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Just After Sunset pdf Just After Sunset, ebook Just After Sunset, epub Just After Sunset, doc Just After Sunset, e-pub Just After Sunset, Just After Sunset f12afdb2d85 Just After Sunset Call It Dusk Call It Twilight It S A Time When Human Life Takes On An Unnatural Cast, When Nothing Is Quite As It Appears, When The Imagination Begins To Reach For Shadows As They Dissipate To Darkness And Living Daylight Can Be Scared Right Out Of You Who But Stephen King Would Turn A Port O San Into A Slimy Birth Canal, Or A Roadside Honky Tonk Into A Place For Endless Love A Book Salesman With A Grievance Might Pick Up A Mute Hitchhiker, Not Knowing The Silent Man In The Passenger Seat Listens Altogether Too Well Or An Exercise Routine On A Stationary Bicycle, Begun To Reduce Bad Cholesterol, Might Take Its Rider On A Captivating And Then Terrifying Journey Set On A Remote Key In Florida, The Gingerbread Girl Is A Riveting Tale Featuring A Young Woman As Vulnerable And Resourceful As Audrey Hepburn S Character In Wait Until Dark In Ayana, A Blind Girl Works A Miracle With A Kiss And The Touch Of Her Hand For King, The Line Between The Living And The Dead Is Often Blurry, And The Seams That Hold Our Reality Intact Might Tear Apart At Any Moment In One Of The Longer Stories Here, N Which Recently Broke New Ground When It Was Adapted As A Graphic Digital Entertainment, A Psychiatric Patient S Irrational Thinking Might Create An Apocalyptic Threat In The Maine Countrysideor Keep The World From Falling Victim To It

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    Willa After a train derails leaving its passengers stranded, David Sanderson s wife wanders away from the station and he goes looking for her.On the surface, this was a tale of people who don t realize that they re ghosts dealing with their fate Beneath, I think it s about how time slips away and the deeper the rut you get into, the harder it is to get out and do something new His Kingship picked a good tale to start the collection with.Gingerbread Girl After leaving her husband, Emily takes up running on the beach Her life is turning around until she runs afoul of killer This was a pretty gripping tale about a woman running for her life from a serial killer Serial killers have been done to death but King makes a good tale out of it.Harvey s Dream A woman in a boring marriage is surprised when her husband wants to share a dream of his with her.This one felt like a well written Twilight Zone episode to me The characters felt very real to me.Rest Stop A writer on the way home stops at a rest area to pee and interrupts a man beating his wife.This one was okay It dealt a little with identity but was mostly a writer gathering up the courage to do something about a bad situation.Stationary Bike An overweight commercial artist gets a stationary bike Twilight Zone style weirdness ensues.Yeah, I kind of liked this but it was a little long for what it was Stationary bike takes guy into his drawing, guys working inside his body to keep his body healthy, it was a strange ride that ultimately went nowhere See what I did there The Things They Left Behind Mysterious objects appear in a 9 11 survivor s apartment, objects belonging to his deceased co workers.Another Twilight Zone ish story that should have been a lot shorter.Graduation Afternoon A young woman knows she s attending one of her boyfriend s family s gatherings for the last time It turns out being the last in ways than one.Meh.N A psychiatrist commits suicide and his sister reads the file on his last patient, an OCD man named N.Holy shit I enjoyed the hell out of this one An OCD guy s rituals keeping a world devouring monster straight out of H.P Lovecraft at bay Loved it The Cat From Hell A pharmaceutical millionaire hires a hitman to kill a cat Pretty brutal You can tell this one was early King, especially compared to the writing style of the other stories No wonder it was featured in Tales from the Dark Side The Movie.The New York Times at Special Bargain Rates A woman gets an unexpected phone call from her dead husband.Yawn Another plane crash related tale King s getting soft in his old age.Mute After finding out his wife has been having an affair, a man picks up a deaf mute hitchhiker and bares his soul But was the man really deaf This confessional tale was pretty good King likes his shorts Twilight Zone ish, doesn t he Ayana This was a tale about miracles It was a little Hallmark y for my taste.A Very Tight Place A guy gets trapped inside a Johnny On The Spot by his vindictive neighbor.This was a revenge story that wasn t shitty despite the setting.Closing Thoughts Not a bad short story collection N and the Cat from Hell were my favorites I wouldn t say any of the stories were duds but this wasn t my favorite King collection Three out of five stars.

