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    Hamlet, abridged GHOST DAD Hamlet, your uncle killed me and married your mom I want vengeance, so best get to murdering, plzthnx HAMLET EEK OPHELIA Hamlet, are you okay HAMLET Get away from me, skankwhore OPHELIA WTF goes from zero to crazy like that GERTRUDE Kid, you need therapy.HAMLET And you need to be less of AN ADULTEROUS WHORE POLONIUS OMG so rude HAMLET Eavesdropping I KEEL YOU play goes on hold while Hamlet talks to skeletons LAERTES You killed my dad and drove my sister to suicide, you jerk I challenge you to a duel HAMLET I KEEL YOU CLAUDIUS MWAHAHAHA I put poison in your goblet, Hamlet GERTRUDE Yum, poisoned wine dies CLAUDIUS Whoops, my bad.HAMLET I KEEL YOU GHOST DAD Wow, nice job son Except for the part where you re bleeding all over my castle.HAMLET Ah, dammit dies And then the even abridged version ROCKS FALL, EVERYONE DIES The end.Really, what s not to love Read for 12th grade AP EnglishBONUS courtesy of Married to the Sea, a webcomic you should probably read on a regular basis BONUS Speaking of Ophelia

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    . Katherine Mansfield ..

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    I don t have any earth shattering insights to share from this most recent of god knows how many readings, but this time through I was struck by 1 what a damn fine piece of stagecraft this is, from the suspenseful, moody opening on the castle battlements to the solemn dead march carrying the prince offstage, and 2 how Shakespeare seems to want Hamlet s personality particularly the wellspring of his actions and lack of action to remain an enigma, and that he achieves this by infusing the character with so much of himself so much wit and poetry, so much despondency and savagery that the result is that the audience simply bows before the great mystery of human personality, and that this reverence for the unknown lurking in the heart of an extraordinary man intensifies the sense of pity, horror and waste that fills us at the end of the play.

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    The Skinhead Hamlet Shakespeare s play translated into modern English By Richard Curtis Yes, that Richard Curtis Note those offended by the F word LOOK AWAY NOW And Georgia, if you ve stumbled on this review by your funny old dad this is ANOTHER Paul Bryant Not me ACT ISCENE IThe Battlements of Elsinore Castle Enter HAMLET, followed by GHOST GHOST Oi Mush HAMLET Yer GHOST I was fucked Exit GHOST HAMLET O Fuck Exit HAMLET SCENE IIThe Throneroom Enter KING CLAUDIUS, GERTRUDE, HAMLET and COURT CLAUDIUS Oi You, Hamlet, give over HAMLET Fuck off, won t you Exit CLAUDIUS, GERTRUDE, COURT HAMLET Alone They could have fucking waited Enter HORATIO HORATIO Oi Watcha cock HAMLET Weeeeey Exeunt SCENE IIIOphelia s Bedroom Enter OPHELIA and LAERTES LAERTES I m fucking off now Watch Hamlet doesn t slip you one while I m gone OPHELIA I ll be fucked if he does Exeunt SCENE IVThe Battlements Enter HORATIO, HAMLET and GHOST GHOST Oi Mush, get on with it HAMLET Who did it then GHOST That wanker Claudius He poured fucking poison in my fucking ear HAMLET Fuck me Exeunt ACT IISCENE IA corridor in the castle Enter HAMLET reading Enter POLONIUS POLONIUS Oi You HAMLET Fuck off, grandad Exit POLONIUS Enter ROSENCRANZ and GUILDENSTERN ROS GUILD Oi Oi Mucca HAMLET Fuck off, the pair of you Exit ROS GUILD HAMLET Alone To fuck or be fucked Enter OPHELIA OPHELIA My Lord HAMLET Fuck off to a nunnery They exit in different directions ACT IIISCENE IThe Throne Room Enter PLAYERS and all COURT FIRST PLAYER Full thirty times hath Phoebus cart CLAUDIUS I ll be fucked if I watch any of this crap Exeunt SCENE IIGertrude s Bedchamber Enter GERTRUDE and POLONIUS, who hides behind an arras Enter HAMLET HAMLET Oi Slag GERTRUDE Watch your fucking mouth, kid POLONIUS From behind the curtain Too right HAMLET Who the fuck was that He stabs POLONIUS through the arras POLONIUS Fuck POLONIUS dies HAMLET Fuck I thought it was that other wanker Exeunt ACT IVSCENE IA Court Room Enter HAMLET, CLAUDIUS CLAUDIUS Fuck off to England then HAMLET Delighted, mush SCENE IIThe Throne Room Enter OPHELIA, GERTRUDE and CLAUDIUS OPHELIA Here, cop a whack of this She hands GERTRUDE some rosemary and exits CLAUDIUS She s fucking round the twist, isn t she GERTRUDE Looking out the window There is a willow grows aslant the brook CLAUDIUS Get on with it, slag GERTRUDE Ophelia s gone and fucking drowned CLAUDIUS Fuck Laertes isn t half going to be browned off Exeunt SCENE IIIA Corridor Enter LAERTES LAERTES Alone I m going to fucking do this lot Enter CLAUDIUS CLAUDIUS I didn t fucking do it, mate It was that wanker Hamlet LAERTES Well, fuck him Exeunt ACT VSCENE IHamlet s Bedchamber Enter HAMLET and HORATIO HAMLET I got this feeling I m going to cop it, Horatio, and you know, I couldn t give a flying fuck Exeunt SCENE IILarge Hall Enter HAMLET, LAERTES, COURT, GERTRUDE, CLAUDIUS LAERTES Oi, wanker let s get on with it HAMLET Delighted, fuckface They fight and both are poisoned by the poisoned sword LAERTES Fuck HAMLET Fuck The QUEEN drinks GERTRUDE Fucking odd wine CLAUDIUS You drunk the wrong fucking cup, you stupid cow GERTRUDE dies HAMLET Pouring the poison down CLAUDIUS S throat Well, fuck you CLAUDIUS I m fair and squarely fucked CLAUDIUS dies LAERTES Oi, mush no hard feelings, eh HAMLET Yer LAERTES dies HAMLET Oi Horatio HORATIO Yer HAMLET I m fucked The rest is fucking silence HAMLET dies HORATIO Fuck that was no ordinary wanker, you know Enter FORTINBRAS FORTINBRAS What the fuck s going on here HORATIO A fucking mess, that s for sure FORTINBRAS No kidding I see Hamlet s fucked HORATIO Yer FORTINBRAS Fucking shame fucking good bloke HORATIO Too fucking right FORTINBRAS Fuck this for a lark then Let s piss off Exeunt with alarums.

