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    For the first half I would have given it a 4 It s one of those what s it all about Alfie puzzles or an allegory I call these metaphysical and philosophy class fare with the usual Germanic cultural spins my what s it all about Alfie category I m sure some of you remember the song So the state of human here always carries the morose and linear end state forever in every second to minute stage of each individual s homo sapiens cognition Fatalistic spices are also heavily added by cup loads into the recipe, while the Scandinavian joy capacity aspects are at half pinch level quantities They are never generously added at any point Not even when he watches a beautiful harbor or lays on the grass and rests do you get other than peace or tranquil thought not JOY Remember this first, if you are interested in this book Not a smiley face even her laughter is smokey in 200 plus pages Being in love becomes even painful All the downsides of vulnerability and REJECTION raise their heads Egads, our pitiful narrator Others have related the plot tied to the painting of the descending woman I will not It borders on the ridiculous, flowing over to silly.Suffice to say that Irene is NOT all womanhood Because sooner AND later, it universally than not, becomes all about her in this book No other woman in the book mentioned ever gets a proper noun name And thankfully, most real women and also most adult human beings don t think the 3 year plan of perfect retirement taken at any age in life but followed by suicide or disposal is a plausible goal to enhance society Nor do most women like Irene form their reactions and forward plans in primary light of a rejection for the roles they believe their men have put them into Thank GOD Disclaimer here, because I would be at this juncture at least 4 years dead if the good retirement plan became implemented There are quite a few quotes to ponder and list But I won t Not because I disagree with them, but because they are 90% residing in the thinker and know better of carefully learned formal philosophy, economics, and la la land perceptions of 1st world sensibilities to need He writes these ideas in quivering and quotable style language quite well Some of the most poignant points reflex upon looking back in age as people feel that they are nearly over it And how most of the surety of youth and youth s righteousness comes from having little to remember or regret from their own pasts Or from just a lack of knowledge about conflicting fall outs I m not so sure about either of those concepts Some of the old most certainly have forgotten all their own pitfalls and mistakes quite well, IMHO But it is worth the read Especially if you like stark manipulation and the plots these complex mano de mano competitions tend to foster This is absolutely one of those.Because of the totally unrealistic sickness and death aspects within the story, I almost gave it a 2 But what can you expect from a man who admits he had three kids, now grown to adults somewhere, but never much handled a diaper Any kind of diaper 2.5 rounded up for the geographic placements.

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    A mergers and acquisitions lawyer in Frankfurt is asked by his firm, early in his career, to settle an odd dispute between an artist, Karl Schwind, and the wealthy businessman, Peter Gundlach, who bought Schwind s painting, The Woman on the Stairs This becomes an oscillating feud, with complaints that Gundlach defaced the painting and subsequently that Schwind cut it with a knife, as well as discord regarding the restoration After we discover who the subject of the painting is, the plot progressively thickens The unnamed lawyer narrator becomes embroiled in a love triangle that ends in a cliff hanger and affects him for the next forty years Ultimately, this is a love story Maybe you ll have to get older to become young To find everything in a woman, to find it all again the mother you lost, the sisters you missed out on, the daughter you dream of We re all those things when we are truly loved The story has a page turning tempo, a mystery that, even when the first riddle is solved, continues to have unraveling consequences and thrumming questions It is a book in three parts the third part slows down as we sink our teeth fully into the perceptions and philosophy of the lawyer and Irene, the woman in the painting Throughout the narrative, the narrator is faced with unresolved issues about love and betrayal Is that how it is with things that don t quite come to an end But things do not come to an end, one has to bring them to an end Along the way, perception about art, the art world, and the business world are examined, as well as the philosophy of possession Within that, there s a bit of a fairy tale reference, too, such as Irene calling the narrator my brave knight mockingly, while she also criticizes her assigned female roles as trophy, muse, and distressed princess.Schwind and Gundlich, even as the story opens, are established in their separate fields, but Irene still aims for an independent identity The narrator, who has aimed for security and equanimity for much of his life, occupies a private restiveness, which is rooted in inexperience and blurry desires Forty years later, he must reconcile history, change, redemption, and the difference between love as illusion or reality The novel demonstrates that the life we dream, the one we live, and the choices we make coil together on the continuum of human experience Existence is not finite, perhaps not even in death Even the inanimate evolves Paintings don t come to rest and neither do people.

