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Becoming Mrs. Lewis quotes Becoming Mrs. Lewis , litcharts Becoming Mrs. Lewis , symbolism Becoming Mrs. Lewis , summary shmoop Becoming Mrs. Lewis , Becoming Mrs. Lewis adfc91e8 In A Most Improbable Friendship, She Found Love In A World Where Women Were Silenced, She Found Her VoiceFrom New York Times Bestselling Author Patti Callahan Comes An Exquisite Novel Of Joy Davidman, The Woman C S Lewis Called My Whole World When Poet And Writer Joy Davidman Began Writing Letters To C S Lewis Known As Jack She Was Looking For Spiritual Answers, Not Love Love, After All, Wasn T Holding Together Her Crumbling Marriage Everything About New Yorker Joy Seemed Ill Matched For An Oxford Don And The Beloved Writer Of Narnia, Yet Their Minds Bonded Over Their Letters Embarking On The Adventure Of Her Life, Joy Traveled From America To England And Back Again, Facing Heartbreak And Poverty, Discovering Friendship And Faith, And Against All Odds, Finding A Love That Even The Threat Of Death Couldn T DestroyIn This Masterful Exploration Of One Of The Greatest Love Stories Of Modern Times, We Meet A Brilliant Writer, A Fiercely Independent Mother, And A Passionate Woman Who Changed The Life Of This Respected Author And Inspired Books That Still Enchant Us And Change Us Joy Lived At A Time When Women Weren T Meant To Have A Voice And Yet Her Love For Jack Gave Them Both Voices They Didn T Know They HadAt Once A Fascinating Historical Novel And A Glimpse Into A Writer S Life, Becoming Mrs Lewis Is Above All A Love Story A Love Of Literature And Ideas And A Love Between A Husband And Wife That, In The End, Was Not Impossible At All

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    This is some kind of special 5 stars Patti Callahan Henry is one of my favorite authors How do I know this I own all of her books and a few are saved unread for the book apocalypse You know, I m well prepared for that When I read that she was writing historical fiction for the first time, and that it also involved C.S Lewis, I was all in Joy Davidman is the main character The book begins with her life as a wife and mother, and I could sense right away that something is not right in her marriage Her husband is moody and drinks too much, and while there is palpable love between them, there is also a distance, a disconnect Joy and her husband are both writers, and after a terrifying experience involving her husband, Joy begins to explore and test her faith In doing so, she begins writing about faith on behalf of she and her husband in letters of correspondence to C.S Lewis Jack The two begin writing back and forth, exploring and deeply connecting through their words to each other and over their spiritual beliefs In a leap of faith, Joy travels to England from America and into the arms of her Jack I m in awe of the inspiring love that developed between the two, so remarkable in fact, that Joy is somewhat of a muse for Jack, sparking works that delight us to this day While it would be easy to judge Joy for some of her decisions regarding her first marriage, instead I am stirred by her fierce independence and willingness to risk it all for love Becoming Mrs Lewis is not only the love story of Joy and Jack It s also their ode to literature Fans of C.S Lewis, the historical fiction genre, strong female characters, compelling love stories, and books about books are sure to revel in Becoming Mrs Lewis Not only did Callahan author her first work of historical fiction, she owned it She was meant to write this genre all along Thank you to Thomas Nelson for the opportunity to read and review this ARC All opinions are my own My reviews can also be found on my blog with pictures www.jennifertarheelreader.com

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    I have to say that this book took me completely by surprise Honestly, I think sometimes when I approach a book about real people, in this case C.S.Lewis and Joy Davidman, I cannot help but ask myself So which one is going to be the jerk But Patti Callahan unfolds the story of the meeting of the minds as much as much as that of the heart People, this book is relationshipgoals, the type our mothers and fathers hope we will encounter as we travel the road of love Seventeen years in age difference, Jack and Joy correspond first to discuss their own search for a relationship with religion, which eventually leads to a relationship based on mutual respect and friendship that as the years go by does lead to Upon completion and this might seem a bit silly, but Becoming Mrs Lewis is definitely a book that made me feel like for just a few hours, Joy and C.S Lewis once walked the earth Their story lands this book safely in my favorites of 2018 Thanks to Netgalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    Pulled me in, kept me up, left me joyful Need I say In case you aren t yet persuaded to snatch up this beautiful book for your reading stack, let me add that Patti Callahan s writing is at times so breathtaking, as a writer, I paused to reread a turn of phrase As magical as the writing is, though, the novel s true magic is the revelation of the man behind the stories we all know and the woman, the outsider, who captured his heart Joy Davidman and C.S Lewis were an unlikely match, separated by an ocean, an age difference, ghosts of the past, and the general complications of life, and yet love has the power to conquer all The telling of their story is long overdue.Read this book It will remind you that we are, each of us, so much than the masks we wear.

