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    So on the one hand i.e., the overly hairy, knuckle dragging one , this is Manwich sized chunk of meaty, SF gun porn dripping with sweat and oozing locker room musk HOWEVER, on the other manicured, latte holding hand, this is a quality, well written tale with surprising character depth and a layered plot with real complexity and an unusual amount of nuance for a popcorn page turner At the risk of a DUH moment, let me point out that this is Warhammer 40000 tie in I knew nothing about the Warhammer 40K universe before picking up this book nothing Therefore, if you ve thought about checking out the series but didn t know where to begin TA DA you have found your entry vehicle If you haven t thought about checking out the series, keep reading and you may change your mind Here s a quick back story and plot summary BACK STORY This story is the first of a series that takes place 10000 years before the main Warhammer 40K events and explains how the galactic civil war known as the Horus Heresy got started It s the 31st Millennium Thousands of years ago mankind scattered from Earth in a great Diaspora and populated the stars For the last 2 centuries, the Imperium of Man guided by the iron fisted, blood dripping benevolent hand of the immortal Emperor has been conducting the Great Crusade in order to 1 reunite all of the various groups of humans whether they want to or not and 2 exterminate all alien life from the galaxy Assisting the Emperor in his violent conquest mighty endeavor are the Space Marines, Seven and a half foot tall, genetically enhanced, immortal super soldiers in battle armor that would make Boba Fett full of dark green envy Chief among the Space Marines are the ruling Primarchs, NINE FOOT tall genetically enhanced, immortal super DUPER soldiers who eat bad ass and crap awesome PLOT SUMMARY The Emperor has unexpectedly left the front lines of the Great Crusade and returned to Earth maybe for some celebratory rape and pillaging In his place, the Emperor has raised his favorite Primarch, Horus, to the rank of War Master and put him in complete control over the mission and the other primarchs This development does not sit well with some of the other 9 foot nasties and schemes, plots, rumors, conspiracies, machinations, cabals, ops and maneuvers ensue We following the Great Crusade under Horus through a series of conquests while learning about the back story of the Imperium and watching the Space Marines in action some very, very cool scenes by the way At the same time, events begin to unfold that set the stage for the conflict that will develop as the series progresses, leading eventually to the split between Horus and the Emperor and the beginning of the great civil war THOUGHTS This book is a blast and I had a lot of fun reading it However, it was also quite a bit and that s what I found surprising While there are certainly a number of stock characters and not everyone gets evenly developed, the main players are drawn with considerable depth and distinct personalities This is not exactly an easy thing to do dealing with soldiers that physically are almost identical In addition, the exploration of religion and philosophy and the arguments on these themes from multiple viewpoints added a nice layer to the plot The writing is certainly better than what I anticipated and was of high quality Abnett has a crisp, easy flow to his prose and is able to write both with humor and the darker emotions as called for by the narrative I was impressed enough with his writing that I will seek out other books he s written as I enjoy his style Finally, I thought the idea of the Museum of Conquest i.e., a huge starship where examples of every alien race exterminated are preserved for posterity was diabolically cool Didn t have anything to do with the story, but was just one of those concepts that add to the overall back story and that I found clever Overall, this is highly entertaining This is one of those that if you think you would enjoy it based on the plot description or the subject matter, than I am confident that you will It is an easy, breezy read loaded with action and enough depth to raise it above the norm.4.0 stars HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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    Perhaps we are cursed to crave something which does not exist There are no gods, no spirits, no daemons So we make them up, to comfort ourselves After centuries spent fighting to bring mankind out of its dark ages and campaigning to eradicate religion, the Emperor returns to Terra, leaving command of the Great Crusade to his loyal Warmaster, Horus But the struggles are nowhere near done, as the threat of nefarious corruption lurks in the background Horus Rising is a remarkably good book Surprisingly so, even The reader can happily throw all predispositions aside and relish in the fact that this a spectacular story with intriguing characters, excellently written and filled with well thought out philosophical background Not only is it a tale of space marines conquering world for the Emperor and the cause, it also sparks deep questions on religion, race, freedom, warfare and enlightenment.More so than anything I have read from the Black Library, this book does not read like a tie in novel It reads like the first dip into an intelligent and captivating science fiction series.

