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    I could say that I loved the Encyclopedia Brown series as a kid, but that wouldn t be entirely accurate I wanted to be Encyclopedia Brown When you re the nerdy kid on your block, and you discover a character who is the smartest kid in school, kind of popular despite that fact, can not only stand up to but often humiliate the local bully, and gets to hang out with the prettiest girl in the school Yeah, you re gonna wish life imitated art in that case And in my mind, it actually seemed kind of possible I was determined to seek out neighborhood wrongdoings, solve some petty crimes, and maybe even win a few friends in the process I went so far as to paint my own detective agency sign and everything which my mom proceeded to laugh at When your mom laughs at you, you know right then and there it ain t gonna work.The books were still pretty fun, though, even if my all too honest mom made it clear I was never going to get to actually live them out in real life But like so many kids books that have been continually reprinted through the ages, to older covers were a lot better than what I m seeing up there This kid here is way too hip to be the Leroy Encyclopedia Brown I grew up with

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    Give this to the nearest 6 10 year old or adult who wants to be 6 10 years old again It isn t the can you solve it, too mystery aspect, although that s fun enough, it s the attitude Brown loves and doesn t fear a good problem, he wants to help people, he has a good relationship with his family, his friends trust and accept one another while recognizing their individuality, and the underlying sense of justice, both moral and civil, is a valuable lesson to every kid and a valuable refresher course for everyone else s adulthood certification.The Hardy Boys solve mysteries as adventure Nancy Drew solves mysteries as an obsession Jupiter Jones solves mysteries as ego Danny Dunn solves mysteries as education All of these are good and fun and laudable and worthwhile for kids to learn from.If you only have one message to teach a young friend, Encyclopedia Brown solves mysteries because a he has skill to keep exercised, b he cares about the kids who come to him, and c he has his father s sense of justice and service That s the one I d pick.But make sure your young friend knows about Jupiter Jones and Danny Dunn as well.

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    A sudden fit of nostalgia prompted me to buy and read this It took like half an hour It was pretty fun I love the old school vision of America, sorta Tom Sawyer y, where boys spun eggs for fun and 25 cents was a treasure.Most of the mysteries are not as mysterious as I remember them You know how each story ends with How did Encyclopedia Brown solve the case Flip to page 80 to find out and you gotta figure out what his big clue was Well, it s generally pretty obvious One of them got me but it was totally cheap And the last one, where view spoiler you figure it out because As every one knows, a hard boiled egg spins faster than a raw one hide spoiler

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    Things I have learned today I probably shouldn t become a detective I am no better at Encyclopedia Brown than when I was littleThese books are such a throwback to childhood I remember being so happy when a new one that I hadn t read would appear in my local library.Each case is pretty short 5 10 pages and ends with a how did Encyclopedia know he was the thief You have to turn to the end to get the answer, which I ll say is a pretty entertaining way of reading, especially for kids It gets them involved in the process, which I think is valuable.Here s the thing There were 10 cases in this book, and I only solved 5 Sigh I m getting better at spotting telling details and clues, so let s see if I can do better with the next.

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    Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective by Donald J Sobol was a great series, and I think I read all of them More than once I thank or blame this series for starting me on my love of the mystery genre These are gateway books Finishing this series will lead one to read the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew series, then to Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert Parker and Sue Grafton, until one day you find yourself strung out on Lee Child or Robert Crais Be forewarned

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    So I ve gone back to revisit this after being reminded of having read these pretty voraciously when I was in the target demographic I still remember some of the trivia learned from reading these.With greater perspective, I appreciate the desire to teach logical thought and attention to detail However, these are significantly less engaging to me now as then On the plus side, they re all over quickly, so they never really overstay their welcome The one thing that I don t recall noticing beforewhat on earth is up with Charlie Stewart Does no one think itoddthat he collects teeth This boy has a jar of human teeth, and collects teeth of all other kinds Did Mr Brown somehow fail to observe this kid wearing all black while reading an EC horror comic inside a copy of M R James He s going to be voted most likely to stuff another classmate in the trunk of a car I just can t quite wrap my head around this kid.

