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    Keep the Pendergast coming 5 starsI cannot begin to even explain the goodness that is this book series The story lines are creative and complex it s like watching the world s most interesting puzzle being put together every time I read one of these I am tempted to plow right through the whole series right now, but then I won t have any left If you like action mysteries and you have not read any of these books, you are doing yourself a disservice Be sure to read them in order, though There is NO WAY you could fully enjoy this book if you do not have the full story from the previous entries I fully expect all of you to immediately upon finishing reading this review to go out and get a copy of Relic

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    Another Pendergast book, which means you all know what it s time for a food metaphor Note to those just joining our program for reasons even I m hard pressed to explain, I compared the experience of reading Relic, the first Pendergast book, to eating a hot dog I ve since felt compelled to use food metaphors for each subsequent book, because food metaphors seem like a natural and rational choice when talking about stories that feature sadistic serial killers doing really gruesome things to the meat sacks we call people In this instance, though, rather than comparing Dance of Death to a single item or dish, I m going to compare it to that bastion of food innovation Taco Bell.Now, before everyone starts throwing Doritos Locos tacos at me, I should note that, even though I pretty much gave up eating at Taco Bell for the sake of wanting to reach my 40th birthday which is, terrifyingly, only 7 months away a long time ago, I actually really like or, rather, liked Taco Bell It s delicious So, this is not a bad thing.But, Taco Bell is also the king of excess and ridiculousness You think Doritos Locos tacos were absurd You ain t seen nothing yet, bitches Just wait until we make a taco shell out of a fried egg that s right, a FRIED EGG and then we re going to make a French fry burrito that s exactly what it sounds like a big, overstuffed burrito, only we re going to put fries in it for reasons no rational human being can fathom THE ONLY LIMIT TO THIS INSANITY IS OUR IMAGINATION, AND OUR IMAGINATION IS F KING BOUNDLESS, EARTH CREATURES Not unlike how this book, at least relative to its five predecessors, is the king of excess and ridiculousness.At the beginning of the series, Pendergast was a highly eccentric Holmesian archetype who, in subsequent books, has broken out of that mold a little bit, though he still hews pretty closely to that script though his is a well rounded intellect vis vis the arts In the past couple of books, however, and particularly in this book, he has transformed fully into a full fledged action hero, making him a weird amalgamation of Holmes, Jean Claude Van Damme, Harold Bloom, the Rock, and Jeff Bezos both because Bezos is weirdly jacked and has gobs of F you money, which Pendergast seems to have in spades as well There is literally nothing he can t do intellectually, physically, stealthily, or monetarily well, except maybe avoid jail time for a long list of felonies, but that s neither here nor there.Pendergast s infallibility and increasingly insane antics are entertaining, but also require considerable willing suspension of disbelief kind of like eating a taco with a shell made from a fried egg In other words, you need to be in the mood, you need to know what you re in for, and you probably need to pop a couple of prophylactic antacids I m unquestionably on board for pursuing further adventures with Pendergast, though I m steeling myself for increasingly ludicrous set pieces in future installments I d prefer of a focus on the mystery solving and deeper historical and cultural aspects the prior books have dived into, but, hey every once in a while, I want a French toast chalupa as much as the next guy Now, where did I put that bottle of Pepto

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    The idea of an evil genius Supervillain disappearing from the face of the earth to plot and scheme, and plan the ultimate crime, seems laughable, and stereotypical on so many levels, at first The fact that he is the brother of the protagonist enhances this impression The thing is, however, that there s nothing laughable about the way he goes about it Dance of Death opens with a classroom discussion of The Waste Land by T.S Eliot, during which an unflinchingly gruesome and disturbing death takes place This enforces what we ve already known since Brimstone that this is going to be one hell of a wild ride.The events depicted here come as no great surprise We ve known about Diogenes and the Pendergast curse if you will for some time now We also know how it ends, don t we I mean come on, this is an Agent Pendergast novel after all Despite all this, the book remains an edgy and suspenseful read It is obvious that it is only a bridging novel, and as such ends rather unsatisfying It isn t really a cliffhanger as much as it is a lot of unfinished business The Book of the Dead concludes the whole Diogenes story arc.Diogenes is, as many have noted, an over the top antagonist Some reviewers were frustrated by his almost godlike abilities to confound the powers that be But let s face it, to be a proper foil for Aloysius Pendergast you have to be somewhat able It isn t often that Aloysius is given a run for his money, as he is here, and that adds a whole new dimension to his character Also, in the process mysteries are revealed or at least hinted at regarding the Pendergast family history.As always, Preston Child manage to convey a deliciously Gothic vibe It s modern day New York, but it drips with old school atmosphere The only unfortunate thing is, we know who or what the villain is from the onset, which sets this novel apart from the rest of the series There are still enough twists and thrills to keep fans satisfied, but I m longing for a return to the likes of Relic, with its cool creature feature.

