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Death Before Wicket quotes Death Before Wicket, litcharts Death Before Wicket, symbolism Death Before Wicket, summary shmoop Death Before Wicket, Death Before Wicket ac7e0a7f The Sassy Phryne Fisher Sets The Seamy Side Of Sydney Alight In Her Tenth AdventurePhryne Fisher Has Plans For Her Sydney Sojourn A Few Days At The Test Cricket, A Little Sightseeing And The Artist S Ball With An Up And Coming Young Modernist But These Plans Begin To Go Awry When Phryne S Maid Discovers Her Thoroughly Respectable Sister Has Left Her Family For The Murky Nightlife Of The Cross And Phryne Is Definitely Not The Woman To Say No When Two Delightful Young Men Come To Her On Bended Knees, Begging For Her Help In Finding Their Friend Innocent Of Theft Phryne S Plans For A Simple Day Or Two Of Pleasure Are Postponed For GoodIt All Sounds Simple Enough As Phryne Sets Investigations Into Motion, But When Greed And Fear Are The Motivating Factors, People Become Ruthless And Phryne Finds Herself Enmeshed In Blackmail, Secrets, Lies And The Dangerous Influences Of Deep Magic

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    I m not sure why I didn t review Death Before Wicket when I read it, in the correct order, before Away With the Fairies Not that it really requires solid anchoring in the continuity most of the usual characters are missing from this book, and Phryne is totally out of her usual context It s, not coincidentally, not the most engaging of the books.The worst thing, for me, is that there s this whole magic and mysticism plot where Phryne pretends to be Isis and breaks a magical hypnotic hold on a certain young man, and then there s loads of sex stuff, and cricket And weird totems and sex magic That s really mostly what this left as an impression on me that and knowing that the cricket was like Murder Must Advertise, and the collegiate setting was Gaudy Night I don t recall it stealing any lines from Sayers as Raisins and Almonds did, which is a relief.I would be worried about the series slumping with this one, if I hadn t already read ahead by the time I m writing this It was definitely the slowest of the series so far, to my mind I might even, possibly, suggest skipping it Originally posted here.

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    Death Before Wicket takes Phryne away from her home turf of Melbourne, bringing her instead to Sydney where despite her promises to Dot, several mysteries await This isn t one of my favourites, as I found it rather slow and over sensational the whole mysticism angle didn t work for me, particularly not when it actually helped solve the mystery I did enjoy Dot s subplot, involving finding her sister and reuniting her family It shows that she s a good soul at heart, despite her judgementalness she s ready to accept her sister no matter what although she s relieved to find that her sister seems to be relatively innocent.A skippable story, but entertaining all the same It s Phryne it s rarely boring.Reviewed for The Bibliophibian.

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    Not a fan of this one Way too complicated, way too little fun, and way too much use of the occult, to the extent that parts of this read as supernatural Which I found problematic, for various reasons.Also, there is a lot of dialogue around cricket, without any explanation of how the game of cricket actually works I don t need a detailed explanation, but I m not sure general familiarity of your audience with the ins and outs of cricket is a good assumption to make And, as I recall, Sports Night agrees with me.

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    I get that Phryne is supposed to be this nonconformist free new woman I m about the most rabid liberal I know But I m getting a bit tired of the over the top sex stuff I mean really, jerking off a college student at a nightclub And then keeping the handkerchief around your neck as an amulet Ick.

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    Phryne changes scenery Involving herself in unsavory university politics, and shady underworld of The Capital, even taking the role of a goddes, she is brilliant as ever And Ms greenwood once again manages to prove how deep her work is immersed in the historical period it uses as setting Bravo

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    This is my Phryne Fisher summer I have been binging on Kerry Greenwood s books as well as the PBS Mystery Series on Netflix I am a huge admirer of Greenwood s character a striking, savvy, smart girl who is than a teeny bit naughty But, a lot of Phryne Fisher s charm was missing in this book I missed the elaborate descriptions of her beautiful clothes I missed her devoted butler and their household routines And, most of all, I missed her repartee with Inspector Jack Robinson.So, a lot of the sizzle was missing for me The things that replaced the comfortable Melbourne routines were far from satisfactory Phrynee is magical enough without dressing as Isis and spewing incantations and there was just too many cricket matches in this short book to keep me interested.

