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Dragon Defense (Heirs to the Throne, #3) files Dragon Defense (Heirs to the Throne, #3) , read online Dragon Defense (Heirs to the Throne, #3) , free Dragon Defense (Heirs to the Throne, #3) , free Dragon Defense (Heirs to the Throne, #3) , Dragon Defense (Heirs to the Throne, #3) 896d88c36 When An Institute Battleship Tracks Donovan S Crew To Drako, It Threatens To Destroy The Whole Planet Twenty Years Ago The Zebulon Executed A Desperate Escape From Institute Controlled Space, And Dr Alexander Deleted Crucial Records About Transfer From Institute Files He Hoped Their Trail Would Vanish Before The Institute Discovered The Sabotage He Was Wrong Humiliated By The Exodus Of The Scientists, Fremont Won T Rest Until He Extracts The Ultimate Revenge Donovan Must Train New Recruits To Operate Forbidden Technology And Bored Teenagers Look Like Perfect Candidates Is There Enough Time For Feudal Lordlings To Learn Space Age Skills And Save The Planet New Characters Join The Story Desert Riders Kidnap Jarrack S Children And Target His Daughter, Shariel, Who Inherited Jarrack S Power Of Mind Control Afraid Of Using Her Special Talent, She Needs To Perfect The Skill And Help Her Siblings Escape From A Desert Rider Prison The Royal Princesses Face Other Predicaments Lauryn Travels To A Desert Stronghold To Halt A Dangerous Radiation Leak And Falls Prey To Salizar, A Desert Rider Eager To Marry A Princess Tessa And The Wolves Capture Jarrack, Whose Mind Dwells Inside A Vulnerable Young Son Can They Keep Jarrack Contained Brandon, A Spoiled Lordling Wants Felesia As His Bride And Plots To Shanghai Jordan A Scheme To Coax Wild Dragons To Rescue Shariel And Her Telepathic Siblings Creates New Opportunities For Defense Dragons Enjoy Giving Rides To Humans, But Will They Agree To Fight For Their New Friends As The Clock Ticks Toward An Explosive Deadline, Humans, Dragons, And Wolves Execute A Dramatic Confrontation Courage And Ingenuity Are The Best Weapons To Prevent Disaster And Forge A New Direction For The Backward Society Will Donovan S Dragon Defense Strategy Tip The Balance In Drako S Favor Their Survival Depends On Its Success

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    How can an author skillfully and intelligently weave a story of interest about a planet inhabited by wise telepathic wolves, dragons who communicate via colors and humans whose social structure mimics feudal eras I had to find out Diane Rapp has masterfully woven a magnificent blend of fantasy and science fiction genres within this new novel in her series, HEIRS TO THE THRONE Although third in the series, DRAGON DEFENSE is written with integrity and can stand splendidly on its own merits The human, wolf and dragon characters talents and interactions in their varied locales on Planet Drako are expertly integrated Aside from her fantastically clever ideas involving life extension, cloning, mind control, telepathy and high tech technology, I was fascinated by Diane Rapp s skill at integrating common themes into the story and the wisdom conveyed between wolf and human characters Her script is so marvelously intricate in its design Many of the young humans must rely on the wisdom of their elders as well as the wisdom of the wolves and skills of the dragons in order for the planet to survive Planet Drako is under a feudal system of law yet King Donovan and his independent, intelligent wife, Queen Krystal are subtly working to influence feudal lords to institute a democratic form of rule Their 3 cloned teenage daughters are a handful yet each has special talents relating to healing, hosting the minds of wolves and mind melding with the dragons Diane Rapp delighted me with the parts of the script related to relationship issues, especially the dialogues between these princesses and their suitors Revenge, greed and power are central themes Desert riders fear all technology and guard their god s shrine, an old nuclear reactor that is leaking radiation, putting Drako at risk The scenes related to the forward thinking characters finding a way around these fears is quite clever Out in space is an Institute spaceship intent on revenge and on recovering material necessary to extend the lives of the rich back on Earth Jarrack, a madman on Drako who uses mind control to extend his life, holds his many children captive to serve this purpose The juggling act necessary to handle each danger is masterfully written.What are the roles of the dragons You are going to have to read the book I will simply say that, like the entire cast of characters, human and animal, the dragons roles are fantastical Although I read mostly novels in other genres, dragon stories have always captured my attention Anne McCaffrey s novels in her Dragonriders of Pern series are still favorites DRAGON DEFENSE now sits on my shelf along with the Pern series The pace of the story was energetic and so entertaining that I wanted to rush through each chapter to its end The intelligent thought invoked by the themes in this novel, however, compelled me to slow my pace, savoring each scene.

