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    Well, what can I say but this is the conclusion to Rylee and Colton s story It has highs, it has lows, it has healing and angst If you thought Driven and Fueled took you on an emotional ride, then hold tight, because it s just getting started from page 1 of Crashed on Colton s reveal of his past is raw and gritty and not sugar coatedbut that also means it s real and you as the reader are in the passenger seat beside him through it all Rylee deals with a lot too in this book and you root for her and Colton each and every step of the waybut you know me, I m not too predictable, so you ll just have to read to find out what those moments are.I ve always said that their love is realit s not perfect and far from hearts and flowersbut it s theirs And sometimes when you have to fight hard for someone, you realize just how important they are, how special your bond together is, and you realize that the outside world can fall apart around you, but you ll be okay as long as you have each other That is Rylee and Colton to me.I hope when you finish reading, that is who they are to you as well.K Bromberg

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    this reminds me of Colton Rylee FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED A perfect ending to a fantastic series Crashed was an intense, emotional, riveting ride from A to motherf cking Z It s a story that makes you believe in the resilience and healing power of love Colton and Rylee s journey is sexy, romantic, heart breaking and uplifting This is the kind of book you don t want to put down and you can t wait to read of, and without a doubt, the Driven Trilogy will forever be one of my top favorites This book started off right where the last one ended the moment after that heart stopping cliffhanger with an absolutely amazing prologue that brought tears to my eyes and sent chills through my body It was easily one of the best prologues I ve read and from the first line, I was transported right back into the story.The emotions hit strong right from the start the desperation of the situation, the vivid imagery, the writing it was so well put together I have quotes highlighted everywhere throughout my book Devastation surrenders, desperation consumes, life splutters, and yet my soul clings Superman Gosh, even thinking of Colton s beloved superheroes makes me choked up A childhood obsession now turned into an adult s grasp on hope They were such a fantastic addition to the whole series The way these 4 names Spiderman Batman Superman Ironman were woven into the story was so subtle but yet so powerful that each time I read one of their names, my heart squeezed.I don t want to say much about the plot at all because this is the final book in the series and, as a direct continuation of the story, it should not be read on it s own and if you have read the other books, then I don t want to give anything away so I ll just tell you how this book made me feel instead.One of the many highlights of this book for me was that it took the time to highlight these incredibly emotionally meaningful bonding scenes between the main characters Colton s Dad and Rylee The first time I saw him, he broke my heart and stole it all with one, single look , Colton and his Dad, Colton and the kids at The House The damaged man helping the broken child , Colton and Rylee s Dad The unspoken bond from father to the man his daughter loves passes between them Man to man Protector to protector And of course, the central relationship in this story Colton and Rylee I swear to God she s the only air my body can breathe Fuck if she s not everything I need and nothing I deserve I loved the way Colton and Ryle were together Yin and yang in so many ways despite their differences Rylee was just so perceptive, and so understanding, and holy shit did she ever have a badass side too Ok I love it when the guys get all growly and protective of their women but there was this scene where Rylee stood up for Colton that was just pure fucking awesome And then seeing Colton stand up for her in return ohhhh my heart was singing It was just one of the many epic moments in this series.I absolutely adore tortured Alpha male heroes without a doubt, they are my favorite and Colton Donavan was the embodiment of the kind of hero I most easily fall for I felt so heart broken for the things that happened to him in his past, and for the emotionally crippling scars they d left on him His struggle to face the nightmares his past felt so real because with the way it was written, and the glimpses at his POV too, you really felt how hard it was for him I just loved watching the progression of his healing throughout the series Knowing how strong and deeply rooted his pain was gave so much meaning to each little victory step forward and to each little bit of healing I want to be your motherfucking checkered flag, Rylee Your pace car to lead you through tough times, your pit stop when you need a break, your start line, your finish line, your goddamn victory lane I ve said this before and I ll say it again, Rylee was just a fantastic heroine I absolutely loved how she could always see right through Colton and always knew where he was at, even when he couldn t find it in him to admit or say it, even