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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 283 pages
  • Even Vikings Get the Blues
  • Sandra Hill
  • English
  • 06 January 2019
  • 9780425237403

10 thoughts on “Even Vikings Get the Blues

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    It was OK, but I think I prefer her viking stories set in modern day, not the ones set 1000 years back in time I also prefer the female vikings MUCH better, as the male vikings are just too alpha and barbaric for me to find interesting I normally love Sandra Hill and her humorous sexy novels, but this one isn t a favorite.

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    Quick Rundown Rita Sawyer, former movie stunt woman, is now training to become a female Navy SEAL She is knocked out cold hit on the head during a routine SEAL training session and time travels to Norstead during the Viking age Steven, leader of Norstead, discovers Rita, believes she is a sea creature given that she arrives in a wetsuit and decides to jail her until he figures out what she is and what to do with her The witches of the land believe they have cast a spell to summon Rita s arrival and that she is the light to Steven s dark, brooding demeanor.First Impression I had not read any of Sandra Hill s books before, but I understand now that she writes with and emphasizes humor Going in, I had no idea how silly it would be Silly as in cheesy So much so that even within the chapters there are sub titles such as He was the Donald Trump of the dark ages and They weren t Reva and Josh, but there was a Guiding Light.The Hero A depressed, barbaric Viking that Rita says has the blues As a form of punishment, he decides to parade Ree tah around town with a slave collar to assert his power and control The Heroine An independent, feisty woman who adjusts unrealistically well to her new way of life in the Viking age She decides to make the best of it and invent deodorant and condoms, the two things she feels is needed most What worked Ms Hill has a flair for description and two of her passions are food and sex I have never heard an author be so descriptive with food and the sex scenes were sensual, hot and probably the only non corny part of the book Also, Ms Hill references Clark Gable and Johnny Depp who are two of my favorite men, so I will give her kudos for that What didn t work While I enjoy books with humor, the overabundance of it in this case was a turn off for me I believe Ms Hill referenced pop culture and modern day topics in an attempt to highlight the difference between the time periods However, the jokes and on liners ended up being distracting and didn t particularly forward the generally weak storyline As a reader, I kept questioning why I was not laughing and ultimately felt no real connection between Rita and Steven and did not really care where they ended up, past or future.Final conclusion I don t think the Vikings are for me, but if someone enjoys corny references to pop culture that outweighs storyline and character, this is the book and world to chose.

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    I ve read this book by Sandra Hill countless times already only with a different title and characters It s so superficial, filled with bad romance novel stereotypes and now that she s venturing into light erotica it s also dumb with just plain bad writing I had high hopes for this book because the misleading back blurb sounded good Well the strong SEAL WEAL trainee heroine turns into a weakling who never once tries to take down the oafish Viking hero who appears to be suffering from depression The author sets up the heroine to be this independent minded, physically strong character only to have her mind turn to mush when faced with the hero The heroine has moments where she gets all in his face but she backs down or pouts most of the time Of course there s also her love for the small children of the clan how sickly sweet and she turns into a court jester practically with her trying to loosen things up typical time travel nonsense The so called banter arguing is laughable with an outdated old fashioned contemporary language feels very 80s and the steam is either icky or just plain eye rolling stupid There is no depth whatsoever to the characters, the humor is mostly 14 year old boy toilet humor and the writing just feels like she had to slap out a book fast.This was a total waste of time The series is actually continuing, though who knows why If it s to repeat what s already been done then just end it and move on Hill seems to have turned into a has been author who now just takes out the cookie cutter la Connie Mason boring the reader to tears.

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    All I can say is.I loved this book I ve read all of Hill s Viking Navy SEALS WEALS series and they are all good This one was so good I just smiled and giggled throughout the entire book Steven and Rita were wonderful together I loved the way He was always trying to teach her to submit to him even in bedsport The sex scenes were HOT but, they just seem to fit in because she is such an aggressive female and he is a major Dominant Viking I still wish she d tone down the descriptions of her sex scenes some I would have given this 5 s if she had I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a sweet love story and some giggles The story opens with Rita just finishing up on a movie set as a Hollywood stunt woman She gets recruited for the Navy WEALS program She works very hard during her year long training for WEALS It sounded like torture for me Right near the end of her first year of training the women must face HELL WEEK Ugh During an exercise in the water something goes wrong and she ends up going back to the past in Viking times The Vikings who discover her in the water thinks she s a sea creature She is wearing her wet suit and flippers They put her in a wooden cage to protect themselves from her When she awakes she starts explaining who she is and that she is NOT A SEA CREATURE It is so funny

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    I still prefer the earlier books in the series It was nice to find out what happened to Steven who was, I guess, left behind two books ago when Thorfinn was dumped in the future but once again, I miss the Ericsson Magnusson clan and the Navy SEALs I keep wanting to know what happens to the rest of the Magnusson brood and some of the mysterious SEALs And I m pretty certain now that I prefer the characters to time travel to the future in this series than to have the characters go back in time.

