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    I think I may have become a permanent fan of Alex Flinn She seems to be concentrating her writing on fairy tale retellings, well me likey that.For fans of Beastly thinking this is a book about Kendra the witch I m here to tell that is only partly true We get to know her better and see how she has gotten to where she is today, but unfortunately she is not the main focus of the story This time around Kendra is trying to help out a girl named Emma She has a stepdad that she considers her real dad and an overbearing and critical mother Emma is a smart normal girl, and feels everything is going ok till one day someone new comes to live in her home A girl named Lisette that is Emma s age Lisette is Emma s stepsister and her mother has died, so she has come to live with her biological father The family dynamic is sure to change but for the better or worse is yet to be seen Well I think you guys can guess which right The story starts out with how Kendra became a witch and in between little short stories of other fairy tales she had a hand in pop up Though these are well written and on their own are great, I couldn t see a strong correlation between these short tales and the main story They do present why Kendra has reservations on helping people, even though she wants to.Emma s constant companion of doubt is normal for girls her age They way teenagers can feel that they don t measure up to certain standards Emma compares herself constantly to Lisette, and feels like she can never compete She wants to be accepted by her peers, but she learns that comes at a price she won t be willing to make I think that for me the strongest part of the book is Emma because she is so normal but figures out she does have talents to offer She is someone that I think girls can relate to And Lisette, my goodness she is a character A complex one but she makes the story interesting.I want to talk about Emma s mom because I know people will kind of hate her, and I can see why But I want to point out that there are mothers who are like this She does care about Emma and wants the best for her even though she doesn t always show it the right way I think the ending is fitting but I felt it was just a tad too convenient It would have felt real if we had a little time with it.I urge readers who weren t fans of Beastly to try this one It feels different and shows some of Flinn s range Now please Ms Flinn write a story about Kendra I rooted for Emma and all, but there is so much to learn about Kendra the good witch.

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    WOW I absolutely love this book It totally deserves to go in my favorite shelf This is the best book of Alex Flinn so far, but I also love her Beastly and A kiss in time I was really excited about it once I ve learned from Flinn s website that she will do a series about Kendra And I saw this book already out on our local bookstores last week even though the expected publication date is on Feb 14 That s why I m a bit shocked when I saw it on our stores and I bought a copy immediately I have no time for hesitations since I ll just be thinking about it I also learned that there s a book giveaway and I can t join because it is only available in US So I m a bit jealous to those who won a copy while I bought my own But it s all worth it Bewitching is mostly about Kendra s adventures since her discovery from the plague in London What s the best part about the book is the combination of history, literature, and teen romance in it I was introduced into different book classics which I know but haven t read such as Candide, Vanity Fair and Shakespeare plays And I love the history part such as the Plague in London, the sinking of Titanic and the story of Louis, Dauphin of France I even googled everything about them,haha I also like the spin off of different fairy tales such as Cinderella, Little Mermaid and Hansel and Gretel.I had mixed emotions while reading it, I like the history of Kendra and her relationship with his brother I like her personality, she s strong and smart, she loves to help even though everything doesn t go right and she got blame in the end I got sad about what happened when she helped the children from a gingerbread house, the prince and the mermaid They all turned out not well This is not just about Kendra, but also about a girl named Emma She s a typical teenager with a gorgeous evil stepsister, Lisette But it s not a typical Cinderella story, so you must read it to find out why It s a great read, sometimes I hate Lisette and sometimes I pity her But Emma is such a kind girl and I totally believe that she doesn t deserve Warner view spoiler Good thing she didn t end up with him but with Travis hide spoiler

