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Desperation quotes Desperation, litcharts Desperation, symbolism Desperation, summary shmoop Desperation, Desperation 73837fe0 Alternate Cover Edition ISBNISBNThere S A Place Along InterstateThat Some Call The Loneliest Place On Earth It S Known As Desperation, NevadaIt S Not A Very Nice Place To Live It S An Even Worse Place To DieLet The Battle Against Evil BeginWelcome To Desperation

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    4.5 stars rounded up A bizarrely assembled cast of characters come together to fight an evil, older and powerful than they ever could have imagined.That would be my single sentence synopsis if someone were to ask me what Desperation is about If you have ever read a Stephen King novel however, you know it is much complex than that.I first read Desperation around 2001 I was just done with undergraduate school and was so excited to have time to read just for fun What I remember from that first read is that although I enjoyed the premise premise, it didn t blow me away and I ultimately decided on a 3 star rating.Now, close to 20 years later, this is pretty damn close to a perfect read for me What can explain the difference I m not really sure This time through I became so invested very quickly The characters were a huge part of the enjoyment factor for me King is a master of developing every aspect of a character s personality and their backstory You never wonder what s the motivation, you know.In my very humble opinion, no one does characters quite like it But a lot of it had to do with just settling into another King story He has a very distinct style that is very nostalgic for me it feels like home.This also has one of my all time favorite tropes The mix matched group of characters, placed into extraordinary circumstances, who band together, no matter their ultimate disagreements about the world, and fight against evil.Good v Evil.I love it.I m here for it pretty much every time.This novel is extremely graphic with gore and violence on page Some of the scenes made my toes curls and my stomach lurch The use of creepy crawlers to instill fear was expertly crafted If this is not your thing, you may want to hard pass on this one Otherwise, if you are a seasoned King or horror reader, get ready to jump into a bloody brilliant good time My one extremely slight critique would be that the final showdown felt a little rushed, hence the 4.5 star rating, as opposed to full 5 This book has a nice, long build up, and I could definitely have read some substance at the end It was great but still I wanted Overall, I am beyond happy that I took the plunge and reread this 706 page beast of modern, horror fiction I am currently rereading The Regulators and totally digging the many connections I missed the first time around I would definitely recommend reading these two back to back for maximum enjoyment

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    Yikes U.S 50 is much than the loneliest highway in America when you end up in DESPERATION It all begins with a monstrosity of a 6 7 police officer from hell and a scary trip into town for one unwary traveler after another and once you do make it to town, well, the deadly creep fest begins.This chunkster of a novel is filled with really icky creepy crawlers, horrific gruesome death, and enough blood and gore to fill a movie theatre, but when eleven year old David Carver enters the picture, and steals the show you ll also hear about friend Brian s miracle, a promise made to GOD and the power of prayer.I admit it, this is one of those horror reads that made me want to scream at the characters than once to get the hell out of dodge while the getting was good, but, of course, they don tthey prolong the reader s misery by waiting out a blustery sand storm in the dark, share scary stories of the supernatural while worrying about the thing outside and then still enter the evil pit of hell Tak Update August 16, 2018 The movie version is super creepy too It closely follows the novel with the GIANT sheriff setting up and terrorizing unsuspecting travelers and leading them to the desolate town of DESPERATION where dead bodies litter the streets There s blood and gore as in the book..and ewwww the evil presence

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    Why, what a splendid book Gosh Tak. I see holes like eyes Desperation is one of the downright scariest books I ve read, and the scares come early King manages, for the most part, to keep the tension up throughout the novel, which makes it one hell of an uneasy read Some sequences are somewhat bizarre, and others are bluntly offensive, although this is only what you d expect from a novel such as this it s not meant to be easy reading after all Something about this bothered him , but for now he paid no attention His fright had grown into a sense of foreboding so strong and yet so diffuse that he felt a little as if he d eaten something laced with poison.The story is definitely reminiscent of King s earlier output and 1980s horror in general Parallels can be drawn, not only with King s own work, but also with novels like Floating Dragon and Phantoms The nature of the supernatural antagonist is somewhat vague, but purposely so Is it Demonic Extraterrestrial Biological Dolls with no little girls around to mind them were sort of creepy under any conditions, that was his opinion, at least, and to come upon one abandoned by the roadside, half buried in blowing sand It s a visual novel, and King makes very effective use of imagery The abandoned RV with its door banging in the wind, the doll by the roadside it s enough to raise hackles The desert in this novel isn t as much majestic as it is creepy in its desolation And always menacing Tell you what, pilgrim this smells bad On the face of it, it s typical King fare very small town, multiple POV characters, supernatural evil, a healthy dose of Americana et al but Desperation does have one or two aces up its sleeve It has some novelty value, having been released alongside The Regulators It also has an epic and mythical sweep that can at least partly be attributed to the setting Have I mentioned just how scary it gets What s that she whimpered Oh my God, what is it There is an overt religious theme present here and King tackles themes like the nature of God God is cruel Vs God is love , the nature of Divine Intervention, and Redemption etc Just how much of this will appeal to the reader would probably depend I can t speak for others, but I enjoyed the book My head is full of blackbirds

