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Johann Schöners Globe of 1515 pdf Johann Schöners Globe of 1515, ebook Johann Schöners Globe of 1515, epub Johann Schöners Globe of 1515, doc Johann Schöners Globe of 1515, e-pub Johann Schöners Globe of 1515, Johann Schöners Globe of 1515 484312e8d02 The First Detailed Study Of The Terrestrial Globe Of Johann Schoner , A Cosmographer And Teacher Of Mathematics In Nurnberg, Which He Made As Part Of The First Pair Of Celestial And Terrestrial Globes InThe Globe Is Not Much Younger Than The Earliest Surviving Terrestrial Globe FromThe Globe Is An Important Part Of Early Th Cent Cartography, And An Important Chapter In The Cartographic History Of The New World Transcribing All Of The Toponyms And Legends On The Globe Has Entailed An Examination Of Textual, Catographic, And Graphical Sources Which Has Shed Light On The Relationship Of The Globe To Maps, Globes, And Books Of The Period It Will Be Useful In The Study Of Late Th And Early Th Cent Cartography Generally Illustrations

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    As the title says, this book is a detailed study of Johannes Sch ner s 1515 terrestrial globe, including comparisons of the two existing copies of the globe one of which turns out to include significant alterations from an earlier restoration and an incomplete set of globe gores In addition, it includes comparisons of virtually every label and geographical feature with corresponding parts of earlier maps such as those by Martin Waldseem ller and Martin Behaim, as well as translations of some passages from Sch ner s 1515 geographical treatise that help explain parts of the map The author s efforts to trace sources for the map s different features are extremely informative and include not just the usual sources like earlier maps and travel accounts like Marco Polo but also a somewhat surprising apparent use of iconography from the 15th century Hortus Sanitatus natural history text for representations of different sea monsters The format imposed by the APS publisher does pose some limitations in using the volume For example, significant parts of the analytical content are contained in the prodigious end notes, which means the usual frustrations of either constantly flipping back and forth or sequentially reading some of the comparative analysis after you ve already finished the main text The photographic illustrations are also all compiled at the end rather than at places within the text where they are discussed, and their limited number and mediocre quality make it nearly impossible for anyone to do their own analyses of the map s features Nevertheless, there is an enormous quantity of information in this volume for anyone interested in 16th century cartography and the earliest attempts by Europeans to make sense of the lands they were newly encountering in Africa, Asia, and the western hemisphere, and the bibliographic resources in the back are extraordinarily rich although again frustratingly contained only in end notes without a separately compiled bibliography.

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