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    Rereading rereading rereadingI really looooooooove my daughter.

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    The Lion King , by Don Ferguson, is a book about a young lion named Simba who goes from infant to adulthood, and the trials and tribulations he faces The story begins with a huge celebration of Simba s birth throughout the land It quickly progresses to when he s a cub and learns that he is the future king of the land He goes out exploring past where his father gives him permission to and finds himself in a predicament, surrounded by 3 hyenas His father bounds in and scares them away and warns Simba to never go past where the boundaries are Some time after that, Simba and Mufasa are walking together and unbeknownst to them, Scar had arranged for a stampede through the valley they were walking in Simba and Mufasa got separated and Mufasa did everything in his power to save Simba from being trampled by the herd In doing so, Mufasa was killed Scar made Simba feel it was his fault and warned him that he should leave and never return Simba listened to his uncle s advice and left He wandered until he collapsed and Timon and Pumba found him lying in the desert The nursed him back to health and became his best, and only friends He grew up with them A few months later, Nala had gone searching for food for the herd In doing so, she stumbled upon Simba She didn t recognize him at first but after being with him a while she figured out who he was She asked Simba to return to Pride Rock with her to fix the mess that Scar had created as ruler Hesitantly, Simba agreed Simba, Nala, Timon and Pumba all headed back to the land that had been destroyed by Scar When Scar saw Simba he felt threatened and tried to push him off the cliff While he was doing that, he said this is how I killed your father Simba then realized his father s death wasn not his fault He fought Scar to Scar s death Simba took over the leadership role he was born for.Simba is a young lion in the beginning who finds out he s the future king Mufasa is the father of Simba and the king of the land Scar is the evil uncle of Simba Zazu is a bird who is Mufasa s right hand man Sarabi is Simba s mother Nala is another lion cub about the same age who becomes Simba s best friend Timon is a meerkat who finds and befriends Simba Pumba is a warthog who is Timon s closest friend.The story takes place in the dusty African plain, on and around Pride Rock During the course of a about a year that it takes him to go from a cub to a adult lion.What I took away from this book is What goes around comes around I also learned that running from your problems doesn t fix them and may not always be the best solution This is a book I would recommend to everyone I really enjoyed it throughout my child hood and really enjoy it today.

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    The Lion King is one of my favourite Disney films and I loved reading it in book form.

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    The Lion King is about a family of lions that go through a difficult time The son Simba of the head lion Mufasa must step up and take over the family, but first he must over come his own self doubt This is a great story for primary children, ages 5 8.The Lion King has good versus evil where good is the winner The artist of this story did a great job The pictures are big and colorful and can easily grab the child s attention The pictures all help the child understand what is going on in the story This book should be read to everyones child because it integrates animals, family problems, and how to be brave I would recommend this book to every parent.

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    I remember when my mom used to read this book to me when I was really young I love the story of the lions and how Simba over came his fear of thinking that he killed his father when he actually didn t One of my favorites when I was a little girl.

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    The book was a little long, but it did a good job summarizing the movie The kids remembered watching the movie and some also watch The Lion Guard They enjoyed roaring with the book We read this after going to the zoo.

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    I bought a few of these books in the series My kids and Grandkids loved them.

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    I think the lion king is a very great book, the most unforgettable scene in the book is when Scar pushes Mufasa down the hill and said long live the king, while Scar killed Mufasa, he said that Simba killed his own father, and then Simba will escape the kingdom, and Scar will be the King I think Scar is very evil that he can kill his own father to get the throne But then after Simba grew up, he returned to the kingdom and tell everyone the truth that Scar killed Mufasa, and Simba brought back the peace of the kingdom.

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    My brother love the movie.

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