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Halflings txt Halflings, text ebook Halflings, adobe reader Halflings, chapter 2 Halflings, Halflings f8906a DiscoveriesAfter Being Inexplicably Targeted By An Evil Intent On Harming Her At Any Cost, Seventeen Year Old Nikki Finds Herself Under The Watchful Guardianship Of Three Mysterious Young Men Who Call Themselves Halflings Sworn To Defend Her, Misfits Mace, Raven, And Vine Battle To Keep Nikki Safe While Hiding Their Deepest Secret And The Wings That Come WithA Growing Attraction Between Nikki And Two Of Her Protectors Presents A Whole Other Danger While She Risks A Broken Heart, Mace And Raven Could Lose Everything, Including Their Souls As The Mysteries Behind The Boys Powers, As Well As Her Role In Their Earthly Mission, Unfold, Nikki Is Faced With Choices That Will Affect The Future Of An Entire Race Of Heavenly Beings, As Well As The Precarious Equilibrium Of The Earthly World

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s what readers are sayingGail said, WOW A very well written story filled with twists and turns that will make you laugh and cry Lisa said, the most loveable characters I ve come across in a book Becca said, SOMETHING LIKE FAMILY is an emotional ride you will not want to miss Laurie said, You will need tissues I hope you ll stop by the link above and add it to your WANT TO READ shelf Thanks for stopping by Keep reading and share your beauty with the world.

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    Nikki is a boring 17 year old girl who faints and cries every chance she gets Nikki or Dikki as I like to call her somehow manages to get caught up in the war between heaven and hell Naturally Dikki gets three hot protectors who DUN DUN DUN just so happen to be half human and aw yea half angel..I think I shall call them halfies, no halfhalf, no 50 50, no I ve got it..I shall call them halflingsunoriginal you say lame you say uninspired you say Well then you d be 100% right.Anywho 2 out of the 3 halflings fall in wuv Dikki because she s so speshul and bwave Mace or Spice Angel as I like to call him is sweet, caring and an all round good guy Raven or Dusky Angel if you please is wait for it. a BAD BOY..SHOCK HORROR he s dangerous, arrogant and he s a player. don t hate the player, hate the game Dikki can t help but be drawn to his badboybadishness..WHAT That a real word Spice Angel and Dusky Angel both want Dikki cos she s well..she s DIKKI isn t she Dikki does karate and paints which makes her all deep and misunderstood, she doesn t care about boys, well boys who aren t the male protaganists anyway because otherwise according to YA romancelandia that would just make her appear shallow..of couse when Spice Angel and Dusky Angel come in to the picture she s torn and oh. it s just so tragic..some readers may not be able to handle the level of non emotion that Dikki s wuv life evokes She naturally has one friend who s superficial and boy crazy..thus in comparison giving the false impression that Dikki has substance Dikki gets in trouble a lot a la Bella Swan view spoiler Cullen hide spoiler

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    The main character in this story, Nikki, is supposedly a kick ass girl who has a black belt in karate and rides a motorcycle She is leading a normal until until suddenly, everywhere she turns, she is being attacked by evil creatures and she doesn t know why.Luckily she has 3 half human, half angel protectors to watch over her Mace, Raven, and Vine exist in a halfway between Earth and Heaven, and are outcasts in them both Mace in particular feels inexplicably drawn to Nikki But the 3 guardians are not supposed to get involved in the human s life.That is all I know, because I only got 50 pages and four chapters into the story before I had to stop reading it First of all, I didn t really buy Nikki as a realistic character She is a 17 year old whose parents let her ride all around creation on a motorcycle, for cripes sake And she has a black belt in karateshe s also beautiful, but awkward around guys SIGH No, the beautiful chick who is awkward around guys motif has been overdone, and it s just so far from reality it s not even funny.Second of all, I HATE HATE HATE instant LOVE in a novel Mace came into contact with Nikki all of two times, during both she was unconsciousand he is all of a sudden in love with her OOOK Whatever.Third, the language was way too sappy and cliche Bad metaphors abound For example, His face was so very alive Like moonbeams captured in flesh Or, I m scared of myself What I can do What I can t do Why I don t know who I am Yeah I just couldn t go on.Don t even get me started on the guys names Mace, Raven, and Vine Are they angelic protectors or pro wrestlers It s very rare I cannot finish a book, and I hate giving bad reviews, but I have to be honest Halflings was not for me.