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    This was kinda hit and miss for me I m not a true fan of short stories so maybe that s what it is I mean dang..it s Stephen King.The ones I did like The Gingerbread Girl A woman runner tangles with a very bad man Harvey s Dream short but chilling..thinking that dreams do come true Rest Stop I know this one has been done before but I liked it Then in the final chapter when King explains his reasons behind the story it made me like this one even The NY Times at Special Discount rates I was a softie on this one Not really scary but touching.Mute one of my favsThe Cat from Hell probably my favorite of the lot Sucky ones The other seven stories The one about poop..I couldn t even finish My tummy being not quite the same since I had gallbladder surgery this week I just couldn t take it.

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    This review was originally posted here m here to talk about my favorite Stephen King collection since Night Shift Just After Sunset If you knew me, I wouldn t have to say how big a King fanboy I am but I m sure I ll provide enough evidence of my fandom before we re done Settle in, Constant Reader, and let me tell you a story.I grew up surrounded by Stephen King My mother was a huge fan, one who needed every new release on the day it dropped I have fond memories of standing in line with her, waiting to purchase her copies of It , and later, The Tommyknockers Then, years later, popping some corn and plopping down in the couch to watch the television adaptations of both of the aforementioned books I recall cowering in the backseat s footwell while my mother and her best friend watched Pet Sematary at the drive in Zelda s first appearance literally made me pee my pants I was nine years old King helped me bond with my mother, and to this day, a simple mention of one of his books brings back fond memories, like a treasured song In that regard, Stephen King is my favorite band.One of my earliest memories tied to this collection other than watching The Cat from Hell in Tales from the Darkside The Movie , but we ll get to that is from 2004 I was at Walden s Books and I came across a paperback entitled Tales from the Borderlands , which was the fifth book in the Borderlands series I only bought it because there was a brand new Stephen King tale at the end, Stationary Bike The multi author collection was my first taste of authors like Bentley Little an author I would seek out soon after and tear through his entire back catalog in under a year and the late great Tom Piccirilli But the story I remember most is King s tale Although Gary A Braunbeck s story about recovering and rebuilding the face of God, Rami Temporalis , is a great little ditty, too.While King is not without his faults I m looking at you Dreamcatcher and From a Buick Eight , I feel this collection is among his best work King s previous collection, Everything s Eventual let me down The only story I really enjoy and still reread from that one is The Little Sisters of Eluria The rest of the tales were time wasters at best I thought than half the stories in Nightmares and Dreamscapes were either just all right or boring the other half are good fun, but nothing stellar For a time, I thought the last well balanced collection we would see was going to be Skeleton Crew , which has three of my all time favourite King stories The Raft , The Jaunt , and The Mist But the collections I always return to, the ones I can reread time and time again without skipping a single story, are Night Shift and Just After Sunset.While I will not be covering every single story in this collection, I will discuss the ones that pop into my mind without having to look at the Table of Contents Just After Sunset showcases Stephen King s maturity of style and undying love of story The Gingerbread Girl and Harvey s Dream alone prove this The stories could not be different Harvey s Dream is a literary nightmare ala Twilight Zone, whereas The Gingerbread Girl is on par with some of the best suspense writing I ve read Both of these stories rely heavily on strength of character, and character development is where King shines Then we have King riffing on much the same idea in Rest Stop and Mute Those two stories are interesting slices from the same cake bad people doing good deeds Then again, I guess that depends on what you consider to be a good deed Just After Sunset also covers the longest period of creativity out of King s entire catalog The Cat From Hell is positively elderly in terms of King s career, which spans five publishers Doubleday, Viking, and currently, Scribner, with a pit stop at Random House and two detours with Putnam all that, from 1974 to present day The Cat from Hell was first released in Cavalier, during King s years submitting to men s magazines, and then filmed as part of the nostalgia inducing, probably not as good as I remember Tales from the Darkside The Movie And, although I cannot be a hundred percent certain, the segment might have been my first taste of King N is the newest story, and probably my favorite I m OCD, so I relate to the titular character The ending is classic Uncle Stevie I ve always been a fan of unhappy finishers, and King delivers them often than not.Whether King is grossing us out with A Very Tight Place my second favorite story in this collection, because I like my fiction to affect me in some way, and the what if in this tale is one of my worst nightmares or aiming to bring tears to our eyes with The Things They Left Behind , he hits the mark with each and every story offered in Just After Sunset.Finally, I love that King has always been honest with us about the quality of his work He admits that the stinkers from his career actually do stink, but when asked which of his own works he loves the most, he s been quoted saying Isn t it funny how your own farts smell the best I think he feels much the same way about Willa , the first story in the collection and my least favorite , because he opens the afterword with the explanation, This probably isn t the best story in the book, but I love it very much And that s how I feel about Just After Sunset You might not agree with me when I say this is one of King s best collections, but I love it very much.

