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  • Kindle Edition
  • 335 pages
  • Beautiful Outlaw (Savage Outlaws MC #1)
  • Emily Minton
  • English
  • 19 September 2019

10 thoughts on “Beautiful Outlaw (Savage Outlaws MC #1)

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    DNF 28%I really wanted to like this, but I can t buy into the premise It just feels silly to me for some reason Also, I don t like the time jumps They make the story feel super choppy, not to mention that Shay s healing and transformation after 10 years of abuse took place off page, in a short period of time, in four months later fashion I felt cheated.I also didn t like how the H had NO interest in the h until her appareance did a 180 and then bam insta love done poorly.

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    2 stars DNF 75%.You know who you are, you snake By the way, your name is very apt.If you decide to delete your posts then it s too late because I already took a couple screenshots So to use your words why don t you crawl back under your rock, XXXXX While I was reading Beautiful Outlaw a friend sent me a link to a specific review said review is not related to Beautiful Outlaw I d be lying if I said it didn t affect me Just once I ll zip it and won t say what I didn t like about the book I m supposed to review.And to those who are spreading bullshit about me and call me a well known GR bully Readers who squeal over every book and rate it every time with four or five gushing stars don t have a problem on GR But readers like me who are not dishing out five star ratings on a daily basis and state a candid, snarky and honest opinion are called bullies Something is just wrong here and it pisses me off Believe me, I d love to gush Yet often than not any kind of gushing is not warranted in my case because, let me be straightforward, this year I ve been reading almost bad books than great ones Although I can t be completely sure since I haven t seen any statistics yet Still, it s really demoralizing because reading rubbish sucks donkey balls.Do you honestly believe that everyone is going to be happily overwhelmed with emotion whenever they pick up a book I don t belong to that category, that s for sure I have my standards and when a book doesn t live up to my expectations I will say so without sugarcoating anything Stating a negative opinion, even if said opinion is harsh and snarky, is my right and doesn t violate GRs ToS either I don t need anyone s approval and I m definitely not a bully A bully intimidates a person, not a book and reading and reviewing is about books, not authors You need to do a reality check It s called a cutt, babe, and no, you ll get one of your own It s spelled cut not cutt and cut is based on the German term Kutte. German eine M nchskutte a monk s cowl or monk s habit BTW, there are other mistakes I m wondering where the editor was hiding

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    4 Outlaws StarsForced to marry at a young age to save her mother, Laura has been pretending to be someone else for years No literally, her husband forces her to become like his deceased wife, even going as far as to call her by her name She undergoes multiple surgeries and is forced to dress and act a certain way, to keep her psychotic husband happy One day he pushes her too far and she finally goes to her brother for help.Jeremy calls in his best friend and military buddy, Bowie Bowie is the VP of the Outlaws MC, but knows Jeremy from when they served in the military together Jeremy sends Laura to live with Bowie and provides her with a new identity Shay Bowie is than eager to help the beautiful blonde he spent months fantasizing about while overseas For months he listed to Jeremy tell stories about his fun, caring, and loving sister and he all he could think about was how perfect she was.Bowie is than surprised when an Ice Princess steps off the bus to meet him, instead of the girl he thought he knew She is nothing like the vivacious girl he heard about and seen pictures of, no this girl looks like she is barely living Bowie decides he doesn t have time for the prude and leaves her with is adopted mother, Nina, and sister, Rachel There Shay begins to have family and friends I loved how Nina and Rachel took her in and gave her a home Overtime, with help from Nina and Rachel, Shay starts to get her life back and she begins to find herself Once Bowie sees Shay is back and no longer the frigid girl he met a few months ago he is suddenly interested again This story has MC drama and regular drama, but doesn t really have couple drama I really liked that aspect The story focuses on the MC and the drama from Shay s past, not on their actual relationship Yes, the couple has growing pains, but it is abut surviving and overcoming her past Throw in the drama surrounding the MC, it was the perfect balance It is no secret I love MC books and I love Emily Minton s books, so when I saw the two together I knew I had to read this one I am very impressed with this one and already attached to some of the guys I can t wait for ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review For Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways

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    Even bada es need to be coddled from time to timeI found a new author to stalk, yup, Emily Mintonbeware I have my biker legs now and I need Outlaws MC I didn t get enough of those bada dirty talkin bikers I have questions and I can t wait to get the answerscuz I m still sitting here shaking my head, thinking WTH just happened It s five o damn clock in the morning and I ve been up all night because I couldn t stop turning the pages on my Kindle Beautiful Outlaw is addictive, but I don t need intervention, I need I need Bowie Tin Jeremyand most definitely Tag He needs an a whippin and I want to be there when he gets it