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    New cover reveal And yes, my goodreads friends, you are seeing it here first I m really happy with the new cover When I first started writing Halflings, I always imagined the cover red Big big thanks to the team who created it.

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    DISCLAIMER This is an opinion of someone whose brain has been marinating in flu and colds medicine for at least a week You might want to read somebody else s reviewsomeone coherent.Halflings has all the recipe of what I can consider as a train wreck Love triangle Ick A heroine with a predisposition to whining crying waffling Double ick A plot that seemed to veer off in several directions without a defined course Triplewell, you know Ick It started out so good action right off the bat And the introduction of the three half baked angels were nothing short of enticing But with every turn of the page, the story becomes convoluted and confusing andit was just all over the place Arrrrggh Nikki reminds me of well, me in front of my closet deciding what to wear, picking one or two or three out, only to discard them in favor of my original choice Hey, I m a woman I can change my mind Sue me.Nikki Youngblood is one of those heroines who had potential at first She s artistic, unimpressionable, ballsy But all that changed as soon as she meets Mace Oy vey The fainting spells killed me every single time Mace is beautiful Mace is attracted to the human Mace is confused Mace must decide what was important to avoid eternal damnation or to love the most oblivious, beautiful daughter of man he s ever seen In short, they both annoyed me to hell At the risk of sounding pessimistic, I couldn t find anything in this book worth the time I spent reading it I can probably count the number of times I did an eyeroll probably the same amount of time Nikki vacillated between Mace and Raven Somehow, they arrived at the conclusion that they ll be better off as friendsbut then the female halflings showed up and Nikki was all jealous of Mace s and Raven s reactions to the half angel females Ugh.Nikki is a Seer someone who can forecast danger In Nikki s case, she can draw the exact picture Kick ass, right It would ve been if the author explored Nikki s ability Why didn t she see the hellhounds who were after her at the beginning of the novel Why didn t she seethose people who were going to get killed in an accident Or why didn t she see what was going to happen to her dog, Bo Tsk So many plot holeser, questions.The love triangle irked me I wasn t at all interested in who Nikki ends up with Raven seemed like a cool character until he developed an attraction for Nikki It just felt too contrived It didn t make sense that he was disgusted with Nikki by virtue of being human at first and then he was singing her praises the next All because HE got her art This guy was so full of himself And Nikki was way too fascinated with his angel wingsI don t know if that s euphemism for something.I m not firmly set against love triangles, per se But the author have got to make sense of it Nikki s abject reactions to Raven was just as confusing as Raven s reactions to her All in all, the romance s in this book They It didn t work at all Mace and Nikki decided that they re right and wrong for each other Shoot Me Now Seriously They re a match made in heaven, if you ask me I wanted to shake them both and yell at them to stop their freaking annoying song and dance.I d love to go on and tell you one or two things that I liked about this book but sadly, I couldn t find any All the things that irritated me were just too distracting to find the good in the sea of bad.