when he was being a total ass, she just saw right through it It might sound weird to say this but it was just genuinely refreshing to have a heroine who didn t make stupid decisions One who was smart, capable, and independent while also being totally in love with her guy I hold tight letting him know that no matter how far he falls, I ll catch him I ll always catch him Now, part way through there was a development in the story that put my heart in my throat because I was so worried at the direction it would take the story in It opened the doors for all kinds of frustrating drama but I just want to say how thrilled I was to see that once again, even though it was an intense, angst ridden issue, and while Colton and Ryle may have stumbled a bit while dealing with it, instead of being broken down, they allowed it make them stronger than ever before I was honestly just proud of them We can do this It s just this selfless girl and this healing boy and we can really make this work The way each issue in this book was dealt with, worked through and overcome was just so emotionally captivating and heart felt And I especially loved how, throughout the course of the series, there was a whole list of words and phases that grew to have so much meaning and memories behind them the superheroes, racing , 747, cotton candy, pit stops, text songs, the motherfucking checkered flag, the alphabet A Z, sheets, the lifeline and so many little things like that God, I fucking race you And lets not forget the scorching hot steam factor here Seriously these books are HOT HOT HOTTTT Colton and Rylee had an intense chemistry that left me fanning myself over and over again Sex was an important part of their connection and healing, but I loved the way the love scenes never overshadowed the general plotline but rather complimented it This is Adult romance done right with a wonderful balance between sex and emotional character growth I want every inch of you trembling, fucking shaking, begging me to take you, Ry, because fuck if I won t be doing the same I want to be your sigh, your moan, your cry out in pleasure and every fucking sound in between Ohhhh, and the ending was just perfect I m not going to spoil it for you but I ll just say that I loved the way everything came together and definitely shed a few happy tears Colton and Rylee had just come so far over the course of this series They deserved every bit of happiness that they got.And two words Double Epilogue DRating 4.5 starsPS I m so excited that we re going to be getting a book about Becks and Haddie next They were both witty, charming, fun and wise just all round fantastic characters who I can t wait to see in the spotlight MY REVIEW of BOOK 1 MY REVIEW of BOOK 2 For of my reviews, book news and updates Main blog Aestas Book Blog Facebook Blog Page Twitter

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    5 stars for this beautifully and perfectly ended trilogy.

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    5 is simply not enough stars Note, minor spoilers for those who have not read the first two books We begin Crashed right were Fueled left off A fireball of destruction that left our mouths gaping open, our pulse racing and tears in our eyes Hearts around the world faltered in that moment As the smoke clears and the medical staff rushes in, Colton has a moment A pure and beautiful moment that holds such a deeper meaning than I ever imagined it would But that is not the end of the pain we must suffer through He has to recover, he has to survive Rylee is facing her worst fear, reliving a nightmare she barely escaped from the first time As she waits for Colton to return to her, to remember the words that he spoke to her moments before the crash, her world stops.We ve had two books to get to know these two and to fall utterly in love with them Where Driven gave us such a perfect glimpse into who Rylee was, Fueled gave us Colton and all his broken glory Crashed felt like it was Colton s story for the most part, since there was so much he still had to let go of, although it blended perfectly into their story in the end.There are so many moments in this book that ensured that I was an emotional disaster, for every fractured part of my heart that was healed, there was a new crack forming It was two steps forward and one step back for about 60% of this book An utterly fantastic symphony of highs and lows that ensured that every moment was felt deep into your bones I can t say much about this journey without spoiling the really fantastic moments or the really crappy ones let s just say Tawny stars in most of those moments , so I will let you discover these on your own What I will say is that my hat is off to Kristy Bromberg With the first two books being so successful, Crashed had a lot to live up to and she pulled it off By far this was my favorite of the series.Colton was the perfect broken bad boy that you can t help but love But he wasn t just a little broken, he was shattered completely There was barely dust when he completely broke, it was beautiful and heartbreaking all at the same time I love the fact that although when I first read Driven a few of the corny racing one liners that they shared made me roll my eyes, now after finishing Crashed those same lines had me smiling like a loon