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Hamlet chapter 1 Hamlet , meaning Hamlet , genre Hamlet , book cover Hamlet , flies Hamlet , Hamlet 823acbf165b49 Often Credited With Creating A Popular Movie Audience For Shakespeare, Kenneth Branagh Has Wanted For Many Years To Bring To The Screen The Complete, Full Length Version Of Hamlet, Shakespeare S Greatest Play The Film, Like The Play, Will Have Something For Everyone, He Says Its A Ghost Story, A Thriller, An Action Packed Murder Mystery, And A Great Tragedy That Is Profoundly Moving With An Outstanding Cast Of International Actors Including Derek Jacobi As Claudius, Julie Christie As Gertrude, Kate Winslet As Ophelia, Charlton Heston As The Player King, Robin Williams As Osric, And Gerard Depardieu As Reynaldo Branagh S Version, In Which He Will Play The Title Role As Well As Direct, Is Sure To Go Down In Film HistoryThis Beautiful Volume Includes Branagh S Introduction And Screenplay Adaptation Of Shakespeare S Text, Color And Black And White Stills, And A Production Diary That Takes Us Behind The Scenes For A Day To Day Look At The Shooting Of His Film

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    Written for the Celebrity Death Match Review TournamentAct I, Scene IHamlet enters.HAMLET OK, Where s that ghost everyone told me about Jane Eyre enters.HAMLET Wait a minute Who are you JANE My name is Jane Eyre and I m looking for Master Rochester.HAMLET I think you walked in on the wrongYou knowYou re kind of cute for a British chick.JANE You re not bad yourself Do you own a manor HAMLETS laughs No, I own a castle.JANE Did I ask for RochesterWho s Rochester You don t by any chance have a princess locked in the tower HAMLET No I have a fiancee but she s scheduled to go crazy and kill herself in a few acts.JANE Perfect They kiss and Hamlet goes off to find someone to marry them and to reserve a room on a Baltic Sea Cruise.Enter Claudius.CLAUDIUS Stop, I cannot allow this It is a travesty Besides, how the heck is Manny going to score this on the Death Match There s no loser JANE I don t know about that, dear Claudius Y0u read the play right CLAUDIUS Well, duh.JANE So what happens CLAUDIUS Hamlet dies, I die, Everybody dies.JANE And me CLAUDIUS You don t die In fact, you re not even supposed to be here.JANE Exactly So all I have to do is hide and wait, preferably not behind a curtain, and I survive, inherit a castle and move on to the next round.CLAUDIUS Brilliant And will this seductive little ploy be your strategy in the final JANE Depends Who will be my rival Enters Winnie the pooh.POOH AW Honey JANE oh God, No Jane exits left stage pursued by a bear.Verdict Hamlet vs Jane Eyre Jane Eyre Wins Jane Eyre vs Winnie the Pooh To be continued.

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    roll up, roll upCELEBRITY DEATH MATCHJANE EYRE VS HAMLETJANE EYRE dressed in full armour, with beard, and speaking in a ridiculous gruff voice Now, Wamlet, hear Tis given out that, sleeping in my worchard,A serpent stung me so the whole wombat of DenmarkIs by a forged process of my deathWankly abused but know, thou noble youth,The serpent that did sting thy father s lifeNow wears his cwown The Governessator is toying with the credulous Prince HAMLET O my prophetic soul My uncle JANE EYRE Ay, that incestuous, that adulterate beast,With witchcraft of his wit, with woeful wifts, O wicked wit and wilts, won to his whameful wustThe will of my most weeming wirtuous queen JANE begins to giggle O Wamlet, what a walling off was where HAMLET is looking bewildered, dismayed is this how spirits talk Closer, boy HAMLET draws nearer But yet closer As HAMLET steps closer to his father s GHOST, Jane draws back her basket hilted mortuary sword, whirls it through the air, and with a mild thwip and a spray of bright blood Hamlet s head leaves his body in a graceful parabola, like the final lemming from a clifftop No need for Acts Two, Three, Four or Five now JANE dripping, taking off the helmet and fake beard It s getting too fucking easy.

