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Blood Orchids (Lei Crime, #1) chapter 1 Blood Orchids (Lei Crime, #1) , meaning Blood Orchids (Lei Crime, #1) , genre Blood Orchids (Lei Crime, #1) , book cover Blood Orchids (Lei Crime, #1) , flies Blood Orchids (Lei Crime, #1) , Blood Orchids (Lei Crime, #1) 76690acb57f88 Hawaii Is Palm Trees, Black Sand And Blue Water But For Policewoman Lei Texeira, There S A Dark Side To ParadiseLei Has Overcome A Scarred Past To Make A Life For Herself As A Cop In The Sleepy Big Island Town Of Hilo On A Routine Patrol She Finds Two Murdered Teenagers One Of Whom She D Recently Busted With Its Echoes Of Her Own Past, The Murdered Girl S Harsh Life And Tragic Death Affect Lei Deeply She Becomes Obsessed Even As The Killer Is Drawn To Lei S Intensity, Feeding Off Her Vulnerabilities And Toying With Her SanityDespite Her Obsession With The Case And Fear That She S Being Stalked, Lei Finds Herself Falling In Love For The First Time Steaming Volcanoes, Black Sand Beaches And Shrouded Fern Forests Are The Backdrop To Lei S Quest For Answers And The Stalker Is Closer Than She Can Imagine, As Threads Of The Past Tangle In Her Future Lei Is Determined To Find The Killer But He Knows Where To Find Her First

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    This was just an okay read for me The main character, Lei, was so messed up and had so many bad things endlessly happening to her that it became tiresome after awhile and I found myself losing interest in the story the it went on I did like the setting of Hilo, Hawaii, though and I loved Lei s dog, Keiki.

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    Bravo A good fast read now i am hooked This was such a great, easy and creative book i was hooked after the first page The characters were easy to fall in love with and follow, along with the story the author made the mental visions so easy and vivid of the surroundings and the characters actions felt so real.i would highly recommend this author and this book.

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    I actually haven t been reading very many mysteries of late, so I enjoyed diving back into the genre with Blood Orchids, Toby Neal s debut crime novel This was a fast paced book that proved to be a quick read and was perfect for the last few evenings Not only do we have the mystery behind the discovery of that first murder scene, but ultimately Lei Texeira is embroiled in her own frightening scenario involving a creepy stalker Naturally, one starts to wonder if the two mysteries are connected, though Neal presents several plausible possibilities and keeps you guessing.I liked the fact that it wasn t immediately obvious as to who the various perpetrators might be However, in the end when the cases were resolved, it almost felt like the answer came out of left field I didn t think there were enough clues that would enable you to solve the crimes on your own Sure, there were a few suspicious characters along the way, but when did we learn about the key points that would have made us realize who the true murderer or stalker was Or perhaps Neal was sneaky enough to just slip things in where they might be missed In the end, that was my only complaint about the book Blood Orchids was full of action and some romance, too The dynamic between Lei and Michael Stevens was exciting to watch unfold I also enjoyed that the story was set in Hawaii I admit that I m not too familiar with the culture there, so I was able to get a brief glimpse into a small part of the island life You ll find an interesting mix of characters, including the psychiatrist that Lei has to go see for mandatory counseling If you are looking for a mystery that s relatively quick to read and will get your heart racing just a bit, then I urge you to give Blood Orchids a try Be sure to check out the rest of the blog tour

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    I love a good mystery, but I have found that not all authors deliver one that I can t figure out I love to be kept guessing Toby Neal fit the bill A likeable female cop with her share of issues is trying to solve a murder and put an end to someone stalking her.Lots of mystery, with a healthy dose of romance I like that the romance doesn t take over the story This is a series and I will so be continuing to read this author Well done Toby Neal

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    I would call this novel a murder mystery with just enough romance A perfect read Lei Texeira is the main character of the story She has spent half her life in Hawaii and half in California When her mother overdoses on drugs and her father is sent to jail, she is sent to California to live with her Aunty She returns to Hawaii as a police officer, where she is put on a serial rapist killer case and has a stalker to deal with These cases open memories she has buried from the past forcing her to deal with themMichael Stevens, the secondary character, is not only Lei s co work on the rapist killer case but also her compelling love interest With his patience and understanding their story develops wonderfully There are a great many wonderful and touching scenes between Stevens and Lei.I loved how Toby Neal kept me guessing I would catch a clue and think that I knew who the stalker or killer was and then something would happen to make it obvious that I was so wrong I was kept guessing til almost the end of the book and after all was said and done I had that AH HA moment where it all made sense Toby Neal wrote a great novel Grabs you from the very beginning and keeps you into it til the very last page I love a great murder mystery story, the romance was just an added perk Everyone should check out Blook Orchids, A Lei Crime Novel I shall be anxiously awaiting the next novel s release.

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    I got this book during a free promo After reading it, I would have happily paid for it.I liked the protagonist, flaws and all Too many times, authors make flawed characters so angst ridden that the books are just painful to read In this case, Lei, a junior officer in the Hilo Police Department, does not take it too far She brings in a reasonable degree of issues that affect her, but not overwhelm her.The entire setting was very Hawaii The author pretty much nailed that right on the head I could almost smell the islands as I read.As a police drama, the book was a bit formulaic and the reveal a little too pat I like stronger hints that make me go back and think Ah, I should have caught that earlier but there are only so many directions an author can take in a genre The defining criteria on if a book is good or not becomes how well an author manages to pull it off In this case, the author did an admirable job and created a book that I heartily recommend.

