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Zapato Power: Freddie Ramos Springs into Action files Zapato Power: Freddie Ramos Springs into Action, read online Zapato Power: Freddie Ramos Springs into Action, free Zapato Power: Freddie Ramos Springs into Action, free Zapato Power: Freddie Ramos Springs into Action, Zapato Power: Freddie Ramos Springs into Action d26d215d9 In This Sequel, Freddie Has Shoes That Give Him Super Speed It S Hard To Be A Superhero And A Regular Kid At The Same Time, Especially When Your Shoes Give You Even Power Freddie Needs An On Off Switch For His Super Speed, So Mr Vaslov, Who Created The Shoes, Decides To Invent A Remote Control, But He Gets Than He Planned When His Young Neighbor S Ball Goes Missing, Freddie Uses His New Powers To Find It And Save Mr Vaslov

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    A cute book about a little boy named Freddie Ramos who s a superhero Thanks to a special pair of sneakers, he can run at super speed What I found valuable than the the plot are the details of Freddie s family life He s dealing with issues that many children are a mom who works late, bereavement, etc.

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    Grades 2 4 Freddie Ramos is back with his purple zapatos shoes that give him superhero speed The downside to wearing superhero shoes is that when he s playing at recess or in PE, he can t control his super speed, and his friends are getting frustrated When he asks Mr Vaslov, the apartment manager who invented the shoes, to create an on off switch, the kindly man agrees to try After several days of impatient waiting, Freddie goes into Mr Vaslov s workshed Mr Vaslov is nowhere to be found, but Freddie sees a wristband that looks like it has the on off switch for his shoes When he puts it on, though, rather than controlling his speed, it gives him a new ability to jump very, very high As time goes on and Mr Vaslov fails to make an appearance, Freddie puts this new power to good use and finds an injured Mr Vaslov trapped on the roof of the next building Of course, after saving the day, Freddie reminds Mr Vaslov that he s still hoping for an on off switch for those shoes but that s for another installment Wonderful, warm characters, plot, and dialog for the just starting chapter books crowd.

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    Entertaining sequel to what looks like a promising start to a series featuring young Latino superhero, Freddie Ramos.

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    Freddie gets to face various challenges with becoming a hero He learns that his shoes give him an advantage, but he learns to not take advantage of this special power that comes from the Zapatos He sits out races and basketball games so as to not have an unfair advantage over his friends He also enriches his developing relationship with the inventor, the man who gave Freddie the shoes, and the man who serves as a father figure in the absence of Freddie s real father.

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    Read Not reviewed.

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    Genre Fantasy Fiction Fountas and Pinnell Guided Reading Level Approximately Level NSummary Freddie s purple superhero shoes may make him superfast but he needs a stop switch so that everyone at school won t suspect he has superpowers He talks to Mr Vaslov, who invented the shoes, and Mr Vaslov agrees to try to make an on off switch But, as the days go by, Freddie can t wait for the new feature for his shoes He visits Mr Vaslov s workshed alone and finds a special bracelet Could the bracelet be the on off switch Freddie has to try it out When he puts the bracelet and his shoes on, he discovers the bracelet gives him a new superpower But where is Mr Vaslov and why hasn t he come back to his workshed Why I Liked Disliked the Book I liked how Jacqueline Jules surprised me by giving Freddie a new superpower instead of an on off switch for his shoes I think the combination of illustrations and text is great for early readers

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    I like that this is a story in an apartment setting with multicultural characters The previous year, Freddie s Soldier Dad as well as his Abuella The text uses some Spanish words Zapato Power is in Freddie s shoes Freddie is a super hero with his shoes on He wants to control his shoes some of the time so he can be a regular kid His elderly neighbor Mr Vaslov, who invented zapatos , tries to make a stop button, but only invents a bounce button Freddie rescues everyone in the neighborhood, including Mr.Vaslov.

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    Freddie Ramos is the hero of the Zapato Power early chapter book series Short chapters, comic book like illustrations, a little magic the shoes and funny one liners make this a fun choice There are a few Spanish words that either have the English also included, or make sense in context.

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    Freddie Ramos has purple sneakers that let him run at 90 miles per hour He is a neighborhood super hero well, in his own mind at least In Freddie we have a young hispanic hero for beginning readers.

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    its about freddie is winning to much games and people don t want to play with him so Mr.Vaslov tried to fix his speed but instead it made him jump really high and then Mr.Vaslov disappeared but freddie found him and rescued him.

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