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How to Suppress Women's Writing summary How to Suppress Women's Writing, series How to Suppress Women's Writing, book How to Suppress Women's Writing, pdf How to Suppress Women's Writing, How to Suppress Women's Writing 70ad77d02f By The Author Of The Female Man, A Provocative Survey Of The Forces That Work Against Women Who Dare To Write She Didn T Write It She Wrote It But She Shouldn T Have She Wrote It But Look What She Wrote About She Wrote It But She Isn T Really An Artist, And It Isn T Really Art She Wrote It But She Had Help She Wrote It But She S An Anomaly She Wrote It BUT How To Suppress Women S Writing Is A Meticulously Researched And Humorously Written Guidebook To The Many Ways Women And Other Minorities Have Been Barred From Producing Written Art In Chapters Entitled Prohibitions, Bad Faith, Denial Of Agency, Pollution Of Agency, The Double Standard Of Content, False Categorization, Isolation, Anomalousness, Lack Of Models, Responses, And Aesthetics Joanna Russ Names, Defines, And Illustrates Those Barriers To Art Making We May Have Felt But Which Tend To Remain Unnamed And Thus Insolvable

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    This classic book was written 40 years ago it hasn t aged much Still pertinent And wonderfully jargon free and lucid, like western mountain light.I d been meaning to read this book for years, but was too busy writing to get around to it Happily, I lived in such cultural isolation that I didn t get the memo about what women shouldn t write myself, but I ve certainly seen it handed out since then, variously, lately in assorted fascinating erasures The book seems to have started but not finished with concerns about women writers being shut out of the academic literary canon, and asks less Why than the less obvious and, as it turns out, revealing question, How The lit canon has doubtless moved on since then Maybe Although if they re still presenting The Catcher in the Rye as literature pertinent to high schoolers, maybe not that 1951 novel, set in the late 40s about the time I was being born, was utterly alien to me even back in the mid 60s.There is, of course, a whole world of books written by and for women with little to no quarter given to what male critics want romance, which Russ manages to not mention here I think this is in part prudence, but certainly in part the fact that the Romance genre has exploded since 1975, with much of its modern development taking place after this extended essay was written And a second and even interesting creative explosion since the internet and e books routed around all the regular publishing gatekeepers Fanfic, likewise a largely female preserve enabled by the internet, is likewise an arena where the wildest literary experiments are currently proliferating.There does not seem to be an e edition of the Russ currently available someone at U of Texas Press should fix that forthwith but a paper edition can still be had, here do recall reading one or two of Russ s early SF novels back in the 70s, but I m not sure I got them at the time Might be time for a rematch As an interesting historical note, I have been told that Russ s first purchasing SF editor was Jim Baen, so we have that in common.Ta, L.