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    2.5 5The problem I had with this book was that the main story is cut than once because there are some random retellings throughout it.The main story is a Cinderella retelling and I loved the beginning The whole part where there s this evil sister Lisette now orphan that stays at Emma s and they are forced to interact because now they are sisters, I enjoyed those pages a lot and I thought that after the prologue of Kendra s origins it was time then to dig into her present story.Wrong.This was supposed to be a Kendra book, where she is our main protagonist or at least she has a big part as a side character Instead she is seriously barely mentioned She is always the freak basically or the strange girl or the villain in the shorter retellings and that s it The thing that I really didn t like though was that the main story is always interrupted by these 30 40 pages random retellings Yes, some of them were nice but others were so boring that I wanted to skip them and go back to the main story Every time that in the Emma s and Lisette s parts tension is built and things started to get interesting, CUT Retelling time That was very frustrating to be honest I wasn t able to fully enjoy this book at all Too many cuts.This was a fast read in general, nice writing style and main story if put all together, except for the finale The beginning was pretty full of events and it really got my attention but then it slowed down so much and the finale was squeezed too much To stay true to the tale there had to be a ball somehow and somewhere but the situation in which was decided to put it in, was in my opinion too forced It was too close to the end of the book and so little pages remained.I still have in fact a very big question mark in my head for who that random guy in the end was He came out of nowhere and suddenly he was the main male protagonist, I mean what Where was he during the past 300 pages or so Certainly if it was given space to one story instead of putting in so many short retellings, the finale might have been worked out longer, giving space to explain better what was happening, like the beginning I m not saying that the short stories where useless because we can explore of Kendra s story and personality but maybe a companion novellas collection was better.

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    When I picked this up, I was hoping it wouldn t suck That s all Just Please Don t Suck I have a love hate relationship with fairytales and retellings Most of the time the books aren t that good, but I can t seem to stop myself from snatching up the next one I see in the high hopes that this one will be better.And Alex Flinn Well, I like the fact you she updates the stories, but I haven t always liked everything she s written.Beastly Yes.A Kiss in Time Nooooo.Well, I m happy to report that Bewitching Did Not Suck It was, in fact, the best thing I ve read in a while And as far as contemporary Cinderella retellings go, this is my hands down favorite so far.Now because this is Alex Flinn, Cinderella is not the only fairytale in the book Unlike Cloaked, that referenced obscure stories that I d never heard of before The Salad , Bewitching stuck to the classics that everyone knows.Hansel and Gretel, The Princess and the Pea, The Little MermaidThe story starts off with Kendra s tale of how she discovered she was a witch, then bleeds into a fractured retelling of Hansel and Gretel Only after that do we get to present day, and Emma and Lisette s story Cinderella with a twist.I Loved It Loved it In between the main story told by Emma, Kendra narrates several mini stories Princess and the Peaetc that explain her reluctance to step in and pull a fairy godmother ish fix out of her witch s hat.And the ending I didn t see it coming Perfect

