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Daisy Miller and Washington Square pdf Daisy Miller and Washington Square, ebook Daisy Miller and Washington Square, epub Daisy Miller and Washington Square, doc Daisy Miller and Washington Square, e-pub Daisy Miller and Washington Square, Daisy Miller and Washington Square a0bf379a758 In Henry James S Daisy Miller, A Young American Woman Ventures Into Sophisticated European Society, Where Her Naivete Provokes Scandal And Tragedy Graham Greene Called Washington Square The Only Novel In Which A Man Has Successfully Invaded The Feminine Field And Produced Work Comparable To Jane Austen S Each Work Weaves An Intricate Tale Of Marriage, Money, And Manners

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    I am reviewing here only Daisy Miller as I have read and reviewed Washington Square separately I wasn t sure what to expect from this novella but I did expect characters that would grab my attention and make me care about them, their stories, the writing itself, something Instead, sadly, I found myself not caring much at all which is probably the greatest condemnation of all It was just OK the writing was fine and I actually liked James authorial asides though I wonder if they should have been necessary for us to know his characters At the risk of exciting a somewhat derisive smile on the reader s part, I may affirm that with regard to the women who had hitherto interested him it very often seemed to Winterbourne among the possibilities that, given certain contingencies, he should be afraid literally afraid of these ladies He had a pleasant sense that he should never be afraid of Daisy Miller. p 50 Oh the games they played and I am so happy to have grown up a woman in the second half of the 20th century Perhaps that clouds my judgment on reading this but I also think James simply did not flesh out these characters enough.at least for me.8 5 As an addendum, I rated Washington Square 5 with a review here

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    My version contains both Washington Square and Daisy Miller I read Washington Square as a joint read with friends, and we will read Daisy Miller later this year.Washington Square a very readable classic for sure I had wanted to read this ever since reading Reading Lolita in Tehran Overall I found the story of our heroine, Catherine Sloper, to be quite tragic I felt her life was always manipulated and controlled by others But in the story s end, I for one was very pleased as I felt she finally came into her own, made a life that she found to be fulfilling and dictated her own terms Catherine Sloper will be added to my list of favorite literary characters.Yesterday May 1 2016 I finished Daisy Miller so now this book n my original post is complete As stated, Daisy Miller and Catherine Sloper could not be any different I very much enjoyed the novella, Daisy Miller It is quite short, about 60 pages, but I think Henry James tells quite a story in a short span I was truly blown away by the ending which I was not at all expecting Given that I read this book because I had read Reading Lolita in Tehran, I could not help but imagine what those young women thought of Daisy Miller

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    I saw the film version of Washington Square with Olivia DeHavilland and then the stage play with Cherry Jones Both were extremely good and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but, I think the book provided insight to the minds of the character The transformation of Catherine, from the shy and timid girl to a woman of confidence, certainly allowed me to explore how a mind works Of course, it was difficult to point finger who s at fault, since there was no one, but, the author James, certainly gave each character a voice I pity them, most of the time Worth reading I read Daisy Miller but was in a rush because I cannot wait to read Square.

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    Daisy Miller The story is told from the perspective of Winterbourne, a 27 year old American man who was educated in Europe, who is currently in Switzerland He meets a beautiful young American lady, Daisy Miller, and is really quite taken with her.Daisy first appears to be the typical coquette, flirtatious and trying to attract all the eligible young men As Winterbourne learns, Daisy is anything but typical She disregards all the expectations that young ladies are subject to she breaks all the rules, going out with men unchaparoned going out with less than respectable men and appearing surprised yet remaining uncaring when ostracized by society s elite.Winterbourne is quite undecided about her He recognizes her beauty he admires her vivacity he is attracted to her open and fun loving personality he is rather embarrassed by her social faux pas He is also perplexed by Mrs Miller, who is portrayed as a very inadequate parent, completely unable to rein in her daughter s risky behavior.Daisy s young brother provides some light hearted comic relief.Daisy does come to an unfortunate ending as a direct result of her reckless behavior thus, a straight reading would lead one to think this is a cautionary tale.However, Winterbourne and the reader isn t so sure I get the impression that James was mocking the social s of the day and that the ending well, Fate is a real fickle bitch, isn t she.The characterizations of all the main characters were absolutely beautiful, as were the descriptive passages.Washington SquareDr Sloper was a well thought of New York physician, even a celebrity of sorts He was intelligent, witty, sophisticated and wealthy Nothing is told of his own antecedents, but he married a beautiful, rich young woman of whom he was apparently very fond Their first child was a boy and the doctor quite doted on him and believed him to be highly intelligent Sadly, the boy died at age 3 Dr and Mrs Sloper had another child, a daughter Mrs Sloper died soon after her birth Dr Sloped never really loves Catherine he thinks she is neither pretty nor clever.When young Catherine was ten, Dr Sloper brought his widowed sister, Mrs Penniman, to live with them and look after Catherine Catherine was plain and quite ordinary and conventional As she grew up, she attracted little attention from the eligible bachelors Then a Morris Townsend made her acquaintance and with the encouragement of Mrs Penniman, began courting Catherine Catherine soon believed herself in love with him and agreed to marry him.Now as I mentioned, Dr Sloper, through his wife and from his profession, was very wealthy Catherine herself had a legacy of 10,000 per year from her mother Dr Sloper was convinced that Morris was merely a fortune hunter, and not genuinely in love with Catherine The doctor told her that he would not consent to the marriage and that I d she married without his consent, he would disinherit her, leaving her just the 10,000 per year.This makes no difference to Catherine she is determined to marry Morris However, Morris is, in fact, just what her father believes, and it doesn t suit him to marry Catherine for a mere 10,000.One could construe that the doctor took out all his grief and anguish at the loss of his wife and son on the little girl Or perhaps he is merely a control freak But he actually takes pleasure in Catherine s broken heart, merely because it proves he was right about Morris Mrs Penniman It seems to make you very happy that your daughter s affections have been trifled with It does, said the Doctor for I had foretold it It s a great pleasure to be in the right Your pleasures make one shudder his sister exclaimed The reader knows the doctor is right Morris is only after Catherine s money When the breakup comes and Catherine is forced to admit it to herself, she does one thing that I did indeed admire she determines that she will not let her father see that her heart is broken She knows that he would have absolutely no sympathy about her pain and instead, would crow over the fact that he was right This does cause the doctor some puzzlement and disappointment None of the characters are very likeable Morris is shallow and mercenary Catherine is dull and conventional Mrs Penniman is a silly, flighty troublemaker but the doctor is worst of all I dislike Morris for hurting Catherine, but I find the doctor outright abhorrent If I had been Catherine, I could have cheerfully murdered him, father or not Catherine did get her revenge, of sorts, on both the doctor and Morris and even on Mrs Penniman Nevertheless, the reader is left unconvinced that she was happy her life, as described, is full of duty and good works.Although the subject matter is bleak and the characters unpleasant, the writing is stellar Descriptive passages are beautifully eloquent.

