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Death In Shanghai (Inspector Danilov #1) pdf Death In Shanghai (Inspector Danilov #1) , ebook Death In Shanghai (Inspector Danilov #1) , epub Death In Shanghai (Inspector Danilov #1) , doc Death In Shanghai (Inspector Danilov #1) , e-pub Death In Shanghai (Inspector Danilov #1) , Death In Shanghai (Inspector Danilov #1) 5e762296024 Shanghai,The Body Of A Blonde Is Washed Up On The Beach Of Dead Babies, In The Heart Of The Smog Filled City Seemingly A Suicide, A Closer Inspection Reveals A Darker Motive The Corpse Has Been Weighed Down, It S Lower Half Mutilated And The Chinese Character For Justice Carved Into The ChestThe Moment Inspector Danilov Lays Eyes On The Dismembered Body, He Realises That He Has An Exceptional Case On His Hands And When The First Body Is Followed By Another, And Another, Each Displaying A New, Bloody Message, He Has No Option But Face The Truth He Is Dealing With The Worst Kind Of Criminal Someone Determined, Twisted And VengefulSomeone Who Must Be Caughtwhatever The CostDeath In Shanghai Is The First Novel In M J Lee S Inspector Danilov Series, Perfect For Fans Of Philip Kerr

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    This is the first in the Inspector Pyotr Danilov series and is set in Shanghai, 1928 We first meet Danilov, of the Shanghai Municipal Police, when he is called to the discovery of a body on, the Beach of Dead Babies However, the blonde on the beach is not what she first appears and, before long, it becomes apparent that this violent murder is one of a series of brutal killings becoming frequent and audacious Inspector Danilov originally comes from Minsk and, having lost his family, lives with the guilt and loneliness He worked in London before carving out a career in Shanghai, but is resented, and disliked, by many of his colleagues and relies on opium to help him cope with his feelings of depression When he suggests that a serial killer is stalking the streets of Shanhai, Chief Inspector Boyle is disbelieving However, with the help of the young Detective Constable Strachan, Danilov sets out to discover who is to blame for the abduction and gruesome murders of a rising count of victims.This is, at times, quite a violent book although most of the scenes are imagined, rather than graphic However, I applaud the author for giving the reader an unusual setting and a great cast of characters I found Danilov extremely sympathetic and liked the half Chinese Strachan so desperate to live up to his dead father s expectations and always, wisely, with his eye on the next meal Along with the main characters are a great supporting cast from the pathologist, Dr Fang, to Danilov s bullying police colleagues This is also a great portrait of Shanghai in the 1920 s and the city, at times, almost becomes a character in the story This book has been marketed as being similar to Philip Kerr and the Bernie Gunther books are favourites of mine However, I always feel it is a mistake to compare authors and, frankly, there is no need to compare this novel to another author s work as it stands quite well alone This is, hopefully, the start of a long running series featuring Inspector Danilov who, I feel, is also likely to become a favourite character of mine An excellent, and very promising, mystery Lastly, I received a copy of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley, for review.

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    I enjoyed this story, it was well paced and had a good plot It is nothing original in that it does have the stereotypical detective, Inspector Danilov loner, problems with his family and his side kick Strachan, half Chinese, half Scottish, lives at home with his Mum, willing to learn but I liked them both I haven t read about a Russian Detective working in Shanghai in the 1920 s and found it entertaining.