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    I m an indecisive rater and my rating on this will probably fluctuate with mood and memory but regardless of that this is a great read What I always found insulting was how easily critics, snobs, and pretentious twits write off Stephen King because he writes stories about realistic people in fantastic situations So what Seriously, he writes amazingly so why give a damn what he writes about Desperation is a perfect example of horror and fantastic writing and anyone who doesn t think so can go stick their nose in some classics of literature and sip wine and think about how superior they are.The first thing that gripped me in this book was how goddamn creepy it really was There are few things that scare me, really, but cops are one of them Cops scare me because I m terrified of prison I have no reason to go but dammit if I haven t read and seen things that have convinced me that sometimes innocent people get put away and horrible, horrible things happen to them So the opening scenes of Desperation which show a sheriff who is seemingly innocent had me gripped and on the edge of my seat already The characters were tense because of the bizarre way the cop pulls them over and the fact that they do have pot on them This is probably my favorite part of the book but that does not mean it is the only good part King s use of repetition of the senses here really astounded me I never knew how powerful repetition could be until I read this book and this scene and I begin to sweat as hard as I thought the characters were As their paranoia grew I could feel my own paranoia growing until I wanted to shout at the book Are you a good guy Is this going to turn out as horrible as it feels I don t know how many other authors use this method or have used it successfully but this was my first book that exhibited it noticeably and it blew me away King s literary tools and knowledge of how to use them really awes me at times.From there the tension never slows and never stops The characters are filled with real emotions, memories, and personalities The woman whose name I forget is badass Seriously, her and the writer were my two favorite characters, flaws and all.Yes, this is a horror Yes, it is not filled with symbolism or a greater cultural message which we all probably know Despite all of this it is still remarkably well written and any author that makes me feel what the characters are feeling and the absolute hopelessness of a situation gets a thumbs up.Thumbs up King Screw the snobs.

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    Say what you will about Stephen King, but you ve got to hand it to our man in Maine sitting down with one of his novels is never a struggle Having read a number of his books, I ve gradually come to think of him as being a bit like an old friend a charming, chatty old friend who, for the price of a paperback, will happily sit down with you and tell you one of his numerous stories, stories whose occasional nastiness seems quite at odds with their mild mannered narrator On this level, Desperation does not disappoint you re likely to be hooked from the very first page And, yes, it really is pretty nasty but then I have got a slight phobia of creepy little towns, so I would say that.Highway 50 in Nevada is apparently being a Brit I d hardly know The Loneliest Highway in America not the kind of place where you d want to run out of petrol, have an accident or, indeed, meet a seemingly psychopathic policeman, as a random group of travellers are about to find out to their cost In fact, the policeman is just the tip of the iceberg, as the actual source of the horror is something bigger, older and considerably deadly than one man The small mining town of Desperation, once a small but safe and friendly place, has been devastated by an ancient evil, and it falls to a ragged group of survivors to do battle with that evil It s astounding how many of our primal fears King works on, and with what apparent ease the fear of being possessed, the fear of bodily degeneration and decay, the dark, being alone, not being alone, wide open spaces, confined spaces, and of course what horrors might lurk in those spaces In many ways this is not for the easily upset it s genuinely horrific on occasion, and most certainly gory King was never the man to spare us sickening physical details, and he s on form here, disgusting us with every dribble of blood, every rotten lump of flesh and every putrid corpse The foulness can get a bit much on occasion, and yes, it does begin to feel a bit gratuitous, but it s a compelling story, so you can overlook that.There are one or two gripes as is so often the case with King, he starts off so well, and with such an intriguing premise, that he actually sort of writes himself into a corner the ending is a disappointment, not to mention unintentionally mildly funny And of course there are the recycled characters, the characters who have made numerous appearances in other King novels the young boy with strange powers, the weary, cynical writer, the slightly downtrodden woman who has to struggle against the odds but then again the fact that they keep coming back only really testifies to how successful they were to begin with If ever a writer was a victim of his own success, it s SK but then, in accordance with one of the major themes of the novel, God is cruel Recommended, if not for the faint of heart.

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    Awesomesauce I closed the book with a wicked smile across my face.First, the boy character made this book.Second, the way this story makes you feel like you re right there Third, how can you not love a 600 page King novel The bigger the better in my opinion One of his best for sure.