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    Daisy Miller by itself would get three stars I greatly enjoyed Washington Square I will paraphrase a quote from a critic from 1881 It s a dismal tale with no agreeable characters, nothing but commonplace feelings and actions, making us study a leaden colored group of emotions to show us even among the well to do, life is like that The story is marvelously clever.A bit slow to get going, but a very easy read.

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    Daisy Miller and Washington Square are separate works in the same book.Daisy Miller 62 pages long Follows the classic 19th century plot of Behold, reader A beautiful young society woman does things which her companions judge scandalous, but which don t really seem like that big a deal Now everyone is talking about her and turning their backs on her She starts to get a little worried, but acts brave and tragic and romantic Oh crap, she just died It s hard to sympathize with Daisy because we never really get into her head instead, the story is told from the scandalized perspective of Mr Winterbourne, a 27 year old who is idling around Europe studying which, the narrator tells us, is code for trying to pick up hot foreign chicks Despite this, he s too stiff, as he describes himself, to step too far out of the boundary of what is acceptable by polite society Winterbourne s brain basically goes into system failure when he tries to compute completely innocent, genuine, lovely young lady and runs around unchaperoned with men Even good God Italian men Daisy ends up dying of Roman fever a particularly deadly strain of malaria for narrative purposes, it s essentially foreign itis after looking at the Coliseum in the moonlight, which is TOTALLY SCANDALOUS for a LADY to do So it turns out society was right, and doing scandalous things will ruin you in the end If you re a lady, that is Winterbourne was checking out the Coliseum as well, and he ended up all right.Well written, but fairly predictable forgettable.Washington Square I liked this much better As before, the characters motivations often seemed ambiguous, arbitrary, baffling and hard to read but the greater space given to them allowed time to consider the situation and recall that, yes, this is exactly how people behave in real life as well Many of the characters reminded me of specific people, or types of people It s a bit of a bleak story, but vivid nevertheless.H.G Wells remarks on James writing now make a lot of sense to me how it resembles a brilliantly lit cathedral, luminously detailed, and on the altarpiece, a dead kitten, an eggshell, a bit of string.

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    Daisy Miller was just ok for me but I loved Washington Square My heart just goes out plain and lonely Catherine Sloper Her days consist of needlework and insults from her stuck up rich father, Dr Sloper When she finally has a chance of finding true love with the dashing Morris Townsend, Dr Sloper believe he is the worst of libertines and is only after Catherine s fortune A must read I also recommend the wonderful black and white classic The Heiress starring Oliva De Havelind, Montgomery Clift and Sir Ralph Richardson

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    What a beautiful editorial decision, pairing these two novellas together James two complex, well drawn heroines are seeming opposites nonetheless they both wrestle with the selfishness of loved ones, and broadly, with the strict social conventions of Gilded Age America.

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    Very good, both short stories I especially liked Washigton Square.

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    I may be mistaken, but I think this is my first time to read Daisy Miller I was so thankful that it was brief Right away, I saw the symbolism of her name Both Daisy and Miller are low names Millers are working class the name actually comes from the occupation , and daisies are common, country flowers, uncultivated like Daisy herself Her family is American and has a lot of money They are able to travel around and live in Europe, but they do not apparently observe the social standards expected of respectable, upper class families It s not just Daisy Her mother and brother have the same traits that Daisy is ridiculed and shamed for, but Daisy is an unmarried young woman and is held to a different standard Both Daisy s mother and her young brother stay up late and roam around outside late at night They both converse openly with strangers even strange men And the young brother is loud and brash and interrupts people, inserting himself wherever he cares to go Daisy isn t quite so rude and rambunctious, but she is free minded, engaging and adventurous which Henry James obviously cautions is a very unseemly even dangerous rebellion for young women Of all the people who share Daisy s behavior and activities, no one shares Daisy s fate.What a horrible time the past was to be female Dead or unmarried, in a world that seems to see them as the same thing.One of my favorite paragraphs from Washington Square p 177 is I don t believe in lovely husbands, said Mrs Almond I only believe in good ones If he marries her, and she comes into Austin s money, they may get on He will be an idle, amiable, selfish, and doubtless tolerably good natured fellow But if she doesn t get the money and he finds himself tied to her, heaven have mercy on her He will have none He will hate her for his disappointment, and take his revenge he will be pitiless and cruel Whoa betide poor Catherine I recommend you to talk a little with his sister it s a pity Catherine can t marry her It was such a delight reading that last bit sitting comfortably in 2020, knowing that she COULD now marry the sister if their natural tendencies were such.

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