That is something that you can only accomplish when you can get your readers to connect to the characters, and there is not one piece of this entire cast with the exception of Tawny that I did not love.Becks was always there to push Colton when he needed it and was so supportive of Rylee Haddie kept you entertained with her off the wall comments Shit, the only reason to kick a man like him out of bed would be to fuck him on the floor I had a smile on my face for the last 30% of this story that was so big that my face hurt And not only do we get a fantastic epilogue, we get a bonus one that was just icing on the cake and brought us back to the very start of this story in so many ways This series started off with such a bang and had the great bad boy good girl romance, but where K took us in this veered completely off the path and gave us so much in the end I cannot wait for Beck Had s story but I am nowhere near ready to let these two go Kristy Bromberg has wowed me as a reader with her talent through her words and has impressed me as person by her grace I implore you to read this series if you have not yet, it is 100% worth it image error

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    5 A to Z Stars When I first picked this series up, it was just another book to read But after that first book, I knew it meant so much Rylee and Colton have found a special place in my heart and K Bromberg gave them the most epically fantastic, healing, loving, perfect ending that exceeded all my expectations.RyleeColtonAny doubts I had about Rylee and Colton and there weren t many were completely assuaged in Crashed and even though they still had their fair share of up and downs, they found their happy ending If you ve read the first two books in this series, then you have to read this one And if you haven t picked this series up yet, what are you waiting for This series has gotten better and better with every book, culminating in this wonderful ending to Colton and Rylee s story This is love Me and him, making it work One being strong when the other is weak Thinking of the other first when they know their partner is going to feel pain I m not going to talk about the plot because everything means if you don t know about it ahead of time So I ll start with the best and my personal favorite part of this book Mr Colton Donovan Omg this man has completely stolen my heart From the first moment, even when he was a cocky asshole, I couldn t help but fall for him The emotional journey he goes on in this one is truly inspiring and I can t even imagine surviving what he went through I try to cover my ears like a fucking little kid because it s too much All of it the words, the fear, the fucking hope that I just might in fact be a little bent and not completely broken is just too much His story completely broke my heart, shattered it into a million pieces Colton had to dig deep in this one and finally face the past he s been running from for so long And the prologue was both heartbreaking and chilling at the same time Underneath his tough exterior, is this broken man who doesn t know how to be loved But he s still extremely sweet, protective, caring, and just all around the best guy I loved seeing him with Rylee and the boys at the house He has a huge heart even if he might not realize it For so long, he thought if anyone found out his past, they would reject him and it was beautiful to see him open himself up to others and find acceptance and love for the first time I want to be your motherfucking checkered flag, Rylee Your pace car to lead you through tough times, your pit stop when you need a break, your start line, your finish line, your goddam victory lane Okay, I think that s enough Colton ranting for nowOnto Rylee She s one of my favorite females because she s strong, deeply protective, caring, loving and stood by Colton through everything Rylee has her own heartbreaking past and I don t even know how she not only picked herself back up but learned to thrive in her environment She s extremely nurturing with the boys and Colton but I loved that she was also willing to give Colton his space when he needed it Rylee is also so understanding of everyone Even when Colton would try to push her away or lash out at her, she saw deep down into his soul how much he was really hurting She didn t run or avoid but gave Colton enough room to breathe and come to terms with whatever they were facing She showed Colton unwavering unconditional love and that he wasn t alone in his pain Rylee was there for him no matter what I want him to know that his pain is my pain His shame is my shame His adversity is my adversity His struggle is my struggle That he no longer has to battle it along, body and soul stained in silent shame They both faced some really tough times in this book but it just made them that much stronger Colton and Rylee have had that spark between them from the very beginning but they have not had an easy road whatsoever All they ve had to go through, all the fights and breakups, and misunderstandings were all worth it in the end And I think all their experiences showed each of them just how strong they could be Because we need to crack We need to break Only then can we pick up each other s pieces and make each other whole again I loved that throughout