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Fallen Angel pdf Fallen Angel, ebook Fallen Angel, epub Fallen Angel, doc Fallen Angel, e-pub Fallen Angel, Fallen Angel 049478fe47d A Gripping Crime Thriller, Perfect For Fans Of Jessie Keane, Casey Kelleher Or Martina Cole Fans Of Martina Cole Will Love This HeatDI Stacey Collins Has Seen The Darker Side Of Humanity All Too Often A Single Mum And Former Child From The Grim Blenheim Estate, She Knows Only Too Well What Terrors The World Can Hold But Even Her Jaded Eyes Have Never Witnessed A Crime Of Such Unspeakable HorrorA Body, Broken And Lifeless, Is Found In The Gloom Of A London Church Kidnapped And Horrifically Murdered, Young Daniel Wright Never Knew His Tormentor And It Is Only The Beginning Soon Collins Finds Herself Both Haunted By The Demons Of Her Past And Battling In The Name Of Innocence ItselfSome Angels Never Find Their Path To Heaven

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    Brilliant read, could not put down, would recommend.

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    Great read First book I ve read by this author and I ll definitely be looking out for Great characters and brilliant story line

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    I was waiting for this book by Kevin Lewis because I thoroughly enjoyed his previous two books and wanted to see whether this one was as good I am an avid Martina Cole fan but have found lately some of her books a bit too samey This was a refreshing change and he writes as good as if not better than Martina Cole This is the first in what looks like an ongoing series of D.I Stacey Collins books It tells the story of Stacey, a DI on the police force, who is called in to help with finding the murderer of a young boy However when a second little boy goes missing and a ransom is demanded it is treated as a kidnapping meaning her having to work with coppers she just doesn t get along with The story is incredibly fast paced and we see the appearance of Jack Stanley a criminal who has ties to Stacey Highly recommended for Martina Cole and Manadsue Heller fans.

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    this book by kevin lewis is really a page turner.it can be compared to that of harlan coben.it takes you on a electrifying adventure blended with emotion , thrill and suspicion.the main protagonist stacy collins is hardcore detective who has trouble in followin laws.shes a tough and hard nut to crack.the story revolves around the brutal murder of a 8 year old daniel eliot who was believed to be kidnapped for ransom but turns out to be a well planned revenge for the sin his real biological father without knowing.and it takes a new turn when his half brother is kidnapped by the same person and from now on its stacy collins and her team taking on this psycho and dealing with her personal trauma.

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    Beginning of the DI Stacey Collins series A definate change of direction from Kevin Lewis and a very enthralling read it took me a couple of days to read this book it was so good Stacey Collins becomes annoyed when she is kicked off a case of a missing child and goes beyond the law to find the culprit,who has already killed at the beginning of the book She also becomes involved with an old friend from the council estate she grew up in who also happens to be a crime boss Her unconventional methods also cause friction with her colleagues Highly recommende Brit crime novel.

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    This was a very thorough and brutal story of what can happen when people hold grudges and just do not let them go When Daniel first goes missing it is thought it is a plain kidnap but when they find him they realise this is something much horrific.D.I.Stacy Collins tries to find the kidnapper whilst all the time her own daughter is a typical stroppy teenager and resents the time her mum spends at work her own mother is not much help The result is the lives of Daniel and then the other boy keep clashing with D I Collins life.A great book but quite brutal from the very beginning.

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    Extremly griity, not for the faint hearted A young boy of 7 is found murdered and strung up in a local church, then a second child is took and its a race aginst time to find the child and kidnapperThe last few chapter very much reminded me of the film saw cant wait to read the next book

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    Awesome read,holding you spellbound until the very end but..if you love animals there are a few disturbing paragraphs dealing with the brutal killing and maiming of a cat and dog, so I sort of skipped over this, as it is part of the story and gives a bit of an insight into the criminal mind of the main character.

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    Wow, what a gritty, page turning read Disturbing in a few areas, not for the faint hearted Well thought out novel which gripped me from the first page and kept my attention right the way through and that, folks, is no easy thing to do.

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    Really enjoyed this book have read others by Kevin Lewis and look forward to reading his next one

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