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    3.5 Mr Bowie StarsWithin the first chapter I was hooked with Beautiful Outlaw.Laura marries a man to save her family She never realizes the man she married just wanted his dead wife back Ten years later, Laura is molded into her husband s dead wife and she can t take it any Laura asks her brother for help and he brings her to Bowie.Bowie is VP of a MC.And thus the story begins Laura is now Shay and she is very scared Bowie comes to pick her up and he has this no fuss attitude, he s in a MC, so you know how he treats his women Shay isn t herself and tries very hard to find her old self ten years ago Bowie doesn t make this process easy.If you are a fan of dominate heroes and damsels in distress, this is for you I will have to say, I had a slight struggle with that Usually I love my dominate alpha males and weak little Heroines, but at times it was a little hard to read.When you read a MC book, you kind of have to put different rules out there Killing is okay, treating the Heroine like crap is okay and being really mean is the standard, but for some reason Bowie kind of rubbed me the wrong way I guess I needed a balance of good and bad and I found bad than good.He isn t a complete jerk, there are just some parts I kind of took a moment and reread because I disagreed how he handled the situation I also found it hard to like Shay as well I just wanted her to be a little stronger I didn t understand how she even let a 16 year old kid boss her around She went from a crazy controlling guy to another controlling guy.Overall, I liked the writing style I couldn t stop reading it and I had to finish I also liked that it wasn t only about Shay and Bowie, there are some side storylines with the MC and other brothers This created great character development and it has me wanting to read the next book.If you love MC books, this will meet your fix

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    Married to a man who has molded her to be like his dead wife, Laura has spent the last ten years as a shell of her old self Knowing that if she doesn t get away, the last shred of who she is will disappear Reaching out to her brother who she stopped talking to, she reveals the truth about what she did for family Reacting swiftly, Laura finds herself with a new identity and under the protection of VP of the Outlaws Bowie Bowie isn t sure about what had Laura running to him, but he plans to keep her by his side despite his club imploding and a betrayal he never saw coming.Exceptional read This is one you pick up and are invested into with each turn of the page Anxious to read the next book in the series, fantastic read.

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    Wellcan t say I really enjoyed this one, unfortunately Laura has been married to a man she doesn t love for 10 years She did this to save her family To be honest, I found the reasoning a bit ridiculous I think there would have been other options to solve the problem, but since she was only 18 I tried to overlook this stupid mistake The man she married makes her change herself into the spitting image of his dead wife If she doesn t comply, there will be consequences When I say change, I don t just mean clothesit even includes plastic surgury His latest request goes a bit too far for Laura and she runs away seeking help from her brother She has to explain what has been going on for the last 10 years, because her family doesn t have a clue Her brother Lock offers to help her run away and fake her death She will have to hide out though and he has the perfect place for her His old army buddy and now MC vice precident Bowie, will look after her and keep her safe Bowie has been curious about Laura ever since Lock showed him her picture, when they were stationed together The Laura that shows up however, seems very different and he doesn t anything to do with her, so he dumps her at his mothers house Nice going douchebag Ofcourse Laura is hurt by his actions, but she figures he doesn t owe her anything Gradually Laura now Shay becomes herself again and the next time Bowie see her, he is very impressed and determined to make her his Laura doesn t want to be with another man that wants to controle her life She has done that for 10 years and she is not about to do it again ButBowie is so hot and she feels a connection with him and when he touches her she loses all sence.So who cares that he treats her like shit, because he fucks her sooo goodinsert eyerol here.Damn but Laura annoyed the shit out of me She spend 10 years being some guy s bitch and eventhough she doesn t want to be controlled again, she let s Bowie get away with anything In my opinion, she was a whiny, weak and annoying heroine And let me tell you, Bowie was a major asshole He talked down to her, told her what to do and to keep her mouth shut He even told her brother that he had no say in his sisters life any, because Bowie was now in charge of making all decisions What a fucking douchebag There was noting alpha about him He was just a mean controlfreak sho had no respect for her whatsoever I didn t like either MC, so I couldn t really enjoy the story either I like my men to be redeemable assholes, but this guy was just ridiculous 2,5 stars from me.

