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Frankie Manning: Ambassador of Lindy Hop files Frankie Manning: Ambassador of Lindy Hop, read online Frankie Manning: Ambassador of Lindy Hop, free Frankie Manning: Ambassador of Lindy Hop, free Frankie Manning: Ambassador of Lindy Hop, Frankie Manning: Ambassador of Lindy Hop 035a1b521 In The Early Days Of Swing Dancing, Frankie Manning Stood Out For His Moves And Innovative Routines He Introduced The Air Step In The Lindy Hop, A Dance That Took The US And Then The World By Storm In This Fascinating Autobiography, Choreographer And Tony Award Winner Black And Blue Manning Recalls How His First Years Of Dancing As A Teenager At Harlem S Savoy Ballroom Led To His Becoming Chief Choreographer And A Lead Dancer For Whitey S Lindy Hoppers, A Group That Appeared On Broadway, In Hollywood Musicals And On Stages Around The Globe Manning Brings The Swing Era Vividly Back To Life With His Recollections Of The Crowded Ballrooms And Of Lindy Hoppers Trying To Outdo Each Other In Spectacular Performances

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    Le bouquin est pas mal Mais un peu trop de texte Et en plus je pensais qu il tait traduit Je vais avoir du mal tout lire un peu trop long et tout comprendre je ne suis pas bilingue fran ais anglais h las.Mais ce n est pas grave, je prendrai le temps qu il faudra qu est ce que l on ne ferait pas pour le grand Frankie

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    I m a swing dancer lindy hopper and this book was so helpful and interesting I didn t know about a lot of the origins of phrases we use now, or realize that certain people knew each other The writing style is friendly and engaging I would probably enjoy this book even if I weren t a dancer.

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    Very good condition even if it s second hand Came faster than planned.I just loved this book, will read it again, Frankie Manning is so funny and It s been a real pleasure to read all of his swinging adventures

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    I have been a student and admirer of Frankie Manning s ever since my first dance lesson with him almost ten years ago Frankie is a legendary dancer, an innovator and pioneer in the dance form called Lindy Hop that started in the Jazz Age in the streets of Harlem and continues to this day in clubs, schools and dancehalls all over the world.I ve been hearing Frankie tell his inspiring stories for a long time now, but never with this rich detail and the larger historical context provided by Ms Millman to back them up.From his days as a child at rent parties to the heyday of the Savoy Ballroom to performing internationally with the dance troupe Whitey s Lindy Hoppers, you follow the exciting growth of a young dancer Then we follow Frankie into the war years and his dropping out of the swing world for several decades Fortunately in the 1980s, Frankie is coaxed out of retirement and continues to do this day to teach and inspire others about this wonderful dance.Throughout it all, you cannot help but be touched by Frankie s grace, style and humor in navigating tumultuous, often racially charged situations I want to be Frankie when I grow up.A great read for anyone interested in African american history, dance, or jazz.

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    As a friend of Frankie Manning, this is an excellent book to learn about Lindy Hop from the perspective of someone that helped start it all

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    I was fortunate to have met Frankie twice before I read the book This gave me the face and voice to put the words to As I read, it was as if Frankie was there talking to me with all the wit , humor and charm he has in person Frankie s excitement in telling his stories makes you wish you could have been there with him Frankie does a wonderful job of taking you through his life experiences in a way that you just can t put the book down For me the book is about much than dancing Lindy Hop It s about how to live your life which is finding your passion and becoming the best, not to become famous or rich, but because it gives you purpose and that gives others inspiration Thanks for putting Frankie s life into words He is someone I wish my kids, grand kids and all future generations could have met I hope this book soon becomes a movie so all the world can once again see Frankie Manning on the dance floor.

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