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Boy Wonder pdf Boy Wonder, ebook Boy Wonder, epub Boy Wonder, doc Boy Wonder, e-pub Boy Wonder, Boy Wonder fb78324becc In A Turbo Charged Romp Through The Hollywood Of Everyone S Wildest Dreams, Boy Wonder Follows The Career Of Shark Trager Rebel Filmmaker And Megasuccessful Producer From His Birth InAt A Drive In Movie Theater And His Meteoric Rise To The Pinnacle Of Hollywood Power, To His Equally Spectacular Descent Into Obscurity

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    Wow, where to start with this oneThe back of my paperback copy says it s something of a cross between CITIZEN KANE and BLUE VELVET I guess that s as good a hook as any, but really it s so much than that Simply put, it s an oral history of Hollywood producer Shark Trager, who produced mega blockbuster films with titles like SEX KILL a GO GO, WHITE DESERT, MONDO JET SET, HAIL , and BLUE LIGHTS to name a few Each character reveals about themselves as the bio of Shark progresses through almost 40 years of Pop Culture history according to Hollywood Along the way you ve got films both real and imagined referred to, actors both real and imagined, directors, producers, studios, and every L.A cliche you ve ever been exposed to From his birth in 1950 at a drive in theater showing GUN CRAZY, to his complete flameout in 1988, every facet of Shark s life is exposed by his contemporaries, friends, enemies, lovers and family I was never bored once in the nearly 600 pages this book runs Along the way, Shark s life mirrors THE SEARCHERS, VERTIGO, A TOUCH OF EVIL and CITIZEN KANE through almost psychedelic and psychotic reflections It s over the top and tragic, sometimes it s touching and very, very funny It skewers the whole mirage, while loving it dearly I can t recommend it enough It s probably not for everyone But it s definitely for anyone who appreciates a novel to get lost in Find it.

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    One of the funniest books I have ever read It s trashy but it will make you laugh Not for the squeamish or puritanical If I had 60M make that 200M , I would make this into a mini series for HBO Told in first person narrative from a variety of Hollywood degenerates, this book will someday get the following it deserves Unfortunately, JRB is no longer with us, but this book is a cult classic.

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    Aunque aqu aparezca como la tercera, es la cuarta vez que lo leo, primera vez en espa ol Y sigue siendo un viaje loqu simo y espectacular por un Hollywood ficticio

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    I am surprised and confused that this book seems to have disappeared from mass consciousness It is incredible.Reasons to love this book Like the recent Chuck Palahniuk novel Rant, it is written in an oral tradition with many narrators covering the life of one man from the late fifties to the late eighties Even though it is not credited by Chuck, I m pretty sure he must have been directly influenced by it.It is a hilarious, truthful and searing parody of the Hollywood film industry.It feels epic without ever feeling heavy.It never stops moving Starts at quite a pace and picks up from there So much happens that you can read it many many many times without it ever becoming boring It is moving, romantic and very funny.The only soundbite I can think to give this book is Chuck Palahniuk mixed with Dickens and Peter Biskind.If you don t like Chuck P or Dickens for that matter don t be put off It s actually nothing like the sum of those parts James Robert Baker died a few years ago and seems to have been forgotten He was mainly known as a gay writer I had read a great review of Boy Wonder in a movie magazine and went to the bookshop to buy it Being straight I was slightly unnerved when I was told to go to the gay section This is not a gay novel at all I m sure this has helped to bury this book because the stigma attached to gay fiction is such that straight readers wouldn t go near it I know I would never have picked it up originally if I was just browsing Boy Wonder is as much a gay novel as The House of Leaves is a book about architecture.You can still find this book even though I think it s out of print I think you can get it for 20p on I think it s time that this book is rediscovered as the absolute hidden gem that it is.Check out the reviews hereBoy Wonder at if you don t believe me.

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    Brindo por Shark Trager y por haber tra do al mundo algunas de mis pel culas preferidas, desde Desierto blanco ya quisiera Malick haberle llegado a la suela de sus zapatos con su muy meliflua Dios, espero que exista esta palabra Malas tierras o ese Luz azul que lleg mucho m s lejos de lo que el ingenuo Spielberg pudiera haber llegado nunca, incluso tengo cierta debilidad por Mondo Jet Set y espero que Criterion se anime finalmente a editar ese Director s Cut de Ola roja que sospecho la redescubrir a una generaci n como la obra maestra olvidada del Nuevo Hollywood Su vida est llena de claroscuros, sin duda, y Boy Wonder Mejor productor Qu clase de broma es esta aclara alguno de ellos sin lamer sus botas y mostrando la dimensi n absoluta del personaje Eg latra, mes as del cinemat grafo, Robert Evans en speed al cubo, criminal, punk insolente GENIO Con todas sus sombras Te crees acaso mejor que l EST S FLIPANDO repito yo brindo por Shark En fin Venga, neeeenaaa, v monos PD En mis noches m s oscuras, siempre me templa el alma recordar que Trager y yo, al menos, ten amos com n nuestra canci n preferida de Roxy Music y decir esto, siendo qui n eran, es pero que mucho

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    Una s tira salvatge i ferotge de la ind stria de Hollywood, plena de personatges impossibles d oblidar Sexe, drogues i Rock and roll, per sobretot cinema, desmesura i mala llet Tan divertida i xocant que es llegeix en quatre tardes malgrat les seves m s de 500 p gines Si exist s una convenci de fans d aquesta novel la, hi aniria cada any Per millor llegiu el que en diu el Sr VCR que s qui me la va recomanar , en aquesta ressenya que subscric al 100%

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    Una de las s tiras m s demoledoras sobre Hollywood, en forma de historia oral en la que se narra la vida, auge, caida, redenci n y muerte del egoman aco productor Shark Trager Baker es uno de esos autores que consiguen aunar lo trash con la calidad literaria y es una l stima que su temprana muerte nos privara de m s historias como sta Desde ahora es una de mis novelas favoritas.

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    This is my favorite book.

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    So much goes on in this book that I will not even attempt to summarize At it s essence the book is the great American novel that all authors American ones at least want to write It is dark Very dark Rich and flawless on all levels A boyfriend lent it to me when it first came out and then took it back when I had finished reading it to pass on to someone else A couple years later I wanted to reread it Fat chance I could barely remember the title and only remembered that the author had a three names traditional name It took me about 18 months to figure it out obviously not hunting night and day I ordered it on and saw that the author or his boyfriend I can t remember any had responded to a review so I emailed him through the boyfriend I think an effusive fan letter I had never, ever done such a thing before I heard nothing back, I felt bad as if I had crossed some line, but found out a few weeks after that James Robert Baker had died a couple of years before, and that he actually lived in my part of L.A If you love books read this now.R.I.P James Robert Baker

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    Absolutely off the wall, shocking, politically incorrect, lewd, inappropriate, gory, disgustingand fantastic You will wonder why in he world you are reading it and why everyone doesn t read it It defies coherent description Read the first chapterand you ll either toss it in disgust or devour it.

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