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    Really cool conceit, I was confused sometimes with the panelling, as to what was going on, but as the book went on it got and fully developed, and the characters got and interesting Definitely want to keep up and see where it goes

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    I came here to watch Shakespeare be hunted down and killed by his own characters and I honestly feel so betrayed.

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    This is such an amazing concept, and when I first heard about it, I was taken aback by how unbelievably awesome it might be Some of Shakespeare s most memorable characters face off against each other in a desperate race to find a wizard named William Shakespeare Othello, Juliet, Falstaff, and others believe that Will will deliver them from the tyranny of King Richard III Richard, along with the Macbeths and Iago, plot to kill Shakespeare and obtain his quill and with it, his magic Thrust into the middle of this conflict is Hamlet, initially rescued by Richard and dubbed the Shadow King , prophesied, according to Richard, to kill Shakespeare and free England from the wizard s tyranny Later, Hamlet escapes from Richard s grasp and learns that not all is what it seems with the King of England But the question remains whose side is he on, and who is this elusive Shakespeare Would that I could give this book the rating it deserves for its concept alone Alas, in execution Kill Shakespeare leaves me feeling somewhat unsatisfied There s plenty to like about this book witty dialogue, crafty villains, humorous situations, and allusions to many of Shakespeare s plays Yet beneath all these myriad elements of farce, the central element of story suffers.Hamlet s indecision is probably the most compelling conflict in this first volume Exiled from Denmark for the murder of Polonius, Hamlet ends up in England, essentially a guest of Richard III To both Hamlet and us except, if you know who Richard III is, you know better , Richard seems like the good guy a philosopher king desperate to save his kingdom from the oppressive magic of this mysterious wizard Only Hamlet, the shadow king, can save them by killing Shakespeare Hamlet, still understandably traumatized, is not enamoured with the idea of becoming a contract killer Still, he begins to form a friendship with Iago as they ride across the countryside in the company of Richard s men.Once Hamlet hears the other side of the story from Falstaff and Juliet, he surprise, surprise becomes indecisive He s a stranger to this land he has no quarrel with either side, or with William Shakespeare That being said, I feel like my background knowledge of these characters and it s rather obvious even if you aren t familiar with Shakespeare s plays upset the dynamic in this moral ambiguity It seems so obvious that Juliet and the Protagonists as they are called, hah are the good guys and that Richard and Lady Macbeth are Evil In fact, when I think about it, there s nothing all that original or unique about the overall plot here one might as well have used some different, generic characters and still arrived at the same ending What do the Shakespearean characters add to this story Not much However, the opposite is true I quite liked seeing Othello having to confront Iago, Juliet giving a speech about how much she has lost and how she needs to believe in this Will , Hamlet struggling with his guilt over the death of Polonius and his father s death and in general being quite useless Kill Shakespeare gives these characters a brand new environment in which they can continue to explore their motivations and grow from their experiences in their respective plays Of course, since most of Shakespeare s tragic figures end up driving a dagger betwixt their breasts, they need a miracle exemption Not every character fares so well in this type of adaptation I m not a fan of Lady Macbeth s recasting as some kind of evil sorceress Yeah, in the Scottish Play she coveted power perhaps so even than her husband but her role in Kill Shakespeare seems rather forced The same might be said for Juliet exactly how she went from weeping maiden to warrior maiden TVTropes isn t clear I m willing to cut the authors some slack here, because Shakespeare is much like The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy versatile and mutable, changing to fit its medium and its audience.I m completing my final year of my undergraduate degree, at the end of which I ll be certified to teach high school math and English So while I read Kill Shakespeare, I evaluated it not only as a book but with the eye of possibly using it to engage students with the world of Shakespeare Let s face it the Bard is difficult, because he s writing in a language and meter 400 years removed from us, for a style and form that has evolved well beyond the Elizabethan playhouse So reimaginings, adaptations, and mashups of Shakespearean works are valuable tools for conveying Shakespeare s plays to modern day audiences I m not certain Kill Shakespeare retains enough of the flavour and content of Shakespeare s plays to be worth teaching on its own, but it would definitely make an interesting supplementary aid.I suspect that ultimately my feelings about this story will be swayed by the final volume Do they actually kill Shakespeare Probably not Will we get to see characters from some of his other works, such as King Lear or The Tempest A short comic included at the end implies that the dagger Richard gives to Hamlet to use on Shakespeare is the same dagger that Brutus used to stab Caesar I m sure that half the fun the writers had was trying to come up with ways to include various characters and there are so many of them so I m looking forward to seeing of that in Volume 2 Kill Shakespeare didn t blow my mind like I was hoping it would, but it this first volume is still a decent enough example of how, 400 years on, William Shakespeare is still rocking my world.

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    An interesting story, but one that felt a little off I m not sure what to make of this, yet I did enjoy the bonus story at the end, though The treatment of women particularly Lady Macbeth was somewhat oogy Also, there are really only two women Lady Macbeth harlot, adulteress, power hungry madwoman, goes around with her cleavage all over the place and Juliet young, dresses like a boy, virginal if not virgin classic madonna whore dichotomy Really, people Really