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    4.5 starsJoanna Wylde meets Kristen Ashley.

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    I was so excited to start a new MC series that has a possessive alpha and no cheating Unfortunately I knew from the prologue that this might not be a good book for me Laura Shay s reason behind her loss of innocence and her terrible marriage was absolutely ridiculous I was honestly annoyed from the beginning Then we get to Bowie who was a total ass I didn t like him at all, I hated the way he treated her and had her branded like an animal I also didn t like they way he kept telling her to shut up This book was almost a DNF several times but I did read to the end and was annoyed yet again that his sister was being made a fool from her man and he just stood by watching Total nonsense from a man who was totally protective of his family in the beginning.

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    Fuck, baby Your pussy is amazing Please, She begs, fighting against the grip I have on her and the slow pace I ve set Giving into her desire, I fill her hot pussy to the root Being inside her is like nothing I ve ever felt before It s like her pussy was made just for my cock It s mine and no one, no fuckin one will ever take it from me Pulling out to the very tip, I pause a moment before slamming back inside her You re mine, baby This pussy is mine Say it, Shay Her eyes are unfocused from the pleasure I am giving her, and her bottom lip is between her teeth When she lifts her head , meeting my gaze, our eyes bore into each other I work my hips harder, faster Tell me, baby Tell me that you re mine Her head falls back, breaking our connection for a moment, but then her eyes are on mine again, the haze of lust still strong , but she is focused on me I m yours, Bowie Always, I demand, as I reach between our soaked bodies and use my thumb to strum her clit Her pussy clenches around me as she throws her head back on a shout she confirms my demand, Always I slam into her and groan out my release, marking her as my own Mine, now and foreverIt just seemed like it had been a while since I shared a good juicy quote so, there you go 3.75 RATING I ve become a bit picky about my biker MC reads With so many books in this genre now to choose from, I really expect a lot from a book to earn higher than a 3 3.5 Rating from me Authors like Madeline Sheehan, Susan Fanetti, or Lina Andersson have set the bar on what I expect from the biker books I pick up Unfortunately, that means I set a lot of titles aside or just end up feeling a bit let down with what s out there I downloaded a few different samples over the week end, all books featuring MC s, and Beautiful Outlaw is the one I went with I liked the overall story line I m a sucker for a woman on the run so perhaps that was part of the appeal here The writing was okay Overall, it wasn t perfect but it was better than average I didn t like the portrayal of Tag in the epilogue but I m guessing there is a story down the road for him I definitely plan to read the next book in the series which should be Tin Man s story, releasing early 2015.

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Beautiful Outlaw (Savage Outlaws MC #1) characters Beautiful Outlaw (Savage Outlaws MC #1) , audiobook Beautiful Outlaw (Savage Outlaws MC #1) , files book Beautiful Outlaw (Savage Outlaws MC #1) , today Beautiful Outlaw (Savage Outlaws MC #1) , Beautiful Outlaw (Savage Outlaws MC #1) 6b42e After Ten Years Of Surviving As A Walking, Talking, Living Doll, Laura Feels Dead Inside She Has Sacrificed Everything For Her Family, Marrying A Man She Could Never Love Her Husband Doesn T Beat Her, Doesn T Berate Her He Transforms Her, Forcing Her To Live As A Stand In For His Long Dead Wife She Stays Silent As Piece After Piece Of Herself Disappears, Willing To Do Anything To Protect The People She LovesWhen His Demands Go Too Far, She Finally Tells Her Brother The Ugly TruthWanting To Protect Her Without Putting The Rest Of Their Family At Risk, He Sends Her To The One Place He Knows She Ll Be Safe He Places Her Into The Hands Of His Best Friend, Vice President Of The Savage Outlaws MCOnce Again, She Is Transformed Into Someone New ShayBowie Has Spent Many Nights Dreaming About His Best Friend S Little Sister The Reality Is So Much Sweeter Than His Dreams He Wants To Be For Shay, Needs To Protect Her, But He S Not Sure If He Knows HowCan An Outlaw Show Her How Beautiful Life Should Be

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USA Today Bestselling author, Emily Minton is a Kentucky native She is proud to call the Bluegrass State home She claims she bleeds blue Wildcat Blue She has been married to her husband, David, for over twenty years They share two wonderful children.Emily loves to read and has books on her kindle than most people could read in a lifetime, but she intends to read every single one She has