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    This is going to be less a review than just myself explaining how I was all over the place while reading this novel I think most people have heard of C S Lewis and his Narnia, but of his only wife Joy, very little Was what drew me to this book I liked it, I didn t like it, found it repetitive at times, interesting at others, grew frustrated with all the spirituality, philosophizing, the tone was so melancholy, not much joy to be found within So conflicting, a good look at a woman who wanted than her time period generally allowed a woman, but so much complaining, searching Well written, a woman few knew much about, a love affair that seemed somewhat unreal but was, and a spiritual searching for snswers from a most unlikely source As i said I was all over the place as I was reading.ARC from Netgalley

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    I first read an excerpt of this stunning new book and longed for , so was ecstatic to receive a full review copy from Thomas Nelson Fiction Felt like Christmas had come early, which indeed it had, as BECOMING MRS LEWIS is everything I d hoped for and .Author Patti Callahan is a writer s writer and a reader s dream Her prose is lush, her characterizations true, and her fictionalized account is thrilling as she retells the towering love story between C.S Lewis, the 20th Century s greatest Christian apologist, and Joy Davidman, Brooklyn divorcee and Jewish covert to Christianity.BECOMING MRS LEWIS recounts the romance between these two brilliant, flawed people one the Oxford Don who called himself the most reluctant covert in all England the night he came to faith, and the other a New York writer once married to an alcoholic, desperate for hope in a life of poverty and despair The impact of their love still resonates, through Lewis s A Grief Observed written after losing his wife to cancer soon after marriage and now through the resplendent BECOMING MRS LEWIS 5 Glorious Stars Thanks to Patti Callahan, Thomas Nelson Fiction and NetGalley for the advance copy Opinions are fully mine.

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    How does one write a review for a book like this, a book that is quite possibly the best I ve read this year How can a review even begin to give this book the proper justice This book has taken a piece of my heart with it when I finished it, never to be returned I ll admit to having never read a C.S Lewis book and never having heard of his wife, Joy.This book isn t just a mundane book about their life and how they met, it started out by her contacting him by letter, by the way No, this book has a depth which may be deeper than the ocean, nor is it one dimensional This book has so many layers, like an onion waiting to be peeled and discovered When you think you have it all down and understand their lives separately and together you will discover your understanding is just at it s beginning C.S Lewis was a man who enjoyed the simple life, a good fag cigarette, a whiskey and simple friendships He did not have a need for romance, he had his books and his writing he had of a need for a deep friendship with Joy than anything else He came to depend on her in many aspects of his book work An unlikely friendship that developed into true love This book develops all the truth,tenderness and triumph you could expect in this time period, the 1950 s Joy Davidman was a woman who had a voice when women were expected not to.Pub Date 02 Oct 2018 I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson FICTION through NetGalley Thank you All opinions expressed are my own.

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    I m in the minority on my rating of this book, so I ll just say it was not my cup of tea Had I not been reading it for my book club I would have DNF d the whole thing I was frustrated and bored because it felt as though the author couldn t decide whether this was a biographical novel, religious fiction, or chick lit, and the combination just did not work for me.

