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King of Gods: Book 3 chapter 1 King of Gods: Book 3, meaning King of Gods: Book 3, genre King of Gods: Book 3, book cover King of Gods: Book 3, flies King of Gods: Book 3, King of Gods: Book 3 4b5bd34e61c1e In This Third Installment Of King Of Gods, Zhao Feng Sets Out To Consolidate His Position And Advance In The Broken Moon Clan He Finds His First Teachers, And Outwits And Outfights Those Who Would Hinder The Paths Of Him And His Friends At Last He Advances Beyond The Mortal Levels And Becomes A True Clan Member Only To Be Sent Out Of The Clan With A Team That Has Been Told To Kill Him During Their Mission Unfortunately For All Concerned, This Mission Is Fardangerous Than Any Of Them Suspect, But Zhao Feng Is Still Being Underestimated By Friends And Enemies Alike This Continuation Of The Second Installment Of King Of Gods Is Another Page Turner Reminiscent Of Battle Through The Heavens And Martial World You Will Be Left Wanting To Read Evenabout Zhao Fengs Adventures And Journey With Every Chapter That Passes This Installment Has The First Appearance Of The Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion, Which Plays A Major Role In Later Chapters Set In An Alternate Reality, Fantasy World With Fantastical Characters Called Cultivators, Our Fantasy Hero Works And Fights Through Martial Arts And Spiritual Cultivation To Achieve Wuxia Style Growth To Immortality The Overall Story Tone Is Chinese Fantasy And A Magical, Wuxia Cultivation World

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