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    Halflings seemed to me like a half hearted attempt at a paranormal urban fantasy story for the YA audience My words might be blunt in that, but it was difficult to find much to like and hold interest through much of the novel I found that it often skipped from one event to the next without proper transition, the characters were quite underdeveloped, and many familiar paranormal tropes were forced without so much as any development in the worldbuilding for this fantastical realm, with some assertions that nearly threw me completely from the story as I read through it.To give a brief summary, Nikki Youngblood is a special teenager who s being hunted by dark forces When the novel commences, she s being chased by Hellhounds, which I thought was an interesting place to start from, though I wasn t sure why she was chased at first She s saved by a half human, half angel ergo, a Halfling named Mace, who cares for her though trying to keep his identity under wraps The start of the novel seemed a bit in haste for events, transitioning from Hellhounds to a speeding van that follows Nikki and results in her fainting two or three times within the first several chapters , but I thought maybe that it would expound later on as to why these events occurred At the same time, the group of Halflings a.k.a the Lost Boys aren t exactly happy with the meddling of human affairs with regards to Nikki There s some mildly amusing banter between Mace and the Lost Boys, but it s hard to tell who they are at first from the position in the novel I figure that s something that ll be developed later as the story moves forward By this time, Mace, Raven and Vine are all protectors that have fought for Nikki in some way, and she suspects something s up, but she never comes out and says what it is.Until she marches up into their stronghold and tells them they re angels, which was another awkward transition because there wasn t any smooth path leading up to that mention The explanation of a Halfling and their history is the first point where I nearly put the book down, because while some of the angel terminology seemed consistent with other works, if you re going to have a major historical event shift change mention in any story and try to give it conviction that the reader can care about and or learn from, it s a good idea to develop it and expound so that it doesn t seem just thrown in arbitrarily That said, the mention of the Holocaust and Hitler with the Halfling mythos didn t make sense It wasn t developed to anything that really added to the story.It s later revealed that Nikki has a Seer ability which means she can draw things that depict events in the future This is a cool concept, but it s never shown than once And the conflict of a super scientific conspiracy that can only be stopped by the interference of the angels seemed a bit grandiose at best for a conflict.In the mix of that conflict, there s an instalove triangle developed with Nikki pinning betwen Mace, the Halfling who seemed to be a decent good guy , and Raven, the bad boy Halfling and daredevil personality The transition between these likes seemed off, and it was as if one moment Nikki s affections went toward one and then turned to the other in a heartbeat.It was just too many issues and derivations for me to really see beyond them.Overall score 1 5Note I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Zondervan.

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    Halflings has a fantastic storyline with plenty of action, drama, and romance all what I love in a novel Heather Burch has finally done what I have wanted to see in a triangle romance for a long time Burch s writing was also fantastic and exciting, she kept me glued to this story with a cliffhanger ending that had me loving the main character Nikki Burch has taken the half human and half angel that we are familiar with and given it a new twist And the intriguing storyline had me loving the Halflings.Nikki is a seventeen year old kick butt martial artist, Kawasaki motorcycle riding girl, but she s never broken the rules She s a tough girl that uses her brain for than girly clothes, make up and boy swooning, which drives her best friend Krissy crazy Its going take than the good looking football quarterback to get Nikki s heart swooning over a guy When Nikki finds herself fighting the evil forces of hell, she soon realizes her I can take care of my own self altitude is going to need the help of three new gorgeous guys that just moved to her town, and two of the guys are going to melt her tough girl heart.Mace, Raven, and Vine are the three gorgeous halflings sent on a heavenly mission to fight the evil forces that come against Nikki, along with their caregiver Will Mace is the good guy hero type that never breaks the rules Raven is the bad boy who always breaks the rules, and Vine is the newbie who s just looking for his next candy fixes Nikki, who s never had any of those girly swoon love problems, has met her match with Mace Nikki, the girl who couldn t fall in love, has just fallen for both Mace and Raven, but now she will know the power and the pain of love s heart break for the two guys she loves but will never have Halflings is a totally different triangle love romance One I have been waiting for a long time and I m so glad Heather Burch has written Nikki, Mace, and Raven s intriguing romance with a fantastic strong storyline with action, drama, humor and heart break Burch has given her main character Nikki a strong personality that I truly admire when facing life s most hurtful choices, Nikki s character shows she can make responsible choices while her whole life is being taken away from her as you will see in this heart breaking cliffhanger I highly recommend Halflings as a must read.Also there is a free ebook, 11 15 The Making of a Halfling, that starts the Halflings adventure If you ve already read Halfings, this will add to your fun If you haven t, this will introduce you to the Halflings.

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    was excited to get this for review The cover isn t as beautiful as the other debuts, but the story sure is good I had to read it on my kindle app Since I don t have a kindle and I hate reading on my laptop because it s so distractinglike seriously ___ So I finally found a way to read the books on my iPod It took me about 2 and a half days I stand up all night today, finishing it It was so addicting, I could not put the book down I love the plot and setting This book is just great First Chapter Nicole Youndblood, her nickname is Nikki was being chased by a pack of wolves She was running for her live Raven, Mace, Vine, and Will are just looking at her in the distance trying to see when to come in to save her These guys job is to protect Nikki, because that s their mission The reason why they re protecting her is because she s special in some type of way They don t understand why they have to protect her since she s human They never did protect one before Suddenly it was time to save her but Mace made a mistake by letting Nikki see his face Halflings What are halflings They are angels Wait heavenly angels or fallen angels None the above They are in the middleor actually they aren t They are half angel and half human They don t live with their parents, never got to meet them Every Halflings group has 3 angels and has a guardian which is a heavenly angel Halflings was made by Hitler causing the Holocaust to happen.Love Triangle It s between Raven, Mace, and Nikki I think Nikki is perfect with Raven but he is a player though Mace is just ehhh I think Raven can be a of a boyfriend to Nikki.