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    Once upon a time in Germany, three men begin an obsessive love with the elusive woman on the stairs , Irena the business titan Gundlach, the famed painter Scwind, and our unnamed narrator, an MA attorney who represents Schwind.I ve started this review in a fairy tale fashion because for me, this book read somewhat like an allegory The premise it spins on is developed in the first 25 pages Schwind is commissioned as a painter for Gundlach, the subject being his much younger wife The wife leaves Gundlach for Schwind Gundlach defaces the painting Our narrator is hired by Schwind to negotiate a deal whereby Schwind would restore the masterpiece at his cost While performing his duty, our predictable, rather dull narrator makes unpredictable choices when he falls in love with Irena.It s a tightly constructed premise and filled me with hope that the novel would unfold organically But quickly, I ran into an obstacle Irena, the nude, pale and blond subject of the painting, is not pardon the pun fleshed out enough to make me believe that she is so irresistible to these men, particularly to the narrator Irena, a focus of the novel, believes she was forced into friendly packaging the trophy, the muse, the damsel in distress These roles, she says, make women predictable and interchangeable And so she strikes out My problem, as a woman, is that I don t buy into the premise We, as women, do have choice about the roles we embody and how we define them Irena, as a fictional character can, of course, exert her own beliefs, but those beliefs would tend to distance the put upon narrator, not draw him closer to her.The theme that emerges is clich d we each need to embrace our authentic selves and take necessary risks, turning our back on the financial rewards of the corporate, cultural and legal worlds that entrap us Bernhard Schlink is capable of better For instance, he shines when he explores the narrator s imaginings with Irena about what might have been, creating an alternative history THAT is the Bernhard Schlink I know.

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    I m half way through and I don t really care to finish You could basically call this There s Something About Irene All of these dudes come after this woman because of how she makes them feel about themselves, not because they give a shit about her The only satisfying conclusion I can come up with is if she burns down her house with all three of these douchebags inside.

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    Meine MeinungF r mich war Die Frau auf der Treppe der erste Roman von Bernhard Schlink, ich bin durch eine begeisterte Rezension auf das Buch aufmerksam geworden und habe es sofort auf die Wunschliste gesetzt Ein wiederaufgetauchtes Kunstwerk und eine tragische Liebesgeschichte das klang nach einer reizvollen Mischung Au erdem geh rt Schlink seit seinem Bestseller Der Vorleser ohne Zweifel zu den deutschen Autoren, die man zumindest einmal gelesen haben sollte.Ich bin immer etwas zwiegespalten, was kurze B cher angeht Andererseits finde ich es, gerade wenn ich wenig Zeit zum Lesen habe, ganz angenehm, einen Roman in kurzer Zeit beenden zu k nnen und nicht ewig an ihm herumzukauen Andererseits f llt es mir bei Werken mit nur um die 200 Seiten oft schwer, richtig in die Geschichte einzutauchen und eine Beziehung zu den Figuren aufzubauen Die Frau auf der Treppe hat mir wieder einmal gezeigt, warum ich letztendlich doch immer wieder bei Serien und Romanen mit 400 Seiten lande Wenn ich mein Leseerlebnis mit einem Adjektiv beschreiben m sste, w rde ich mich f r fl chtig entscheiden Die extrem kurzen Kapitel haben bei mir den Eindruck von Oberfl chlichkeit und Dahinpl tschern noch verst rkt bevor man Gelegenheit hat, in eine Szene einzutauchen, wird man auch schon wieder aus ihr herausgerissen.Die Handlung konnte die Erwartungen, die der Klappentext in mir geweckt hatte, leider nicht so ganz erf llen Das titelgebende Kunstwerk ist mehr der Aufh nger der Story, und die variierenden Deutungen des Bilds durch den namenlosen Erz hler zeigen, wie er selbst und sein Verh ltnis zur Abgebildeten sich wandeln Meiner Meinung nach geht es bei diesem Roman allerdings gar nicht wirklich um Liebe, sondern eher um M nner in der Midlife Crisis Der Ich Erz hler kann es nie verwinden, als junger Mann das Opfer der Verf hrung einer Frau geworden zu sein, und Irenes Liebhaber und Ehemann sorgen sich ohnehin nur um die eigenen Egos, nicht um sie als Person Gegen Ende wird die Geschichte sehr tragisch, zu meinem Herzen konnte der Roman aber wie gesagt nie richtig durchdringen Das hatte vor allem damit zu tun, dass mir Irene von Anfang an unsympathisch war Ich hatte das Gef hl, dass sie es genie t, mit M nnern zu spielen, und sich immer wieder ihrer Anerkennung versichern muss W hrend der Ich Erz hler bereit ist, alles f r sie zu tun, nutzt sie sie kann es drehen und wenden, wie sie will ihm schamlos aus Ich habe versucht, Mitleid mit ihr zu haben, fand sie jedoch zickig und pr tenti s und ihr Verhalten in keinster Weise moralisch vertretbar Zum Ich Erz hler ist f r mich immer eine gewisse Distanz geblieben die Tatsache, dass er nie einen Namen bekommt, hat dazu sicherlich beigetragen Er war allerdings die einzige Figur, f r die ich zumindest ein bisschen Sympathie aufbringen konnte, wobei Mitleid hier vielleicht azch das bessere Wort w re Der Rechtsanwalt hat sich immer vor seinen eigenen Emotionen gef rchtet und ist stolz darauf, sie perfekt unter Kontrolle zu haben So ist er zwar beruflich sehr erfolgreich, brennt aber im Grunde nicht wirklich f r seinen Job Seine Ehe war solide , aber frei von jeder Leidenschaft, das Verh ltnis zu seinen Kindern ist gelinge gesagt distanziert Ich habe gehofft, dass er irgendwann erkennt, wie er sein Leben ndern k nnte, doch ich war mir bis zum Schluss nicht sicher, ob es tats chlich ein Aha Moment gab So gesehen ist Die Frau auf der Treppe ein ziemlich trauriger Roman.Ich kann durchaus nachvollziehen, warum Bernhard Schlink als Autor so gesch tzt wird Er w hlt eine an sich eher schlichte und schn rkellose Sprache, die aber gro e Gef hle oft besser vermittelt als ein blumiger, auf die Tr nendr se dr ckender Schreibstil Der sachliche, wenig emotionale Stil passt zudem gut zum Charakter des Ich Erz hlers, der sich jeder Innensicht und Selbstreflektion verweigert Ich m sste weitere B cher des Autors lesen, um mir wirklich eine Meinung bilden zu k nnen, aber in Die Frau auf der Treppe hat mir sein Schreibstil insgesamt zugesagt.Fazit Die Frau auf der Treppe konnte mich leider nicht wirklich ber hren, obwohl die Geschichte am Ende unerwartet tragisch wird Statt in eine Liebesgeschichte einzutauchen, hatte ich das zweifelhafte Vergn gen, mir die Midlife Crisis Probleme des namenlosen Ich Erz hlers anzuh ren Dass das Ganze durchaus gut geschrieben ist, konnte den Roman f r mich dann auch nicht mehr retten.