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    Where to start, where to start Let me just start off by sayig this book was just the type of book I love to read Of course I am a firm believer in fairy tales and love how Alex Flinn spices it up a bit and modernizes it up too Ok some spoilers may come so if you want to know nothing at all from the book I suggest you stop reading now The book starts off with Kendra as a young girl living in the 1600s about the time of the plague Her whole family dies from it, except her little brother whom she saved through magic And this is how Kendra, the witch is born Since she miraculously saved her brother from a disease that wasn t curable, they decide to run away. Which brings us to the gingerbread house.At this Gingedbread house lives an old witch who cooks children, who eat her house, into gingerbread fence posts So sad I know While all this is happening the witch catches Kendra and her brother charlie and holes them captive Kendra makes a deal with her and the witch teaches her magic and she becomes powerful Charlie and her end up killing the witch by throwing her in the oven to burn One of the only ways a witch can truly die Once they kill her all the children that were baked into gingerbreads were all set free Happily ever after right Wrong The children tell their parents what happen and Kendra and Charlie have to run for their life And poor Kendra never sees her brother again.Now is the story of Lisette and Emma This is where the story gets real good Its a Cinderella story told from the not so pretty step sister Emma is smart, plain, and not very cool In comes a step sister she never knew she had from her father Lisette is around her age and is everything that Emma is not Beautiful, talented, and everyone loves her Except me, I despise Lisette to the max She is a manipulative, coniving little brat and i spent the whole story wishing something bad would soon happen to her It wasn t fair what she had done to Emma, I get that she was upset that she lost her father and he was stolen from her at a young age But my God, there are better ways to handle things She ended up taking away Emma s father, her boyfriends, her bedroom, and her clothes other materlistic things It enrages me because if it were me I would not have cared if she told about me busting up the pumpkin Thats just me though, Lisette s blackmail was lame..and Emma sure acted stupid for falling for that I hate stories where the beautiful girl is a real jerk I liked how in the book it touched up on that How in the movies the bad guy is always ugly but in books the villian is portrayed as beautiful I think no matter what the villian wil always be ugly whether they are pretty or not Its just easier to see a physically ugly person as the villian for some reason The way Emma s story ended was sweet I loved how she was the cinderella of the book She had a mouse and got Prince Charming in the end I feel like I am a lot like her I would probably take a book to a party and just read too The only thing is, most guys wouldnt find that too attractive But its her I am and I am glad Emma stuck to who she was and never faltered I admired her for that Some other fairy tales in the book was The Princess and the Pea, which I am not too familiar with But I am familiar with The Little Mermaid I loved Alex s take on the little mermaid It was not a happily ever after and I found myself sad after reading it I wish it could have ended differently for Doria Her story was so tragic She saves the boy she loves from drowing after the Titanic sinks Also another thing i loved about the book, all the historical notes she put into this It was well thought out.I recommend this book to people of all ages, its just that good If you love fairy tales, you will eat this up I am so happy to have recieved and early copy of the book, it has been good

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    I loved the flashbacks to the Titanic and Little Mermaid and to King Louis They were super fun My favorite, though, was the beginning with the witch s gingerbread house So fun