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    This is a Favorite, read multiple times with an emphasis on the psychological aspects of the author s intuitive understanding of what it means to be human As Kenneth Branagh has said It has everything intrigue, romance, politics, violence, revenge, jealousy, wit It plays itself out on such a grand scale The book was ordered from SHAKESPEARE AND COMPANY, Paris and includes an introduction to Shakespeare s life and the Elizabethan theatre, an introduction to Hamlet, an essay by Paul Prescott on performance options on both stage and screen, and a commentary I was interested primarily in suggestions for further reading after enjoying the text Here are a few of the last century commentaries to consider Cedric Watts s Harvester New Critical Introduction 1988 that considers the reasons the play breeds earth tremors and landslides of ideology Michael Hattaway s in the Critics Debate Series 1987 , while Paul Cantor s wide angled approach in the Landmarks of World Literature Series 1989 helps us to see the play in the boundless reaches of the intertextuality of world literature These works celebrate the play s superiority over other similar works for over three hundred years But other opinions find Hamlet s emotions about his parents excessive and disproportionate G W Knight s essay in The Wheel of Fire 1930 judged Hamlet a villain This is a work that continues to hold a mirror up to human nature in all its complexity, strike emotional chords with readers engaged with the character s angst, and find new relevance with age.

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    Even though Branagh s film was pretty complete with respect to the play , there are some differences, which are documented here I rather love him, and this is a pretty neat book, with always good great shots from the filming and the film.

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    Formerly a member of the Royal Shakespearean Company, actor director Kenneth Branagh confesses that he has been intrigued and in some ways obsessed by Hamlet from early on in his life, early teens and before That intense devotion bordering on obsession serves this book well, as well as it s movie counterpart Both the introduction and the film diary give excellent insights into not just how the movie was made, but the play itself, and how things that we don t notice for example, what a good statesman Polonius is, because he treats Hamlet well and with respect even after Hamlet disgraces Ophelia To a nunnery, go and during the entire play within a play help to create that character in dimensions than simply the Kingmaker As you read the text of the play and that is exactly what this is, the eternity version of Hamlet, pieced together from several quartos and one surviving copy there are notations from Branagh, stage directions and hints for the reader of what the passage is saying Several soliloquies have been shifted in this edition to make it flow better for filming, and I think they are actual improvements on the places they are found in the text However, the shifting of passages does not dull the understanding of the play a whit even though this is made as a companion book to an excellent film, it stands alone quite well as an everyman s treatise on how Hamlet the play and Hamlet the man can influence one person s life.

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    This has always been a favorite of mine I understand that people may either love or hate Shakespeare, however I am unable to comprehend the latter Shakespeare s characters provide a deep psychology for the audience to grab on to Although one may not neccessarily agree with a specific character s motives or ideals, he or she is absolutely able to now argue the character s mind set you are in their mind and understand how they see the world This is a literary vacation in my opinion to be able to enter into another world and see things through their eyes It is captivating and I only hope that I may learn how to fully replicate such an art form to let one s talent speak for itself.

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    Such a remarkable bildungsroman a book of development The young Hamlet, who has to grow up when his father is suspiciously killed, and his uncle suddenly marries his mother Hamlet is forced to decide whether or not he will honor his father s ghost who tells him that his own brother has killed him to marry his wife Hamlet s mother The story goes on to tell how Hamlet s decision creates the complications and final resolve, but it is amazing how Shakespeare again is a master at the psychological reasoning that goes on in one Besides the book, which is wonderful, the original especially, the movie with Kenneth Branagh as Hamlet is the best I think.

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    Maybe I m biased as someone who has lived in Denmark and walked the grounds supposedly known to be Hamlet s castle, but I believe this to be the greatest published work of Shakespeare An engrossing plot, fabulous characters, a truly beautifully written tragedy.

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    Twas okay

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    This was the first work of Shakespeare s I d ever read and is still my second favorite Henry V being the first No need to mention all the familiar, insightful quotes from this most famous of plays it is a brilliant work of art And no, I do not adhere to the Oedipal interpretation of Hamlet and his mother s relationship I don t see much difference between his relationship with his mom as I do with even modern men, especially coming from an ethnic culture It s always hard, being an only child further, to see the attentions of your mother go elsewhere, particularly to a man who is NOT your fatherand especially to a man who possibly killed your father to usurp his throne and queen I wouldn t be a chipper fellow if I suspected that either At the very least, this one s got ghosts, political intrigue, insanity induced suicide, duels, and by the end of it, a bloodbath of 9 dead people total Not bad for an old play Hell, Laertes whole family is wiped out On the other end, it is as fine of an analysis on the human psyche as anything Freud or Jung ever wrote Besides, this inspired the awesomely awesome Tom Stoppard play based on Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, which I highly recommend It is absurd and fun If Shakespeare isn t your thing, watch or read The Reduced Shakespeare Company s take on all things Bardian Even if you haven t read a single work, you will be familiar with it by the endand possibly have laughed your ass off in the process.

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