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ESP: Stories of Strange Happenings summary ESP: Stories of Strange Happenings, series ESP: Stories of Strange Happenings, book ESP: Stories of Strange Happenings, pdf ESP: Stories of Strange Happenings, ESP: Stories of Strange Happenings 498889e59c ESP Extra Sensory Perception If A Person Seems To Know What Another Person Is Thinking, Without Being Told, Or Can Actually See What Is Happening In A Distant Place, Or Seems To Know About Events Before They Actually Happen, That Person May Be Experiencing ESP The Stories In This Book Tell About Some Strange Experiences That Real People Have Had Read Them, Then You Decide Were They Just Weird Coincidences Or ESP

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    This is one of several Scholastic books that I have had since I was a kid In trying to cull my library, I thought I would give them a reread before finding them a good home.A very enjoyable book that brought back a lot of memories The true stories are well done, and the book is a great introduction to ESP, etc for kids 6 8.Highly recommended for your little ones that like mind over matter.

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    A very Fast read For Kids but good for adults also Small Stories on Animal ESP and Plant ESP and Dream ESP Nice ans Simple Before Earthquakes happen, many animals go AWOL, from running around, not eating or not acting right ON Feb 04, 1975, A Whole town was destroyed but nobody dies due to Chinese Officials told residents all over if your farm animals or pets are acting different report it immediately Hundreds of reports where given in this town and Chinese evacuated it before the massive earthquake happen and nobody die due to listening to the animals behavior of ESP.

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    A very good beginner book to the sixth sense Short stories that give food for thought in a strange and unseen world.

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    A very interesting book for young people who are fascinated by paranormal occurrences.

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