginning of the previous chapter, with its reference to evil Librarians, altars made from encyclopedias, and its general feeling of Oh, no Alcatraz is going to be sacrificed Before we get to this, let me explain something about myself I ve been many things in my life Student Spy Sacrifice Potted plant However, at this point, I m something completely different from all of those something frightening than any of them I m a writer. As an adult in my cough fouthir cough ties Middle Grade books aren t my bread and butter I actually rarely read them HOWEVER.there are a few writers that can make a middle grade book just as fun for the adults as the kids sorta like Bugs Bunny Sanderson to my surprise I m not really sure why I was that surprised I love most of his stuff now joins that very short list with Rick Riordan and J.K Rowling as one of my favorite Middle Grade Authors.This book is hi LAR i OUS all the way though from beginning to end There are so many funny instances and things happening throughout the story I laughed continuously There is the continuous breaking of the 4th wall and side jaunts as our young Alcatraz talks to the reader I loved almost all of them and the story was totally engaging for me all the way through I generally don t recommend this kind of book at all It is far too interesting Perhaps you have had other kinds of books recommended to you Perhaps, even, you have been given books by friends, parents, or teachers, then told that these books are the type you have to read Those books are invariably described as important which, in my experience, pretty much means that they re boring Words like meaningful and thoughtful are other good clues If there is a boy in these kinds of books, he will not go on an adventure to fight against Librarians, paper monsters, and one eyed Dark Oculators In fact, the lad will not go on an adventure or fight against anything at all Instead, his dog will die Or, in some cases, his mother will die If it s a really meaningful book, both his dog and his mother will die Apparently, most writers have something against dogs and mothers The Rundown Alcatraz is an orphaned boy who just turned 13 and realized that he has special powers and is needed to SAVE THE WORLD.sound familiar Well it is but he can t fly or turn invisible, he doesn t have super strength or the ability to transport himself across distances No his special power is..he can break things tah dahhhhh Your thinking that hey I too can break things and that doesn t sound like it is all that special Well you are wrong and you are probably a librarian or a hushlander who doesn t understand the awesomeness of breaking things What kinds of things can you break Grandpa Smedry asked All kinds of things, I said Doors, electronics, tables Once I broke a chicken A chicken I nodded It was on a field trip I got kind of frustrated, and I picked up a chicken When I put it down, it immediately lost all of its feathers, and from then on refused to eat anything but cat food Alcatraz isn t the only one who has a superpower No indeed everyone in the main line of his family can do something special Like his Cousin Sing who can trip, a Grandfather who can be late and another cousin that And what is your Talent I dutifully asked I can say things that make absolutely no sense whatsoever I thought everyone here had that Talent, I noted Nobody laughed Free Kingdomers never get my jokes.Don t worry Alcatraz I got all your jokes and they were hilarious.So as superpowers go they sound a little lame.but trust me, when you see how they work you will be AMAZED and ENTERTAINED There are also knights, monsters made out of bad romance novels and glasses that you will be dying to get a pair of If you have read a Sanderson novel then you know that the world building and magic system is going to be great It will be imaginative and inventive and there will be a twist Even though this is a kid s book.it is so not just a kid s book There is a little something for everyone and I can t believe I waited so long to read these.I bow down again to the writing Genius that is Sanderson and can t wait to jump into the next book of the series Fun for all ages.

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    Big fan of Brandon Sanderson It s always interesting to think about the magic system Sanderson uses in whatever work you re reading He always changes things up Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians is no exception In this fun read, Alcatraz s talent is his uncanny ability to break things While this might not seem like part of a magical system at first, keep reading I enjoyed the book and plan to get back to this series But maybe after I read Oathbringer

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    Think Harry Potter only with evil Librarians but a lot better.

    Although it s obviously written for young readers, it was still entertaining for adults The story was fast paced and very humorous The characters are fun and relatable as far possible in this type of story It

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    Sanderson never disapoint, not even with a book for kids.

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