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    Oh, that age has gone Oh yeah Totally For the last novel with any ounce of originality still left in it by Stephen King was surely the serial then underrated novel The Green Mile And now Now is the age of rehash boo Doctor Sleep boo boo BOO with an originality factor that registers at about 0.07% Therefore yes this ain t too bad at all, but it s no good either This is a total miss for me, for I pretty much KNOW, am certain that the writer actually manages to flourish in the short story department There are , if not an equal number of, movies based on Stephen King short stories than on his novels So for a vastly better collection of short stories, in the new and sad age of King imitating King, just do yourself a favor choose Everything s Eventual instead Or any one of his older anthologies so worth it

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    This is probably one of Stephen King s most hard hitting collections of all time Just After Sunset is very dark, darker than most of King s material, mainly because it deals with reality just a bit than usual and brings out deeper characters.

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    There are two eras of Stephen King before and after he got clean and sober Like quite a few of his fans, some of my favorite King novels are the ones he wrote during his coke fiend days, when he was just writing whatever crazy shit ran amok through his booze addled brain Even back then, his stories were coherent and compellingly written, if sloppy at times and sometimes giving the impression of a train about to go off its rails at any moment But I really like the old King classics.That is not to say I don t like the new King He s perfected his craft and he can write much calmer, thoughtful stories But he can still write some crazy shit.So, Just After Sunset is not Skeleton Crew or Night Shift Most of the horror is not as raw in this collection, but King spends time on characterization or just playing with scenes However, when one story stood out to me The Cat from Hell and made me think Now that s the old King, I was gratified when he mentioned in his author s notes at the end of the book that it was one of the stories he wrote for a men s magazine 30 years ago that just hadn t happened to make it into any of his previous short story collections.So here are the stories Willa is a sad, touching ghost story That s a little bit of a spoiler, but come on, you ve seen Sixth Sense, and anyway, King doesn t make you wait until the end Great mood, though the story was unremarkable.The Gingerbread Girl is your basic survival thriller, a woman versus a maniac serial killer in the Florida Keys.Harvey s Dream is a story that begins as a mundane examination of your basic unhappily married middle aged couple, and slowly edges towards horror.Rest Stop, about a traveler who stops at a rest stop and is unwillingly involved in a domestic dispute King has always written with sympathy although not much finesse about women who are victims of abuse.Stationary Bike This is reminiscent of the old weird King, where the mundane turns bizarre A guy trying to lose weight spends hours on a stationary bike and literally goes into another world.Graduation Afternoon A short short, about a townie girl dating one of the wealthy summer tourists, and a King twist at the end.The Things They Left Behind Every American writer in the 21st century has to write a 9 11 story at some point, and this is King s.N King always has to give a nod to Lovecraft, and this is this collection s unspeakable horror from between worlds story.The New York Times at Special Bargain Rates is a brief, eerie tale about a woman who receives a phone call from her husband, who died two days ago.Mute A man unburdens himself about his marital woes to a deaf mute hitchhiker, with disastrous results.The Cat From Hell A hit man accepts a contract on a cat.Ayana About a little girl with healing powers This one kind of annoyed me, because King just cannot break his Magical Negro habit.And finally, in another hat tip to his older, grosser self, A Very Tight Place The very tight place referred to is a porta potty Combine porta potty with Stephen King and a title like that, and you know it s going to go bad places Don t read it while eating, but it s a pretty satisfying survival and revenge tale.Overall, I give this collection 3.5 stars as the stories ranged from 3 to 4 stars for me no stand outs, but no real duds King fans should find it perfectly satisfying, and it s pretty representative of his late career writing style.