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    To act in a way that is both sexist and racist, to maintain one s class privilege, it is only necessary to act in the customary, ordinary, usual, even polite manner. I haven t allowed Goodreads users to follow me for a while now After years of letting the silent hundreds accumulate behind me out of some misguided belief that likes for my reviews was what I was all about, I figured out that generating free content for an unresponsive audience drains like nothing else Even now, when I am far less interested in getting others to read what I read and far in making them squirm, all I get through the friend requests is an interest in my reviews without having engaged with any of them , a comment on my group s potential for advertising without joining the group , some bullshit confabulation that attests than anything to the common feeling of entitlement to content on the Internet that comes without a paywall I ve got it all laid out in my About Me , people If it s apolitical Entertainment that you re looking for where I trundle along on my side of the bond and you don t do shit on the other bye Motives for the dismissal differ habit, laziness, reliance on history or criticism that is already corrupt, ignorance the most excusable of all, surely , the desire not to disturb the comfort based on that ignorance much less excusable , the dim or not so dim perception that one s self esteem or sex based interests are at stake, the desire to stay within an all male, all white club that is, whatever its drawbacks, familiar and comfortable, sometimes the clear perception that letting outsiders into the club, economically or otherwise, will disturb the structure of quid pro quo that keeps the club going. Either you know what I m talking about with this review or you don t Either you re going to make an effort to figure out what I m talking about with this review or you won t It s really quite simple This book isn t a good place to start, and it most certainly is not the best place to find resolution, but in terms of midway points after you ve read the Delany and the Villette and the Rich and the pre 1600 women s writing and the pre 1200 non European women s writing and the Baldwin and the Hurston and have hardcore committed to expanding your handhold in the likes of this cause you will forever know that you know nothing, it s decent Bits and pieces that the sort of mewlers and pukers that boycott the latest Star Wars movie for black people and send death threats to those building monuments in memory of women slaughtered for being feminists fear above all else are here, thirty three years previous The canon s a lie, but it s a hell of a lot easier to deal with those who demand you be their mother in every argument if you ve got a nice sized tome with hundreds of citations and no shits given to stuff in various orifices I t becomes clear that a woman must be extraordinary to outlive her generation and a man need not. Two major issues I have with this is the juxtaposition of the minutae of Middle Class White English with everyone else who s not a White Male and, as expected, flagrant use of the sanity card For the first, if you re going to characterize your centrism, do it before the second to last section of your rhetorical breakdown and the first time you pull in a person of color to support your theory without supporting them The end section with your self satisfied description of how much reading you did as a poor widdle white girl about the struggle of Women of Color is real cute, but in contrast to the professional sections of a new type of criticism it comes off as a hack job Second, the sanity card jesus fuck You feel the need to imply that all people who reinforce the white supremacist patriarchy belong in straitjackets Fine Stop fucking around with Plath You need to use schizophrenia as your own personal metaphor of power Fine Look up some details about how the condition literally eats at your brain so you can really get a feel for the people you re boxing in as a trope for your own ignorant purposes You want to appeal to fellow feminists by throwing mentally disabled people like me under the bus Fine All your followers are eugenicists, cause mental disabilities include the concept of idiocy as well as crazy Now how far do you think your social justice is going to get The idea that any art is achieved intuitively is a dehumanization of the brains, effort, and the traditions of the artist, and a classification of said artist as subhuman. Good quote, piss poor execution Nice cross referencing of all those British and American and Canadian types Russ would be pleased to know about Munro s winning of the Nobel for Lit , bad attempt at being inclusive Excellent commentary on the academic side of things that ll come in handy when I set forth on my own in those calcified halls of criticism, bordering on grotesque clumping of everything wrong with the world in the box of delusional and stupid I recommend this to people who have already formed a stronghold of anti imperialist anti tokenism anti ableist fronts that won t be swept away by all the quotes and name drops Using this as a beginning isn t worth how much will have to be unpacked later on.

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    After years of running across references to How to Suppress Women s Writing, I have finally read it The timing on my acquiring and reading the book and my involvement in certain online arguments that I ve stumbled upon lately about how sexism really still exists, no, really is probably not coincidental ANYWAY About the book First off, it s a lit crit book with everything that that implies For those of us without the heavy duty lit background, this means the reading will be slow Interesting, yes Easy, no The references allusions name checks come fast and furious, but if, like me, you ve never read, say Margaret Cavendish The frequent citations of her work that assume a certain level of familiarity will be frustrating.Keep going It s worth it It s worth figuring out what gets left out or deemed unworthy and how and asking why Because A mode of understanding life which willfully ignores so much can do so only at the peril of thoroughly distorting the rest A mode of understanding literature which can ignore the private lives of half the human race is not incomplete it is distorted through and through Feminist criticism of the early 1970s began by pointing out the simplist of these distortions, that is, that the female characters of even our greatest realistic classics by male writers are often not individualized portraits of possible women, but creations of fear and desire.Each chapter picks apart a tool belief that keeps women s writing invisible and excluded from the Canon Misattribution Impropriety of subject matter Unimportance of subject matter False categorization or judging pieces against the standards of a genre they don t belong to Exceptionalism Isolation from feminine influences Denial of agency And while the title clearly sets these obstacles up as something deliberate the text itself does a fantastic job of showing how these beliefs permeate culture, how the ideas embed themselves in the minds of essentially well intentioned critics authors readers, men and women alike.She periodically points out how these same tools of suppression are used to deny a literary history to other marginalized groups she may have set out to expose the tools of sexism, but they are also the tools of racism and colonialism and heterosexism and classism andIn fact, in the afterward of my edition, Russ acknowledged that she d fallen into the same traps set along racial lines and added an idiosyncratic collection of quotes from literary works by members of minority groups that had been similarly ignored and excluded by the gatekeepers of Literature, including herself as critic.

