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American Jennie: The Remarkable Life of Lady Randolph Churchill files American Jennie: The Remarkable Life of Lady Randolph Churchill, read online American Jennie: The Remarkable Life of Lady Randolph Churchill, free American Jennie: The Remarkable Life of Lady Randolph Churchill, free American Jennie: The Remarkable Life of Lady Randolph Churchill, American Jennie: The Remarkable Life of Lady Randolph Churchill 03f42b3d8 Brooklyn Born Jennie Jerome Married Into The British Aristocracy In , After A Three Day Romance She Became Lady Randolph Churchill, Wife Of A Maverick Politician And Mother Of The Most Famous British Statesman Of The Century Jennie Churchill Was Not Merely The Most Talked About And Controversial American Woman In London Society, She Was A Dynamic Behind The Scenes Political Force And A Woman Of Sexual Fearlessness At A Time When Women Were Not Supposed To Be Sexually Liberated A Concert Pianist, Magazine Founder And Editor, And Playwright, She Was Also, Above All, A Devoted Mother To Winston In American Jennie, Anne Sebba Draws On Newly Discovered Personal Correspondences And Archives To Examine The Unusually Powerful Mutual Infatuation Between Jennie And Her Son And To Relate The Passionate And Ultimately Tragic Career Of The Woman Whom Winston Described As Having The Wine Of Life In Her Veins

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    This is extremely readable and I greatly enjoyed it.Jennie was a dollar bride and part of the cash for titles exchange.However her father wasn t really wealthy and money remained a struggle for all of her life.She married pregnant, it s highly doubtful Winston was a preemie Her 2nd son wasn t fathered by her husband and his actual father remains a mystery.She married 3 times and after she s widowed by her first husband, both of her 2nd husbands are around the age of her sons She s a spendthrift and charming.She joined her son in anti suffragette activities She was instrumental to Winston s career.I gave 1 star because the author includes antiblack racism really for no apparent reason She refers to black people as negroes not cool at all and makes reference to a Dr Sims as a wonderful gynecologist when actually he s the Dr Mengele of the USA He tortured enslaved black women which is how he was able to make the medical advances he made He had anesthesia available to him and chose not to use it while he practiced his techniques dozens of times.The black women he tortured were human beings and he can t be mentioned as a good doctor without his history being taken into account.Also Churchill was famously racist and sexist So was Jennie and this author.Sigh.

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    Great source material

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    Jennie Churchill n e Jerome was the daughter of the wealthy and flamboyant American entrepreneur and racing enthusiast , Leonard Jerome The Jeromes had a lavish lifestyle, boasting a property with a 600 seater theatre which staged significant operatic events for the cream of society and where the stables,alone, cost 80.000.Jennie and many others adored her father.His friend,August Belmont,wrote that One rode better, sailed better,banqueted better when Mr Jerome was a member of the party However,when her son ,Winston Churchill commissioned a biography of his grandfather, he found sufficient evidence for preventing it s publication Nevertheless I enjoyed reading about wealthy New York society with many familiar names well known to the family then and still well known today Jennie was a talented,extraordinarily beautiful lady who boldly married an English aristocrat and,after his death, two very much younger men She mixed with royalty including the French Empress Eugenie and perhaps inevitably Edward,Prince of Wales.The author cannot find evidence for their having been lovers but equally nothing to discount the possibility.Sadly,after fathering his children,Lord Randolph Churchill,the first husband with whom she had been passionately in love,developed poor health which was almost certainly syphilis.This kept him travelling and left her vulnerable to other affairs.However,her incredible loyalty to him saw an exchange of letters throughout their lives and she accompanied him to great effect whenever he needed her support.A diplomatic visit to Russia saw her glittering wardrobe mentioned than her husband s speeches not a little like the young Diana Spencer s experience when she first married the current Prince of Wales Jennie embarked on a world tour to accompany her dying husband which required all her love and patience due to his disturbed state of mind.However,she was unwilling to languish into widowhood being described by Eddie Marsh later,Churchill s private secretary as an incredible mixture of Worldliness and Eternal Childhood.in thrall to fashion and luxury So that life didn t begin for her on a basis of less than forty pairs of shoes yet it seemed that inspite of this she was never missing one quality ofwarmheartedness,humor,loyalty.sincerity or pugnacious courage Jennie was an eternal optimist and,like her adoring son,Winston,I found myself gazing in bemused wonder at her extraordinary adventures.For him,She had not blood but the wine of life coursing through her veins Perhaps her nearest modern equivalent would have been the much loved Dame Elizabeth Taylor Author,Anne Sebba,has not included much that is written about her subject.She has been selective and ignored gossip she can t in any way prove It s clear that she made an attempt to prove some of the rumours and would obviously have liked access to what she calls the Windsor Archives but, overall this biography is well worth reading