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    The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, William ShakespeareThe Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, often shortened to Hamlet, is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare sometime between 1599 and 1602 Set in Denmark, the play depicts Prince Hamlet and his revenge against his uncle, Claudius, who has murdered Hamlet s father in order to seize his throne and marry Hamlet s mother 1972 1337 290 1346 1344 278 16 1344 288 1351 1385 395 9643513297 1387 232 9789648904536 1391 275 9786009307135 1393 412 9789642353187 1393 48 9786003740082 1394 191 9786005347593 1602 .

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    I bought a skull as my only prop for Halloween dress up, and I hope someone will recognise that I will be Hamlet As spontaneous actions always need to be followed by bookish contemplation for full satisfaction, I am preparing for the event by rereading the whole play.Somewhere in the middle I started laughing at Hamlet s advice to Ophelia To the nunnery For who wants to end up a breeder of sinners I rejoiced at the fact that fake news are as old as the rotten state of states in general, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern made my day, several times I loved the play inside the play, and what it tells us of Shakespeare s idea regarding the power of literature to move and affect people on the deepest level.I quite coldly skim the overquoted to be or not to be , and stop cold at Faith Her privates we Her privates we Meaning the middle parts of fortune I have Manning s book at home, and I have been meaning to read it forever, and I didn t have a clue that the title was a quote from Hamlet, and that it referred to female genitals I am not even at the point yet in the play where my skull makes an appearance, alas Yorick , but I have already started a new book based on my rereading of Hamlet.That is what happens to readers, stories affect them, they react, and that reaction generates new action, followed by new stories, in eternity a precious circle That s Hamlet Hamlet is human in a rotten state Who knows whether he is insane or not I guess it depends on who you ask.I am still feeling kind towards him Ophelia s fate is still in the future, as is the cathartic show effect of taking up the bodies to the stage.When going to bed later, after finishing the last acts, Maestro Shakespeare may be out of my favour again But that is another story

