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    Nobel Prize winning Physicist Burton Richter has served on many climate committees and in this brief book outlines the science, the risks, and various solutions to climate change He notes how conservative scientist have been on the issue but that warming is unequivocal, as is now evident from observations of increases in global avg air and ocean temps It is not a hoax He explains all the various ways to limit carbon emissions, and is not shy about calling out the self serving greens who are as detached from reality as the deniers From a fuel source perspective, Nuclear seems to be a critical piece of the puzzle, made so much challenging post Fukushima From the political side, the balance of responsibilities between the developed and developing countries seems an almost intractable problem That said, something must be done, even unilaterally, and soon The time for denial is over He notes near the end, since I hav become involved in energy and proliferation issues I have learned one new thing politics, particularly international politics is much harder than physics.

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    It was my hope with Beyond Smoke and Mirrors that I would be exposed to a comprehensive scientific analysis of climate change and an outline of different methods to minimise its impact However, what I ended up reading was the ramblings of a scientist that was writing about a field that was not his own Many claims found in the text are unsupported or so loosely supported that you are often left wondering how a scientist could have justified writing such an assertion, with many cases made via Richter s gut feeling While some of the details about the role of natural gas in combating climate change was new to me, ultimately the text was a jumbled mess of internalised thoughts of a Nobel prize winning physicist that was writing about a field he did not spend his professional life researching.

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    the author offers a smart and careful survey of the problem and a dose of sobriety on real solutions The book is well informed yet accessible and written in elegant prose The core of the study is a series of short yet far ranging chapters on all the world s major energy sources and their opportunities for improvement Richter s masterful study is teeming with optimism about solving the global warming problem, but it is also realistic about the scale of the effort that will be needed And he warns that today, governments are falling far short in devising the required policies Two of the alternative energy that were disused are hydro electric and nuclear energy.

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    This is a very boring book Nonetheless, it gets five stars for sure I would recommend this book to anybody who thinks they might have an interest in energy or environmental issues The author is a Nobel Prize winning physicist who knows a lot about science and politics, by experience My estimate is that it took a lot of effort and experience to be able to write such a brief book 200 pages for a general audience it would be far easier to write a fat book with less focus and fanning of emotional flames The whole book is effectively a summary of global warming and energy policy, together with several clearly marked opinions on various policy issues.

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    Thoroughly enjoying so far Burton Richter is a nobel prize winning physicist, who s a relative new comer to climate change His take, like that of MacKay Sustainable Energy without the hot air is delightfully numbers based, and he goes further than MacKay by including economics in the discussion, rather than just technical feasibility.

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    Was hoping that the rest of the book would be as clever as the title and was disappointed Still, a pretty easy to read and straightforward look at climate change and possible solutions, it can get biased and opinionated at times, but he s pretty open about it when he is.

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    Factually accurate no nonsense book

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