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    Rating 2 5 I picked up this book because I had read Beastly and thought it Beastly was an enjoyable book It features the witch who had turned the boy into a beast in Beastly Kinda Here we get to understand, Kendra, the witch We get to see her life and how she became a witch kinda While the story was engaging in some parts, most times it fell short of being interesting After a whole novel, the expectations of this novel were never reached and it left me feeling a bit confused of the fact of what was I suppose to get out of this Because for me, the entertainment value wasn t as high asBeastlyand maybe even the writing didn t match the same caliber of writing Let s start with Kendra and characterization Flinn started off well with the story of her family and how she became a witch The motivation of wanting to help, live and heal her family was there I could feel her emoitons, but then as soon as that moment was gone and Kendra and Co moved onto the next chapter of her life that intimacy disappeared We get multiple fairy tale retellings but that was just it I expected stories that altered Kendra s worldview and or her personality and thoughts on the world but in the end, it felt like a shrug of the shoulders Kinda like Kendra was saying, Eh, it happened Life goes on With the exception of the first back story of Kendra s, all the other felt like filler pages Yeah, so they were giving examples as to why she shouldn t meddle with other people s lives but Flinn should be able to show that with the current story Emma s story Emma was a big contributor with the dropping in points She was dull Boring Meek Lacks any courage Lacks faith in her self Lacks a multitude of things Yeah, so Kendra should help her But no where in the story does Emma do anything right She never stands up for herself and the only times she does something worthwhile was when she was alone and it s not really even her doing, it s Kendra s Her evil stepsister ruined her life, stole away everything and person important to her and Emma just sat and took it She mope and just watches her world be stolen away She gave no effort whatsoever in trying to reclaim her life She lets them go, just like she didn t care I m sorry, am I suppose to root for a girl like that I felt no sympathy for her If she tried and I mean really tried, not the feeble one or two sentence comebacks, retorts, or responses then yes, I would root for Emma, but nope she does absolutely nothing She waits for the story Kendra to fall into her lap and does things for her By the end, I thought she pretty much deserves everything wrong in her life If you can t make any REAL effort to change your life, sorry I don t feel sorry for ya Even Cinderella was likable because at least, she tries to be nice to her evil step sisters, wakes up early in the morning and does her chores with grace and a smile, singing happily Emma just drowns herself in self pity and resentment The overall romance especially at the end was cheesy The developement of Warner and Emma s relationship was nice What Flinn does to it was not What happened between the two was so shallow that I couldn t buy it Made me question if it was really love at all No, it wasn t This romance had some potential and that potential was tossed out the window followed by a gun down of a dozen Uzis so that the plots structure and the romance in the story felt weak and riddled with holes Warner just became a puppet a stupid, ignorant one at that and it made me wince every time I read about him I neither felt sorry for him or Emma On to Lisette, the supposed evil sister She s evil all right, but in such a corny way I just roll my eyes All of her evil ways happened only because Emma allowed it Minor things became big issues because again Emma allowed it The weak excuse of We re sisters, is fed to readers as to why Emma allowed Lisette to act the way she does It wouldn t have surprised me if Lisette kills Emma and Emma s ghost would be like, it s okay, she s my sister I love her Then her soul gets burned in hell for eternity because Lisette made a pact with the devil with Emma s soul, but you know what it s okay they re sisters Nope sorry should they all die and burn I wouldn t care I liked Kendra Her initial story started out strong, but failed in the end In the end, we re taught that life s not fair, but if we wait around and do absolutely nothing, a nice good looking boy, whose rich, will fall right into our laps and they will take care of us for the rest of our lives and you heard right you only need to do absolutely nothing Well, just one thing decide if you want to be with this boy or not It s a hard decision too I know so very hard Bewitching felt like two separate novels smashed into one Kendra s life stories and Emma s story though I see the point of the two being next to each other, they contributed nothing poignant or important to the other story There was no deep tie other than Kendra proving a point as too why she shouldn t intervene in human affairs Weak excuse to have her life story told Whew Harsh review I know, but that s what I felt Why two stars then Well, the writing didn t completely suck It was written well enough There were very good moments that pulled you in and you relished those moments The romance between Warner and Emma started out in a believable fashion and progressed into a believable fashion until the confrontation then it just dropped faster than an 10 million pound elephant into one huge pile of brown stuff As much as Emma was detestable, there were moments where her feebleness and hesitation was believable Overall, the story had lots of potential The delivery failed and mostly through the weak character build and scenarios Verdict Quick read Library check out if you must But I can recommend a much better witch series if witches are what you re looking for.Visit my book review blog at ravenousbiblioworm.wordpress.com

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    There s a story here, I guess, but this entire book was of a gimmick to capitalize on the Beastly movie unfortunately, which I saw, wasn t my choice, can t be of a captive audience than a passenger on a ten hour international flight than a real novel That s the only way of explaining the weird structure of this book, a main story from Emma s point of view interrupted by snide side stories about Kendra s past whenever she feels like interrupting.Actually, the structure s kind of clever, if the stories had any kind of relevance whatsoever to the main plot But they re all about how Kendra s magic backfires whenever she tries to help people, explaining why she doesn t use magic to help anyone, until she, that s right, uses her magic to help Emma in the main story I didn t really get it, except Kendra s entire shtick about her burning desire to help her victims despite learning her lesson about her magic backfiring all the time was incredibly annoying.Then there s Emma and Lisette As far as I can tell, this is some sort of weird reverse Cinderella story where Cinderella Lisette is nasty and mean to the not wicked stepsister Emma, when the father s alive and after he s dead , piling all the Cinderella abuse blame on the shallow but not so wicked stepmother Except all these characters are either whiny, clueless, mean, or shallow who d enjoy a book so devoid of likable characters And the ending is just convenient, won t spoil it but the only person who gets their comeuppance is the clueless one if you read halfway through though, this is easy enough to figure out Umm, ok.Basically, Kendra annoyed me, Emma annoyed me, Lisette annoyed me, every other character except the one conveniently placed in the last couple of chapters because he s so conveniently written, I m incredulous than annoyed annoyed me Lots of annoyance all around.