this series, there have been so many little things that signify so much between Colton and Rylee Ace, a motherfucking checkered flag, sheets, the alphabet, racing, non negotiables, 4 super heroes, song texts, a storage closet. Every moment between them was something to cherish and have helped to shape them into who they are now They ve grown together, learned how to be together, and while their love isn t perfect, it s real I m not expecting anything any because if being with Colton has taught me anything, it s that our love isn t patient, nor is it kind, it s just uniquely ours The sex scenes were h o t hot but its so much than just sex between Colton and Rylee now There weren t as many smexy times as in the previous books but I was totally okay with that because this story was about so much .Oh and breakout star of this book is definitely Becks We saw a little of him in Fueled but oh my gosh, I completely fell for him in this one I love the friendship he has with Colton even when all they do is egg each other on Becks wasn t afraid to give Colton the hard truths and make Colton face his fears And he was always there for Rylee too Supporting her, reminding her how much she meant to Colton when she may have had doubts I hope he gets his own story one day Here is just one of the many hilarious moments between Becks and Colton You Colton Donovan stepped foot into a grocery store Yep And it wasn t just to buy condoms I can t help it now I love fucking with him It s just too goddamn easy Nah, no longer a requirement when you hold a frequent flier card to the barebacking club I don t think it hit me until the end that this was really the end of Colton and Rylee s story, and when it did, it hit me hard I ve been right there in this story with them, felt every emotion that passed between them, experienced all the highs and lows, which makes saying goodbye that much harder K has so much talent in her writing and storytelling and she truly brought everything to a close in this book Nothing felt rushed or forced and I loved every second of it She s also so unconventional, whenever I thought I knew where the story was going, there d be a twist that completely changed the direction of it.The ending seriously put this hugest grin on my face At the gym reading the last 100 pages or so, just on the elliptical grinning like a weirdo Then lying in bed reading the double epilogue, yup DOUBLE EPILOGUE, I had a smile on my face The ending was absolute perfection and everything I could have wished for for Colton and Rylee It made saying bye to them that much harder but lessened the blow at the same time Some of the lines were so beautiful, they made my heart ache with joy To see how far, Rylee and Colton have both come on their journey warmed my soul and showed me again exactly why this series is one of my favorites You were the one thing I never wanted never, ever expected in my life an fuck if I can live without you now You test me and tempt me and make me look at the truth I don t want to face and are stubborn as hell, but God, baby, I wouldn t want you any other way Wouldn t want us any other way I think I have the most quotes from any book I ve ever read and I wish I could share all of them But really, just read this book It was amazing and perfect and I wish I would read it for the first time again I ve been waiting for this book since I finished the second one and I was not disappointed Colton and Rylee are one of my favorite book couples and I will not be able to let them go for a long time I want to be your first, your last, and every fucking thing in between UPDATE 1.29.2014OMG there s a cover And I love it D When life crashes down around us, how hard are we willing to fight for the one thing we can t live without, each other Life is full of moments Big moments Little moments And none of them are inconsequential Every single moment prepares you for that one instance that defines your life You must overcome all your fears, confront the demons that chase you, and cleanse the poison that clings to your soul or you risk the chance of losing everything.Mine started the minute Rylee fell out of that damn storage closet She made me feel Made me whole when all I thought I could ever be was incomplete Became the lifeline I never knew I needed Hell yes, she s worth the fight but how do you fight for someone you know you don t deserve Love is full of ups and downs Heart stopping highs.Soul shattering lows.And none of them are insignificant Love is a racecourse of unexpected twists and turns that must be negotiated You have to break down walls, learn to trust, and heal from your past in order to win But sometimes it s the expected that s the hardest to hold on to.Colton has healed and completed me, stolen my heart, and made me realize our love s not predictable nor perfect it s bent And bent s okay But when outside factors put our relationship to the test, what lengths will I have to go to prove to him that he s worth the fight Whoever said love is patient and love is kind, never met the two of us We know our love is worth it have acknowledged that we were meant to be but when our pasts crash into our future, will the repercussions make us stronger or break us apart Just finished the second book with that devastating cliffhanger Need this book now

