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Finding My Way chapter 1 Finding My Way , meaning Finding My Way , genre Finding My Way , book cover Finding My Way , flies Finding My Way , Finding My Way d5eec164da1d1 Award Winning Author Mavis Applewater Presents A Classic Romance About Coming Out Dr Stephanie Grant Has Carefully Planned Out Her Life After Accepting A Position At Prower University She Quickly Learns That Life Doesn T Follow A Plan After Meeting Allison Kendell She Begins To Question If She Has Ever Been Happy Suddenly Her Well Planned Life Is Spiraling Out Of Control

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    was an incredible read,good chemistry,something i always go back and reread because of the source and topic..was worth it..hope others will take a look also its a great read

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    Very good read I loved the banter between Stephanie and Alex The only issue I had with the book was the drawn out breaking up While humorous at times, it dragged on a bit too long and made the last half of the book feel a little rushed.

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    One of my favouritesThis is the third or fourth read and it is definitely in my top 10 all time favourites It has everything I loveexcellent character depth, a natural and believable love story with enough other elements and twists that it keeps you hooked from beginning to end.

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    5 Very cleaver story telling The best Mavis Applewater book I have read so far My only criticisms it took too long for the Stephanie and Peter relationship to conclude That got tiresome Also, the extreme amount of errors in this book was frustrating I probably should have lowered the rating, but I just loved the story so much.

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    First off, I love 1st person povs Which is why I like LT Smith so much Now I can add Mavis Applewater as a great 1st person writer I loved the humor,all the characters except Caroline , and the storyline as a whole Will definitely re read this

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    There are so many good humorous interactions in this book but they get buried in repetitive misconceptions miscommunications that, used sparingly, could have made for effective conflict Honestly I think if this book had cut 75 or pages nothing would have changed in the plot, and would have made it a much balanced, streamlined narrative Instead this is a very angst heavy story, which was all easily resolvable with a simple conversation This might not bother angst lovers I m usually an angst lover, myself but it bothered me quite a bit Which is unfortunate as the dialogue could be downright adorable at times, and the relationships in the book were enjoyable, particularly in the Kendall family It s just missing balance I think Subplots that could have been better developed include the journal entries book development This I found to be the most interesting aspect of the book, but it was left to be a footnote to the overwhelming almost togetherness of the leads The mains themselves I quite liked at the beginning, but by the time I waded through a long line of nearly identical will they won t they scenarios my fuzzy feelings were greatly reduced, and that s something I couldn t come back from These scenes in particular make out interuptus worked well the first three or four times they were employed, but anything past that just made me roll my eyes Overall it had a lot of things that would make a great book humor, flashes of an intriguing historical relationship but it needed a content editor armed with a machete instead of a fine toothed comb.

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    Absolutely love it The painstakingly constructed life by Stephanie crumbles around her when a woman was constantly in her thoughts She had carefully planned her whole future but life does not follow a plan The development of their relationship was sometimes frustrating but also amazing and hot A huge bonus were the story of the diaries, a story in a story An excellent piece of history that I will not soon forget Alex, Stephanie, Nicole and Maureen were each great personalities I specially enjoyed Nicole very much Her comments and actions were to laugh I absolutely loved the Kendell family and their family dynamics but not so much their grandmother, what a bitch This book gripped me and I didn t want to let it go It was a delight to read and yes, I want a sequel please.

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    This was a bit of a mixed bag There were elements I liked, in that the leads spend a lot of time together and get to know each other over an extended period Alex s family was also a highlight, and pretty much any scene with Nicole or Chris was amusing The story was let down by the ridiculously drawn out boyfriend saga, which just made Stephanie look selfish and weak, frankly Alex should have just walked away until it was resolved once and for all There was also way too much one step forward, two steps back over the relationship itself, although once it really gets going its sticks.It s probably a 2.5.

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    This should be 3,5Mavis Applewater stories are ussually deep, complex, and full of pasion In this book, Mavis does not disappoint in providing excellent characters specially secondary characters and mixing 2 love stories in one However, I expected a little bit coherence in the characterisation of Stephanie, her comming out story is a bit na ve, and the love story needed a bit development to be credible enough.Is a good read though Much better than the average FF Romance books available.

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    Well written uberI first read this book as an uber fanfiction and I loved it So many years later I can t still read it in a pinch if I m looking for something well written with characters I can, unfortunately, relate too and great chemistry.Recommended

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