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    Este daqueles livros que eu tenho pena de n o estar traduzido para l ngua portuguesa Especialmente porque acredito que teria muitos leitores a gostar dele tanto como eu gostei Trata se do pen ltimo livro publicado por Bernhard Schlink, autor de O Leitor , e contrariamente ao que habitual na suas hist rias, esta hist ria n o se centra na quest o da culpa e do trauma alem o relativamente Segunda Guerra Mundial e ao Holocausto Die Frau auf der Treppe A Mulher nas Escadas conta a hist ria de tr s homens que est o interessados numa mulher, Irene, que est a descer as escadas numa fotografia de 1992 que mais parece um quadro, Ema de Gerhard Richter podem ver aqui , exposta na Art Gallery O que ao inicio parece uma hist ria de procura e descoberta pelo paradeiro de Irene evolui para uma bonita hist ria de amor, que tudo menos melodram tica, e na qual o narrador, ao reencontrar Irene doente e a viver com outro homem, a acompanha doente at ao fim dos dias desta Mantendo um estilo de escrita claro e simples, sem ser simplista, Schlink brinda nos com algumas passagens dignas de nota Uma delas, por exemplo, relaciona se com a quest o da idade juventude envelhecimento e a fotografia e nessa passagem, por mim traduzida, pode ler se o seguinte Eras tamb m jovem, mas contigo eu n o me senti velho Eu sei, eu era mais jovem, e a diferen a de idades era pequena Mas isto n o era tudo Quando olho agora para a tua imagem a tal fotografia Ema de Gerhard Richter , sinto me outra vez jovem Deixei te pintar naquele tempo para que permanecesses jovem e eu contigo Gostei mesmo muito E voltarei certamente a Schlink muito em breve

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    Meh Affairs and penis feels Pass.

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    I m not quite sure what to make of this book It was such an awkward start, with a young attorney involved in a ludicrous contract, falling immediately in love with a mysterious women I had a very hard time buying into the storyline and never particularly liked the protagonist.But there s something compelling about Schlink s simple and direct writing I finished this in two sittings And, in an unusual admission for me, this book finished stronger than it began.Not sorry I read it, but I won t be quick to recommend For my money, Stolen Beauty is the far superior read alike.

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