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    I ve re read Gerald s Game several times since its 1992 publication, and have just finished listening to it as an audiobook Here s what I know for sure 1 this story has lost none of its power over me, despite the fact I know everything that s going to happen quite an impressive feat for a largely plot driven suspense piece 2 it is without question, one of King s most underrated, overlooked novels As of this writing its Goodreads rating is 3.26 Keeping it company in the basement is the much maligned Tommyknockers incidentally another favorite of mine and From a Buick 8 also 3.26 but as this is my least favorite King novel I tend to agree with that number.3 finally, if you aren t already a raving fan of this book I m not going to change your mind That s fair We can t all love the same thing, especially when it comes to books What I hope I can do is capture just a smidge like lightning in a bottle the reasons why if you haven t yet you must give this book a chance For a lot of Constant Readers, Gerald s Game will always be linked to its sister novel Dolores Claiborne as both books were released the same year and King meant them to be companion novels to one another Their narratives are cleverly linked by a solar eclipse As a literary device it is an interesting one, but for me it isn t what makes these novels so special or spectacular In fact, you could remove that connection and neither novel would suffer from its absence No, what makes each novel memorable is the writing, the characterization and most of all, King s sheer balls to the wall commitment to the delivery of the story and its outcome As companion novels, there are some notable similarities namely, the exploration of female abuse at the hands of male aggressors There are painful descriptions of domestic battery and sexual molestation King bravely and quite successfully I would argue enters the terrain of victim humiliation, degradation, and the lingering psychological effects such acts guarantee In many ways, these are King s most feminist novels and I don t think it a coincidence that Gerald s Game is dedicated to his wife Tabitha and her five sisters.Yet for me, this isn t what defines Gerald s Game which I would argue has much in common with Misery, King s Bachman novel The Long Walk, and his short story Survivor Type I say this because in all of these what King is really doing is looking at the human body under brutalizing physical duress at the body in extremis and what humans are genetically hardwired to do to survive and go on living another day Excruciating physical peril undeniably comes with a psychological component and no one writes that better than King using his own heady and addictive brew of storytelling Jessie Burlingame our damsel in distress is facing certain death She is trapped, chained in handcuffs to the bed she shares with her husband Gerald in their summer house on the lake But it s not summer It s fall, and the lake is empty Everyone has gone home There is no one to hear her scream or beg for release One of the reasons I love Gerald s Game so much is the solve the puzzle locked room mystery of it It s like one of those brain teasers you know the one about the melted icicle In this case, you have one woman handcuffed to a bed How do you get her out of them playing fair, no tricks, no deus ex machina How will she suffer What demands will be placed on her body, on her mind This is where King shines view spoiler One of my favorite scenes from the entire novel is Jessie s quest for the glass of water resting on the bed s headboard It is agonizing suspense I almost couldn t stand it Sheer mastery of the craft I tell you It would have had Hitchcock foaming at the mouth to film it hide spoiler

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    The regularity in which Stephen King writes 3 plus, 4 and 5 star books is staggering What surprised me with Gerald s Game is after all these years Mr.King chose this book to spit in the face of horror This book commences with a solid, voyeuristic 4 star plot We move into the middle of the book like a hungry dog looking for it s next meal Sniffing around for clues of what may happen next and how we would react 3 plus 4 star writing pulls us into the story until it s no longer voyeuristic It s the next moment in our own reality Just when I thought it was over, the final few chapters of this book takes the plot up a notch and I m not going to give you the slightest of clues 5 stars for becoming my all time favorite Stephen King novel..