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    update 21.03.2014Review to come_____________________________________ OH MY FUCKING GODWHYWHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME WHAT THE FUCKWoman, you really are trying to kill me I love it and hate it at the same time what is wrong with me GOD DAMMIT Hurry the fuck up I NEED this book This is pure torture_____________________________________update 21.12.2013HELL YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS OMG OMG OMG WE HAVE A RELEASE DATE SWEET BABY JESUS IM SO EXCITED It will be my birthday gift ON 03.03.2014 WE LL GET CHRASHED LADIES HURRY THE FUCK UPGO GO GO AND PRE ORDER YOU RE COPY 03.03.2014OH MY FUCKING GODIT S FINALLY HEREWOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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    5 Crashing Stars.This third book starts after the dreadful end of the second And after the worst has passed, a lot is yet to come Without fully memory of the last days, some people will try to take advantage of Colton, creating again, drama and fight between him and Rylee And Rylee is tired of fighting against everyone and everything for Colton, especially against Colton himself But Colton knows that this time is all or nothing, he s decided to fight his demons and give Rylee what she deserves And now he finds himself in the race of his life, with Rylee waiting on the victory lane, but his ghosts still trapping on the starting line If the first two books almost gave me a heart attack, this one redeemed everything What an amazing end for an amazing series In the beginning we still had some angsts and a lot of angst, but when everything started falling in place, it was like a prolonged epilogue and I loved every second of it Definitely, my favorite book of the series, and a greatly written end If you want a steamy and romantic story, with enough drama to keep you entertained, these books are a great choice Rating 5 Stars Characters Development I already was a Rylee fan in the previous books, so liking her in this one wasn t a surprise Colton was the biggest surprise I loved him before, but in this book, after he fought his demons He was completely amazing D Impossible not to fall in love with I ended this book hoping for a story between Haddie and Beck, and since I ve found out that it will be one, I have nothing to ask for Steam Hot Sensible Subjects view spoiler Abuse, abortion hide spoiler

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    6 A to MotherFucking Z FEELING Stars I ve been away this past week and only just getting to my laptop, so slightly late on the review front Anyway here are my thoughts and feelings LOVE Some of the most beautiful and awe inspiring relationships have shit to deal with, the hardest of hardships are the most beautiful meaningful reads Here we have a gifted beautiful man, that is soooo swoon worthy that he needs compassion and unconditional love He gets it in all directions even at points he doesn t see it for himself His DadA true hero, gosh the love and devotion he has for his boy will pull your heart and is bittersweet in that you will cry and smile at the same time I ll be frank when I first met Andy in driven I didn t understand the kind of man he was, here here we have a beautiful father that loves his boy unconditionally, blood is NOT thicker than water here He knows what buttons to press and he will deliver, he will protect, he will strive to heal him and put Colton above ALL else when his happiness means to him than breathing I say again SUPERHERO The small gestures, the unconditional love There should be a novella on him ALONE sigh he s as swoon worthy as Colton is. JustSaying This book to me was an epilogue of sorts because of the raw yet healing emotions THEY BOTH went through I d say it s a rollercoaster and will hit you for 6 at times but oh my the beauty of the how they lean on each other was just so effortless I d though say this story was a book about possibilities and about gaining a future TOGETHER This was a book about two people who let go of the grief, the hurt, the pain of their pasts and moving forward with FEELING their futures Above all I have LOVED, ADORED EVERY DAMN Tear, laugh, emotion, friendship, raw intense Colton to devoted lover To feisty Rylee who fought to the bitter end to a selfless soul who put all in front of herself For those who haven t read this epic beautiful series you really need to try it Enjoy the RideFor reviews and blog posts

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    I m driven by fear Fueled with desperation crashing into the unknown PERFECTION Sweet baby Jesus, K Bromberg has won herself a motherfu ing checkered flag with this book This book is the much anticipated final book in the Driven Trilogy and it did not disappoint Instead, it exceeded every expectation I ever had and I am left sitting here writing this review feeling a complete state of euphoric book hangover bliss.In short, this book had one of the BEST ENDINGS I have ever read thus far Kristy was able to give Colton Rylee such a complete and perfect ending, that quite frankly, I am in awe of her It is painfully obvious how much this author has lived, breathed, slept Colton Rylee so much that she knew that this was the ending they would need, that I