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Astor Place Vintage explained Astor Place Vintage, review Astor Place Vintage, trailer Astor Place Vintage, box office Astor Place Vintage, analysis Astor Place Vintage, Astor Place Vintage 0ee3 A New York Novel Taking Place In Two Time Periods When A Vintage Clothing Store Owner In New York City Discovers A Journal From , She Finds Her Destiny At Stake As The Past And Present Collide The Past Has A Seductive Allure To Amanda Rosenbloom, Especially When It Comes To Vintage Clothing She S Devoted To Running Her Shop, Astor Place Vintage, But With Manhattan S Rising Rents And A Troubled Economy, It S Tough To Keep The Business Alive Meanwhile, She Can T Bring Herself To End An Affair With A Man Who Really Should Be History When Amanda Finds A Journal Sewn Into A Fur Muff She S Recently Acquired For The Shop, She S Happy To Escape Into The World Of Olive Westcott, A Young Lady Who Lived In New York City One Hundred Years AgoAs Amanda Becomes Immersed In The Journal, She Learns The Future Appeals To Olive Olive Looks Forward To A Time When Repressive Victorian Ideas Have Been Replaced By Modern Ways Of Thinking But The Financial Panic Of Thrusts Her From A Stable, Comfortable Life Into An Uncertain And Insecure Existence She S Resourceful And Soon Finds Employment, But As She S Drawn Into The Social Circle Of Shopgirls Living On The Edge Of Poverty, Olive Is Tempted To Take Risks That Could Bring Her To Ruin Reading Olive S Woes, Amanda Discovers A Secret That Could Save Her Future And Keep Her From Dwelling In The PastIt S Olive, However, Who Ends Up Helping Amanda, Through Revelations That Come In The Final Entries Of The Journal As The Lives Of These Two Women Merge, Amanda Is Inspired To Stop Living In The Past And Take Control Of Her Future

  • Paperback
  • 416 pages
  • Astor Place Vintage
  • Stephanie Lehmann
  • English
  • 03 June 2019
  • 9781451682052

About the Author: Stephanie Lehmann

with lots of photographs and historical information I wasn t able to use for the novel but loved to learn about.

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    Ugh Where to begin with this one I was actually really looking forward to reading Astor Place Vintage I thought the idea of a woman being connected to history through the merchandise in her vintage clothing store seemed pretty cool and unique This was one I just couldn t wait till Christmas to ask for, so I bit the bullet and ordered it in August All the banners and ads for it on Goodreads probably added to my sense of excitement and urgency.The problem is, this book was, despite all my enthusiasm, hard to dredge through It was seriously painful at times Here s my list of Pros and Cons for this book Pros 1 I finished it More than I can say for the Last Summer, by Judith Kinghorn2 Some of the historical details were interesting Stephanie Lehmann obviously did extensive research.3 The ending came together neatly and tied up loose ends with both storylines.Cons 1 I didn t like any of the characters Seriously I had no pity for stupid Amanda, who was bitching and moaning about how she has wasted her thirties on a married man He is MARRIED You are the OTHER WOMAN He will NEVER LEAVE HIS WIFE FOR YOU And the fact that she allowed for him to pay for her expenses and jewelry and such came across as very kept woman and hookerish And Olive I had trouble connecting with as well She was the now stereotypical historical book character who is only interested in a Career, Not Marriage She was very awkward with her beliefs The worst part is, even none of the secondary characters did anything for me.2 Insert Wacky Best Friend Who Is Into Unconventional Sciences Spirituality Here So sick of that clich , too.3 I HATE pseudo fantasy elements in works of otherwise realistic fiction When Amanda first finds the journal, she starts seeing flashes of colors behind her and feels another presence I assume the author wanted us to think it was Olive s ghost And then the author went over the top and had Amanda suffer from over the top, fantastical dreams that were so real, which predictably all included Olive Yawn And why was Amanda naked in all of them That was weird 4 There was information overload in the first half of the book Above, I did praise the author for doing her research, but I feel like she included TOO MANY DETAILS for the 1906 1907 bits There was too much frivolous minutiae about the early twentieth century that I felt was inserted by Lehmann saying, HEY GUYS GUYS I DON T KNOW IF YOU KNOW THIS, BUT THIS PART OF THE STORY TAKES PLACE IN THE PAST LOOK AT ALL THIS RESEARCH I DID I FOUND FACTS, GUYS And I love historical fiction, but even I felt overwhelmed by all the details Lehmann really needed to do some serious detail pruning for Olive s side of the story.5 There was too much about sex Not even sexy sex, which might have been fine There was just way too much about Olive naively wondering about sex, menstruation, conception, rubber bags, childbirth, whatever, that it got to be repetitive and boring I guess the point was to illustrate the how Victorian morals inhibited turn of the century girls like Olive to learn feel comfortable about their sexuality, but still, this was way too much It stopped being interesting way early on in the story, but kept getting dragged out throughout the whole thing.6 I hate how the author used bipolar disorder as just a catchall crazy state of mind that somehow excused Jeff from having an affair, and explained away his wife s irrational behavior without really delving into it properly It just seemed as if the author tacked on this particular disorder because it s taboo bad enough that it totally made everything okay without much explanation And I found that incredibly tacky.7 Meh I don t even feel like thinking about this book any I felt a great sense of relief when I finished it, which just isn t the right emotion This short list will have to do.