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    This wasn t the smile, though This was the grin a version of it he seemed to save just for these sessions She had an idea that to Gerald, who was on the inside of it, the grin felt wolfish Piratical, maybe From her angle, however, lying here with her arms raised above her head and nothing on but a pair of bikini panties, it only looked stupid, No retarded He was, after all, no devil may care adventurer like the ones in the mens magazines over which he had spent the furious ejaculations of his lonely, overweight puberty he was an attorney with a pink, too large face spreading below a widow s peak which was narrowing relentlessly toward total baldness Just an attorney with a hard on poking the front of his undershorts out of shape And only moderately out of shape at that Poor Gerald, unfortunately he is merely a plot device and his moments on center stage are destined to be fleeting He has recently discovered this new sexual kink that puts the fire back in the dragon It changes everything and soon it becomes apparent that he can t raise the flag any unless he handcuffs his wife Jessie to a bed He wants and needs her to be absolutely submissive Jessie is complicit She feels okay with it maybe even feels a little excited about that horny glint in Gerald s eye, and it adds to the excitement that they decided to run up to the summer house in the fall when no one is there Gerald didn t skimp on the equipment, oh no, he bought the real McCoy, not toys, but police issue handcuffs It adds to his pleasure knowing she is completely helpless, wellnottotally helpless.Now maybe there is something extra stimulating for Gerald to lock his wife to a bed knowing that they are in the middle of nowhere, knowing that no one can hear a thing He has a look in his eye that makes Jessie think that he is prepared to take the GAME too far She asks to be released He likes this new twist A rape fantasy is blooming before his eyes He isn t going to release her Jessie kicks him Her aim is excellent and those legs belong to someone who used to be athletic She catches him in the gonads and in the stomach Gerald exits stage left, but though his lines are finished his corpse still has a role to play.Jessie is in a pickle Those are real handcuffs you re wearing, not the cute little bondage numbers with the padding inside the wristlets and a hidden escape lever you can push if someone gets carried away and starts going a little too far You re for real locked up, and you don t happen to be either fakir from the Mysterious East, capable of twisting your body up like a pretzel, or an escape artist like Harry Houdini or David Copperfield I m just telling it the way I see it, okay And the way I see it, you re toast I don t know if Jessie is technically schizophrenic because sometimes voices in our heads can be good guiding forces and not necessarily debilitating A traumatic event like being handcuffed to a bed in the middle of nowhere might bring out all kinds of voices in my head I would hope that Jimmy Stewart s voice would show up Wouldn t that be great hearing him say now just calm down Jeff we are going to get through this Jessie s voices, old friends it seems, are sometimes very encouraging and sometimes depressively pragmatic about the situation Jessie, an old hand at sorting out the voices, vacillates between thinking about how she can live and thinking about exactly how she will die as the voices wage a war in her head The keys, yes the keys are way over there on the dresser She gets a cramp It was only a matter of time A fresh cramp sank long, bitter teeth into her left armpit, and she pulled her cracked lips back in a grimace It was like having your heart poked with the tines of a barbecue fork Then the muscles just below her breasts tightened and the bundle of nerves in her solar plexus seemed to ignite like a pile of dry sticks This pain was new, and it was enormous far beyond anything she had experienced thus far It bent her backward like a greenwood stick, her torso twisting from side to side, knees snapping open and shut Her hair flew in clots and clumps She tried to scream and couldn t For a moment she was sure this was it, the end of the line One final convulsion, as powerful as six sticks of dynamite planted in a granite ledge, and out you go, Jessie cashier s on your right.But this one passed, too Does anyone truly understand fear better than Stephen King Let s ratchet it up a bit Entered through the pet door stage right is the stray dog formerly known as Prince He is a demented version of the dog that was once loved and coddled by a girl He is beyond hungry on the verge of starvation Yeah it gets a bit gruesome.Being tied up with death staring you in the face will probably lead most anyone to a few moments of reflection Jessie thinks about her father and the stain he left on her life Even as an adult looking back the situations that occurred are baffling The manipulations and the secrets are still wiggling in her subconscious never to be completely still or properly categorized like a mounted butterfly or a file marked DONE It is an ongoing evaluation She sees someonein the room Hallucination or real Something that genetically monstrous can t be realcan it One of the things I like about Stephen King is he usually gives nods to other writers or artists or musicians reminding me that he is beyond just a pop culturewellKing If you want to go to heavenLet me tell you how to do it,You gotta grease your feetWith a little mutton suet.You just slide out of the devil s handAnd ooze on over to the Promised Land Take it easy,Go greasy A bit of Woody Guthrieoh so appropriateas it turns out to the situation I was caught up in this book and blew through pages like Speedy Gonzales By the end I felt that King added too many elements which detracted from the overall believability of the situation for me True terror comes from me being totally sold on all the twists and turns Despite those misgivings I still really enjoyed the book and he convinced me most emphatically that I don t need two pair of police issue handcuffs to spice up my love life Shudder

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    5I equally liked and equally disliked this book The story itself was not bad, but the particular things didn t work for me This book showed troubled marriage and how the past can affect people I had this problem that I couldn t get attached to the characters and that brought out me of the story a lot It was a quick read, but not very fascinating It is horror novel and it at times actually was scary, but from my point of view, the real horror is making the story feel realistic and things that happen towards the end of the book didn t feel realistic, it felt stretched It was interesting read with some shocking twists and points, but it wasn t exactly for me or my taste.

