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Dead to You pdf Dead to You , ebook Dead to You , epub Dead to You , doc Dead to You , e-pub Dead to You , Dead to You f413e2e0d90 Some Memories Are Better Left UntouchedEthan Was Abducted From His Front Yard When He Was Just Seven Years Old Now, At Sixteen, He Has Returned To His FamilyIt S A Miracle At FirstThen The Tensions Start To Build His Reintroduction To His Old Life Isn T Going Smoothly, And His Family Is Tearing Apart All Over Again If Only Ethan Could Remember Something, Anything, About His Life Before, He D Be Able To Put The Pieces Back TogetherBut There S Something That S Keeping His Memory BlockedSomething Unspeakable

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    FREAKING WHAAAAT LISA McMANN, YOU CRAZY WOMAN Throughout the entire book I was really enjoying it, and I figured it would get 3.5 stars, but then the ending THE ENDING I had no choice I read this book in a day, it was crazy wonderful READ IT.Here s what I did upon reading the last few pages of this book At first I was likeand then I was likeand now I m just like

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    This is a very rare and unique YA story of a young man s battle with his own identity How often do you get to read about a teenage boy who was abducted at age seven and then gets returned to his family nine years later The story s premise alone is already very interestingand Ethan s character is very easy to like You can t help but sympathize with him As the reader, you would want to guarantee that Ethan s life after he s reconciled with his family will be as comfortable and as easy as possible after what he s gone through Of course, that wasn t what happened in the book because the author wrote this story in a very plausible and true to life manner.The author s main purpose I believe is to present one of the many harsh realities in life It s a terrible thing to lose a family member, a grave thing to mourn for their loss without any idea about whether they are still alive or not But whether they like it or not, they must move on and move on they did But what are they supposed to feel when that member returns and doesn t remember anything about the family at all It also doesn t help that Blake, the smart younger brother of Ethan is suspicious of his brother s identity The author therefore craftily presents the struggles of these characters in this one of a kind life situation.I admit I was 90% captivated by this original story and mysterious writing, but then the endingthat freaking endingThis is one of the craziest cliffhangers ever which wasn t fair at all because this is the kind of story that needs a proper conclusion Man That s just insane and for that I m subtracting one star from this book Ha Read at your own risk although I would really love to see the look on your face when you get to the ending.

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    Ethan was abducted at the age of 7 and was raised by a woman who abandoned him years later At 16 years old, he is reunited with his real parents, younger brother Blake and his sister Gracie who was born after Ethan was kidnapped The book shows the family s struggle with each other as Ethan re enters their lives without remembering his past.I enjoyed the beginning of this book which seemed so promising I felt real bad for Ethan and all that he went through The family s feelings and reaction seemed realistic for the most part Blake had some anger issues that were understandable The problem I had was with the ending It ended so fast and abrupt where I seriously thought I had missing pages in my ebook I had to check other reviews to make sure that I wasn t mistaken The author could have easily added another 20 or so pages to give some closure to the reader If the ending was meant as a cliffhanger, the way it ended so suddenly does not make me want to pick up another book by this author This was a solid 3 stars in the beginning but deduct 1 star for the ending.

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    Mindfuck.That s the first word that comes to mind after finishing Lisa McMann s DEAD TO YOU, because damn, you guys This book was one helluva ride The plot and premise was absolutely stunning Sixteen year old Ethan, abducted at the age of seven, has finally returned to his family It should be a time of rejoicing and glee, but there are secrets and memories that Ethan can t unlock, and it will rip his whole family apart.I ve always been interested in kidnappings, serial murders, and those fascinating, gory things that let people judge you easily I don t know why, but DEAD TO YOU just knocked me over, dragged me by the feet, and sucked me in.Lisa handled the family tension quite well, though I quickly figured out the mystery surrounding Ethan In fact, as you read this, you may already know the memories Ethan can t quite dig up I felt like there were gaps and holes in the story, but I can t talk about it because I d spoil it majorly for you.Lisa s writing is gorgeously simplistic Very easy to read, but it maintains that shy air of elegance many authors loose in first person It may have to do with also being in present tense, but I have absolutely no complaints about the writing style.All the characters had a lot of depth, especially Blake, Ethan s younger brother I absolutely despised Blake yes, even at the end because he was one of the biggest dickfaces I ve ever encountered Hell, he was my age, and that kid was a ball of infuriating, unstable anger I really liked Ethan, because he was so real Broken and lost, he had a lot of pressure on him that made him into who he was And Lisa wrote him like a boy His thoughts were the unspoken version of everything that would come out of my sexy archenemy s mouth I found Ethan s romance with Cami, an old friend, ridiculous The guy has just come back to his family after nine years and his life is practically a mysterious living hell, and Ethan s here thinking about how HE NEEDS TO SCREW CAMI I WANT HER WE NEED TO BANG ASAP So, yes Lisa is fantastic at writing from a male point of view She knows exactly how it works.I m kidding, I m kidding I m not sexist In all seriousness, I m joking Don t get offended, please I liked DEAD END a lot, and the cliffhanger ripped me apart especially since there won t be a sequel THERE S NOT GOING TO BE A SEQUEL.WHAT.