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    What an education This book had a huge influence on me as a young writer, an introduction to a conversation that continues to this day, the ways in which the world has tripped up the creative woman, diminished her, sidetracked and sidelined her In the process, the book rescues many of these neglected artists from oblivion I m reminded very much of the similar project in women s visual arts that resulted in the founding of the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC, the rescue of so many women artists who have been diminished, suppressed, erased Learned a great deal about the world I was entering and the many pitfalls, the outrageous ways in which women are silenced It made me angry and it also made me cannier about the ways to withstand some of the slings and arrows, prepare to defend my own work, and that of my sisters A literary RiotGirrrrl treasure Went in an interesting way with Women of Iron and Velvet, about French women writers, by Margaret Crosland So glad I read this early on in my writing life.

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    Imprescindible.No es un ensayo que me haya abierto los ojos a por qu leer mujeres, ya s todo lo que me pueden ofrecer , pero a pesar de todo lo he disfrutado much simo porque he conocido muchas historias, datos y citas desconocidas.Durante la lectura solo pod a pensar en que podr a titularse tambi n Se ores siendo la peste, ahora con fuentes para callarles la boca cuando las pidan.Es un ensayo muy inteligente, lleno de preguntas que se hace la propia Russ y que se contesta investigando Creo que todas somos conscientes de estas t cnicas, pero verlas por escrito, explicadas y analizadas es otra cosa Duele Da rabia Sobre todo porque pr cticamente todas se siguen empleando.El ensayo se divide en secciones seg n la t cnica.1 Prohibiciones habla no tanto de la prohibici n directa sino de la indirecta A grandes rasgos si est s lavando calzoncillos y cambiando pa ales, no puedes escribir Y, en 2018, todav a se espera de todas ser madres Me hubiese gustado que la autora se explayase m s en esta parte, pero ya bastante mal trago pas con las citas de mujeres explicando como dejaban de escribir y de se ores dici ndoles que lo dejasen y se dedicasen a lo que de verdad deb an No lo escribi ella2 Mala fe es una peque a explicaci n que se encadena con las siguientes Habla de aquellos que ignoran casi deliberadamente que algo anda mal Porque prefieren ver casualidades y hablar de que el resto ven conspiraciones en lugar de un acto de mala fe Importa que lo escribiese ella Actualmente, por qu hay que fijarse en el g nero del autor Qu m s dar pregunta mientras su estanter a solo contiene hombres blancos 3 Negaci n de la autor a Cuando se niega que lo hicese Tal cual O sea, lo hizo pero en realidad el m rito es de su marido, profesor, amante e incluso, SU PARTE MASCULINA pero ella NO O no lo hizo porque su escritura es muy masculina Las mujeres no escriben as Fue en el Celsius 2017 cuando se oy lo de que Frankenstein no fue obra de Mary Shelley sino de el resto de se ores que le dieron la inspiraci n No lo escribi ella sino4 Contaminaci n de la autor a Cuando la t ctica es decir que no deber a haberlo escrito Cuando las mujeres escriben algo, pero no se ajusta a lo que deber an haber escrito Se las insulta Locas, feministas, groseras, prostitutas cualquier cosa con tal de mancillar el nombre y la obra Lo escribi pero no deber a.5 El doble rasero del contenido La raz n por la que muchos se ores, tambi n en pleno 2018 no leen a mujeres Porque escriben sobre habitaciones Cocinas Dormitorios O porque son panfletos feministas Venganzas de las mujeres sobre los hombres Cualquier excusa vale El caso es que solo es v lido lo que les gusta a ellos Eso es lo bueno Lo hizo ella pero f jate sobre qu cosas escribi.6 Falsa categorizaci n Siguiendo el hilo de la mala fe y de la negaci n, esta t cnica consiste en meter en un saco err neo o que se considera malo a las escritoras para as poder decir mira, aqu tienes a todas las escritoras y son malas Como ejemplos, Russ habla de las mujeres que se han etiquetado como no novelistas o no poetas o escritoras de verdad porque, por ejemplo, sus cartas y diarios privados no cuentan Lo escribi ella, pero no es una artista.7 Aislamiento Cuando solo se habla de una de las obras de una autora una y otra vez, como si solo hubiese un cupo determinado de autoras y adem s de