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    Read this BOOK in September 18, did not love the movie as much as book My first SK book Will not be my last read it because of my friend Ron s review link below missing was something like blah blah blah not so scary as I thought it will be I cannot remember to be honest do not feel like writing new review Love the author writing style and I survived my first SK book high five for me

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    Sometimes it takes heart to write about a thing, doesn t it To let that thing out of the room way in the back of your mind and put it up there on the screen.This was, without a doubt, the most fucked up book I ve ever read So of course I loved it.For some reason, I went into this book thinking I m not going to like it Jessie, our main character, is handcuffed to a bed and can t move Doesn t sound that much exciting, right Well, wrong.I thought that the whole novel would be about Jessie trying to escape, and that it would just drag and be boring But, boy, was I wrong This book was anything but boring And I wouldn t call this book scary, but it is creepy and disturbing I felt like I was in the room with her, and that really freaked me out.Also, Jessie our main character, as I said before definitely isn t one of the most likable character, at least at the start But, as the story progressed, I started liking her and , and hoping she would save herself somehow.But this book definitely isn t for everyone There are scenes that actually made me sick, and I had to put the book down, and take a few breaths And somewhere in the middle, I thought that the story would take a turn and become something supernatural, but thank God it didn t I loved the whole ending, and I wouldn t change a thing It wrapped the story up perfectly.If you like King, give this book a chance It is different than his other works, but in my opinion, it is just as good.

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    This book and I have a long history When I was 9 or so, my mother gave me permission to read books from the adult section of the library She gave me a note to hand to the librarian and all So, after summer rec, I went into the library and decided I was ready to read some Stephen King My sister read his books and she said they were better than the RL Stine ones I had already gone through all the goosebumps and RL Stine teen books don t know if they are called anything special and was ready to move onto the good stuff Well, I didn t know which King book to start out on, so I grabbed the one I saw first It was a hard cover, a nice thick book with a set of handcuffs on the cover I sauntered up to the counter and handed the librarian, my card, my book and my permission slip signed by my mother who worked across the street I got checked out, and walked the steep hill back to my aunt s house ready to dig into this book on a hot summer afternoon I like to think that the librarian had no idea what the book was about, and even with my permission slip would have stopped me HAD she known what it was about, though I don t know for sure What a surprise I was in for I didn t get very far in before coming across a line mentioning someone s fist being inserted in places I didn t know a whole lot about I looked around the room making sure no one else read the line I just did, closed the book and headed back down to the library where I turned the book in explaining to the librarian that I wasn t quite as ready for Stephen King as I thought I was.Fast forward to now I decided I had better read this book before it gets completely destroyed in Hollywood I ve had it on my kindle for a while and finally made the decision to read it I was off to a slow start because of the release of Mr Mercedes and then later, the release of Four If I had to describe this book in one word it would be brutal It was absolutely one of the most fear inducing books I have ever read It made my skin crawl, my heart ache, my stomach knot, my hands shake I was scared in every way imaginable and my heart broke for Jessie and all that she had been through in her life.There were parts of this book that I struggled even to get through The sequence where you learn what happened to her on the day of the eclipse was the most disturbing thing to read The secret that she was so ashamed of, the burden that was placed on her at such a young age just hurt my heart As if being handcuffed to a bedpost isn t bad enough, Jessie has to see her dead husband and all that his corpse attracts The mind doesn t crack as quickly as we would think it would, or in Jessie s case, as quickly as she needs it to She wants the sweet escape that insanity would bring her Instead she is forced to recall the worst moments of her life, hear voices in her head and see a walking nightmare of a man standing in the corner of the room while she lies there like a piece of meat on display in a case But wait, is that a man Or a shadow Is she hallucinating Maybe she s delusional from the lack of food and water.is that a footprint What I can tell you is that this book had me scared beyond comprehension I didn t want to get out of bed in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom I almost envied Jessie s shackles I slept with a flashlight on the nightstand the whole time I read this No, that s not a joke I was absolutely terrified Though it took me a long time to finish it and it seemed that I would never finish it, I did love this book It s weird though I feel like reading this book was so similar to Jessie being handcuffed to the bed The time seemed to drag on forever and I felt like it would never end as she certainly felt I definitely recommend this book, but beware, it s a brutal read Might I suggest you read it in broad daylight in a wide open space with lots of people around you Just in case