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    This was definitely one of my least favorite Phryne Fisher novels Greenwood has always had a lot of literary cultural allusions in her books, but this time she took it so far as to be pretentious, not to mention indecipherable to the common lay reader even a rather well read one, such as myself I felt like this book was dealing with subjects only known to academics, and as the author made absolutely no effort to invite the reader into this world, it was difficult to engage in the text I was very frustrated by this In addition, the lack of familiar faces made things less fun than they usually are It turns out that taking Phryne out of Melbourne isn t a very successful venture.

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    ETA I decided to re read this book to see if my opinion of it has changed It has not I got fine and sick of all the occult babble, characters etc but I guess as Ms Greenwood is careful to point out on the cover of each and every one of her books that she lives with a registered wizard , it s less surprising than it might be Phryne was not herself in this book, and neither was anyone else Greenwood s worst, IMO I must remember not to read it again.ETA 2 For some idiot reason I decided to read it again, and tripped over one of the dreaded novel series problems We have repeatedly read of Phryne s sister Beth a dying of diphtheria, or b living and becoming a Sapphic and moving to Australia Now, somehow Phryne has a whole bunch of brothers unnamed who taught her to play street cricket Wait wasn t that Dot s story in another volume I was dissatisfied with this book, as Ms Greenwood brought far too many things to the table and tried to include them all It reads like a ragbag full of jumbled scraps and bits instead of a patchwork quilt where everything fits together in a satisfying whole Too many characters, too many burning issues, too many rants and not enough of a light touch.Dot s sister has gone missing and Phryne wants to find her Two university students beg her to find out who emptied the Dean s safe of valuable artifacts and jewels before the accused, a friend of theirs, gets unjustly expelled And then there s, let s see black magic, evil miners, a passing nod to Aborigine s rights and violence against women, prostitution, homosexuality, thought transferrence, bohemian artists, being possessed , and some rather tiresome underground erotica And, oh yes cricket Which is not a sport I know anything about, and didn t learn anything about it here Yes, I know it s in the title, but I understood the cricket scene in Murder Must Advertise a great deal better Of course, it s a much better book By the time I got to the end of Death Before Wicket, I simply felt impatient for it to be over, since I figured out who the baddy was in the first two chapters Not the best Fisher mystery by far.