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    Having been brought up on crime novels, I can be a bit particular about books in the genre With the genre saturated with middle aged, white male detectives with failed marriages and a penchant for the bottle, few protagonists in crime novels are memorable enough for me to sit up and take notice of them.Lei Texeira is one such protagonist Far from being just a pretty face and a pretty name , Leilani Texeira is a plucky, intrepid policewoman haunted by her past Driven and ambitious, Lei aspires to ditch her uniform to become a detective, but her impulsive initiative and stubbornness can sometimes land her in trouble than she can handle A strong and kick butt heroine in a genre populated by male detectives, Lei nevertheless has a vulnerable side, as she struggles to let go of her past as a victim of child abuse Ms Neal s background as a mental health therapist definitely helped in portraying a determined but troubled character, adding realism and depth to a complex and compelling heroine.Now to the story Blood Orchids centres around the double murder of two high school girls As officer Lei Texeira pursues the case, she herself is pursued by a stalker The story is gripping, with heaps of action, and Ms Neal did a fantastic job pacing the story, revealing nuggets of information one layer at a time Whilst I mentally patted myself on the back when I correctly identified the killer, I certainly did not foresee that the story didn t end there No spoilers here, but suffice it to say that what I initially thought was a predictable read, became far from it in the end, and that Lei s troubles were far from over Sure, at some points in the story, I did wonder, Wow, what are the odds of all this misery befalling one single person But Ms Neal s fast paced writing left me little time to stop and think as it sweeps me along, and her very vivid portrayal of Lei s damaged psyche makes everything seem all the believable.With a riveting plot, intense action and drama, and vivid writing, what really made Blood Orchids for me, are the characters Set in sunny and exotic Hawaii, Ms Neal brings Big Island living to the masses with her rich portrayal of the island state s diverse peoples and cultures Native Hawaiians, Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos the occasional inclusion of pidgin English adds flavour to the story, bringing the setting to life My favourite characters include Pono, Lei s partner, and Keiki, Lei s faithful Rottweiler Lei s budding romance with Detective Stevens made for some tender moments, and I am looking forward to seeing where their relationship will take them in the coming books yes, there are other books in the making Lei Texeira will be back, and I for one am looking forward to it If you enjoy a taut murder mystery with some Big Island flavour, if you like your heroines to be strong yet vulnerable, and if you enjoy your stories dark, but laced with hope, then Blood Orchids is definitely for you

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    I ve just finished reading Blood Orchids by Hawaii Mystery Author Toby Neal, and I m still all jittery It has nothing to do with coffee, either The author builds a convincing web of horrors around main character Lei Texeira, and after reading this book I m going to have a hard time relaxing again.Lei is a police officer in Hilo, Hawaii, working to make detective and in the meantime keeping the lid on gangs, solving murders, and by the way also fending off her own personal stalker The layers of this woman s history build slowly and naturally in this lush, tropical mystery When the book opens, in classic murder mystery style, Lei has discovered two female victims floating in a creek, drowned and clearly murdered.Lei herself was raped at age nine, and her mother died soon after of an overdose while her father was hauled off to prison The girl grew up in a world that we call dysfunctional, but that makes it sound way too clean and nice More like a world of pain and hurting, of bruises and scars and daytime nightmares and nighttime terror As a result, flowers in Lei s world now that she s an adult feel almost like something venomous while her favorite gun, the Glock 40, earns her kisses and caresses Lei has serious issues, as she is the first to admit.I like it that the author is not afraid to make the characters talk in Hawaiian dialect Someone been making trouble for me I like you make it stop, Lei said in pidgin She handles this expertly, and you feel not only like you are in Hawaii, but like you are navigating between different social classes on the streets of second city Hilo, Hawaii I guess it s like Oakland compared to downtown San Francisco.A California detective, Michael Stevens, has been brought in from the mainland to beef up the Hilo police force, and of course he chooses Lei Texeira to help him solve the murders I ll give you one guess what happens next between Stevens and Lei Texeira Although this developing romance fits the formula, it somehow acquires a unique twist when the two stick to rather Victorian rules of engagement they establish together the romance can only begin once the murders are solved This creates some interesting situations, especially when Lei s dysfunctional past rears its ugly head and threatens the budding relationship These things are never easy I m still getting over my jitters, but I ve realized this book has it all A beautiful lush setting in Hawaii, overflowing with exotic plants like Christmasberries, mango trees and, yes, orchids a cast of gritty, sympathetic characters a plot that keeps turning in on itself like a fugue and dialogue laced with interesting local dialect There s a lot of murder mysteries to choose from out there You won t be disappointed with Blood Orchids.

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    From the very beginning to the very end, I was submersed in the world, the characters and the plot of Blood Orchids I don t generally read books which use sexual abuse or rape as a backdrop, but by the time I realized such would be a central theme, seeing how the main character, Lei, would deal with her own dark and buried past as she wades through the case of two young girls who have been drugged, raped and left to drown had me hooked.Author Toby Neal pulls very few punches, if any, using her own expertise in psychology and Hawaiian life to not only put you in Hilo, where the story takes place, but inside the head of Lei You hope all the way through that Lei will not succumb to either the outside forces that would see her dead, or the demons within propelling her toward a life of loneliness at best, self destruction at worst.I found myself suspecting everyone, trusting no one, including characters where little suspicion could be placed I did manage to guess who the main villain was, but that in and of itself was not the sole purpose for this thriller It might be the vehicle, the means for turning the pages, but Blood Orchids is as much a personal journey for one who has been labeled Damaged Goods as it is a story about the police vs a serial rapist killer.I liked the idea that the story didn t just end when most would, but continued, answering a few questions When it did end, it was satisfying, while leaving room for in any subsequent books.

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    This is a tough, exciting, complex crime story a female cop struggling with her department and her past, multiple crimes, perhaps related Definitely a good read, especially for a debut novel.

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