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    Why Should You Read This Book The characters are the most realistic I ve read in a long while Seriously They make decisions that you don t often see in books They are real women with realistic dilemmas.Do you want to be grateful to be a modern woman Imagine using sanitary napkins connected to belts Good gravy, no How about not understanding what the sex act actually is with no way to find out Would you like to rent an apartment or a hotel room You d best be accompanied by a man or it s no dice We ve come a long way baby and this novel will remind you of that.The historical tidbits in this book are spot on Ms Lehmann did her research and she did it well I was checking Wikipedia like a mad woman to learn even about the events that were mentioned.I ve read many books that swing back and forth from the present to a time in history I ve never read one that did it this successfully I m almost always in a hurry to get back to the past Not this time I consider that a small literary miracle.Astor Place Vintage is an absolute delight I think you d agree.

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    I bought an ARC of this book for 50 cents at the SFPL Big Book Fair two years ago, and it s been hanging out in my apartment ever since It s one of those books that I kept stacking hopefully in my TBR pile see entries 4 50 on my to read shelf and I finally started skimming it yesterday to see if I should keep it Answer NO The writing is awfully clunky lots of exposition in the form of conversation and the characters are wooden and unbelievable 2007 protagonist Amanda would be the most irritating person on the face of this planet if she was actually alive, given that she s a single thirty nine year old woman having an affair with a married man who thinks that having his baby might be a good idea for their relationship which she texts him at one point using u instead of you, natch 1907 protagonist Olive is unable to function socially Her conversations with potential suitors end with put downs that are supposed to be witty but make her sound like her dialogue was written by a seventh grader They re both awful.The aspects of this book that I enjoyed were the descriptions of New York in 1907 The author is extremely blatant about shoving her research into normal conversations Did you hear about that murder case I wondered to myself just what contraception was available I love it when a man can undo each hook of my corset which makes this a bad novel but interesting to skim Olive is impoverished about 60 pages in and has to become a Career Woman at a fancy downtown department store It was fun to read the descriptions of the building and the salesgirls routines And it was fun to read about Amanda s store, Astor Place Vintage, specifically the styles from each decade that she buys and the modifications she makes it made me want to take up sewing Luckily, I was able to separate those parts from the fact that Amanda is literally the worst businesswoman ever and it s unbelievable that she s able to keep her store afloat even with money from her sleazy married boyfriend I wouldn t believe Amanda if she tried to break up with me, either Girl is crazy.I just saw that Khaled Hosseini has a blurb on the front of the ARC copy that I have that says he found it insightful and charming That means he either did not read it, or he read this description of Amanda having sex both possibilities are equally delightful I felt like everything everywhere and didn t want it to end.

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    Astor Place Vintage was a terrific read It is interesting that I chose to read it immediately after reading The Girl You Left Behind, by JoJo Moyes Both books span nearly 100 years in history, traveling back in time to connect the present day with the past I loved the references in this book to fashion, New York landmarks, and its depiction of life in New York during the early 1900s, before WWI when women were just starting to become empowered The women who came before us sacrificed so much, and it makes me take time to remember how far we have come in the last 100 years Lehmann s writing is wonderful, and I enjoyed all of the photos of New York landmarks, it help me to better visualize the story Her writing reminded me a little bit of Adriana Trigiani, perhaps it is her depiction of Angelina and her Italian immigrant family, that made me think back to The Shoemaker s Wife, which I read earlier this year I highly recommend this book for anyone that is interested in history, fashion and the women s movement

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    This was enthralling I inhaled it over two days this weekend I love the way the story moves back and forth between the present and the past.I couldn t help but wonder if she s not a Maud Hart Lovelace fan Among the characters in her book were people named Betsy, Joe and Bettina, and one family with the last name of Kelly.