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    Here s the thing about Hamlet if you see it and you hate it, you saw a terrible Hamlet I don t care if it s given critical acclaim fuck off, Kenneth Branagh Hamlet is supposed to be compelling, and if you didn t find the character compelling, that actor didn t do their job You need a Hamlet who knows the character, not a Hamlet who wants to do grace to the character or some shit Here s the thing I used to hate this play Not lowkey hate, I fucking despised it I thought it was boring and overrated and most of all, I thought Hamlet was a dick and a boring character And then everything changed when the fire nation attacked when I saw Santa Cruz Shakespeare s 2016 production of Hamlet, starring actress Kate Eastwood Norris as Hamlet CHECK OUT HER AND OPHELIA ON THE RIGHT THE BLACK COAT AND PURPLE DRESS IF ANY OF Y ALL HAVE A DUBIOUSLY LEGAL RECORDING OF THIS SHIT PLEASE LINK ME I loved it Not only did I love it I loved it so much that my entire interpretation of the character changed I keep using she her pronouns to describe Hamlet because that actress has literally replaced the character in my head And that is what Hamlet should be about That is how you should feel after you watch a truly great production You should feel like you ve been inwardly changed as a person You should also probably have cried at least once HI GUYS HERE ARE MY CHARACTER PERFORMANCE OPINIONS HAVE FUN In general, every character s pain should matter Every character needs to matter, every character needs to make you feel Hamlet shouldn t be an asshole Hamlet is a very complex character, and yeah, he does a lot of screwing around with people But his interactions with Horatio, all his interactions excluding Claudius in 1.2, his love letter to Ophelia, and other s descriptions of his newfound madness as being out of character paint a very different picture It is not compelling to watch an asshole be an asshole for four hours You know what s far compelling A kind young man struggling with grief and anger, informed suddenly that he must become cruel and unkind.Let s put emphasis on the young part If you accept the first folio as real, the only line referring to his age establishes him as 20 at most It is the second folio where the same line is changed to referring to a 23 year period since Yoric s death, rather than a 12 year period As a result, the idea that he s thirty probably comes from dialogue changes as the Hamlet actor aged I know no one read this, but Hamlet should be a teenager A lot of people think of Ophelia s character as this very innocent virgin and I m going to utterly disagree Ophelia s character is about agency Her character is doubted by all the other characters, yet keeps to her guns and continuously sticks up for herself So many adaptations of this show will take away her agency and give it to the other characters, making her final mad scene seem silly and out of place Do not let the narrative take her agency away Emphasize her inner turmoil Build up her ending madness On a related note if scene 3.1 between Hamlet and Ophelia didn t make you cry, I m vetoing it You are supposed to care about these two characters, both separately and together You are supposed to feel both of their pains You are not, not, not supposed to only care for Hamlet because of his blinding angst over his girlfriend Give this moment to Ophelia Give her the agency she deserves Give the villains characterization too It is so, so important to get Gertrude right One of the best scenes in this entire show, to me, is the closet scene between Gertrude and Hamlet But you have to make Gertrude s character interesting Her pain has to matter as much as anyone else s In general, y all suck at portraying Claudius He s obviously a bit of a smart villain in contrast to his heroic older brother, but that s not the extent of his characterization Claudius is, in actuality, somewhat of a clever political player You shouldn t love him, but if you hate him, this will not be as interesting a play VERDICT I fucking love this show Please watch it before you read it because it s not as good unless you ve seen a really good production Save yourself and skip Branagh Tennant s a little better, actually Blog Goodreads Twitter Youtube

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    Is it possible that I had only read the first 4 scenes and Hamlet already became one of my favorite male characters ever YES Why He s constantly wearing black and monologuing about how literally everything is hard and making everything dramatic then it is, is so ME And this is considered a tragedy which in some ways it is but I found it so funny probably because I have a dark soul and I will definitely reread this at any given moment of peace.I absolutely loved this play, and I m so happy that now I can say that I have read Shakespeare I m a cultured woman now y all.