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    Any parting could be forever, and we just don t know Just After Sunset is the fifth collection of short stories published by Stephen King, containing 13 stories in total A lot of these stories seem to focus on the aftermath of tragedy, and how people react Whether this is pertaining to the loss of a child or the events of 9 11, it s a strong theme throughout this collection of short stories.Usually I will review short stories collectively, but I had gotten a few private messages and comments about people wanting to know what I thought of specific stories, so I thought I d give a brief review on all the stories included in this collection I also feel like you should go into short stories blind, therefore I really don t want to say too much in terms of plot.First up Willa I don t want to spoil the twist in the story, so I feel like I can t say much, but this short story was just blah to me I feel like it s one that I ll forget pretty quickly it just didn t leave a lasting impression on me.The Gingerbread Girl this was a highlight within this collection The pace is relentless, almost like the pace of Emily see what I did there insert smug face This short story was full of tension and had me feeling nervous, it really had some classic King themes in here It also reminded me a bit of Duma Key given the location Harvey s Dream this one was short and sweet Quite unsettling I liked it Rest Stop once again King explores the idea of pseudonyms and how they can have an influence on the person who creates them It s pretty violent, visceral, raw it was a good one Stationary Bike I know my pal Abbie isn t a fan of this one, but I actually kinda liked it I guess too much exercise can be a bad thing It was an interesting concept and one that was hard to wrap my head around initially, but it wasn t as bad as I was anticipating.The Things They Left Behind an interesting look at the topic of survivor guilt following the events of 9 11 Ultimately it evolved into quite an optimistic conclusion, I feel It s definitely one I won t forget.Graduation Afternoon MEH I actually had to Google the synopsis of this one to remind me what story it was even referring to already I m starting to forget about it Not a good sign Pretty boring.N okay, let me tell you about N This story or novella, I guess blew my little mind I was getting strong Lovecraftian vibes from the get go it s reminiscent of short stories focusing on Cthulhu and his ability to drive people insane An interesting exploration of OCD, with an absolutely outstanding mix of supernatural horror and psychological terror I went to bed that night feeling generally unsettled and couldn t stop thinking about it that s what I want from my horror stories This was really the jewel in the crown.The Cat from Hell another awesome story This one actually left me feeling nauseous by the end I will no longer be able to trust cats again.The New York Times at Special Bargain Rates this was a decent story, also exploring post 9 11 themes, but ultimately I think it ll be one I forget with time.Mute ah, this one was great Just a fun short story, very enjoyable.Ayana this was actually a short story that I think has the potential to become a novel, maybe Very intriguing and I wanted to know .A Very Tight Place oh geez, literally the most disgusting thing I ve ever read Glad I read this on an empty stomach as otherwise I would have probably been running for the bathroom to be sick It was just horrific I now join in King in having a fear of becoming trapped in a porta loo Fun story overall So that s it I think the stories in this collection ranged from awesome to pretty good to forgettable, which is probably true for most of the short story collections I ve read although to be honest, I think all of Night Shift is memorable Overall then, I d give this collection of short stories 4 out of 5 A pretty strong collection, but I ve read better N was the definite highlight for me.

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