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  • Paperback
  • 120 pages
  • Bord de mer
  • Véronique Olmi
  • English
  • 22 March 2018
  • 9780956284020

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    What does it mean to be a mother Does being able to have birth to Children means you have the right to have them How stable I mean mentally,financially should the person be so that he could a baby Who determines who have the right to bring children to this world And if you had the child who determines you can keep your child, does the state have that right or the social worker What does it mean to be so poor in developed state What does it mean to be single mother in today world is it Is it really hard to raise children single handed or is it impossible I have so many questions and questions after reading this great novel which was published by peirene press Beside the Sea by veronique Olmi translated by Adriana HunterIn the beginning of the novel we fallow our unnamed narrator as she escapes with her both kids from the to the seaThe city is unknown,the name of our female protagonist is unknown the town she is also headed to is also unnamed We took the bus, the last bus at the evening, so no one would see us from the beginning of the novel we understand there is some thing wrong here why is she leaving at night why is she doesn t want to be seen In the next pages we our unnamed narrator with her two small children heading toward the sea and after arriving in the town she lost her way and I was almost alone with the Kids and the town became a mystery, I did know which road to to take , where to cross, what would take us away and what would bring us closer, nothing moved and the quieter it became the out of place we felt We see her strangeness to the her inability to fathom or understand things around her or people whenever I go out I wonder where everyone s going , charging in every direction , tramping up and down the streets, some of them even make phone calls while they walk, how can anyone be that busy In the hotel our narrator tries to sleep like humans do but it seems ti be really hard for her even the normal sleep is challenge she has to go everyplace This is really amazing novel in many ways and it leaves with deep impressions that even after finishing it it still plays in your head But there is also a dark side to it I mean if you have the stomach of fallowing one person journey to abyss and have the stomach to you really should read it in one go so the pleasure and pain mixes together and leave you with highest experience everI wanna quote and quote so many beautiful prose I have seen there and we should also thank the translator as her translation was quite amazingly beautiful But just to convince you to discover this novel and this great publishing houseHere are some of my best quotes I wanted to get back to the night before, that night without dreams or insomnia, the one that detached me from myself, I wanted to get back to that place with no threats that I d fallen into, but I d lost it for good It is really amazing novel that stays with you for a long to come

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    3.5 Stars

    Whew Not a great way to end the yearat least from a feel good standpoint.

    Veronique s Olmi s BESIDE THE SEA brings to life a very dark and intensely sad story so full of despair and hopelessness that makes me thankful it was a short 125 page read.

    In this haunting look at mental illness, a mother decides to take her two young children on a bus trip to the seashore for a bit of a holiday, and with only a few coins in the tin and her medication left behind, the desperation in her life takes a turn for the worse.

    Read at your own risk

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    We took the bus, the last bus of the evening, so no one would see us.So begins this distressing and ominous tale of a single mother taking her two boys to the sea We don t know why they re going, although soon enough we can guess because things seem than a little off They find a hotel and a caf , and they go to the beach the mother is barely functional throughout and almost incapacitated by depression, insomnia and anxiety We view the world filtered through her paranoia and it s an unbearable place to be Everyone is a threat and even the smallest task is an insurmountable challenge She s fading fast I don t sleep well at night It s the worrying I couldn t tell you what about It s like something s been lowered onto me Towards the end the family is at a carnival and the imagery seems to mirror what s going on inside the mother s head at any given time the bells wouldn t stop ringing, people were hurrying onto rides in every direction, where did all that money come from, everyone could afford everything, there was too much of everything everywhere, too much noise, too much rain, too many lights, all reeling past me and I didn t know where I was any.She cannot focus or think Life is overwhelming We are never told exactly what is wrong with her, but we know she s severely fractured Bleak, hopeless, real I wanted to get right inside myself, where nothing could reach me.

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    5 star books are completely subjective and many people have their own criteria for what signifies a 5 star book I don t have any specific criteria, honestly Some feel like they are reading a work of genius, while the same work may feel menial to me Some feel as if they are reading something redundant and a case of this has been done too many times and give it a 2 or 3 and I still find that little something that puts me over that edge to give it a 4 or 5.Olmi s words make you feel It s all about feeling with this one This book made me feel depressed, but depression isn t necessarily a bad thing to me.The words within bleed angst, paranoia, cynicism, pessimism and an overwhelming feeling of hysteria towards the world and its people this is not a cry for help, but a way of life, a way of living, the only way she knows how for those responsible for others, this can be too much, so much that they have to use their bare hands to end it, to end it all You struggle to live the best you can but soon the whole lot disappears We get up in the morning, but that morning doesn t actually exist any than the night before, which everyone s already forgotten We re all walking on the edge of a precipice, I ve known that for a long time One step forward, one step in the void Over and over again Going where No one knows No one gives a damn Unforgettable.