obras Y generalmente, son las peores obras de las autoras las que llegan a ese canon o a esa excelencia Con mala fe Porque los cr ticos se han dejado fuera textos m s feministas, con m s rabia, agresivos Lo escribi ella, pero solo escribi uno.8 Anomal a El conocid simo s ndrome de la Pitfuina Hay una autora buena pero solo una En esta secci n del ensayo, Russ hace un trabajo de investigaci n de antolog as, recopilaciones y planes de estudio y siempre llega a unos mismos n meros Las autoras est n presentes entre un 5 y 7%.Puede que esa persona que dice que no se fija en el g nero del autor te pueda nombrar a 3 autoras, pero fijo que m s de 10 nombres no Lo escribi ella, pero es una fuera de serie Es raro Son pocas.9 Falta de modelos a seguir Russ nos habla de que hab a escritoras que se relacionaban con otras Que se le an y se influenciaban Pero eso queda escondido y se les atribuyen mentores varones en casi todos los casos Son su ayuda y quien pr cticamente les escribe las cosas Eso afecta a generaciones m s j venes Por eso, esas redes de apoyo deben aparecer en cada generaci n y dejar constancia de que hay apoyo entre autoras Si ha habido tan mala fe c mo van a seguir escribiendo las mujeres y a hacerlo desde su perspectiva sin sentirse juzgadas Lo escribi ella, pero es femenino, no es digno de influenciar a nadie10 Reacciones Esta secci n habla de las reacciones ante todas las frases anteriores de las mujeres Tanto desde desvincularse de la palabra mujer como de escribir o qu escribir d ndole a todo un nuevo significado Tambi n hay reacciones en defensa, como la de la verdad, que s pueden escribir pero los hombres no pueden leer esas verdades Lo escribi ella, pero no es una mujer Est por encima de las mujeres Es otra cosa.11 Est tica Esta parte ha sido la m s reveladora El canon, entendido como el centro Lo que los hombres dominan y establecen como lo normal, juega con una jerarqu a y una objetividad que hace que se olviden tanto la vida privada de las mujeres como el valor de sus obras ligada a su vida Entender que esa separaci n les beneficia a ellos pero las perjudica a ellas es necesario para saber por qu se hace y se quiere seguir haciendo Desligar la vida privada de las mujeres de sus obras es un error Y en la cr tica deber a tenerse en cuenta para poder apreciar bien sus obras y no quedarse en una simple check list de cosas que deber a cumplir una obra porque s Lo escribi ella, pero no es suficientemente bueno porque no es como lo de los hombres.El posfacio es tambi n muy interesante ya que trata de un momento de feminismo interseccional que trata el racismo de la propia autora Muy interesante para el resto de mujeres blancas.L E E D A M S M U J E R E S

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    This book is a satirical guide on ignoring or reducing the contribution of women in literature, although the basic principles could apply to other repressed groups and other forms of media Although Russ lists these as discrete concepts, she describes them as building upon each other e.g., because there are so few classic women writers, women are not expected to be writers Or even if they try, their contributions are ignored because of some personal issue or of the difference of the subject matter.

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    This should be required reading for all humans If reading it doesn t make you angry, you re not paying attention.

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    It s uncanny how 30 years after writing the same shit still gets said about women artists and writers A great classic text.

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    Utterly fucking brilliant I hesitate to be melodramatic, but it s been a few weeks now, I ve renewed it from the university library twice, and I may not be over stating the case to say that this is one of the books that changes my life It s genuinely altered how I think about criticism, I ve got a to read list that tripled in the period I was reading it, and I ve been arguing with professors and blog commenters in a really different way than I used to It just the experience of reading it was overwhelming in the very best way.

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    Un libro para leer varias veces y hacer muchas anotaciones sobre l Creo que es completamente necesario y que en institutos y universidades deber a leerse.

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