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    I was lying in my bed, eyes watering, listening to the pounding in my head, coughing so much and so hard that I started wondering if it was possible to hack out a lung or something because sheesh. SO I decided to read a book because surely that would take my mind off of the flu and make me feel better This book looked like one of those good mystery suspenseful books, right Right WRONG Ethan is such a dislikable character And I felt like a bad reader person when I realized that I genuinely disliked him, because his character had gone through a lot of trauma and of course he would have some problems and unresolved issues that he would have to sort with in the book.But it s not that Ethan is a sixteen year old creep Like one of those creeps The dirty minded, gross, slimy, stalkerish, boys that follow girls around making crude jokes and gestures.Like, no thank you AND IT GOT WORSE Asides from Ethan drooling over girls racks, and trying not to get a boner everyday we stray farther from God.Jesus, come quickly We get introduced to Cami, who is the girl next door and is only there to you guessed it dump her apparently jerky jock boyfriend even though I actually LIKED him, he was a good guy not a sleaze like Ethan , so she could make out with Ethan while he tries to hide his erection coughs looks up from book WHAT THE HECK AM I READING OH AND CAN WE POINT OUT THE STUPID PARENTS Oh, they finally found our son that disappeared when he was seven Pshhh No need for a DNA test, lets just move this complete stranger in our house who hopefully is our son Our other son is afraid of Ethan being an imposter and this is getting between them Pshhh Still no need for a DNA test face palm Wha logic, I tell ya I was like, this better not be the most predictable book and turn out like view spoiler yeah, Ethan wasn t their real son I was actually right, it was completely predictable hide spoiler

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    WHAT JUST HAPPENED no really, did that just happen Watch out Spoilers probably aheadI ll get to that wtf moment in a bit, I guess I should start from the beginningSo basically this 7 year old kid, Ethan was abducted from his family It has been 9 years and they get the call that Ethan has been found He is coming home This poor kid lived with his abducter Ellen for a while and then she decided to dump him of at a kids home in some bum fu town where there are no questions asked Okay, this pisses me off I digressHe lives there a while Screws some girl named Tempest, decides to leave and go live on the streets and at the zoo Did I mention this kid is only like 13 15 during all this So, he gets to go home and be with his famiy now after 9 years of not knowing who he is He meets his mom, dad, younger brother and 6 year old sister Yeah, she was born just a year after he was taken Also another kinda pisses me off moment But, she turns out to be too darn cute to get mad at So, I let this one go.Ethan s Brother on the other hand was pretty awful to him He is angry that Ethan doesn t remember anything He is angry at him for living in his space He is just angry This kid made me sick Up until literally the last page I hated him But, he turned out to be right Don t ya hate that So, I had a range of emotions reading this I was happy for the family at first, I was sad for Ethan not being able to fit in, I was mad at pretty much every character at some point or another I read this book because I am a huge fan of Lisa McMann Her Wake trilogy was easy to read and just awesome I am still a huge fan.Even after this wtf ending I can t believe it I thought maybe Ethan would run away or Blake would try and kill him or something But, I DID NOT SEE this coming Holy Hell 4 starsYou asked for it CrystalContent A lot of F Bombs were dropped Not suitable for probably under 15 Big thanks to Crystal for letting me read this one and for that heads up about the end This and other reviews and other fun stuff over on my blogMessyhousehappylife

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    I have no idea what just happened in the last 3 pages of this book and I have no idea how I feel about it I am in complete shock right nowAfter thinking about this for awhile I have come to the conclusion that I am pissed I mean very much over the top pissed What in the world happened How can it possibly end that way Ms.McMann has managed to take everything I thought I felt about this little world that she created and obliterated it with three pages of words.The story was such a rough one Ethan returns home after being abducted nine years ago It was so heartbreaking to see him trying to fit in and just disappear in the normal everyday that he wants his life to become My heart broke for him so many times in the first few pages that I just knew I would fall in love with him His relationship with his six year old sister Gracie was so sweet and innocent that I wish the book would have been about them They were a great pair With all that being said when the book hit the half way mark things started to get a little weird for me Ethan falls head over heels with the girl next door who just happens to be his best friend when he was younger I get where the romance should have fit in but with everything going on it just felt wrong I can t imagine anybody returning home after nine years and experiencing what Ethan experienced being ready to have a relationship with anybody It was all so out of place in my opinion Then the big bomb was dropped and all hell broke loose I totally did not see that coming and I am so upset that the story ended where it did UG view spoiler His poor poor mother I can t believe that after nine years the police finally find the real Ethans body WTH hide spoiler

