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Approach to Freetown summary Approach to Freetown , series Approach to Freetown , book Approach to Freetown , pdf Approach to Freetown , Approach to Freetown 6643a08ece Approach To Freetown Is The First Volume Of The Completed Tetralogy LION MOUNTAIN It Started Out As A Short Story About An American Woman Who Revamps Her Life In Africa And Prepares To Have A Family Without A Husband The Protagonist Elizabeth Modra Is An American Artist From Lansing Michigan, Who Finishes Her B A In Art In Boston And Then Goes To London With Her Boyfriend There, He Becomes Very Jealous Of Her Success And Becomes Violent With Her At Her First Showing, She Meets Peter Safford, A Journalist, Who Becomes Very Fond Of Her And Asks Her To Move In With Him, Which She Does Then When He Takes Her To Cover A Story In Sierra Leone, She Refuses To Leave The Land And People Have Gotten Into Her Blood So That She Wants To Make This New Country Her Home She Is Determined To Find Out Why These People Are So Happy And Content And Good To One Another, Even After The Horrors Which Had Befallen Them During The Recent Civil War This Volume Was Considered As My Master S Thesis The Third Was My Creative Dissertation Throughout These Four Volumes, An Abused Child, Resolves All Her Issues And Fulfills Her Dreams

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    In this first of a complete tetralogy, and coming in at only 126 pages in length, explains the reason for my three thumbs rating it just wasn t long enough, this Author opens a whole new world to the reader in ways they could not possibly imagine.The main protagonist, a female, is written in all her vulnerable and confused glory so much so that any reader would be hard pressed not to want to reach out a helping hand to her, or just give her a cuddle to make her feel better As the reader travels with her through her trials and tribulations, the Author is able to make them experience keenly the pain and total destruction of self that this woman feels at times This is a character that the reader wants to be about to address and come to terms with her past, and will want to be there every step of the way to support her Other characters encountered are equally well written, and will produce a feeling of either like or indifference in the reader or, as in one particular character I just wanted to reach into the pages and slap them.The locations of this enjoyable read are also beautifully written the heat virtually rises off the pages in some areas and the inhabitants are written in such a way that they too make an impression on the reader It is very plain to anyone who reads this that the Author did careful research into the area she sets her work in and this adds to the authenticity of the storyline and helps carry it along in a very believable manner.If this series of books is ever published together as a complete novel, I will definitely buy the print copy for my book shelves, and I would highly recommend this first instalment to all readers This is going to be a series that doesn t deserve to be just read, it requires the time taken to savour and enjoy it as one would a fine wine or gourmet meal.Originally reviewed on This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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    Elizabeth is an artist sensitive, free spirited, and entirely at odds with what she wants In fact, she really isn t too sure of what it is she actually does want Flitting from relationship to relationship, she thinks she has found what she is looking for but then her lover starts reining her in, and she finds happiness slipping through her fingers once again.Traveling with her current love, Peter Safford, she finds herself playing the role of wife to keep from social disgrace, or so she is told as they fly to Sierra Leone To Peter, it is just another business trip as a journalist But to Elizabeth, it becomes much than that.As she basks in the sunlight, roams the markets with her newfound friend, Kaila, and sees a world that is open and accepting than she had ever experienced, she feels the conflict arise sharply what she wants self acceptance for who she is versus what Peter wants marriage Nowhere is that dichotomy strikingly apparent than when she is out doing what she loves most painting the people and scenes around her.She has much to go through, and much to leave behind And with the help of her newfound friends, she finds herself healing and able to start up the path toward self love.This book is filled to overflowing with such breathtakingly beautiful detail, and with so much depth and color, that I found something new between its pages every time I read it So much symbolism, even down to the font used in the text big and loud for Peter, small and quiet for Elizabeth Even Freetown, where the story takes place, is a symbol for what Elizabeth is struggling to achieve Sights, sounds, tastes the reader can find him or herself transported to the hot African country of Sierra Leone almost instantly It is a fantastic story It isn t hard to imagine book groups spending a lot of time reading and discussing Elizabeth, Peter, Kaila, and all the other characters that make this book a treasure.

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    What a marvelous insight to the way a thirty ish woman perceives herself, her relationships and the world This book was an excellent introspective and a truly different read The manner the author took to move you from one character mindset to another was unique and effective You immediately empathize with the changes in emotion or demeanor the main character Elizabeth feels each time another character speaks Intriguing method of writing that never grows old all the way to the final soliloquy Can t wait for Lion Mountain Book Two Reading may require attention and intelligence.

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    The novel, Approach to Freetown, is a well written dream to read The first chapter starts The sky was paralyzingly blue I was paralyzed with kindle in hand to read on.The story begins with a woman and her lover travelling to Sierra Leone from London.Her adventure begins She moves from childish Lizzie to the woman, ElizabethThe book reveals Elizabeth and a small part of the African coast The story weaves elegantly from person to country and transformation.The novel is a small book yet rewarding experience.

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