would need, that you would need Every question was answered Every issue addressed I felt so satisfied with this story that there was nothing I would change about it.Be prepared to feel every emotion possible while reading Have some Kleenex, a bottle of vodka or tequila if that s how you roll , remove all breakables, and throw in some chocolate while you are at it You will laugh, you will swoon, you will get hot bothered, you will cry, you will scream WTF multiple times, you will want to hug K Bromberg and then you will want to strangle her It was written in a way that has the reader so emotionally connected and involved with both Colton Rylee that what they felt, you felt I feel like I ran a marathon and I am completely emotionally spent in the best possible way I m sure you are sitting there questioning how authentic this review is I m gushing I never gush I know that and you probably know that too But, there are times where you read a series that just affects you in a certain way that you just have to gush about This is one of those series for me I love series with hot, Alpha men, tons of angst and a story that will touch my soul There are tons out there, I know So what makes this one so amazing you ask Let me make a list Colton s Dark Past I, like everyone else, love a tortured hero I love a tough Alpha male who is wounded and needs saving And Colton s past is dark, yet heartbreaking If you ve read FUELED, you know what lies in his past and you know what plagues his thoughts My heart broke for him This book really focused on Colton dealing with his past, instead of burying it with booze, women and racing It was so gut wrenching at times that I shed tear after tear for him I love how Kristy handled his story arc how she really had Colton face his demons It would ve been very easy for her to just loosely touch on his past, but she chose a different route A route that included digging deep and opening himself up for the first time I was so proud of him for how far he has come and I love him a little bit because of it My heart pounds and my head knows she just might have scaled that final fucking steel wall, opened it up like fucking Pandora s box so all the evil locked forever within could take flight and exit my soul with just one thing left remaining Fucking hope Unexpected Story Lines and Plot This book started full steam ahead Kristy didn t ease us back into the story, rather she hit the ground running At about 10% I remember my heart beating so fast and my emotions being all over the place This may be a final book, but let me be clear A LOT OF THINGS HAPPEN unexpected things that you did not see coming I was on the edge of my seat and each time a new conflict or plot twist happened I became that much addicted to this story Read below for my status updates while reading Character Growth Oh my have these two characters come a long way I remember in the first book, Colton was always so hot and cold with Rylee He pushed her away when she got too close, but then after being apart, he drew her back in And Rylee was no different She craved him, but then ran away when things got too hard It was exhausting keeping up with them But over the last two books, I actually saw the growth in both characters If I was questioning which I wasn t, but if I was whether Colton Rylee belonged together, all doubt was removed in this book These characters have balls of steel when it comes to each other and it was such a pleasure to watch them actually realize that they needed each other like they needed air to breathe No they weren t perfect and yes there were times where they almost regressed to their old ways, but it is very obvious how much they ve grown together This is love Me and him, making it work One being strong when the other is weak Thinking of the other first when they know their partner is going to feel pain Sexy Time I cannot write this review without talking about the steam factor that this book has Fans self Colton is the epitome of what most woman okay maybe it s just me desires in the bedroom The sex scenes were not just sex they had emotion, passion, depth to them You felt the sexual chemistry between Colton and Rylee so than in the other two books because quite frankly, they race each other It s than sex with them I want every inch of you trembling, fucking shaking, begging for me to take you, Ry, because fuck if I won t be doing the same I want to be your sigh, your moan, your cry out in pleasure and every fucking sound in between Colton s Smart Mouth Geez sometimes I wanted to smack him upside the head followed by pulling him to me to make out with him He s one of THOSE guys The kind that gets under your skin and lives up to Rylee s A.C.E nickname, while at the same time makes you want him even A man has to have his priorities He smirks If one head s fucked up, at least the other one can be used to its maximum potential Perfect Ending The ending was by far my favorite part of the book for me I absolutely adored how Kristy handled the ending to Colton Rylee s story I m going to gush this was one of the best endings I have ever read in any book It was the perfect way to wrap up the entire series and I couldn t ask for anything better If you are a fan of Colton Rylee, then I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you will