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Blaze files Blaze, read online Blaze, free Blaze, free Blaze, Blaze 77cd349d3 Once Upon A Time, A Fellow Named Richard Bachman Wrote Blaze On An Olivetti Typewriter, Then Turned The Machine Over To Stephen King, Who Used It To Write Carrie Bachman Died InCancer Of The Pseudonym , But This Last Gripping Bachman Novel Resurfaced After Being Hidden Away For Decades An Unforgettable Crime Story Tinged With Sadness And Suspense Clayton Blaisdell, Jr Was Always A Small Time Delinquent None Too Bright Either, Thanks To The Beatings He Got As A Kid Then Blaze Met George Rackley, A Seasoned Pro With A Hundred Cons And One Big Idea The Kidnapping Should Go Off Without A Hitch, With George As The Brains Behind Their Dangerous Scheme But There S Only One Problem By The Time The Deal Goes Down, Blaze S Partner In Crime Is Dead Or Is He Includes A Previously Uncollected Story, Memory The Riveting Opening To Stephen King S New Scribner Hardcover Novel, Duma Key

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    Wow This book was fantastic Why does King start the book with an apology warning This book is now definitely in my top 10 favorite King books if not the top 5 Seems like this one is even frequently skipped by King fans please, stop skipping and read This book has a great story and great characters It is quick and easy to read and kept me interested every page Blaze is a flawed but easy to sympathize tragic hero who doesn t really know what he is doing, but thinks he is doing it for the best The course of his life is driven by unfortunate events and I am left wondering how much different it would have been if the cards hadn t been stacked against him.This book has so much going for it and I think almost anyone would enjoy it.

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    OMG..I cannot believe how good this book is.well, there were a couple things that bothered me in the narration sequence, particularly the final flash from the past, but I m still surprised at the overall low ratings.This is not your typical Stephen King Richard Bachman read, as a matter of fact, King did not originally think it worthy of being published, but be prepared, there are scary times, a kind of horror of a different sort you might say, that caused me multiple OH NO and OMG moments.It s not easy to entice a reader to like a character that kidnaps a baby no spoiler here but Mr King accomplished just that for me with BLAZE..his GREAT BIG 6 7 doofus of a man who begins his early life with a busted head and slow brain through no fault of his own, and takes the reader on an intense, worrisome and exasperating adventure that results in a non stop action filled conclusion. Update November 24, 2016 Turkey Day MEMORY is a short bonus read that follows BLAZE about two horrible accidents one of which is a lead in to KING S novel DUMA KEY that was published back in 2008 Sounds pretty darn good too

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    It was a dirty world, and the longer you lived, the dirtier you got If you love Of Mice and Men, then this would be a great King to pick up Both feature a couple of guys just trying to make ends meet, one of which is the brains of the two and the other is this 6 foot 7 gentle giant that isn t too bright due to the beatings he took as a kid poor Blaze The story unfolds with two separate timelines we have current day where Blaze is trying to kidnap a baby in order to make some money, and then we have the past which details Blaze s childhood and friendship partnership with George Blaze has been dealt a bad hand in life, you can t help but wonder what kind of life he might have had if things had been different King does a terrific job of making you sympathise with this tragic character I may have shed a few tears I much preferred the flashbacks to Blaze s past than the present events though.King is well known for his sprawling epic books that can really give your biceps a workout, but in Blaze he shows that he is capable of a wham bam thank you mam story There s no real filler, the story moves along at a moderate pace and nothing feels wasted.King issues an apology at the beginning in a little introduction and explains how he initially thought it wasn t a great book Apparently he wrote it around the same time as Carrie but it was left on the back burner until years later when he decided to realise it as Richard Bachman s final novel It fits into the Bachman style in terms of the ending the Bachman books tend to have distinctively dark endings that lack any semblance of hope , but it also felt a lot like a King novel to me We actually had a likeable character to root for Blaze is great, he s just like Lennie All in all, one of the better Bachman books in my opinion Probably second best after The Long Walk Worth a read

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    Aided by the voice of his dead friend George in his head, a slow goliath named Blaze kidnaps an infant and holds him for ransom Can Blaze hold things together long enough to collect the ransom Blaze is a straight up crime book from Stephen King, aside from the voice of George in Blaze s head, which might not even be supernatural in origin I have to wonder why this wasn t the book Stephen King offered up to Hard Case instead of The Colorado Kid.The story of Blaze unfolds in two parallel stories, one of the present day kidnapping and the other of Blaze s past, how a beating at the hands of his father rendered him a simpleton and landed him in the state home I found Blaze s past way interesting than his kidnapping scheme, which had some ludicrous moments due to Blaze not really knowing what he was doing When the wheels predictably come off, things quickly go to hell in a handbasket.For the most part, this book was just kind of there for me Blaze was the only really memorable character for me I thought that for a book that was less than 400 pages, there was a bit of the King bloat in effect While I liked it, it almost fell back into the it s okay realm Maybe it was a wrong book, wrong time scenario.Apparently Stephen King wrote the original draft of Blaze around the same time he was writing Carrie Carrie got picked up and Blaze fell by the wayside until King decided to revive it while on the Lisey s Story tour Why he stuck the Bachman name on it, I don t know It feels King than Bachman to me.Three out of five stars but it s a weak three.