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    THE FAERYS VIEWBewitching by Alex Flinn was FAN FAERY TASTIC Ms Flinn out did herself in this spectacular tale of my favorite witch Ms Flinn has written many successful remakes of classic faery tales each and every one of them a joy to read.Bewitching is Kendra Hilferty s tale You may remember Kendra best as the witch in Beastly when she cast the spell upon a boy making him as ugly on the outside as he was on the inside Kendra is centuries old and has lived an amazing life, most of it trying to help others but as she explains in Bewitching, sometime even the best intentions can go awry.Learning Kendra s story from the start when she discovered she was a witch and traveling with her through the centuries was pure bliss to read Kendra takes us through some of her successful attempts at helping the less fortunate in love and some of her somewhat less fortunate attempts at helping those less fortunate in love and making things worse This is why Kendra has learned to be very careful who she chooses to help.In Bewitching, Kendra decides to help a teenage girl deal with her step sister that is slowly taking over her life I m not going to go into detail on this but interspersed between the present, Kendra also tells us about her past Giving a glimpse into her somewhat lonely life endears Kendra to the reader I felt as if I knew her and understood the reasons behind everything she did.Ms Flinn has the most captivating voice in storytelling and I can t help but be drawn into everything she writes Kendra s story is told within Emma s story so as I read along I learned both about Kendra, the misunderstood witch who got a bad rap in Beastly but is so fully understood and loved in Bewitching and then there s Emma, the teenager that Kendra is wondering if she should help or not Emma s story is a modern day re telling of Cinderella but it s not Wink you ll have to read to figure that one out Ms Flinn s perfectly poetic plot is full of action, suspense, mystery and of course, magic Kendra manages to pull off some hilarious hijink s that had me chuckling nothing like seeing the mean girl get hers On top of all that, there is Kendra s glorious history from Louis XV to the Titanic, each one a well known faery tale The entire book pulls together perfectly and I must say that Alex Flinn is a brilliant author and not one book that she pens will ever get by me She is one of my favorite authors and will remain so, I feel so fortunate to have been able to read her books and even fortunate to have been able to read the ARC of Bewitching a masterpiece in storytelling and One Sit Read for this reviewer THE FAERY SAYS THAT BEWITCHING BY ALEX FLINN ROCKED MY WINGS Thank you to ATWT and the publisher for allowing me to view this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

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    it was Awesome but as usual a happy ending _____________________________Photos Taken By me

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Bewitching (Kendra Chronicles, #2) summary pdf Bewitching (Kendra Chronicles, #2), summary chapter 2 Bewitching (Kendra Chronicles, #2), sparknotes Bewitching (Kendra Chronicles, #2), Bewitching (Kendra Chronicles, #2) 5756a1e Kendra Hilferty, The Witch Who Curses Kyle Kingsbury In Beastly, Tells About Her Immortal Existence How She Discovered She Was A Witch And The Various Ways She Has Used Her Powers To Help People Throughout The Centuries Unfortunately Her Attempts Have Often Backfired As It Turns Out, Kendra Has Actually Had A Hand In Hansel And Gretel, The Princess And The Pea, And The Little Mermaid But These Are Not The Fairy Tales You Think You Know Kendra S Reminiscences Are Wrapped Around A Real Time Version Of Cinderella, Except The Ugly Stepsister Is The Good Guy With Dark Twists, Hilarious Turns, And Unexpected Endings, Bewitching Is A Contemporary Read For Fairy Tale Lovers, Fantasy Fans, And Anyone Looking For Alex Flinn

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About the Author: Alex Flinn

I was born on Long Island and grew up on a street called Salem Court This probably influenced my interest in witches When I was five, my mom said I should be an author And when I was eight, I got my first rejection letter from Highlights Magazine.I learned to read early But I compensated for this early proficiency by absolutely refusing to read the programmed readers required by the school