LOVE this ending as much as I did Your heart will swell with love and pride for these two characters I am still reeling from reading it and I know it will stay with me always I want to be your motherfucking checkered flag, Rylee Your pace car to lead you through tough times, your pit stop when you need a break, your start line, your finish line, your goddamn victory line As a side note, I need to mention that as much as I loved Rylee Colton, I am also so in love with Haddie and Becks OMG these two characters are hilarious and I am so addicted to them They are probably the best secondary characters best friends and I am so glad they will be getting their own book in the near future I love their quick wit and snarky comebacks and know that their story will be one hell of a ride Yours is damn hard not to talk about when he looks like that with his sexy swagger, come fuck me eyes, and all around holy hotness Shit, the only reason to kick a man like him out of bed would be to fuck him on the floor Haddie You don t get it, do you Fuck the A or the B, you have the whole goddamn alphabet upstairs and she s asleep in your fucking bed right now, but the only letter that can fuck this up is U Becks Believe all the hype THIS BOOK ROCKS It has cemented the Driven Trilogy as one of my favorite series and I cannot wait for each and every one of you to read this Despite what you may have heard or what you think, know this K Bromberg has created a story and characters that will stay with you forever I will forever think of Colton Donovan whenever I see a race car, checkered flag or cotton candy 3 ARC received from author in exchange for an honest review

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    5 NEVER inconsequential stars Remember, life isn t about how you survive the storm, but rather how you dance in the rain For Colton Donavan and Rylee Thomasthe journey through the storm of their lives was brutal, it was sexy, and most of all it was beautiful when that checkered flag was finally taken forever.After the Crash life stoppedthen it began slowly, cautiously and with pit stops all around Never have two characters fought themselves or the elements to make it K Bromberg has catapulted this series to the top of my listFrom broken bones to a soul that was shattered, Colton s character was existing in his world of arrangements, but just one crashing moment.Rylee Thomas got to Colton like no other I love who you are and what you make me I love that your spark has stopped the blur That you wanted to race with me That I don t need the superheroes any because I need you instead Finally Colton understands the chaos inside his heart He faces his past and he finds everything he never knew he wanted or needed Yes He RACES Ryleeas he truly LOVES her he finally understands itwhich is truly a great thing since now it is time for Rylee to need him like never before Are they worth it is what they have real or is it just between the sheets Relationships aren t easy They re hard and can be brutal at times but those are the times you learn the most about yourself Colton Donavan has captivated me and he now owns me completely This read was full of quotable sections that I want to re read forever I loved the passionate intimacy and the raw lust that Colton and Rylee had for one another Not only were they intense, but reading their scenes felt like breathing them in I am a believer in Happy ever after, but never when it occurs without struggle Thank you to this author for this conclusion and the caution laps that kept the race off pacefor meCRASHED was everthingA to F ng Z

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Crashed download Crashed, read online Crashed, kindle ebook Crashed, Crashed e079cb8afbb0 When Life Crashes Down Around Us, How Hard Are We Willing To Fight For The One Thing We Can T Live Without, Each Other Life Is Full Of Moments Big Moments Little Moments And None Of Them Are Inconsequential Every Single Moment Prepares You For That One Instance That Defines Your Life You Must Overcome All Your Fears, Confront The Demons That Chase You, And Cleanse The Poison That Clings To Your Soul Or You Risk The Chance Of Losing Everything Mine Started The Minute Rylee Fell Out Of That Damn Storage Closet She Made Me Feel Made Me Whole When All I Thought I Could Ever Be Was Incomplete Became The Lifeline I Never Knew I Needed Hell Yes, She S Worth The Fightbut How Do You Fight For Someone You Know You Don T Deserve Love Is Full Of Ups And Downs Heart Stopping Highs Soul Shattering Lows And None Of Them Are Insignificant Love Is A Racecourse Of Unexpected Twists And Turns That Must Be Negotiated You Have To Break Down Walls, Learn To Trust, And Heal From Your Past In Order To Win But Sometimes It S The Expected That S The Hardest To Hold On To Colton Has Healed And Completed Me, Stolen My Heart, And Made Me Realize Our Love S Not Predictable Nor Perfect It S Bent And Bent S Okay But When Outside Factors Put Our Relationship To The Test, What Lengths Will I Have To Go To Prove To Him That He S Worth The Fight Whoever Said Love Is Patient And Love Is Kind, Never Met The Two Of Us We Know Our Love Is Worth It Have Acknowledged That We Were Meant To Be But When Our Pasts Crash Into Our Future, Will The Repercussions Make Us Stronger Or Break Us Apart