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    Another great and exciting adventure with Pendergast and crew The action was just nonstop in this book.Of course, this one ends with a cliffhanger Looking forward to getting to the next book in the Diogenes series

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    What can I say Another super offering from the dynamic duo

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    I have been a fan of Agent Pendergast ever since I read the first novel in this series in 1995 when it was first published At the time, I remember I enjoyed Relic because Pendergast was awesomely different and the story thrillingly gruesome Then life got extraordinarily busy for me.kids, a divorce, years as a single mom, remarriage, etc etc.you knowhard core adulting.and I lost track of this series for a long time Fast forward about 10 years.only one child left at home.and time on my hands.I re discovered my love of books a couple years ago And I fondly remembered Pendergast There are lot books in the series now, so I m enjoying catching up with what Preston Childs have been up to since I ve been away My library offers most of the series on audiobook through OverDrive, so I listen off and on during the day Pendergast solves some of his most thrilling cases while I m driving the car, washing dishes or folding laundry Dance of Death was an enjoyable listen Agent Pendergast s insane brother Diogenes is seeking violent revenge against his sibling Diogenes is systematically murdering everyone that Pendergast cares about One at a time In gruesome ways He wants his brother to suffer Pendergast knows that the killings aren t Diogenes main focus though The deaths are just a smoke screen to keep Pendergast busy while Diogenes pulls off a crime he s been planning for than 20 years Can Pendergast save the people he loves the most.and still prevent Diogenes from succeeding with his criminal plans The story was a bit melodramatic in places.and the criminally insane mastermind is a plot trope of long standing But, I still found this story exciting, interesting and suspenseful I was, however, incredibly disappointed to discover that this audiobook version is heavily abridged At 6.5 hours, it is about 10 hours shorter than an unabridged version I looked up online How can you glean 10 hours of narration time out of a Pendergast book and not have a tremendous effect on the story I did enjoy this audio book..but now I seriously wonder how much and what I missed by listening to an abridged version Rene Auberjonois is an outstanding narrator He gives Pendergast just the right tone and accent, in my opinion His reading pace and tone is even and easy to understand I have partial hearing loss and have no problem understanding Auberjoinois The only thing that I didn t like about this version is the huge amount of story that must have been removed to whittle it down to 6.5 hours The fact that the company is called Hatchette Audio and they axed out half of the book made me laugh I am listening to another book in this series by the same company also abridged and then I m going to go back to reading the novels rather than audio versions unless unabridged I want the full Pendergast..not the axed version I would give the Pendergast story a strong 4 star rating on its own merits But I m dipping my ranking down to 3 stars on this one.just because 10 hours missing from a story is a lot of missing narrative Boo Hiss in honor of the slightly melodramatic storyline in this book Dance of Death is book 8 in the Agent Pendergast series It s the middle book in the trilogy within the series that centers around Diogenes There are 16 books in the Pendergast series currently, with the 17th, City of Endless Night, coming out in January 2018 For info on Preston Childs, check out their author website here I m going to listen to the last Diogenes book in abridged form since I ve already started the audiobook..but then going back to reading the novels for the rest of the series.

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    A very good read filled with lots of action and plenty of twists and turns This one featured the largest ensemble yet of the series recurring characters.I particularly like Diogenes character and the Joker Batman complex he has with his brother Talk about a fiction villain The whole book I thought that he had Aloysius number, but man oh man Pendergast is one crafty protagonist Time to put a ribbon on this case.

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    I didn t find this as good as the others in the series The evil brother story line seemed a bit TOO far fetched to me Having said that, it was still a good and action packed read I see the next one continues the story line so I hope it wraps up satisfactorily.

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    Starting was good, writing was as usual intressting, but the ending got me disappointed by telling something very big crime Is going to happen and its another theft Rather then making a perfect ending the author used it to continue the plot for another book.

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    This second book of a trilogy is very good.A series of bizarre murders puts Agent Pendergast on the case It turns out his own brother, a sick, twisted criminal genius is up to something He s killing people Pendergast knows in spectacular ways What is he really up to, besides punishing Pendergast A real page turner, very exciting.

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Dance of Death download Dance of Death, read online Dance of Death, kindle ebook Dance of Death, Dance of Death 695734069562 Following The New York Times Bestselling Brimstone, Preston S And Child S DANCE OF DEATH Pits Agent Pendergast Praised By Publisher S Weekly As A Ruthless Descendant Of Holmes Against His Most Personal And Dangerous Foe Yet His Brother Diogenes When People Close To Him Are Viciously Murdered And He Is Framed, Pendergast Becomes A Fugitive, Trusting Only His Old Friend NYPD Lieutenant Vincent D Agosta