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    I feel remarkably dirty giving a book about the Horus Heresy 4 stars Some other things I ve given 4 stars include On The Road, Paradise Lost, The Great Gatsby, and other classics spanning centuries of upper middle and high literature if there is such a thing, at least So when I give this book, which is unabashedly pulp and a step away from fanfiction, 4 stars, I need to disclaim a good many things You re not going to find layers of complexity here The book sets out to do one thing and one thing only to recount a momentous event in the Warhammer 40k timeline in an accurate and straightforward manner Does it do this Yes, and remarkably well at that.This was a quick, fun, and easy read, which makes for a nice break from several years of English Lit stuff I was interested in expanding my knowledge of the 40k universe, so where better to start than with the one thing that screwed humanity over than a galaxy full of belligerent xenos This book doesn t detail the heresy itself, but rather sets the stage Things are looking good for mankind we re unmatched at kicking ass, the Imperium is steadily growing and absorbing stray human cultures, and we re at a point of logic and reason thanks to the still kickin Emperor However, there s serious foreshadowing every other page, and knowing what happens next gives the whole book an insidious, depressing tone What a difference ten thousand years can make So yeah, I enjoyed it Yeah, I m going to pick up the next in the series And yeah, I m probably going to talk about it here It s not great literature, but so what It does what it sets out to do, and without pretense When I want to read something that will make me question humanity or my own sanity, I ll pick up Blindness again When I want to read about the Adeptus Astartes doing the very same thing, Dan Abnett works as good as anyone.

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    Very entertaining read.First of all if you are unfamiliar with Warhammer 40k it s set in distant future and it s combination of dystopian military sci fi, Tolkein and H.P Lovecraft.Next to fanatical humanity there are classical fantasy races like Orcs, Elfs Eldar , Undead, Lovecraftian horrors like demons and malicious otherworldy gods and diverse menagerie of different sci fi inspired races.Prior to this book my knowladge of Warhamer 40k was limited I mostly know about this setting from combination of Relic entretainment s Dawn of war games and Warhammer40k.wikia page.My obscure knowlage didn t stop me from enjoying this, in a fact this is great place to start with Warhammer 40k universe I came in expecting some good Warhammer 40k action but I got way than that.Don t get me wrong this is sci fi military novel set in Warhammer 40k universe but it s not cheap action blockbuster it s well written book with author who knew what he was doing Characters are surprisingly well defined and distinctive considering most of main cast are protagonist included 2.5 meters tall, specially bred, genetically modified super soldiers of Imperium Super soldiers are pointless without some super action and here action is delightful with tons of blood, guts, guns blazing and sword fights.Recommendation if you are looking for some good sci fi action whether you know about Warhammer universe or not.

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    I waded into this book wearing a layer of scepticism as thick as that dude s armour on the cover art Now I ve emerged from this haemic virulent bloodbath, I m glad and than a little surprised to report it is awesome.It begins with this messy large scale war scene filled with military jargon and corny macho bravado that to me was almost instantly off putting But I noticed the writing quality was considerably better than that of certain highly acclaimed sci fi novels I d read this year cough Leviathan Wakes cough , and that was enough to peak my interest and keep me trudging through this first section and boy am I happy I did.The series has to start with an overblown action scene because, you know, it is a Warhammer novel, and that s kind of its selling point But once the compulsory OTT violence is out of the way and the politicking kicks off, it s great The course of events felt extremely natural and the story was told with much narrative command than certain highly acclaimed sci fi novels I ve read this year cough Ancillary Justice cough.Not only is the worldbuilding fantastic, the sheer scale of this thing is enough to make you crawl into a corner and cry It s quite clear this first book only scratches the surface of the sprawling monstrous mess that is the Warhammer universe, and it leaves one hungry for This 50 or so book series, The Horus Heresy , is a collaborative project written by several authors I m curious to see whether the quality and characters personalities hold up in subsequent books penned by different authors Dan Abnett, the guy responsible for this first delicious goreburger, clearly knows what he s doing He can do alien, he can do gross, he can even do poetic I detect the influences of Robert Heinlein, Dan Simmons and even Olaf Stapledon s Last and First Men.You don t even have to be into Warhammer to enjoy this series If, like me, you re simply world curious and want to give spending some time in a dark, war ridden, extremely violent universe for a change, then clasp on your helm, grab your bolter and sink your genhanced fist into the pulp of these pages Lupercal