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    Dark Viking by Sandra Hill Paranormal Romance Oct 5th, 2010 4 stars Looking for a book that is hilarious, outrageous and guaranteed to perk up your day If you aren t familiar with Sandra Hill s exuberant humor then you are in for a treat She writes light hearted books that really transport the reader into a world you wished you could inhabit Her characters are a hoot and the heroes in particular are so hunky In Dark Viking, she continues her Navy SEALs, time travel Viking series In this novel saucy stuntwoman Rita Sawyer is recruited into the new WEALs Woman on Earth, Air, Land, and Sea While in the grueling training camp Rita in scuba gear she is suddenly transported in time When she wakes up she finds herself caged in a place that looks like an old Viking village The head honcho named Steven dubs her the ugly Sea Siren He states she is dangerous and keeps insisting they are Vikings Rita is sure someone is playing a joke on her but she isn t one to be pushed around Steven of Norstead is depressed As the last of his noble Viking line he has great responsibility for 2 Viking estates He used to be happy and carefree but when his brother Thorfinn disappeared life lost its appeal When out on his longboat Steven discovers a strange female monster and immediately cages this treacherous creature But when this Ree tah takes off her outerwear he is dazzled by her beauty However, he still does not trust her and her eccentric ways But when she mentions a man that she met similar to him named Thorfinn Steven is determined to discover what she knows and find Thorfinn again This novel bursts with joy The characters are bold, bright and just laugh out loud funny I loved the indomitable and spunky Rita She has a lot of grit and doesn t let a brawny and sexy Viking push her around The jokes in the story are just so original and corny that you have to love them The hero Steven had some surprising depth as he really feels the burden of responsibility since his brother was lost and misses his brother dearly I loved Steven s befuddlement with his Ree tah and how he sets seducing her with his confident charm The only quibble I have with the story is the rather abrupt ending and how stubborn Steven is at confessing he cares for Rita But for sheer joy and laughter this book hits right at the funny bone and will lift your spirits The author s special brand of humor, wit and sensuality make her books something to look forward to after a long day Dark Viking is no exception I loved it Reviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club

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    The latest installation in the Viking Series by Sandra Hill is packed with a lot of humor and steamy love scenes.Rita Sawyer is a stunt woman who is recruited into the Navy SEALs, assuming she can pass hell week Rita thrives on a challenge and being athletic definitely helps her She is on a water test when she is zapped back in time When she wakes up she is surrounded by Vikings.Steve Norstead embodies what a true alpha Viking male is He is a warrior who is strong, fierce and respected by his people The sea mermaid that washes up on his land defies him at every turn and he is not use to woman boldly expressing themselves Her unusual ways intrigues him and Steven finds himself falling for a woman who he is not sure belongs in his world.One of the things that frustrate me about Rita, is that she rarely appears as though she is trying to return back to her time She is almost complacent with her situation There is never a real effort displayed throughout the book to show that she really wanted to leave this time period and return home In the beginning the Vikings believe she is a sea siren and they hold her in captivity They are not mean to her but the fact that they held her captive, makes it interesting that she did not try to escape immediately The humor in this book is laugh out loud funny Rita interacts with the Vikings realistically and her dialogue is some of the funniest in the book Steve even throws in a few funny lines from time to time as he learns Rita s quirky jokes and ways I especially love the scene where she informs Steve that the Vikings have bad B.O and she swears she is going to invent deodorant However, the humor is almost, in my opinion, fillers for the lack of plot While the humor is fun and contributes to the story, it also distracts from the real story My problem with this book is that there is no clear, concise plot The story is not structured properly Aside from Rita going back in time, there was no other conflict The story moves along, showing Rita and Steve s relationship developing Rita is finally presented with a way to go home but she has to decide whether to stay with Steve or go back to her former life Old characters from a previous book surfaces and helps Rita with her decision Overall, this story was entertaining but not nearly satisfying as I had hoped.

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    Reading this series I just know what I am in for and always look forward to it These books are just cheesetastic , it is just part of their charm The way the couple has misunderstandings, one from the future, one from the past, makes for some great scenes This time around we have Rita, a modern day woman, thrust back to 9th century Viking time Rita seems to be a very modern woman, a stunt woman, and almost Navy WEALS She is shocked when she realizes just where she is and she seems to have met her match with Steven, who really isn t sure what to think of Rita Although neither of them fights their attraction very hard, they do have issues in trying to get the other to see their point of view.Rita has some great scenes inventing panties, deodorant, and teaching all the ladies to line dance All in all this book was a fun read, one that came just in time after I had tried 3 duds in a row.

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    Loved this book Once I started reading I was enjoying it sooo much I didn t want to put it down To the point where I had a serious debate after finishing it about going and buying books by this author to read next, even though I have 30 books already purchased and sitting in my to be read pile I do have to admit that thinking back on it, a couple days after reading, that this book seems in line with a normal Viking romance books her latest series releases than time traveling There was very little focus on time travel or time travel related humor Still I was really happy to read in the back that there will be time traveling Viking books.

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    Love, love, love this book Of course, like so many of Hill s books, this is just chock full of funny, funny segments, conversations, repartee, observations on the part of the main characters And how many of us would be able to keep a straight face as we are trying to explain our modern world to the Norse warriors of 1,000 years ago Just a really great book and such a delight to read And of course, it is a delightful love story with a great sizzle Wouldn t mind having that Norse warrior around just about any time

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Even Vikings Get the Bluescharacters Even Vikings Get the Blues, audiobook Even Vikings Get the Blues, files book Even Vikings Get the Blues, today Even Vikings Get the Blues, Even Vikings Get the Blues ed95d After A Sea Operation Gone Wrong, Navy SEAL Rita Sawyer Awakens To Find Herself Still Clad In Her Wetsuit And In A Cage With A Bunch Of Vikings Staring At Her, Including One Very Tempting Warlord Steven Of Norstead Has Been In A Cold, Dark Mood For Many Weeks But Perhaps This Unusual Woman, With Her Sharp Tongue And Irksome Ways, Could Be The One To Light His Fire

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