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    Solid police procedural set in rarely covered location.Set in the Shanghai International Settlement, Russian Inspector Danilov is working for the Shanghai Municipal Police, a predominantly British force who policed the British and American Concessions.It s worth explaining the origins of the Shanghai International Settlement as it s an interesting 19th century and early 20th century anomaly It originated following the Treaty of Nanking Under the terms of the treaty, the Chinese city of Shanghai opened to foreign trade The British, already active in Hong Kong, which had been ceded to them under the Treaty of Nanking, quickly established a settlement.American and French involvement followed with distinct areas of settlement for the French in the south and the Americans to the north drawn out of the British settlement The three countries created the Shanghai Municipal Council to serve all their interests, but in 1862, the French concession dropped out of the arrangement The following year the British and American settlements formally united to create the Shanghai International Settlement.The book is set in 1928 and the book starts with Danilov s arrival on the scene of one of a series of brutal killings A number of interesting characters populate the book which effectively shows the limitation of the police force at that time and the ethnic friction created by the overtly racist views of some of the British population.Danilov s background story is an interesting one and certainly provides further subject matter for what appears to be planned as a series of books.Although compared to Philip Kerr and the Bernie Gunther books I m not sure that s fair, it s an entertaining read and bodes well for further stories in the series.I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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    I can t help falling in love with great detective characters This novel offers two such options Inspector Danilov, who escaped Russia after the revolution and in the 1920s finds himself employed as a policeman in Shanghai, while trying to find his long lost family and Strachan a detective born to a Chinese mother and Scottish father, who is just starting his career in the Shanghai police The two only begin to get to know each other in this novel, as by the end of the book they learn to appreciate each other s qualities and to trust one another The plot itself is less important than the relationship between these and other characters, and I ll just say it revolves around a serial killer who goes on a killing spree in the streets of the city Beautifully done, moving on to the next one in the series as fast as I can.

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    Absolutely loved this book Fell in love with the non conformist Danilov and his assistant Strachan and really look forward to further adventures with them The story was full of twists and turns..police bureaucratic frustration, and the sights, sounds, smells of Shanghai were clearly felt Loved every minute.

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    Death in Shanghai by JM Lee.I m going to start of this review by simply saying what a fantastic novel the author JM Lee has created In all honesty I can say I enjoyed this book immensely Really this book has it all and , especially as I believe this is a debut novel Set in Shanghai at the end of the 1920 s the author starts this story when a body of a young lady is found on the so called Beach of Dead Babies As the story quickly progresses it transpires that all is not as it may seem And with this you will see how the author effortlessly draws you into this tale with some fantastic but not over the top writing I love how he describes his characters, not just the protagonist Danilov, a Russian Detective with than a few problems of his own but also the sub characters Really, they are all wonderfully described and the reader will find it so easy to get a picture of each individual pictured in his brain However, it s not just the characters who are well written into a great plot but the setting of a multicultural and vibrant Shanghai too is described to perfection You really do get a feel for the character of this place Also It is plain to see that this author has carried out his research well.All in all this is a great book and I can t see anything less than the five stars it deserves and what s , I have got a contender for my best reads of 2016.

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    Well Where do I start with City of Shadows I read this book in one day I haven t done that for a while, but I just couldn t stop reading it City of Shadows is so different to my usual reads, yet it is still the same genre.The book begins with the murder of the Lee family, and it doesn t let up pace until the very end It is a well written story, with great twists and turns in the narrative.City of Shadows is the second Inspector Danilov novel I haven t actually read the first one, Death in Shanghai yet, but it is somewhere on my kindle TBR waiting patiently I don t think it s necessary to have read the first book, but I m sure it probably helps the reader to understand the characters if you read in order.I found Danilov to be a very likeable Inspector I found myself drawing comparisons to Jo Nesbo s Harry Hole on than one occasion Whether it was the location, or mannerisms, I don t know, but for me there is definitely echoes of Hole in Danilov.I think the reason I read City of Shadows so quickly is that it just draws you in immediately The pace is relentless once the investigation gets going and there is than enough going on in the periphery that your mind is hungry for the solution.

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    Death in Shanghai is the first in the Danilov series set in Shanghai in the 1920s It s a serial killer by numbers affair, with Inspector Danilov playing Sherlock Holmes including the close observational detecting and opium addiction , Constable Strachan playing Dr Watson, and the killer playing Moriarty Danilov is not well liked by his colleagues, who undermine his investigation, and he is still searching for news of his family marooned in Minsk during the Russian revolution The plot is fairly predictable, the prose is workmanlike, and the sense of place flat, a number of elements with respect to the murders and the police work do not seem to add up, and the epilogue seemed highly unlikely It s by no means a terrible read, and there s plenty of action and twists and turns, rather it felt flat with stereotypical characters and a formulaic plot that failed to captivate.