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    Ugh I picked this book up thinking that the story sounded intriguing and had so much potential The historical plot was pretty interesting in places, though the clunky writing made it somewhat of an average read Seeing Olive discover herself and try to follow her calling in life in early 20th century New York made me appreciate all over again just how different life was only 100 years ago.But then there was the modern day plot Not only do readers have to contend with the same clunkiness in the writing, but the modern heroine, Amanda, is one of the most frustrating twits I ve come across in literature As a 39 year old business owner who has lived independently for quite some time, one might expect her to have some maturity And that would be your first mistake.As it turns out, Amanda does have a passion for vintage clothing, but from what I saw in the book, she s disorganized and somewhat lackadaisical in how she runs her business I also lost respect for her when I found out about her personal life Amanda has spent the past six years having an affair with a married man On top of that, pretty much the only reason Amanda s business didn t go under is because said married man pays her an allowance So yes, Amanda is pretty much a kept woman Oh, and her segue into the historical story comes when she gets her hands on Olive s diary which she basically stole from a client Amanda drove me up a wall almost from the beginning and normally I would have tossed this book pretty quickly However, the details of early 20th century New York intrigued me and I kept reading against my better judgment Hence the second star.

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    I was given a paperback copy of ASTOR PLACE VINTAGE by the author, Stephanie Lehmann, in exchange for an honest opinion I have to admit that when I finally began to read it, I had low expectations, mainly because of the cover But I ll get to that in a moment This is a well written engaging novel that is hard to put down ASTOR PLACE VINTAGE is a braided story of two women, Amanda living in NYC in 2007, and Olive, living in New York City in 1907 Unlike some books, in which the modern part is less interesting than the historical part, Ms Lehmann has made both parts equally strong Both Olive and Amanda are compelling characters, partly because they have flaws, they make mistakes, and they both have to struggle to earn a living as single women It is obvious that Ms Lehmann is a gifted researcher The 1907 part of the novel was replete with fascinating facts about how hard it was to survive at that time as a single woman But, unlike some authors, Ms Lehmann has used that information to pull you into that world This novel is a treat to read Ms Lehmann is a combination of a gifted storyteller and a gifted researcher, two sets of skills that are very different, and commonly than not, do not go together in the same person I am sure that she is going to have a very successful career as an historical novelist Now to that cover I don t think Touchstone Simon Schuster is doing Ms Lehmann any favors It simply doesn t convey the message of the story at all Instead of marketing this book as a serious look at women s issues, it gives the impression that this is yet another fluffy chick lit yarn My recommendation would be to keep the gorgeous black and white photo in the background, but remove the foreground figure and all the pink, and instead replace it with two faces looking at each other, modern Amanda and 1907 Olive You CANNOT tell this book by its cover Five stars.

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    Amanda Rosenbloom, proprietor of Astor Place Vintage, a vintage clothing store in Manhattan, is intrigued when she finds an old journal sewn into the lining of a fur muff she has bought from an elderly woman, Mrs Kelly As she reads the story of Olive Westcott, a young woman in the New York City of 1907, both she and the reader find that the two women have much in common despite the 100 years that separate them Twenty year old Olive is the genteel daughter of the manager of Woolworth s flagship store in Manhattan Groomed by the finest of finishing schools for a future as the wife of a wealthy man, Olive learns from her education that I was far likely to succeed in managing a business than a household When tragedy forces a change in her circumstances, Olive is determined to find success and happiness on her own terms rather than to take the expected route for a young woman of her background and seek the protection of a husband Her quest introduces her to people like lovely immigrant Angelina Spinelli and her handsome brother Joe and to young women who manage to live on the meager wages paid to women employees by having affluent male friends who help cover their living expenses In the 21st century Amanda encounters an unexpected business reversal and the occasion of her birthday provokes a personal crisis involving her 7 year affair with a married man and the fear that, as she approaches her 40s, a chance for a family of her own may elude her Their stories merge in a very clever surprise ending.Olive and Amanda tell their stories in the first person in alternating chapters This structure worked well, as it highlighted the similarities in the challenges they faced, although I occasionally forgot which woman was speaking at a given time my weakness, I suspect, not the author s It also showed their differences, e.g., Olive s virginity and total ignorance of the most basic information about sex versus Amanda s modern attitudes and experience Olive and Amanda s comments about other people did a marvelous job of simultaneously revealing something about both the narrator and the person being commented on, such as when Amanda says about Mrs Kelly, Loose skin sagged under her cheekbones and jaw Red rimmed, glassy eyes sank deep in the sockets What was it like to look at yourself in the mirror every day and see you d turned into an old lady Speaking from experience, Amanda, it ain t fun Astor Place Vintage is a wonderful book to take on your summer vacation, but it is than a beach book Certainly there is a well told story two stories actually of women trying to find happiness and fulfillment under difficult circumstances The writing is vivid and evocative of place and time In addition, the book could almost serve as a travel guide to New York City buildings, as they were in 1907 and one hundred years later, showing how the city has changed and how it has stayed the same There are even pictures of the turn of the last century buildings to enhance the travelogue A real pleasure, well done enough that you need not even feel guilty at your enjoyment

