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Diary of a Snoopy Cat (Inca, #5) pdf Diary of a Snoopy Cat (Inca, #5) , ebook Diary of a Snoopy Cat (Inca, #5) , epub Diary of a Snoopy Cat (Inca, #5) , doc Diary of a Snoopy Cat (Inca, #5) , e-pub Diary of a Snoopy Cat (Inca, #5) , Diary of a Snoopy Cat (Inca, #5) e9d2a845724 Read The Hilarious And Breathtaking Antics Of Inca And Her Family Of Furry Friends As Recorded Through The Eyes Of Inca A Siberian Kitty Inca Decides To Start A Diary A Heart Pounding Saga Unfolds As She Keeps The Reader Thrilled Recording Her Detective Exploits When Inca And Family Move To London From Paris, They Make A Whole New Set Of Friends, Including Monk, A Blue Russian Cat And Terrence, A Golden Retriever Who Ably And Bravely Assists His World Famous Detective Owner, Solo Inspired By The Adventures Of Her New Friends, Inca Sets Herself The Task Of Becoming The World S Best Cat Detective And Begins To Keep A Diary Of Her Exploits When Monk Arrives One Evening, With News Of A Meeting To Take Place Later That Night, Inca Is Excited And Can T Wait To Attend She Is Told Of A Perilous Journey That Must Be Undertaken By Solo And Terrence, Who Are To Travel To The Himalayas, To Search For The Missing Raoul, A Friend Who Had Failed To Return From An Expedition The Departure Of Terrence Means That Inca Can Take On Her First Proper Job The Baffling Incident Of Mr Finchley S Missing Will But Does The Young Cat Have What It Takes To Crack The Case And Save The Tormented And Ferocious Rottweiler Boss And Can She Do It Without The Help Of The Wily Old Retriever

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    A pretty good children s book that throws in everything but the kitchen sink, including illustrations and recipes.

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    Excellent children s story, featuring animals with human traits, baffling detective cases to solve, intrigues, emotions and hard learned lessons Educational, targeted at a good cause.

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    Diary of a Snoopy Cat, revolves around Inca s, a Siberian cat, diary and his desire to become a world known detective Along with his sister Cara Siamese cat and his brother, Fromage Tabby cat and their other animal friends, they solve mysteries In their neighborhood In this story, they re working on two mysteries simultaneously One is to locate Polo s, one of their friends, master Raoul The other is to help Boss, a Rottweiler, and Ned his owner from losing their home.The author writes the story as the narrator and does a good job in description, mystery, comedy, and caring amongst family and friends It s written very simply and a child can grasp what the author is communicating without getting lost or confused about the story Parents will enjoy this book as well.I Iike the author s ability to keep the reader s attention Keep them laughing and sometimes wondering how far these animals will go to help a friend The author was able to relate the story in a way that it was easy to comprehend I liked the friendship among all the animals in the neighborhood These creatures spoke just as well as you and I I also liked that Inca was able to telepath his thoughts to his owner The story, overall, took me by surprise because of its satire and how much I would enjoy it.What I did not like was the author didn t follow through on closing the first mystery Why was the will being hidden from Ned What was the outcome after the will was found That was the only issue I had with this book I believed that the author should have provided a conclusion to that part of the mystery, On a scale of 1 out of 4, I give this book a 3 The author used her skills to entice the reader into a world of animals with unusual characteristics, funny, caring for friends and family and downright determined to becoming detectives The author takes the time to show that friendships can be obtainable regardless of differences This book can assist parents in teaching children how to be friends with other children who are different than they are When kids read this book, they may be able to see how they could have judged someone erroneously and could have been friends with I do believe the parent and child will enjoy reading this book together.

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    This is a very fun read with some great illustrations

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    Got a hold of this children s book and had to read it to approve it for my eight year old, who happens to be falling in love with books This one is good to go Diary of a Snoopy Cat is centered around the twelve days of Christmas, with Inca and her siblings other kitties and her doggy friends setting out a mission to figure out if a pal s owner is alive and kicking in the Himalayas Mountains It s a mystery that only a group of cats can solve A mystery because the person they re looking for is rud to be dead This is the fifth book in the series, but like any good series, I wasn t lost The book opens with a diary style introduction of the snoopy cats and their background before engaging young readers in a neat little mystery This is an interesting and entertaining read that I recommend for middle school students, cat lovers, and adults looking for a smooth little mystery.

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    Actual rating 3.5 Stars But after a lot of thinking, decided to mark it as a 4 This is a decently sizable book filled with various characters and detective adventures lead by the top cat of them all Inca If there is one word I d give this book it d be FUN It s a fun premise, filled with fun characters and entertaining enough adventures Overall, I would definitely recommend this to those looking for a new book for young children has the age level set to 5 14, but I wouldn t recommend it to those 12 14 This is definitely geared for the younger age range, in my opinion.With that saidhere are the issues I ran into with the book.The feel of the stories were up beat and fast paced Which was lovely except I found it, at times, a bit difficult to keep up with since there were so many characters involved I think for children, this could get really confusing, really fast.And my biggest pet peeve that almost had me rating this 3 stars instead of 4 was the editing For young children s books that focus largely on illustrations, I could see doing one to two sentence paragraphs.But with a mostly text book, this was frustrating It felt like reading a bulleted list rather than a story It made the flow really choppy and staying immersed in the story near impossible for than a couple pages at a time I really don t understand the reasoning for this at all If the editing could be fixed, this would easily be a set 4 stars maybe even higher.

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    This is a mystery story written for pre teens, but appeals to animal lovers with a good scene of humor It is narrated by Inca, a Siberian kitty He has put himself in charge of Cara and Fromage, cats he lives with, and Charlotte, the family s hamster Also joining his crew are Munk, his rotund Russian Blue neighbor, and Terrance, a Golden Retriever that lives next door with his owner, Solo, a human detective Solo disappeared without a clue while climbing Mt Everest in the Himalayas Inca and his newly formed detective group all like Solo so they decide to find him The characters are so cute you just know that none of them will get hurt, but what about Solo Is he hurt, or heaven forbid, dead These adorable little furballs set off to find out.I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway.

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    I read this to my five year old son and he grinned from ear to ear while listening to Inca s adventures He thought Inca was indeed an excellent cat detective It was a delight reading about an adorable cat who lends her hands or paws to the ones in need, whether they be friends or neighbors or mere acquaintances Helping out a once ferocious dog named Boss with his house dilemma, Inca soon realized he wasn t a bad dog after all It was nice to see them work together to get that will from an unsavory character.We loved how the other cats and dogs joined forces to help their injured friend and pets My son also enjoyed the events that happened on Christmas day, where Raoul finally got his memories back It was awesome

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    Cute little mystery I won this book in a goodreads kindle giveaway I found it quite clever and entertaining It is an adorable mystery featuring Inca the cat, as lead detective The team includes Inca s siblings and friends doggies too A fun read for middle grade children and anyone who likes a mystery involving our furry friends Sweet characters and lovely illustrations too

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    I loved this, and how it was told from the animals view It was a really good read One I would recommend, and it is so cute and just had me keep reading to see what happened I would say read this if you get a chance to I gave it an A or 5 stars.

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