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    In these silences something may rise What a book What a ride Tak This is a story about the little mining town of Desperation Regulating the traffic on the nearby Route 50 is Collie Entragian, who is an absolutely giant madman If you re caught with a license plate number missing or you ve got a flat tiretough luck Collie brings passers by into Desperation where the real nightmare begins.I loved this book from beginning to end, I was hooked from the very first page It s an apocalyptic drama of God and evil, madness and revelation There is a constant sense of tension that King holds over you relentlessly.It s true horror as the amount of gore and blood and guts is enough to last you for a lifetime There s scary animals everywhere from coyotes to scorpions to buzzards to recluse spiderswith vivid imagery and descriptions You could not wish for any People appear to have issues with the religious undertone of the book, but I personally enjoyed this aspect I felt like it was necessary in order for this story to progress and make sense It allowed for the character David Carver to really shine A young boy with the weight of everyone s survival on his shoulders.The other characters were equally awesome Steve and CynthiaJohnnythe rest of the Carver family, Mary King really developed each with their own unique characterisation and this is truly why he is the King.One of my top King books An addictive read with a relentless pace.

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    Dolls with no little girls around to mind them were sort of creepy under any conditions Tak As a constant King reader, I was looking forward to diving into his twisted mindset again, for believe it or not this was my first King book this year and immediately from page one it felt like home The whole setting for this book lends itself well to the extreme creepy factor from the ghost town in the middle of a desert to the long stretches of highway that just give this unsettling feeling like something bad is about happen. You said God is cruel the way a person who s lived his whole life on Tahiti might say Snow is cold You knew , but you didn t understand He stepped close to David and put his palms on the boy s cold cheeks Do you know how cruel your God can be, David How fantastically cruel The plot revolves around this isolated town called Desperation which is located in Nevada, it seems deserted and the only inhabitant is the sheriff who patrols Highway 50 where a bunch of outsiders will, unfortunately, cross paths with the devil himself Somehow, they get pulled over for some sort of technicality with the law and are brought to Desperation and all hell breaks loose.My experience reading this polarizing, before starting this I read that the book was too heavy on the religiousness or preachy and I was still not put off by that because The Stand also drew some inspiration from the Bible and used that to explore the Good vs Evil trope it was done smartly and the characters didn t feel like biblical prophets but when it came to this book it felt like I was literally being talked down at The plot was steady and the suspense was incredible as one would expect with a King but the second half the religious ideologies overtook the storyline. In these silences, something may rise The characters had a similar effect with the plot, at the beginning each individual had such a strong presence but they slowly dwindled The whole idea of free will in regards to religion was touched on but once the characters started losing their own personal belief and started making really dumb decisions my enjoyment level started plummeting.Apart from all that the book is really fast paced, devouring the 700pages in a weeks time and the gore factor was top notch Exploring addiction and alcoholism was well done as the subject hits close to home for Stephen King I would definitely still recommend it for the sharp writing and atmosphere but it isn t like my favorite King book, I have read better Still, you sound check it out if the premise sounds interesting or if you are King addict.I would definitely check out The Regulators to see how the narratives pair together.Have you read it what are your thoughts on it ___________________________________________________ Really conflicted about this I need to get thoughts my order

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    So, I dropped the pretention and read a Stephen King novel True, I read several of King s worksin middle schoolbut I thought that it was time to give him another chance After all, King s popularity is eclipsed only by, oh, I don t knowJesus Well, not Jesusbut someone popular.I ll admit, the story was engaging King has a way with propelling his story lines over hundreds of pages without taking a breath Or so it would seem Unfortunately, the mediocrity of his prose is, at best, distracting and at worst infuriating How many internal monologues can one author insert haphazardly into a single paragraph I don t know, but King sure does twenty seven Seriously though, King s writing suffers from a lack of ingenuity Metaphors are ham fisted and cliched, character development is superficial at best, and the dialogue is trite and unconvincing The upshot to King s fast paced, yet uninspired, novel It only took a few hours to finish.

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    What I learned from this book tall people are The Devil lol This was not the most excellent King I ve read so far, but pretty good nonetheless.There are four groups of people a young couple Mary and Peter Jackson , a family of four father, mother, an 11 year old boy and his younger sister , a washed up writer, the writer s assistant who has to follow him at a little distance while his boss is crossing the USofA on his motorcycle and a hitchhiker he s picked up not too long ago.These four groups have one thing in common they are each either stopped by a cop out on the highway or are connected to the people who have been arrested and thus end up in the small town of Desperation.The problem is that there is something profoundly wrong with the cop From supposedly planted weed, to eerie phrases that steal into his speech pattern, unnerving the people he s talking to Also unnerving is the fact that the town is empty From the recently re opened mines to the main street Not a soul to be seen.And here s a third unnerving fact the animals from coyotes to buzzards and scorpions seem to have been instrumentalized too.But why how Well, that is exactly what the people are trying to find out after shit hits the fan and they realize they ve pretty much landed in hell.One thing I was definitely not into was the whole religion schtick I know King isn t religious himself, so that makes it a little better, but the pious message is strong in this one or King s sarcasm is too weak here I honestly hoped view spoiler David would die, preferably while praying, realizing in the last few seconds of his life that it was all just his imagination hide spoiler

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