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    With the first line I was sucked in to her mind We took the bus, the last bus of the evening, so no one would see us A mom and her two young boys A spontaneous trip to the seaside Disquiet A bit ominous What s going on, mom Mom is fraying, and has been for a while There are only opaque hints of the backstory, of the life before this mini holiday It feels claustrophobic being here in her mind, there are two of us in here but it seems only one of us can see clearly It s clear this mom loves her boys above all else, and also painfully and poignantly clear that she can not cope with even a stripped down reality.Intense empathy That is what this story evokes So powerful.I m loving these books from Peirene Press, first class European literature in high quality translation This novella was a bestseller in France, Bord de Mer , and was staged in London a couple of years ago They are slim novels novellas, promoted as books to read in less than 2 hours But the ones I ve read have packed in a lot than a mere two hours worth of story.

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    Be Warned This little book should have a consumer s warning It is short, it is compelling, and it will take you to a place you never wanted to go Not in a hundred years, especially if you are a parent or have ever struggled with depression.I am a great admirer of the translations published by the Peirene Press They are original in content and perfectly calibrated to their short novella length Sorbets between heavier courses In this belief, I took a break between two of the large sections of Richard Power s towering Overstory, hoping to cleanse the palate.Mistake There is nothing cleansing about this at all it draws you deeper and deeper into the mud It is is a 100 page monologue by a woman who, one evening, piles her two boys, 6 and 9, into a bus to take them to the seaside It is dark, it is raining, and the hotel is crummy but still, they are on an adventure they are away Away from what Bit by bit, we begin to ask questions Is the mother fleeing an abusive relationship What does she do for money What are her plans after the storm tossed beach and the screaming fun fair Is she even entirely well As translated expertly by Adriana Hunter into a decidedly British idiom , the novel simply can t be put down, even as you come to fear both answers and outcome Really, Olmi and Hunter together deserve the full five stars But I still wish I hadn t read it.

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    Just arrived from Sweden A sweet gift from my dear friend Bettie.The plot is quite similar to Beloved by Toni Morrison in a complete different context of course.However, I still think it s hard to understand, in this particular book, the children s destiny stablished by their mother To think about.