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    Shanghai, China 1928 In a place where opium rules the people, and when serial killers are taboo, a woman s body is found washed off on the beach Her body is mutilated with Chinese letter, but the main concern of the police is that the woman is white and blond European, not Chinese After the first conclusion about some kind of revenge, another mutilated body shows up Different body, different surrounding, different letter But still, a letter carved deep into the skin Is there a possibility that these killings are acts of a serial killer Inspector Danilov is in charge for the case Russian, originally from Minsk, he used to work in Scotland Yard His Chinese is far from perfect, but his ability to enter into killer s mind is beyond the limits From the first sight of the dead woman s body, he realises that this is far from lover s revenge And when another body appears, the idea for a serial killer slowly appears in his mind.Not so long time ago, Danilov had to leave his family in Minsk Every day he misses his wife, daughter and son There s been war back home, a revolution, and his family is lost He has no information about them, he doesn t know are they dead or alive Just a small ad in a newspaper gives him hope, that someone will see it and tell him the truth, whatever that is In the meantime, an opium pipe settled in his apartment helps him to cope with the memories and his loneliness.Danilov s assistant, Strachan, half Chinese, is a very interesting character He fights his entire life with the stigma of being half, he is Chinese among the English and English among the Chinese His partnership with the Russian inspector seems like the best choice because they are both outcasts His hero figure is his father, a cop who died on duty He takes care for his mother and does his best to make his dead father proud of him Strachan is a loyal friend, someone who can be trusted even when trust is questioned.It is a real refreshment to read my favorite genre of a book set in a different surrounding and different time The author set the plot in Shanghai, China, in 1928 The main character is Russian, who lives and works in Shanghai and his assistant is half Chinese There are many international characters here, from the detectives in the police department to the witnesses along the places where victims are found and the victims themselves The author described Shanghai in 1920 ties perfectly, he captured the image of the city where opium smuggling ruled, where prostitution and sex change were something you see every day, where some people had distorted sense for justice in the world full of crime Death in Shanghai is an interesting book, full of speculations, false leads and many turn overs Unpredictable, it takes you on a journey in a different place and time and makes you feel the life in a city that never sleeps.

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    This is the second novel in the Inspector Danilov series and I once again need to hang my head in shame and confess that I haven t read Death in Shanghai But that certainly didn t stop me from thoroughly enjoying this enchanting historical crime adventure Would I have benefited from reading book one first Well, probably but that s the case with the majority of books in a series, isn t it For me it worked well as a standalone.Our story starts with the Lee family being brutally murdered Danilov is immediately vexed as the murders took place on his patch but he s not the lead detective he should be, but he s not Inspector Cowan, a less than honourable colleague, has taken the reigns and delights in bragging that the killer has been apprehended, using a little physical coercion if you know what I mean Whilst moving the prisoner to the hospital he and a fellow police officer are shot, one fatally Could this new murder be connected to the Lee family And if so, how Inspector Danilov and DS Strachan are on the case It s not their case but they re on it And thank goodness they are I ADORE Danilov and Strachan They are my new favourite crime fighting duo Everything about these two characters works so well in my opinion Danilov with his peculiarities, dutiful Strachan with his desire to learn from the experienced detective Such charming characters who I hope I will have the chance to read about again and again.The multicultural setting of 1920s Shanghai was a joy to read about Historical fiction is something I dip my toe into very occasionally as I sometimes find it dare I say a little dull Not the case with the hustle and bustle of twenties Shanghai It was vibrant, fascinating and set the scene perfectly.I couldn t put this wonderful book down so it s no surprise that I recommend it How can you not have Inspector Danilov and DS Strachan in your life Five out of five starsMany thanks to Carina, M J Lee and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of City of Shadows in exchange for an honest review.

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