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    What Fables does for fairy tales, Kill Shakespeare does with the greatest writer of all time, proclaimed the back cover of the graphic novel, and that was enough for me, although perhaps I should have heeded the ironic warning implicit in those words one attempts to improve on the greatest writer how The setup is certainly Fables esque Hamlet is shipwrecked on his way to England and washes up on the shore of some distant land ruled by the tyrant Richard III in a sinister alliance with Lady Macbeth , against whom a rebellion is fomenting, led by the likes of Juliet, Othello, and Falstaff These disparate characters are tied together by the mysterious and as yes unseen figure of Will Shakespeare wizard, charlatan, or myth though he may be An intriguing premise, but unfortunately the execution leaves much to be desired.The pacing is a bit hectic, as new characters keep bumping into each other, and the various subplots are laid down Perhaps, as plot progression allows space to breathe, this won t be an issue, but here it stands out The erratic nature of the plot is magnified, however, by the fact that it has no serviceable vehicles to carry it forward To a man, each of the characters bears only a superficial resemblance to their original, and each comes off as completely stilted and lifeless Shakespeare possessed the ability to imbue his creations with the contradictory nuance of the human consciousness, and the wit to impart that nuance in a single line the knockoffs here are mere caricatures by comparison Shakespeare s Hamlet is wracked by indecision and self doubt and given to misguided bursts of passion that lead to his undoing in this version he s a scared, whiny kid until roused to action and manhood upon witnessing cruel injustice Which of these is actually true of human nature, and which a well worn clich And so it goes with the entire cast the villains are callous and violent simply because they re the villains, and even Falstaff s bumbling attempts at comic relief fall flat The artwork, for its part, is bold and striking, but as one dimensional as the characters it portrays.In sum, the only compelling thing about the book is its premise, and it s a shame that it s wasted so thoroughly It may well be that, once established in their world, the creators will find their feet and turn this series into something worthy of their muse, but I won t be sticking around to find out.

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    I ve not thought of myself as a reading snob or snooty English teacher I may have to rethink that after this graphic novel In an attempt to find Shakespeare related books and broaden my graphic novel experience only memoirs so far both good , I picked this up The premise seemed fun a bunch of Shakespeare s characters live in a world where he is God and different factions are trying to kill or worship him Maybe this would be a fun way to put newfound Shakespearean knowledge to work for students and a fun diversion for me Not so much In fact, not at all.The story is hard to follow, even the pictures are hard to follow yes, I ve read my share of comic books, so I m not illiterate Isn t that Comics 101 Don t even get me started on the inconsistent use of thee, thou and you sometimes even in the same dialogue bubble Couple that with steroidal men Othello okay, Iago and Hamlet give me a break and an impossibly buxom Lady Macbeth with dress fabric that would do the Space Age proud, woven on some incredible Middle Age loom I am not a purist, but come on, sprinkling a few famous quotes and naming your characters Capulet, Falstaff, and the like, not only doesn t raise you to literature in fact, it doesn t even make you a good comic book.

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    This was a pretty good graphic novel Definitely reminded me of the Fables series They took stories we all know and love ok ok, at least know and tolerated in high school and transformed them into an interconnected, intense, and twisted tale with murder, madness, and intrigue At first my memory of some of Shakespeare s characters was a bit lacking but even without recognizing all of them my lack of knowledge did not detract from the story or their parts in it The art is perhaps my favorite part of this graphic novel although I will admit to being confused a couple of times It wasn t until I read the entire left page that I realized the art continued across both pages and I was skipping parts Despite that the pacing was very good and didn t really lag like I expected it too I also loved the coloring Everything was jewel toned, deep, uber saturated Kept my eyes peeled to the paper.I think I can honestly say that I am hooked and will be reading all the upcoming volumes in this series.

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    What would happen if Hamlet, Lady Macbeth and Richard III walked into a pub They would sympathise immediately, ally themselves to form the Great Unholy Trinity of Evilest Evil in the Universe, and start scheming how to murder William Shakespeare, the genius Elizabethan playwright Now, what has good old Will done to these three lunatics Written them like lunatics, obviously, and that s reason enough to kill him, murder him, assassinate him Why not Who s not wanted the head of an author when he s produced a work where you re not flattered to your heart s content All sounds well and interesting enough But then the art isn t the best it could be, and the storyline is confusing, sketchy and doesn t do a good job of explaining what s happening nor the motivations of the characters.

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    A neat idea but with flaws in its realization As you might expect references to Shakespeare abound here so expect to get out of this if you re already a fan of his plays The conceit of a group of Shakespeare villains working together to kill the bard is a fun one and all of the characters were well selected, each feeling very distinctive I particularly liked the introduction of Falstaff and the nice nod to all of the cross dressing comedies.The universe is not entirely explained though in this first book and certainly I was left questioning how these characters came up with their plan and whether they are fictional beings given form or real people yet to be immortalized by the bard The other issuing I didn t love about the book was its artwork which while lively and having lots of personality is a little rough around the edges Women in particular don t fare so well, seeming strangely angular while Lady Macbeth is strangely inflated to a ludicrous level.I did enjoy the little nods to the plays though and I there were a couple of moments that came as nice surprises yet that were in keeping with the characters.

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    The synopsis behind this is really awesome Shakespeare s most famous characters are out on a quest to find him, either to help him or to kill him The idea is that Shakespeare is a sort of god with divine right the bad guys Richard III, Iago, Lady Macbeth are out to steal his quill and take back their free will However, this left me pretty disappointed The plot was fun and engaging, but I expected a lot from something called Kill Shakespeare I expected a good amount of research into the characters, and I just didn t feel that For the most part, the characters stopped at the trope level Hamlet the unlikely hero, Lady Macbeth the evil temptress, Richard III the ruler out for blood Even weirder, Juliet was a mature, revenge driven heroine, despite the fact that she s only 13 during the play.I might continue with these eventually, just because it ended with a cliffhanger and the plot was still pretty engaging But I don t think I would recommend this to any Shakespeare scholars or fans.

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