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    When I started this book, my goal was to read thirty pages a day until I was done I expected it to be a chore I expected to like it as much as maybe even less than I did the first time I read it This plan worked until yesterday, when I started reading and never wanted to stop After a mad dash through the last 100 pages of this book, I ve decided to write a letter to Past E and ask him what the fuck his problem was.Cuz this book ain t half bad I know why I hated this book the first time Won t ever forget it George reminded me painfully of my father, and the less than subtle OF MICE AND MEN remake aspect ruined my experience Steinbeck s novella is perfect, if you ask me, and attempting to reboot and lengthen it seemed wrong on a basic human level, no matter if I am a massive Stephen King fanboy Nothing like OF MICE AND MEN will ever be as good as OF MICE AND MEN, so why even try Thirdly, King openly admits in the introduction to this book that it s a trunk novel Meaning, I believe quite literally where King is concerned, a novel not good enough for publication so it is stored in a trunk and never seen again Ask Past E if that would have been just fine with him, and the big dunce would ve nodded fervently and asked for a diddie change Sometimes, Past E gets stuck on stupid and I have to apologize for him So here we are my apologies I firmly believe King s introduction played a partial role in me not liking it the first time because he alluded to the idea that I maybe shouldn t like it because at one point he didn t like it This is on par with not liking something simply because the hype train won t slow down around it Not the brightest of reasons, but the room wasn t that dark to begin with While there is a plot hole or two, I won t spoil them here However, I will deduct a star Clayton Blaisdale Jr himself isn t strong enough or big enough to suspend my disblief of certain happenings, but I certainly didn t dislike the book due to them I had a blast, and the last 100 pages flew by like a cooked up Superman speeding bullet like into a hot and horny Ms Lois Lane What I liked this time around is as follows The writing.The references some Castle County goodness, yessir.The characters.And finally, the flashbacks Man, those were good Everything added up to a great time I am far from regreting this reread, and that s something that can t be said of books like DREAMCATCHER and WIZARD AND GLASS, two books that seemingly get worse every time I open them, like my buttcheeks after a Taco Bell binge This is far from RITA HAYWARD AND THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, and leagues removed from DELORES CLAIBORNE, but it is still one of King s better can happen books That is, of course, unless you believe George never really left Blaze s side.In summation I m not mad at Past E I m justdisappointed This book is nowhere near as bad as he made it out to be I kinda hate him right now for insisting I put off this reread for as long as I did Shame on him, the lugnut Final Judgment Not the best, far from the worst.References Harlow, MEShawshank PrisonCharacters by the name of Hanscom and Merrill

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    This was a bit of a return to the old classic King, sans monsters and gore It s a novel King wrote 30 odd years ago, then rediscovered and polished up and released as the last of his Bachman books Ironically, I found it to be one of the better stories of his I ve read recently, but I always have had a bit of a preference for his older stories his newer stuff often just doesn t quite strike the right chord with me.King has always been good with stories that pull up the carpets on small town America and look at what s crawling around between the planks of the floorboards Blaze is about a huge galoot of a man, Clayton Blaisdell, Jr., who s as slow witted as he is strong bodied Basically a genial soul who doesn t want to hurt anyone and whose only sin was being born into a crapsack world where he never got a break, the book alternates between Blaze s childhood, growing up in an of course abusive orphanage and his adulthood, where he has become the sort of small time criminal everyone predicted he d become His partner of many years, George, who was the brains of their two man outfit, has died, leaving Blaze to fend for himself Blaze is trying to pull off George s last scheme, a kidnapping and ransom plot Unfortunately, without George s brains to think through the plotting, Blaze s plan can t possibly end well.The climax is fairly predictable we know from the beginning that this poor sap never had a chance, so there isn t much suspense about how it s all going to turn out But King, in his marvelous way when he s focusing on characterization and writing relatively economically, sketches out the life and personality of Clayton Blaisdell, Jr for us, until we see him as a human being, a good guy in a bad place who made bad choices through little fault of his own, but mostly was just kicked around by a harsh, unfeeling world And then we see the things he does, things which would make any reasonable person looking at his history but without the reader s knowledge of everything that happened alongside it, the context that framed the events and his actions, believe that he is just a two bit thug and little than a monster To the rest of the world, that s all he is, but by the end you, the reader, just want to give this guy a hug.Stephen King can be very sentimental when he wants to be, though he never goes for schmaltz Blaze is about as close to a tearjerker as I ve ever read from him It s not all sparkling prose and the plot is perhaps a bit too predictable even after King s very belated editing, this is obviously an earlier work But it demonstrates that King has always been able to write fine suspense novels and fine human dramas, and his writing deserves to be taken seriously.