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    This is the third book in the Heirs to the Throne series and I it may be my favorite But then again, I happen to love anything that Diane Rapp composes She is one of my favorite authors with her musical prose I can truly envelope myself in the story.Dragon Defense takes us back to the two mooned planet of Drako It s a unique planet where sentient wolves have lived peacefully with the humans for many generations, and even joined forces to fight an evil enemy The daughters of King Donovan and Queen Krystal are now grown women, each with her own special talent They have all come home to the kingdom Together they are a powerful force But will they be able to defeat the most powerful evil they have ever encountered They must find him first.There is much work to be done, children still in captivity since the frightening reign of Jarrack Strong alliances are formed even the dragons of Drako join the forces In the midst of all the danger, there is joy and triumph New love may even start to bloom, intoxicated no doubt, by the fragrance of the night blooming flowers.

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    The diamond in the rough of epic storytelling.In the best traditions of Anne McCaffrey s fantasy books, Heirs to the Throne trilogy walks right on the border between Epic Fantasy and Sci Fi On one hand, we have advanced technologies like space travel, cloning, mind transfer to artificially created hosts, to name a few On the other, we have dragons, people with special abilities who can control minds, talk to animals, heal, or even use speed time if you ever seen a bullet time in a computer game, that s how it looks like.Planet Drako is shared by a race of intelligent, telepathic wolves and descendants of human colonists Humans have abandoned advanced technology long ago and their society is that of an early medieval level There s quite a variety of sociological archetypes here desert riders ruled by sheiks, samurai warrior class female samurai are the only foe the desert riders truly fear , European style lords with somewhat decentralized monarchy, Merchant, Warrior, Seafarer s Guilds, and Different customs and traditions, reinforced by the lack of centralized governance, create some interesting possibilities for power struggles and uneasy alliances that make a surprising, if disturbing spectacle for the native inhabitants of the planet.Earlier books describe the arrival of starship Zebulon to Drako, rise of King Donovan to power, his struggle with Jarrack, originally an assassin from the Institute, an organization that originated the mind transfer, and who, due to his mind control ability, has become a dangerous power after arriving on the planet A lot happens in two previous volumes, so instead of giving too many spoilers, I d recommend you start from the book one and work your way up This book continues the saga and tells the stories, mostly of the second generation protagonists Donavan s children, who had three daughters, each one with special abilities and Jarrack s descendants, some of whom have inherited his mind control powers.The story starts with Shariel, daughter of Jarrack, being targeted by a desert rider for abduction Shariel has been raised away from her mother by aunt Bess Then we move to Kriegen, the wolf native, who is appearing in front of the Council of Elders to make his case as a defender of the Human Pack A short flash to the Institute, to give us some idea as to why Dr Alexander is so pivotal to the plot and we are at the King Donavan s court, where hopeful lords present their sons to the crown, or precisely, to the princesses We consult with the ancestral spirits of the wolf people and run the forest with them, we make friends with the wild dragons and discover the reason they attack sailing ships, we attend a grand ball, we rescue captive children, and that s just the beginning of the story.The narrative is very complex many different characters make an appearance and move the overall storyline forward The structure of the storytelling reminds me somewhat of George R R Martin s but in a good way there s no offing the characters right when we have just begun to like them This book, this trilogy, actually, falls into the diamond in the rough category With no promotional budget behind the series, it s easy to miss even something this epic So, pick these books up and spread the word this is a lot of reading bang for the buck Recommended.