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    Certainly proof of the power of an involved mother Jennie was the power behind the polital rise of Winston She had earlier been very involved in the politial life of her husband, Randolph Jennie was a beautiful, musically talented woman who always lived beyond her means and had a rather prolific love life Her American family moved to Europe with the goal of marrying their three daughters to nobility An interesting book with coloraful characters, yet certainly not noble in character I think my favorite was Clemintine, Winston s wife.

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    I have done some reading on this remarkable woman already What I gleaned from this volume is that her lack of money influenced many poor decisions She also had a strong libido which also pushed her into unwise marriages She might have taken over the world today Instead she poured much of her strength into supporting Winston and his career.

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    I will admit that I came to this book with a bad attitude It is a selection of my book club My reaction was Jennie Jerome Churchill is only researched and written about because she was the mother of Winston Churchill and that he bore her mark or scars I did not vote for it and was disappointed when it was selected I seriously considered not reading it because I will be away on vacation at the time of the discussion But read it, I did and it just re enforced my opinion.Jennie was a spoiled, spend thrift, social climber Yes, she challenged the norms of society of the time but she got away with it because she could, a combination of her position, charm and chutzpah While some middle class woman of the time who engaged is such shenanigans would have quickly been ostracized and sent to debtor s prison I think the story of her hospital ship during the Boer War was a great example She fund raised from the wealthy money no school children pennies for her to re furbish a yacht as a hospital ship She even designed uniforms for the staff Then she insisted on going with the ship to South Africa in her included well appointed rooms so she could see Winston who had recently escaped from captivity She argued with the British military over how the ship was to be used and when she finally allowed them to ship injured soldiers back to England on the ship, she delayed the ship at Madeira so she could go ashore and dine From this book, it appears that she worked for her husband and son s political careers, because she liked the attention and because she could have interesting parties The book is well enough written I just don t think the subject is worthy of attention.

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    As a connoisseur of books about the Gilded Age, particularly of the large numbers of American heiresses who traveled to Europe to marry nobility in this time, I was interested in this biography of Jennie Jerome who became the mother of Winston Churchill What an interesting life she had And her death was worthy of Carrie Bradshaw I read this between fiction, so it took a while Too, it seemed sad that as she grew up, this woman never seemed to outgrow the rattling young woman that she d been as a youngster.Anyhow, an interesting look into one of the real life inspirations of books like The Buccaneers and The Shuttle.

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    While full of interesting facts and theories on the exciting life of Jennie Churchill I did not end the book feeling that I had a better understanding of her life or even of life in that era The writing at times was confusing enough to require re readings of many pages just to make sure I knew who the writer was discussing It certainly piqued my curiosity about her famous son Winston Churchill and the American money for titles wives who flooded England at the turn of the century A good starting point for those interested in Jennie Churchill but not a definitive biography.

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    I have yet to find a completely satisfying biography of Lady Randolph Churchill There is too much bias one way or the other in the ones I ve read I would also like to read the original letters several of her biographers have used All in all, an interesting read I enjoyed learning about this fascinating woman Whether or not she was the most moral person, she lived a full and interesting life She s one of those people from the past with whom I d like to have lunch.

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    A very interesting account of the life of a woman I knew very little about before reading this book A very strong and intelligent woman who used her wiles in to advance her family and raised amazing children That the mother of Winston Churchill engaged in some of this behavior adds a very different demention to my idea of him and all he did This book shows a different side of Victorian English society as well from the point of view of an outsider.

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