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    Madness in great ones must not unwatch d go I don t know what to say about Hamlet I could go on about how it is a story of madness and revenge I could talk about the bonds of family loyalty, the sacrifices of love, the breaches of trust and their deleterious effects on the psyche But this is old news Hamlet has been around for over four hundred years What could I possibly say that hasn t already been said When my wife saw I was reading Shakespeare, her snippy comment went something like, What are you reading that for Don t you you have enough drama in your life Which, thanks Cristina, and yes I suppose I do, but what of it Drama can be so much freaking fun There is a reason it sells, a reason there are countless dramatic television shows on the air, countless box office films released each year rehashing the same old dramatic plotlines some to great effect others, not so much And there is a reason people are still reading Shakespeare centuries upon centuries after his death they are fun, they are witty, they are ever so dramatic Hamlet is no exception With plot elements involving fratricide, lethal potions, mistaken identity, forgery of correspondence, espionage and treachery, along with a solid dose of hanging out with the ghosts of dead relatives, one could imagine I m reviewing an episode of General Hospital But what is Hamlet if not a soap opera for the Elizabethans It is an epically tragic train wreck crammed into five tiny acts.What makes this piece of drama so timeless, though, is that its action is served in such perfect complement by its depiction of character We all know what Prince Hamlet is going to do before he does it Hamlet himself, even while doubting his abilities and struggling with his resolve, knows how it s going to all play out Why else would he be so cruel to Ophelia And yet it is this internal turmoil that fuels our interest in the action It might seem like an ordinary train wreck at its surface, but upon deeper inspection it is a train wreck in whose conductors and engineers we have a vested interest.So, witty discourse meets fast paced drama meets penetrating character introspection It almost makes me wonder what would have become of Luke and Laura had William Shakespeare been in charge of the script.

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    Shakespeare is an adept poet and master of the language He layers on jokes, puns, and references everywhere He has a massive output of work, and a number of different plots When we compare him to other authors, it is difficult to find anyone who stacks up but then, we re often comparing him to the wrong people.Shakespeare didn t write books or pamphlets or epics, he wrote plays short pieces of drama that were meant to be fast paced and exciting That they are mainly experienced today as bound books and not theatrical productions does not change their origins If one wants to look at the achievements of Shakespeare, he should be compared to someone of a similar bent.He should be compared with prolific writers known for catchy jokes and phrases Writers who reuse old plots, making fun of their traditions Writers of work meant to be performed Writers who aim for the lowest common denominator, while still including the occasional high minded political commentary He should be compared to the writers of South Park or the Simpsons or MAD Magazine.Shakespeare was meant to be lowbrow and political, but now it only reads that way to those who are well educated enough to understand his language, reference, and the political scene of the time If you do know the period lingo, then his plays are just as filthy as any episode of South Park.For example, the word wit refers to a fellow s manhood this one comes up a lot , here s an example from Much Ado About Nothing Don Pedro I said that thou hadst a great wit Yay, said she, a great gross one Nay, say I, a fine wit Yay, said she, a fine little one Nay, said I, a good wit Just, said she, it hurts nobody Plus there s the title of that play, which references the fact that nothing was slang for a woman s maidenhead, which occurs also in Hamlet Hamlet That s a fair thought to lie between a maid s legs.Ophelia What is, my lord Hamlet Nothing He was also not one to pass up a good cunt joke.Shakespeare often refers to mythology because that was the standard pool of reference for authors at the time Family Guy references 1980 s pop culture Is that any less esoteric How esoteric will Mr T be after 400 years assuming he doesn t find his way into the latest testament of the bible anytime soon Additionally, all of Shakespeare s magnificent plots were lifted, sometimes whole cloth, from other books and histories, just like how sit coms reuse episode types or borrow plots from popular movies Shakespeare was not quite as visionary or deep as he is often given credit for Rather, he was always so indistinct with the motives and thoughts of his characters that two critics could assign two completely different and conflicting motives, but find both equally well supported Is Shylock evil because he s a Jew, evil despite the fact, or evil because of the effects of racism on him You can make a case for all three Marlowe the practised and precise writer never left interpretation to chance, and where has it gotten him Shakespeare was an inspired and prolific author, and his effect on writing and talent for aphorism cannot be overstated I think he probably wrote the King James version because it is so pretty However, he is not the be all and end all of writing.His popularity and central position in the canon comes mainly from the fact that you can write anything you like about his plays Critics and professors don t have to scramble, or even leave their comfort zone Shakespeare s work is opaque enough that it rejects no particular interpretation No matter your opinions, you can find them reflected in Shakespeare or at least, not outright refuted.His is a grey world, and his lack of agenda leaves us pondering what he could possibly have been like as a person His indirect approach makes his writing the perfect representation of an unsure, unjust world No one is really right or wrong, and even if they were, there would be no way to prove it.I don t know whether this makes him the most or least poignant of writers Is the author s absence from the stories the most rarefied example of the craft, or is it just lighthearted pandering Either way, he s still a clever, amusing, insightful, and helplessly dirty fellow.

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