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    Added Paragraph 11 10 11This was such a tender and touching love story Eli is a boy who has been neglected and left to fend for himself and has lost the ability to trust the world As a result he lashes out to anyone who tries to get close but when he meets Sebastian he finds it is not so easy to do.Sebastian has grown up in a world of good friends and family Intelligent and social he has certain expectations of his life and the last thing he expects is to have his life turned upside down when Eli enters it.This relationship is unexpected but none the less beautiful I love the way both young men seem to add something to each other that has been missing Eli finds a person who deeply cares about him for himself which turns to true love for both of them Sebastian, on the other hand finds someone who he can care for, but not pity I love how the relationship slowly develops over a week but at least it s not insta love where they meet and then boom We re in love on the same day Both characters are completely developed and are not just caricatures of teenage young adult boys The only part of the story that didn t ring true to me was the abrupt resolution between Eli and his mother Years of neglect can not be healed through one conversation which have left evident scars on the young boy s psyche Especially since it is obvious that her treatment is at the root of his deep emotional scars.Eli s story is so heartbreaking I found myself wanting to cry several times Yet he also has a resilience and inner goodness that allows him to open up when he finds the one he can truly trust I am really grateful to have found this lovely story I think Eli and Sebastian will stay with me for a long time.

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    I don t want to be mean but I must be honest I love this book, but I can t give than 2 stars Yes, it s a free story, and I know I must be grateful for it and I m from the bottom of my heart, I must say Thank you to L Arthur for posting it as a freebie.But I must also be very truthful, and say I would never finish this story but I did, because a friend of mine ask me to read it and give my opinion about it Thanks Fiona I appreciate your recommendation Wait, let me start saying all the positive aspects of this story.Sebastian is the first A 20 years old tutor, trying to help lost kids, with problems in their family or school. he is special, and I love this character immediately I could use MANY phrases with countless grammar errors D to describe his confusion, being a straight guy attract to another guy, but I prefer to use a writer quotation, from chapter 22 Memories of my youth are flooding back to me None of them involved dreams about a guy, though That s what s still bugging me I just don t get it I m not gay I mean, my first crush was Ms Sanchez I used to stare at her cleavage without even really understand the fundamentals of human anatomy, or the joys I ve also had girlfriends before I ve had sex with several of them Amazing sex, by the way But, Eli Why I mean, if had I been attracted to the male body since childhood, this probably wouldn t be that much of a big deal Well, I guess it still would cause that would mean that I was I don t bisexual, or something But, I ve never liked another guy before I ve never looked at another guy before And yet, this is the second time I ve had a strange dream about Eli. That s what I call a very realistic character Why all gay men would know it right away Why a gay woman would know it, from her birth, she is attract to another woman How could someone be 100% certain of his her sexual preference It s hard to find a story with someone like Sebastian, straight man changing his view about the world.SO I like Sebastian. a lot he is struggling, trying to understand himself, and it s perfect It s not forced, he will take his time, even because it s acceptable to someone that for all his life date and was with women is now also attracted to guys no, sorry not plural a guy EliEli is the second thing that made me LOVE this story He s emotionally unstable He s dangerous he is in pain, he need to be loved, he need to love and unfortunately in my view he is only 17 years old.Yes, call me a bitch, I deserve it, and I hate to be so honest but that s why I m giving 2 stars Eli was perfect, but he is underage, and there is sexual explicit content in this bookI though for a while I should write a review, without give a rating, but I pondered and in my view very modestly I think a low rating can be also positive to a writer.Why Simple if this was though as a Young Adult story the sex in this book should be behind closed door like the characters want, got to the room, and the writer skip it, leaving the reader out of that place, were a 17 old guy is having sex.If the writer decide to write it to an adult public, it sooooo perfect I mean, it s VERY good, not a shallow pornography, but a very wonderful and tender sex between two lovers it would be perfect, but not with a boy there Because unfortunately I couldn t see Eli as a man, even if he was forced to grow up early in a very hostile world I can and I enjoyed some sci fi with underage characters, but not in a contemporary romance It s too close to reality, think about high school boy and a 20 old age guy nothing wrong about it, but I can t read it enjoying the sexual content of the story.As a conclusion I would like to say I really like this story Some parts could be edited, and certainly Eli and his mother issue was not well explored at the end BUT I would not recommend it because I have no idea to whom it was written It s an YA So better a little less explicit sex scenes It s for an adult public So certainly someone so young it s not the best choice.So that was my dilemma how can I say I like, and give 5 stars to a story I don t know who should read It s very well written if it s true, also not edited at all, so its quality is impressive so well done, without editing Really Edited it will be perfect It s cuteIt s a sweet romancebut I can t give than 2 starsand I hope my ideas are not taken as the absolute truth, but just as a reader giving an opinion This is an almost perfect story to be published, but if the writer decide to do it the target, the public must be decided and with little modifications certainly this would be a great successful book

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    I think some of the best GFY can be found free online This is another great example of an amateur writer who spins an affecting tale of a young man drowning in the power of his new and confusing emotions.Seb is a grad student who also works as a tutor for vulnerable youth He is assigned to tutor Eli, a violent and tortured young man Seb is drawn to Eli s plight and the Eli pushes him away the Seb wants to prove that he cares This story is very sexy and fascinating but at the same time there are a couple of unsettling elements about Eli s character Would I have stuck by Eli like Seb does Probably not But within the context of their single minded and inevitable relationship it s easy to believe that love cures all.