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    When xenos threaten the existence of humanity who you gonna call Mangasm in print right here What a opening Horus Rising has I recall reading it for the first time many years ago and thinking surly the end can t be the beginning of the novel I was so confused How wrong I was, we re now thirty novels into the series, with no sign of it ending Dan Abnett introduces us to the Luna Wolves, Space Marines from the planet Cathonia You could argue that Horus Rising becomes overawed by a type of celebrity showcasing of a who s who of the 30K universe It really doesn t though What really makes this book stand out are the foundations laid There is great emphasis placed on a shared brotherhood, a camaraderie we see lacking in current 40K novels in my opinion , along the lines of honour and a resolute secularism There s intelligent prose to be found here, it s not all about being a superhuman with unmatched strength and stamina there s also a philosophy of being Loken is certainly searching for this throughout That being said, there s bolter porn to be found here also, from the outset in fact Do not fear, this isn t a philosophical treatise to bore you to death It s a novel about conquest, that being the crusade that the Emperor has tasked burdened the Astrates and humanity with let s be honest, it s a big world out there What really was a joy to read was the foes arranged against the Space Marines You d think it would be Orks or Elder, no no Dan Abnett comes up with some of his own races The Megarachnid are a biological being, they breed and consume, they seem to be a earlier existence of the Tyranids There is also the Interex, former colonists from Terra who have found themselves devoid of contact with their human brothers due to the Age of Strife warpstorms stopping space travel Characters really make a novel, this being no expectation Dan Abnett has created some of the best characters in both 30 40K to date We re introduced to the concept of The Mournvial who are akin to a advisory council to Horus Made up of worthy captains of merit, such as Abaddon, the first captain, Aximand, Loken and Torgaddon They rather remind me of the A Team Abaddon as Hannibal, who comes across as a brilliant tactician, if a little hot headed Torgaddon as the wise cracking comedy relief, who becomes staunch friends with Garvial Aximand is much the level headed member, so I guess that would make him Face That leaves Garvial Loken, a individual who is the dissenting voice He offers his own views, which help him to fit his role as devil s advocate within the Mournvial he certainly isn t BA Baracus, but then I could see him saying crazy fool for my own amusement He s too much of a starch arse for that.There are some fantastic side characters of note Eidelon, commander of The Emperor s Children, arrogant, aloof and altogether what I would call a tool Saul Tarvitz and Lucius are a wonderful foil, one being a pragmative and shall we say grounded captain and the other hot headed and cock sure They really complement each other Although the Space Marines are the centre stage, the human characters that populate Horus Rising are just as interesting A primary iterator Sindermann and the remembrancer Euphrati Keeler are both interesting and very well written Obviously Abnett uses them to give effective contrast to the Astrates Did I mention First Chaplain Erebus of the Word Bearers No, fuck him then It s obviously worth mentioning Horus sarcasm He is charismatic, a leader He is both humble and aloof without appearing so The Primarch uses such tools as the Mournvial to maintain, if you like, a neutral perspective, especially when engaging with military personnel This is shown throughout the book and works fairly well, but at times did make me think that a leader should speak his mind at all times Horus Rising is one of those benchmark books, not just in Black Library s arsenal, but in the whole science fiction genre The series as a whole is getting and exposure, it s a New York bestseller It s one of the best novels in the series, being the first, this is no small feat Give it ago, even if you aren t a fan of Warhammer 40K, this series stands on its own What do you have to lose Do it, do it NOW.

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    Although this is a franchise novel you don t need to understand the context to enjoy it.