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    Wonderful Melding of Sci Fi and Fantasy, October 11, 2013This review is from Dragon Defense Heirs to the Throne Book Kindle Edition This is the third book in the Heirs to the Throne series and it is another engaging page turner I m in awe of the way Ms Rapp melds science with fantasy I like being there as the civilization on Drako evolves There are telepathic wolves and dragons who cooperate to build a new life away from the controlling force of The Institute As before, this tale shows how the inhabitants of Drako reject technology until they are forced to embrace it to maintain their independence.The story is not without humor, though It has many fun moments due to the jovial nature of some of the characters, and it really is a page turner just like the others in this series If you like sci fi and or fantasy, pick up all three books in the series You won t regret it

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    Final book in the Trilogy.I loved this trilogy The futuristic idea of clones and space travel, very exciting.In this book the threat of the Institute catches up with the team of scientists who settled on Drako They want the Transfer technology from Dr Alexander.How will Donovan and his team escape The use of technology on the planet it shunned, but that might be the only way to keep the institute from apprehending the group.Can the Dragons help Wait Dragons on a planet called Drako NoYES

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    I read all 3 books after I read the prequel I have to say that I am sorry to have to leave this world and characters I ll miss them like good friends and I loved sharing their story As an animal lover, I loved the way Diane wove so much of the story around the animal characters and how they bonded with humans Thanks, Diane, for the wonderful stories

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    Fantastic friendly dragons, telepathic wolves and humans, a space ship crew bent on destroying the planet, and a feudal system under reform by spacers from Earth who make the planet Drako their second home What could a reader want Diane Rapp s imagination appears boundless and her ability to bring a story to life is impressive I enjoyed this third installment of the Drako adventure as much as the first two novels in the Heirs to the Throne series.Dragon Defense is a delightful completely unique fantasy blended with science fiction King Donovan and Queen Krystal, along with their three exceptional cloned daughters and an extensive cast of interesting well developed characters attempt to overthrow Jarrack, a dangerous madman bent on using mind control to extend his life and rule Drako At the same time, an Institute space ship commanded by a dangerous spy approaches the planet with the intent of revenge and planetary destruction All the while, romance blossoms for the King s daughters who use their considerable talents to help free Jarrack s children from their desert prison, search out and repair a dangerous radiation leak, and train teenagers and dragons to form a strange air force defense system.The story is complex and thought provoking The plots and subplots weave threads of space travel, life extension and cloning, mind control, telepathic communication with animals, and evolving social structure into a fascinating tapestry As the tale winds to an exciting and suspenseful conclusion, the humans, dragons, and wolves must join forces to defend the planet using cooperation and ingenuity, since most of the planet s previous technology has been abandoned and outlawed.The rich descriptions of Drako and its inhabitants transport the reader to another place and time Diane does a marvelous job describing the beautiful intelligent dragons and the experience of humans who fly on their backs and once again, the wise telepathic wolves play a central role in helping the humans overcome Jarrack s treachery I recommend this unique and very intelligent book for readers who like adventure, romance, science fiction, or fantasy It s all in there

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    I was sent this book by the author for an honest review.This story is a clever mix of fantasy and science fiction with a vast array of complex, realistic characters good and bad who integrate enough to make the tale fascinating, if a little confusing at times I certainly liked the idea of wolves and dragons with the sci fi edge, and loved the talents of mind meld and magic and appreciated the themes of power and greed ingredients that bring turmoil and interest into the created world.A great, well written adventure that keeps you hooked.

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    dragons, a good heart and brains WOW smile

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