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    1st and only person to give it three stars Now I feel almost obligated to review it Too bad I am so lazy I will just say it was ok but I never saw the connection between these two and I didn t really like that Eli was underage and still in school And then when he stabbed the MC with his pocket knife I was just like ok and you love him why And the drug use And the no condoms And using chapstick for lube Just wasn t realty my thing Three stars because I never struggled with reading it but also never really cared either It was in the I started might as well finish, its not awful category

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    I loved this story It was so well written with tons of detail and in depth characters that you can t help but be drawn to The books is a bit on the dark side but Sabastion kept it from being too much He added a lot of wicked humor to the plot Eli is easly one of my favorite characters He s so broken to the point that you don t know if he can be fixed or at least fixed enough to be in such a relationship However it all pulled together and you really believed their relationship Truely an awsome story

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    Gay For You Romance with lots of angst.It s the love story between Eli, a bad boy and Seb, a good boy Eli comes from a single parent family and has been terribly neglected by his mum since he was 10 He is now 17 and really messed up drugs, fights, no friends, no family etc Seb comes from a loving family and is in a prestigious university He is 20, I think Inexplicably intrigued obsessed by Eli, he tries to befriend Eli against Eli s will He saw something worth saving in Eli and fought to make Eli believe it Along the way, love came The thing I didn t like much about this book was the way Seb was always putting himself down It was tiring to read I wanted to tell him to stop it already Good read though.

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    Wow This was such a surprising good story I could hardly put it down and was compelled to read on until I had finished it And then felt sad that it was over It was that good view spoiler I fell in love with Sebastian from the very first pages of the story He had a funny way of looking at things that made me laugh out loud frequently in the initial chapters The way he reacted to meeting Eli and the justifications he would give himself to avoid the truth were just so hilarious I couldn t stop myself from liking him And then came Eli, with his troubled past and aggressive attitude to ward off any hurt from people getting too close They seemed like an improbable couple And for half the story, that held true Sebastian kept pushing, for reasons unknown even to him, while Eli did his best to drive him away, all the while a bond being created between them.It was adoring to watch both of them begin to change and mold after the other, despite everything that had marked them before There were tough times, Sebastian got stabbed twice , Eli had a confrontation with his mother, fought to give up drugs for Sebastian Both characters never came clean with their feelings until the end of the story but it was lear they cared of each other through their actions.It didn t end with the Happily Ever After of fairy tales Nor would it have suited such a dark story and complex personalities However, it did end on a positive note and with the feeling that all would work for the both of them And the love that held them together was than enough to withstand whatever was thrown at them hide spoiler

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    This book was ridiculous, but I have to admit, I totally enjoyed it for what it was It is not well written, it doesn t even appear to be proof read But by throwing in prepositions where they should be and ignoring complete misspellings or even wrong words, the piece is still easy enough to read and understand Glaring examples Arthur spells lost as lossed and in one part that she meant to use the word closed she wrote clothes why Arthur wouldn t just proof read something before posting it on the internet I have no idea That being said, the concept and characters are simply fun You have to get over a few hurdles like these two boys cry than little girls at a Bieber concert, someone should have called CPS on Eli s mother long ago and there is an absurd amount of silly movie references Once you have cleared those hurdles, it is a quick angsty coming of age between the boy on the right side of the tracks and the one on the wrong side Sweet if not corny It is not going to win any awards, but certainly can suit a mood for the afternoon.

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    he threatened to avoid speaking with me for a whole month ohhhh threat of silent treatment I m SOOO afraid Oh nodrama queen much Oh this 20 year old guy is kind of.creepy..

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    This was a good story about Sebastian, a 20 year old man who is lonely and convinced he ll never find the love of his life He s dated a few girls but none have been the one He buries himself in work in order to take his mind off of his lonely life Then he meets Eli Eli is 17 and has a miserable life His dad is AWOL His mother abandons him for her job, not caring much in my opinion if the kid lived or died He s angry all the time and he lashes out both physically and emotionally This is his way of hiding his pain Sebastian wants to save him, to protect him Eli fights him every step of the way He s a scared kid who is convinced that he will end up being abandoned again if he allows himself to care too much Once Sebastian begins seeing Eli as than a kid he wants to protect and he actually starts having feelings for him, the story finally starts moving along Granted, it is not an easy road as Sebastian has never even considered having any type of attraction to a male He has dated women and enjoyed them sexually But there is something about Eli.I really enjoyed this a lot There are a few secondary characters that I couldn t decide if I liked or not but they weren t in the story for too long so it was okay to be neutral as far as they were concerned I normally do not have an issue with age in the books I read but I did find it to be a little strange reading about a 17 year old boy having pretty graphic sex view spoiler with no condom ever and in one case in the shower no lube The condom thing was bad enough but there is no convincing me that Eli enjoyed the shower sex without any lube involved other than a little bit of shampoo hide spoiler

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