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    I received this from NetGalley I became enchanted from the start Halflings is the telling of half human half angels, figures sent to protect Nicole Youngblood Not sure of their journey, Mace, Raven and Vine aka The Lost Boys They keep close tabs on Nikki Even saving her life a few times Towards the middle of the story their is a love triangle between Mace, Nikki and Raven However it is forbidden for Halflings to fall in love Rather not be the downfall for either boy Nikki tries to control her feelings Throughout the course of the story she questions whether or not she can help with their journey and if she s stronger for the epic ethereal battle I loved this story Couldn t even tell that this was a debut novel I look forward to the rest of the series and seeing where the storyline goes

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    I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to read this book I hope my review does it justice Thank you Netgalley.com and Zondervan publishers for allowing me to review an ARC copy of Halflings by Heather Burch.MY REVIEW Halflings is an amazing YA novel that absolutely had me parked in my kindle It rocked my world Halflings had me enchanted from the beginning It was so well written and fast paced that I just could not put it down I had it read in one sitting Burch s writing style is lovely Her descriptive scenes that were painted for me had me frantically reading and hungry for The main character Nikki isn t the usual damsel in distress she s kick butt and of a heroine Her protectors that have just arrived are Halflings or half fallen angel half human The Halflings Mace, Raven and Vine show up at the very beginning of the book when Nikki is fighting off hell hounds and they are sure to change her world forever.Instantly Nikki and Mace are drawn to one another but for Halflings to fall in love with a human is the unpardonable sin I absolutely loved Nikki and Mace and the romantic tension between these two Mace has never been tempted by a girl before, he s actually never been tempted at all so to watch their stolen moments together it was just wonderful Raven is the typical bad boy He s cocky and so sure of himself but Nikki gets to him in a way no other human girl ever has Did I mention their might be a love triangle I know I know, I hate them too but this one works Heather Burch has created a novel that had me from the fast paced beginning to the nail biting ending The characters and world she has created have me so hungry for I am so excited to see where Heather Burch will take us in the next book I am anxiously awaiting MY GRADE A

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    Halfling by Heather Burch Chased by hell hounds, nearly run off the road by a suv Nikki s life used to be simply now she seems like every bad thing in the world is trying to kill her With evil ready to strike at every turn Nikki ends up having three beautiful guys watching over her They call themselves Halflings the offspring of fallen angels They plan to keep Nikki out of dangers but sometimes that s not easy to do New problems arise when Nikki finds herself falling in love with two of her protectors This comes a big shock as she has never been interested in guys, but now she can t help but want two but trouble is ahead than just love because Nikki needs to work out what s going on before she is killed.I would just like to say when people I know read books and tell me there is a MASSIVE Love triangle in the book I normally choose to stay clear but this book was very different The love triangle in this book was deep and emotional Raven and Mace are two very different characters at first look I thought of mace as light and caring one and Raven as dark and sexy but there is a whole lot to these two characters and the book was so much than just love drama It s about family and making the right chooses and the evil that s inside us all it s our choice to be good or bad and this book really did show that Nikki was a really good character She is a fighter, deep down, and she faces what s coming head on As one of the main characters she was feisty and kind and enjoyable to read about I also felt that there is a lot we are going to learn about her as the series goes on I just had a sense that there is a lot of hidden power or potential inside Nikki that s begging to come out The story was packed with danger, and Nikki went from a normal life to being on the supernatural hit list There were a lot of intense moments in the book between characters and sometimes humour the book seemed to find a great mix of everything Now I would like to confess that as an avid reader you sometimes fall for the characters you re reading about and raven was one of those characters for me While at first look you feel his just an arrogant pretty boy, but I felt there to him, and I feel that over readers will spot that underneath his front, you will see someone different.A wonderful written story Jam packed with forbidden love, danger and a burning evil that will suck you in 5 stars

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