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    A great Disaster novel One that, as a resident of the Dallas Ft Worth area, can relate to the impact on the people living there.

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    Reads like a made for tv movie from the 70s and 80s Love it

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    Great action disaster book.

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    Nothing great about the story A retired cave explorer came out of retirement to save the world with his new found love who brought him back out of retirement It was sort of dramatic but lacked twists Otto Ralt s intentions were good I believe, to save his business, and the city during the process But his means were questionably stupid Stealing water from a river in Mexico Bombed the river bed while 5000 Mexican troops were crossing it How on Earth did he think he could get away doing something so massive without drawing any attention to him Did he seriously think such plan would work in the long run, let alone the short The author did, perhaps Ending was unrealistic as well Mexico fired a nuclear missile aimed at Texas, of all choices, in retaliation for its murdered troops The city has conveniently sunk under because of the sinkholes at the time and the explosion happened deep below ground No one was hurt, the explosion somehow made it rain the next day ending the five year drought US made peace with Mexico and that s that.

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Dallas Down download Dallas Down, read online Dallas Down, kindle ebook Dallas Down, Dallas Down 43c64067c7e0 It Is , And The American Southwest Is Withering In The Grip Of A Three Year Old Drought But While The Desperate Population Scans The Skies For Relief, The Real Trouble Lies Hidden Underground In A Developing Sinkhole That May Engulf All Of Dallas