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    Originally published at Reading RealityI ve been reading the Phryne Fisher series, in publication order, as time permits Meaning whenever I either need a comfort read or discover that I ve otherwise bitten off book than I have time to chew, as happened this week.Most of the books in the Phryne Fisher book series were used as inspiration for episodes of the Miss Fisher s Murder Mysteries Death Before Wicket is one of those that were not filmed The others, for those keeping score, seem to be Flying Too High, Urn Burial, The Castlemaine Murders, Death by Water, Murder on a Midsummer Night and Murder and Mendelssohn I m fairly certain that the reason that Death Before Wicket wasn t tackled is that while the crime is set in a university, where the academic politics have gotten exceedingly but recognizably vicious, the entire background revolves around cricket, specifically Test matches in Australia in the 1920s Cricket as a sport seems to be impenetrable to those not brought up loving the thing, which would include most Americans and anyone outside the Commonwealth countries And I m not sure about even the Canadians on this score No pun intended.So while the mystery that Phryne has to solve is as much fun as ever, the background, including her reason or excuse for traveling from her Melbourne residence to Sydney, may leave some readers than a bit puzzled Including this one I skimmed over the cricket games As many times as I ve seen cricket in the background of plenty of mysteries and dramas set in England, I have no clue how the game works, or why.But as lost as I was amongst the cricket fans, the academic parts of this mystery were as convoluted as ever The politics at the University of Sydney were as vicious as anything Kissinger intended with his famous quote, Academic politics are so vicious because the stakes are so small At this University, that viciousness leads to theft, disgrace, kidnapping, embezzlement and eventually, murder.Someone broke into the Bursar s safe and made off with a whole bunch of items, none of which seem to be worth all that much The books were stolen not the library s books, but the college s account books, and the poor bursar is so befuddled that he can t recreate them And of course there s an audit coming A rather pretty Book of Hours is missing, as are the professors exam books for the upcoming finals At a college, that s probably the prize worth stealing Except that there are two other items missing One is rather small potatoes, a set of garnet jewelry belonging to the Dean s wife Garnets are semi precious, fairly common, and generally not worth a whole lot in the grand scheme of thievery.But the prize among the missing items is a bit of papyrus from ancient Egypt, that just might contain the secret to where Cheops is really buried, since the poor pharaoh is not in his magnificent pyramid Or it might contain the text of a potent Egyptian curse, the possibilities of which have the local occult community positively salivating Translating the text might be the key to which professor gets his research funded Or it might be all of the above.It is up to Phryne to sort through all those tempting and treacherous possibilities, before someone loses their career or their life And it s a near run thing, but Phryne, as always, is up for the job.Escape Rating B There are lots of reviewers who will say that this is one of Phryne s adventures that can be given a miss, unless one is either a real fan or a terrible completist As I m certainly the latter, and possibly the former, I picked this one up in its proper order I m not sorry in the least, but I found the academic setting of the mystery to be perhaps unintentionally hilarious Academia in the 21st century is not quite as it was in the 1920s, but some of underlying insanity isn t all that different either Enough similar that I found enough bits reminiscent to carry me through If you are looking to start Phryne s series, do not, on any account, start here Start with Cocaine Blues There s a reason that the TV series also opened with that one, as it introduces everyone and everything.But speaking of Cocaine Blues, I did miss Phryne s regular cast of irregulars This story is set in Sydney, not Melbourne While it was fun to watch Phryne navigate a new place and gather a new, albeit temporary, set of friends, allies and lovers, I missed her usual gang, particularly in this mystery, Bert and Cec As did Phryne.On the other hand, Dot, left to soldier on as Phryne s only trusted aide in this adventure, did have her chances to operate solo a bit and to shine.Part of the solution to the mystery involved a certain amount of involvement in the local occult community, particularly its less savory denizens In order to get to the bottom of the morass, Phryne herself has to deal with and perpetrate a certain amount of mumbo jumbo, some of which went a bit over the top Belief is, as Phryne herself says, a powerful thing That she manipulates others belief in the supernatural in order to find the solution is not surprising, but that she herself nearly trips over into it felt a bit unnatural for her character.One final note While the Phryne Fisher series is set in the 1920s, the first book was published in 1989 and the series is still ongoing While the settings feel true to their time and place, Phryne s attitudes feel singular for her own time, and perhaps owe to the time in which they were written rather than their setting This has been true across all the books so far, and also in Death Before Wicket One part of obscuring the mystery involves a professor who is being blackmailed because of his homosexuality Phryne does not care who anyone has sex with, and neither do at least some of the faculty But if it ever becomes public, the scandal will at best ruin the man, and possibly land him in prison As much as I prefer Phryne s attitude of acceptance, and her tolerance in this and many other things, I wonder how true her attitude would have been, even to a woman in her singular position Which doesn t change the fact that I love Phryne and will happily read any and all of her adventures.I m looking forward to going Away with the Fairies, the next time I need a reading break

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    Originally posted at Nose in a BookIn her 10th novel Phryne goes on a trip To Sydney It was nice to leave Melbourne for awhile, and there was a cricket back story and even a story involving Dot, Phryne s companion Yet this story could not be saved for me It was dry, it was dull, it was boring I missed the usual pizazz that is Phyrne Fisher in this story Part of her is still there, but at the same time she changed a lot from the previous stories Maybe that is because her lover, Lin Chung isn t there and she obviously missed him.I wanted to like this book Really, I did I tried to like this book I love Phyrne Fisher evidence here I love the fact it takes place in 1930s Australia I love the fact this book series is fun and quick However, Death Before Wicket, was rough I can try to blame the fact that I was sick while I listened to most of this A number of factors could go into the fact that this book just wasn t my favorite Phyrne.I did give it two stars however cause it is Phryne, and the writing is strong.

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