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    I used to like this series when I was little Much so than I liked Nancy Drew in fact, I think Nancy Drew may be one of the most overrated children s book characters out there.I liked Encyclopedia Brown s books because they were short, and I could often figure out the solution to the mystery on my own Granted, the evidence Encyclopedia cites is often very weak, and would never stand up in court, but still, not bad for a ten year old.I do think his police chief father needs to retire He lives in a small, safe beach town but he needs this kid to solve such petty cases Please Here s a little ditty I composed, with apologies to Jim Croce Smart, smart Leroy Brown,Dumbest Dad in the whole damn town.

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    I read this a loooooong time ago, so there s not much I remember about this book other than I really enjoyed it I never did get a chance to read the other books because idk, I guess I got distracted by a different book Eh P.

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    A Civil War swordA watermelon stabbingMissing roller skatesA trapeze artist s inheritanceAnd an eyewitness who s legally blind Theses are just some of the ten brain twisting mysteries that Encyclopedia Brown must solve by using his famous computerlike brain Try to crack the cases along with him the answer to all the mysteries are found in the back

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    I picked up this book because Barry Lyga made mention of it on his blog I recall knowing the name but had never read an Encyclopedia Brown book until recently Growing up with a dual form of dyslexia I did not read a lot of books when I was younger In fact it was high school before I really became a reader And maybe that is why I read across so many genres and love reading a good children s, middle grade or young adult book I am very glad I added these books to me to be read list It is always interesting starting a series of books that is finished and has a number of books There are 28 books in the Encyclopedia Brown Books, a few have had title changes but 28 books is a long series no matter how you look at it If they are all as good as this one I have a lot of reading ahead of me.Encyclopedia Brown, born Leroy Brown is a ten year old detective from Idaville He has a great gift for seeing through the straw and finding the needle It all started one night when his father the Chief of Police shared details of a case over dinner and Encyclopedia pieced it together quickly That summer he decided to open his own business the sign reads Brown Detective Agency13 Rover AvenueLeroy Brown, presidentNo case too small25Cents per dayplus expensesAnd with that the adventure begins The cases in this volume are The Case of Natty NatThe Case of the Scattered CardsThe Case of the Civil War SwordThe Case of Merko s GrandsonThe Case of the Bank RobberThe Case of the Happy NephewThe Case of the Diamond NecklaceThe Case of the Knife in the WatermelonThe Case of the Missing Roller SkatesThe Case of the Champion Egg SpinnerI had to read the solution for a few but after that I slowed down paid closer attention and figured them out I am really looking forward to reading these with my son and oldest daughter They are fin light easy to read mysteries.My criteria for enjoying a book intended for young reads are 1 did I enjoy it as an adult, 2 do I want to share it with my children or children I know, 3 can I say yeah this was a good read regardless of intended audience This book hits all three And as such it was a great read I have already gone on and read book two in this series and know I will read some soon.Read the review on my blog Book Reviews and More.

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Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective (Encyclopedia Brown, #1) summary pdf Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective (Encyclopedia Brown, #1), summary chapter 2 Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective (Encyclopedia Brown, #1), sparknotes Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective (Encyclopedia Brown, #1), Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective (Encyclopedia Brown, #1) db3f68e A Civil War SwordA Watermelon StabbingMissing Roller SkatesA Trapeze Artist S InheritanceAnd An Eyewitness Who S Legally Blind Theses Are Just Some Of The Ten Brain Twisting Mysteries That Encyclopedia Brown Must Solve By Using His Famous Computerlike Brain Try To Crack The Cases Along With Him The Answer To All The Mysteries Are Found In The Back

  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective (Encyclopedia Brown, #1)
  • Donald J. Sobol
  • English
  • 11 January 2018
  • 9780553157246

About the Author: Donald J. Sobol

Donald J Sobol was an award winning writer best known for his children s books, especially the Encyclopedia Brown mystery series Mr Sobol passed away in July of 2012.