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    DNFed on page 76I hated this book from the very first page I didn t like the atmosphere of it I didn t like the writing, which, to me at least, felt very dry And I didn t like the two main characters not even Blaze, who is soft in the head I am sorry if that sounds inhuman to say, but it is how I felt , and I thought that he isn t an interesting character, as far as I ve read I just didn t care about anyone and anything.Also, I need to say that I was very excited to read Blaze, especially since I was buddy reading it with Mrs Janie, from Bookworms Buddy, who is a fantastic Booktuber But the book didn t work out to me.Of course, I wouldn t say DON T READ THIS BOOK, because I haven t read the whole thing Because I was impatient , and I can t judge it as a whole because it might indeed turn out to be worth the read, but like I said I was impatient , only from what I so far read .I hope this review does not irritate you from reading this book, but every one of us is entitled to our opinions, and this is mine Anyway, I need to say that this is my first Stephen King book that I am not putting hold for a future reading just because I couldn t get into it at this reading The first Stephen King book that I DNF and won t get back to AT ALL And I am really hurt to say it, honestly.F

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    Zadnja Bachmanova knjiga napisana davne 73 godine, a manuskript prona en na tavanu poslije 30 i kusur godina Stvarno teta to je Bachman preminuo pisao je prokleto dobre knjige Iako ovdje nema pr tenja ideja na sve strane i iako je pri a poprili no banalna, ima ono ne to, a to je karakterizacija Blaze, iako negativac ove pri e, je tako draga i fina osoba, a la John Coffey iz Zelene milje, da ti srce ugrije toplinom i dobrotom kojom lik zra i, uprskos u asnim djetinjstvom koju je imao, i pomalo nepravednim zivotom kojeg je pro ivio.Mom apsolutnom u ivanju ove pri e je malko zasmetao policajac Albert , koji je bio nekako meh, previ e crno bijelo.Sve u svemu, zaista poslastica za itat 4.5

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    Stephen King may be the master of horror, but with BLAZE he proves that he s also just a plain ole good writer This story is a mixture of a thriller, a mystery, a police procedural, and a personal struggle to figure out who you are Blaze, aka Clayton Blaisdell, Jr., is a dummy, and he knows it Ever since his father threw him down a flight of stairs and then hauled him back up and did it a couple of times , Blaze hasn t had the brains for learning The dent in his forehead might make him look scary, but we soon learn that Blaze isn t much of a threat except when he s really angry He might look like a giant at 6 7 and nearly 300 pounds, but this man s heart is as soft as his mind Blaze has pretty much drifted through life by skirting the law and mostly with exceptions avoiding trouble When he meets George Rackley, Blaze learns the art of the con The two of them or, rather, George have been planning one big job for awhile now That big job would be kidnapping the baby of a rich couple, collecting the ransom, and living the high life somewhere with white sandy beaches and lots of sun But we soon learn that things aren t going quite the way either man had expected For one, George is dead, even though he s still helping with the kidnapping plot For another, Blaze, as we ve already learned, isn t the smartest guy around What follows is a mixture of present day mystery thriller as Blaze carries out the kidnapping of little Joey, mixed with the flashbacks of his life that show how Blaze ends up where he s at King aka Bachman..does it really matter the name shows great control in the pacing of BLAZE, and expertly weaves the present with the past You ll also be surprised and entertained by the joy that is Blaze, who is a wonderful, fully developed character.

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    LookFirst and foremost, I am a self described and unembarrassed King Head I have devoured Stephen King s words since reading Thinner as a fairly young boy with a slightly twisted mind that loved to be challenged, expanded, and scared.I am also a person who has read loads of classic and contemporary fiction, non fiction, science fiction, scientific journals, periodicals, etc My point I don t simply spend my time reading one author or genre, and I am a fairly discrimiinating reader.I feel that Stephen King has become one of the masters of a story telling, and b character development I believe his characters, care about them, and, even through the unbelievable worlds and situations through which these palpable characters inhabit and experience, believe them.In Blaze, which was originally written at a very young age, sat on the back burner for 25 years, and fortunately revisited the author after his retirement, King is in my opinion at his best creating a situational plot line that follows two amazing characters blurring the lines of ethical unethical, right wrong, and nature nuture.I recommend this relatively short book to anyone interested in a good story and a great character.

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