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    PI CHE UN GIOCO, UNA PRESA IN GIROLo spunto interessante, promette bene purtroppo non mantiene affatto.Si tratta di un idea da racconto, non dovrebbe andare oltre poche decine di pagine.Invece King la tira in lungo e in largo, e questa edizione italiana peggiora tutto 300 pagine fitte fitte rendono la lettura una fatica, la traduzione abborracciata, la copertina orrenda Immagino che la scelta di dilatare oltre misura una storia come questa sia dovuta a ragioni commerciali, il romanzo si vende mentre il racconto singolo no.Ma la narrazione ne risente parecchio ripetizioni a non finire, situazioni stirate fino all inverosimile, e all insostenibile una voce interiore che molto esteriore, e infatti parla troppo e in modo irritante, una voce off che sempre on, per continuare a giocare con le parole.Il risultato un romanzo rozzo fino alla volgarit , tirato via, noioso certo non degno dei tanti complimenti che vengono tributati a Stephen King.Ho deciso di leggerlo, nonostante il mio scarso interesse e scarsa simpatia per King, perch Ammaniti lo citava in una recente intervista come spunto per il suo ultimo Io e te , dal quale penso che ormai mi terr alla larga cosa che ho poi fatto.Da ieri disponibile il film su Netflix Opera pi che dignitosa, nobilita il romanzaccio del kingaccio, offre cento minuti thriller venati d horror.Carla Gugino brava, e bella, e davvero non si capisce perch abbia una carriera cos in sordina Quasi lo stesso viene da dire per Bruce Greenwood, al di sopra delle mie aspettative.E bravo anche il cane.

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    Este libro es bastante oscuro, no es precisamente de terror pero probablemente te deje con una sensaci n de repulsi n y enfermedad mucho peor que cualquier libro de miedo Es expl cito y perturbador, no me esperaba los extremos a los que lleg King, con el pasado de la protagonista definitivamente hay partes que sobran y por momentos se torna aburrido Acabo de ver la pel cula y puedo decir que me gust m s que el libro, muy buena adaptaci n

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    I m revising my previous estimation of this book up one star I m gonna be a little spoilery Why The re read was actually rather satisfying Yes, it s a novel about survival and all the kinds of crap that men make women do to satisfy themselves, but it s also a rather moving novel about keeping or losing one s sanity in the face of all those expectations.Never mind the sheer horror of being handcuffed to a bed without hope of being saved because your lover just keeled over, or watching a dog eat your husband as you go thirsty It s a lot than just that It s memories and other humiliations and the struggle to find oneself through one hell of an ordeal.Plus, I kinda like the fact that we re dealing with a very Poe ish or Aristotelian art ethic here It s very focused in time and place, forcing us to go down deep into the subconscious I can t help but appreciate that now than when I was younger shrug Either way, I also enjoyed the almost tacked on feel of the extended denouement It really gave a sense of reflection and of shoring up her defenses after having them all stripped away, both literally and figuratively I felt the power of the positive reversal.Now, I should say that I m revising this from my three stars to four based mainly on the fact that the novel is good on its own, but when I chose to give it three from memory , I did so based on my enjoyment in comparison with the rest of Stephen King s works It isn t his strongest novel by far, but it was still quite enjoyable.I think I m going to really enjoy the movie in a few days.

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Night Shift collection or appeared in other anthologies.In the fall of 1971, Stephen began teaching English at Hampden Academy, the public high school in Hampden, Maine Writing in the evenings and on the weekends, he continued to produce short stories and to work on novels.