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    SUMMARYJoy Davidman is a writer and poet living in Ossining NY in 1946 She is locked in a loveless marriage with her alcoholic husband, Bill Gresham, and their two young sons In a moment of desperation, she says a prayer to a God she doesn t believe in and has an overwhelming experience that causes her to want to find out about Christianity She writes to Christian apologist C S Lewis with questions about God Lewis responds, beginning a long term correspondence between the two Joy finds friendship, solace and wisdom in the letters she receives By 1952, her husband is both unfaithful and abusive, but Joy can find no way out Her health is suffering from the stress, and she is under doctors orders to rest She heads to England for six months, where she meets Lewis for the first time She falls in love with both England and Lewis, but ultimately must return to the US There, she is fully committed to divorcing her husband, and returning to England with her two sons Once she returns to England, Joy is ever hopeful her platonic relationship with Jack, will be transformed into something You tolerate what you must when it becomes your reality God might not fix things for me, but he would be with me in whatever waited ahead, that was clear REVIEWBECOMING MRS LEWIS is a fascinating historical love story of two literary giants Joy was a intelligent and strong woman with a voice far ahead of her time Patti Callahan Henry has recreated the exquisite details of the improbable friendship and ultimate romance between two people a world apart geographically, spiritually, and emotionally I particularly loved Henry s vivid descriptions of Lewis s home, The Kilns, as well as the depictions of the joy filled times the two shared together, going for walks or sitting in front of the fireplace sharing stories While this is a work of historical fiction, readers of C S Lewis will absolutely love a glimpse at the personal surroundings, thoughts and feelings of the man behind the beloved characters of Aslan and Wormwood Henry s writing is evocative and masterful She was inspired to write the story because of her love for the fascinating works of C S Lewis Once she read Lewis s A Grief Observed, she was committed to finding out about the women he loved so fiercely he called her his whole world Henry researched Joy s writing and traveled to the Wade Center at Wheaton College where Joy s papers are kept alongside C.S Lewis s BECOMING MRS LEWIS is her fourteenth novel We can t just surrender to our every desire Man must have his principles and live by them regardless Our nature must must be controlled or it can ruin our lives Publisher Thomas NelsonPublished October 2, 2018Narrated Lauren WoodwardReview www.bluestockingreviews.com

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    4 intensity of love starsMy reviews can be found here is often very hard to find true love, searching for it, we so many times stumble looking for that one person who makes us whole, who makes us feel valued, who makes us feel loved.In Becoming Mrs Lewis, Patti Callahan explores the love story between C S Lewis, a well known older author living in England, and Joy Davidman, a young poet, mother, who was trapped in a marriage to an alcoholic and philanderer She writes to C.S Lewis and over time through their letters finds herself falling deeply in love with Lewis s words which represent the man he is Both Joy and Lewis were former atheists, but found religion and god to be a solace Joy is restless She needs to provide some stability in her life and it is through her correspondence and later meeting Lewis that she finds that stability This book of fiction imagines that world where Joy and Lewis correspond, meet and eventually marry after many years and as the story continues we see the tragedies of their lives unfold.Joy s first foray to England because of health problems, was her entrance into the world of Lewis and his alcoholic brother She, leaving her boys behind with their father and her cousin explore Lewis s world, that of Oxford and Cambridge, and of course finds herself falling for the author She is conflicted by her love for her boys, and growing hatred for her husband Returning home, eventually the marriage breaks apart, and Joy and her boys return to England and to Lewis where she lived out the rest of her life.There were some wonderful reading moments in this story as the author interspersed Joy s poetry and sonnets with the text of the story Not always did I feel for Joy though She seemed to leave her children and spend months away from them knowing the environment in which they lived It was at times that I found her character difficult to connect with Baring that, this was a poignant story of friendship and love, of happiness found, and of knowing that at any time when life seems to be at its lowest ebb, there is hope Recommended to those who love the idea of literature connecting people to one another, of finding love and hope at any age, and living a life that leads to a true path of caring, devotion and fealty Thank you to Patti Callahan, Thomas Nelson Publishing, and NetGalley for a copy of this commendable novel.

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    I don t know if I can possibly put into words how much I loved this bookor how deeply it touched me Which is almost funny because when I started reading it, I wasn t actually sure it would end up holding my interest But once I got going, I couldn t stop The writing itself is just so prettybut too, I adored the layered characters I ve seen a review here or there from folks not necessarily loving the way C.S Lewis is portrayed or feeling let down by the character of Joy But I loved her all the for her faults and I loved Lewis himself all the for the glimpses we get at his own weaknesses or uncertainty I know this is historical fiction not necessarily fact but it served to make real people even real to me And it touched my heart in a way I really didn t expect, challenging and inspiring my own faith If I had the teensiest of tiniest complaints it s that sometimes it felt like the dialogue was awfully polished I mean, these are very intellectual, academic characters we re reading about, but even sothere were moments when I thought, Could a person really be this eloquent in everyday conversation But againtiny, little thing and not nearly enough for me to knock off a star Thanks to NetGalley for the courtesy copy of this book I wasn t required to write a review and all thoughts are my own.

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