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    I was there the day Horus slew the Emperor Ten years ago amazing cover artist Neil Roberts, Dan Abnett and an host of other great authors started something epic.The Horus Heresy is just the best sci fi military saga ever, with good touches of fantasy and horror orcs and elves are alien races here and there are demons and lovecraftian horrors too.In ten years I ve read this novel 3 times first one when it was released, second one when it was translated in Italian sadly the only one, but translations and editions of Black Library books here were never too much good so maybe is better this way and now a third time in the omnibus collecting the first act of the saga.Of my most favourite books this is the only one I remember reading thrice and it get better and better, maybe because in ten years I ve read like 100 Black Library novels and my knowledge of the Warhammer 40000 lore raised a lot, but you really not need that to appreciate it.Higly reccomended to all fans of military sci fi and sword laser sagas.This novel is just a masterwork, read it and science fiction will never be the same for you.

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    This was my first exposure to anything Warhammer 40,000 When I was a kid I would often see the starter sets at the hobby gaming shops I d go to with my dad, but I never really had much interest for a few reasonsmostly that Warhammer tabletop stuff is expensive as fuck and the universe has always seemed kind of impenetrable, due to the fact that the history setting seemed to be originally explained only in the manuals codexes associated with the game Thankfully someone had the great idea to start a 500 book series explaining one of the key events in the recent past of the 40k setting the Horus Heresy Obviously due to the size of this series book one isn t gonna explain everything, so while I m completely sure yet I have a good idea of what the actual Heresy is What I do know, however is that the 40k universe is a load of fun and surprisingly deep and detailed, and that Dan Abnett is a very good writer.The 40k universe, characters and setting all make me often feel like a kid again everything just seems so over the top and sensationally violent, dark and horrific Every other page in this book contains something that can only be described as awesome an Emperor that unites Earth and then proceeds to send legions of giant genetically engineered space marines all over the universe spreading the Terran ideals of secular rationalism via slaughtering stuff man eating biomechanical spiders that build giant stone trees that generate intense storms, preventing invasion from space a strange dimension called the warp that seems to harbor sinister, parasitic energies that can corrupt living beings and fun stuff like that It s all just so ridiculously cool That said, while I would happily read 500 pages of space marines fucking shit up that s not what Abnett is all about here, at all It s just the first thing that s gonna grab you.Despite the over the top darkness and violence of the setting, Abnett does take the 40k universe seriously and approaches it as an intelligent, creative person would The book certainly does touch on deeper topics like the morality of the Great Crusade, man s place in the stars and the nature of camaraderie in war He also seems to make an effort to look at the book s world and events from a human perspective, rather than relying on the clearly superhuman space marines to deliver the narrative To be honest, I kind of wrote this whole universe off as cheesy fluff existing only to support tabletop excursions That was dumb of me, and consequently I ve been missing out I have to remind myself that even uber serious and literate epics like Malazan Book of the Fallen started out as tabletop games It s a rare thing to enjoy being exposed to oneself as a pretentious and close minded douche That said, it does kinda worry me that Abnett only writes a few entries in the entire Horus Heresy series, leaving the way open for inconsistency in all its ugly forms I m gonna stay optimistic, though.Keeping with my thoughts on the author, I already bought the first three in the Gaunt s Ghosts series I was very impressed with him he s thoughtful, writes believable characters, and consistently paints thrilling action sequences Kinda makes me wonder if he s written stuff outside of the 40k universe, but he certainly has written enough inside it to keep me happy for a good while, and I ll also be happily continuing with Horus Heresy This book was relatively heresy free, as it seems to start a decent ways away fromwhatever happened happening It s mostly setup via action, which is certainly a great way to introduce a novice to your universe I wholeheartedly recommend this book to people who think the setting might yield some good times for them It was a wonderful way to be introduced to the universe, and a hell of a lot of fun.

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    I am really enjoying the Warhammer 40k books I never played any of the games, so I feel like there s backstory that I m missing Who is the emperor Where did his power come from Why does everyone follow him His goal was to rid the universe of religion and superstition which sounds good to me , but then he makes himself a god and creates the Primarchs who are demi gods and proceeds to wage war on any world or people that don t fall in line with his ideology I know the ultimate outcome of what happens with Horus and the emperor, which so far doesn t seem like such a terrible thing I really liked Horus, although Torgaddon was my favorite I m trying not to get too attached to anyone since I figure it s going to end badly for a lot of them The next book will be the first one I ve read that isn t by Dan Abnett.hopefully it s still as good.

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