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    Astor Place Vintage tells the stories of Amanda, a vintage clothing store owner who has discovered a diary in an antique fur muff, and Olive, the long ago girl who once hid her diary in the lining of her muff for safekeeping Amanda happens upon and steals Olive s diary while one a clothing buying outing for her store and begins to read it Amanda is a contemporary New Yorker who owns her own businesses, is afraid she s too old to have children, and evaluates every man she meets for marriageability potential Olive, her counterpart, is woman from a well to do family who finds herself penniless and alone in early 1900 s New York City after a family tragedy Olive soldiers on through sexism, squalor, and seduction in pursuit of her dream to support herself without depending on a man According to the book summary, reading Olive s diary is supposed to teach Amanda valuable lessons about her own life Olive s life and Amanda s life might have occasionally intersected in subject matter, but Amanda didn t really seem to learn anything beyond some useful history She does have a major turning point that coincides with when she reads about a major turning point in Olive s life, but Amanda s revelation is the direct result of something she learns from the present, not the past I grew to like Olive by the middle of the novel when she became interestingly self sufficient and stopped being such a clich Amanda was a constant disappointment She suffers from a woe is me, I wasted my youth on a man who never married me attitude that is infinitely irritating It s boring, overplayed, and off putting Hasn t fiction had enough 30 somethnig women who want to wallow in their failure to be married Her inability to escape a long affair with her married lover and attendant despair could have been interesting and humanizing, but it s just not.The one plot point that really was Olive s quest for accurate information about contraception in the early 1900 s I found the variation of misinformation she encountered and the depth of the taboos she challenged fascinating As a girl who grew up without a mother, Olive had never had anyone explain the facts of life to her When she s abruptly thrust into the lower echelons of New York society by her father s death, these missing facts suddenly become vital rather than just interesting Sadly, this plot line wasn t a major focus This book is tied together by a number of unsurprising coincidences that shock the characters and bore the reader Overall, this feels like two books that were chopped up and unsuccessfully mashed together Astor Place Vintage is a fun concept that failed to put its money where its mouth is.

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    I enjoyed every page of this little gem The reason I like this book so much is because the characters became like friends There is a shifting narrative in APV both taking place in New York City One character is present time, Amanda, who owns a vintage clothing store, and the other is Olive who lives in 1907 New York With shifting narrative s I often like one over the other but not in this book Both characters are equally absorbing and interesting and for me became like friends While I wasn t reading the book, I actually worried about one character or the other from wherever I left off in the book This is just a mesmerizing read that celebrates women, past and present with their failures, struggles and accomplishments.The story goes like this Amanda, picking up some vintage clothing, finds an old diary sewn inside a fur muff when she goes to a New York mansion to pick up some clothing from an old woman The finding of the diary takes the reader on an adventure with Olive Wescott, a less than typical young woman who longs for than marriage in a day when men ruled most everything This adventure is intermingled with Amanda s life and her struggles with career and love and belonging.I learned a lot about vintage clothing, New York architecture and the department store of the early 1900 s as I enjoyed the trials and stories of Olive and Amanda This is a book to savor this summer It s a magical book that will transport you to the bustling city of New York today as well as New York 100 years ago A most excellent read.I almost forgot to add another thing I thought was cool about this book There are vintage pictures of New York throughout I have a vintage picture of the Flat Iron building that I adore hanging on my wall I love the vintage pictures Stephanie Lehmann added to this book Seeing the places while you are reading is just a great touch.

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