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    Every element of the story was very predictable How everyone reacts, the relationships that develop, Ethan s problems adjusting, etc were all pretty much what one would expect from the situation I don t really feel like there was anything new or ground breaking done here In fact, the novel ends right where I think the real story begins view spoiler Like Blake, I never really believed Ethan was his long lost brother I had hope, for the sake of the story, that I d be proven wrong Unfortunately, things never got that interesting For me, the only thing surprising about the ending was how poorly it was handled All along I had been waiting for the truth to come to the surface When it finally did, I felt completely ripped off that the novel ends immediately I read that whole book to see how it would all play out and I got nothing hide spoiler

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    Brimming with intrigue and mystery, readers will be sucked into Lisa McMann s latest and best novel to date Be sure you have a free schedule You won t be able to stop reading until it s done There s a certain point when a book crosses from a great book to The Book The Book made by the angels of Heaven and delivered by Jesus himself to an author It s blessed, it s magical, it s everything a book needs to be and Dead To You by Lisa McMann was delivered Priority Mail from God himself He knocked on Lisa s door and handed her the package made of gold She opened it, and Dead To You was inside A book that brims with undeniable intrigue A book that sucks you in with it s creepy cover and mysterious summary that must be solved I read this book in a few hours, and they were hours filled with anguish and mystery and an unstoppable need to know what the heck is keeping Ethan s memory blocked What I absolutely loved about Dead to You was how Lisa gradually made the relationship between Ethan and his family and strained and taut It was so well done and masterful that I didn t actually realize how much change had happened until I finally finished the book I literally gasped because, well, how many times do you find an author who can make a relationship change, but you only subconsciously realize that it s happening It was perfectly done and made the book what it is The climax isbreathtaking Some have told me that they thought it was somewhat predictable, but I didn t see that final bang that blew up within the very last pages And that ending just CRIES for a sequel, but I can t see Lisa topping this one I don t want to give any spoilers, but I seriously gasped at the end I m not kidding, it is so shocking that it will leave you gasping and your mind will be reeling.Dead To You is by far Lisa McMann s BEST novel yet It s dark, it s chilling, it s different, it s unpredictable, and it s definitely a daring, refreshing book on the YA shelves Fans of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer will be drawn to the unsolvable mystery and the cliffhanger that will leave you scraping your jaw off the floor Make sure when you pick this up you don t have any plans in the near future, because you won t be able to stop until it s done Cover CommentsSets the mood for a creepy, mysterious book Definitely simplistic yet makes your mind work and think.

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    Family will always be there Through thick or thin, good times, hard times, and harder times Right But how can a family s faith, hope, and trust survive in the face of excruciating uncertainty and pain In Lisa McMann s Dead to You the DeWilde family s world is altered forever when seven year old Ethan is kidnapped from right outside their home Now nine years later, Ethan has been found and returned to his home and family, but can a broken family torn apart for so long really be healed Memories, anxieties, and pain swirl through these pages with such simple, honest language and emotion This family Mama, Dad, Blake, Gracie, and Ethan aka Efan as Gracie calls him touched my heart Maybe I m just not meant to be here, not wired to fit in any, after all these years away Through the course of the story, each member of the family attempts to reconnect with Ethan in their own way, but six year old Gracie, who wasn t even born when Ethan was kidnapped, truly made me smile The open and honest heart of a child will never cease to amaze and inspire me Gracie s love, trust and teasing with Ethan were some of my favorite parts of the book But Gracie s adorableness and trust were balanced with Blake s anger, jealousy, and mistrust At thirteen, Blake remembered the day, lived through how the pain changed him and his parents, and now has to attempt to rebuild a relationship with a brother who once again is getting all the attention The tension, uncertainty, and jealousy threaten new pain and rifts which push this young family and my heart to the breaking point.Now on to the lighter side of things D The side characters provide such a wonderful and needed layer of humor that gives readers a break from the tension in the family J Dog Yes, I said J Dog giggle, giggle will cause smiles and laughs every time he is on the page Oh, how he made me giggle Hehe And Cami The beautiful, funny, smart girl next door every guy wants one I m sure Ethan and Cami s chemistry is adorable, immediate, and down right hot at times Readers will root for them until the end For such a quick read, Ms McMann addresses some big issues, but does so in a clear, heartfelt way I truly felt like this family was just holding on and going through such realistic emotions dealing with such an impossible situation What people have to endure each day is heartbreaking How does a mother let her kids go out the door just hoping they come back especially since one child did not come back inside one day How does a mother let her child go This book is filled with hard hitting pain, faith, panic, fear, sadness and surprises The power will spin your head around and linger long after you close the book.It was a pleasure diving into a McMann book again I have missed her.

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