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    A mother takes her two young sons on a trip to the seaside Sounds nice, doesn t it There s even a bucket and spade on the cover You can almost feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, hear the brass band playing a cheery tune But this is not a nice little feel good story about a trip to the sea There s no sunshine, no brass bands, no sandcastles and laugher and sticks of rock To get an idea of what this book is like, imagine that idyllic seaside trip viewed through a fun house mirror everything s distorted, everything s wrong, the music is off key, the sea is hostile, the rain is constant, danger and madness lurks everywhere It s a seaside trip you d have in one of your darkest nightmares It s one of the bleakest books I ve ever read.Notice I said bleak , not depressing I didn t find the book at all depressing, although I can see how some people would Personally I ve always liked dark, so called depressing stories I remember that as a teenager one of my favourite songs was REM s Everybody Hurts My friends asked me why I liked a depressing song about everybody hurting and crying, and I was surprised to me it was the opposite of depressing It made me feel better to realise that everybody hurt, not just me.With literature, some of my favourite books have been depressing a lot of the Russian classics like Crime and Punishment, pretty much anything by Dostoevsky in fact More recently I loved Cormac McCarthy s The Road, again a pretty bleak read My own first novel is not exactly cheery either I think it s partly the same impulse to feel other people s pain so that my own life feels better in comparison after the nightmare you do, after all, wake up But it s also because I ve always looked to literature to enable me to access the full range of human experience, including the experiences I wouldn t really want to have myself If you re like me, I think you ll love this book But I know that some people read to relax, or to cheer themselves up, or to escape into better worlds if that sounds like you, then perhaps skip this one.The entire book is the internal monologue of a depressed, anxiety ridden mother A sense of claustrophobia pervades the book When I found out that V ronique Olmi is also a playwright, it made sense to me the locations are very limited, and are sequenced almost like scenes from a play the bus, the hotel room, the beach, the funfair The surroundings also heighten the sense of being hemmed in on the bus it s dark and the countryside is invisible, so there s no sense of motion or progress or a world beyond the bus in the town they re lost and confused in the hotel room it s either dark or raining all the time, so although the children are always looking out of the window there s little sense of what s out there Each scene feels contained, like a stage with a painted backdrop and nothing beyond It feels very deliberately done, and for me it worked very well in focusing the attention entirely on the characters and in building up a sense of unease and tension What you can t do in a play, of course, is have that inner monologue everything has to spoken out loud A novel lets you step inside the character s head, and in this case it s a very intense experience It s quite a short book, but still, by the end of it, being in the narrator s head felt almost as unbearable for me as it clearly was for her.Being an internal monologue of a despairing mother, the novel is written in everyday language, with no literary flourishes It also reflects the narrator s disordered state of mind, as she jumps around from thought to thought within the same sentence At first, the style really grated on me, with its long run on sentences separated by commas There were a lot of people around us, unbelievable that there are so many people out there, specially so late, where are they all from, were they going to the same place as us, no way of knowing, they looked calm, lost in quiet thoughts Early on, I found this kind of thing so unbearable that I doubted I would finish the book, but at some point I suppose I just got used to it I think that by the time the characters and the story had me hooked, I paid less attention to the writing By the end, I felt that it was perfect for the story there s a lot of drama towards the end, and a spare, unadorned style works much better for that sort of thing than overwrought descriptions.The mother s sense of the world as a hostile and incomprehensible place is established beautifully and convincingly, through detail after detail after detail, dropped in gradually from the beginning to the end On the bus, the other passengers all seem to know where they are going, while she has no idea The others, you could tell, all felt safe and sound, you d have thought they made this trip every evening There was me losing track of where we were or how long it was since we left, and they just got and patient, some of them even slept, hands on their stomachs, mouths open, they knew the journey better than anyone, I was so afraid of missing the stop that I got up again to ask the driver This idea that everyone else is inexplicably at ease, while only she feels bewildered, recurs again and again, whether she s describing other people in town or at the funfair, or other mothers outside the school gates It s reinforced by her odd sleep patterns, lying awake in the middle of the night and falling asleep in the middle of the day, so that she never knows what time it is, whether it s morning or evening, and she s always lost both the hotel and the sea are discovered only by aimless wandering, trying to look as if she knows what she s doing, and then accidentally coming upon them.The hostility comes both from other people and the world in general In the hotel, the staff never notice them, except for one time when the mother is having a severe anxiety attack and the hotel manager tries to calm her, and then extricates himself as quickly as he can Mostly they are just ignored, the man behind the desk thrusting a key at them without taking his eyes off the football game on TV They stop in a cafe, and the men drinking at the bar stare at them and then mock them for only having small change to pay with At the funfair, someone knocks the younger boy s chips out of his hand and makes him cry The elements also are against them the sea is rough, the rain is constant, the mud clings to them, the damp won t leave their clothing As perhaps the final mark of alienation from the world, the mother narrator figure is not even named throughout the whole book.I suppose the mark of a good book is that it affects you while you re reading it and stays with you afterwards, and this one did both It gave me a convincing insight into someone else s life, someone very far from me but with whom I can still empathise The ending was brilliant It was the ending I had expected, which usually is a disappointment for me, but in this case it worked because of the excellent description and also the fact that I cared so much about the characters by then I expected it, but even as it was happening I was wishing it wouldn t It made me cry, which is quite rare I can see why the book was a literary bestseller in France and Germany it deserves to be one in the English speaking world too.Finally a word about the book itself, as a physical object it s quite beautiful Lovely, simple, elegant cover design, and the details inside are just excellent It feels expensively produced than a lot of paperbacks, with a sturdy cover, the kind of flaps you normally get on hardbacks, and quite heavy pages with generous amounts of white space a real pleasure to read It s the first book produced by a new publishing company called Peirene Press, which aims to produce new English translations of contemporary European literature In a world where the response of most English speaking readers myself included to JMG Le Cl zio winning the Nobel Prize was Who , I think there s clearly room for a lot translations of contemporary European literature Peirene Press is certainly off to a great start with this book, and I ll be looking out for the next one.

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Bord de mercharacters Bord de mer, audiobook Bord de mer, files book Bord de mer, today Bord de mer, Bord de mer fb3e1 A Single Mother Takes Her Two Sons On A Trip To The Seaside They Stay In A Hotel, Drink Hot Chocolate, And Go To The Funfair She Wants To Protect Them From An Uncaring And Uncomprehending World She Knows That It Will Be The Last Trip For Her Boys Beside The Sea Is A Haunting And Thought Provoking Story About How A Mother S Love For Her Children Can Be Dangerous Than The Dark World She Is Seeking To Keep At Bay It S A Hypnotizing Look At An Unhinged Mind And The Cold Society That Produced It With Language As Captivating As The Story That Unfolds, V Ronique Olmi Creates An Intimate Portrait Of Madness And Despair That Won T Soon Be Forgotten

About the Author: Véronique Olmi

V ronique Olmi is a French playwright and novelist She won the Prix Alain Fournier emerging artist award for her 2001 novella Bord de Mer It has since been translated into several European languages Olmi has published a dozen plays and half a dozen novels from Wikipedia