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Lord and Master explained Lord and Master , review Lord and Master , trailer Lord and Master , box office Lord and Master , analysis Lord and Master , Lord and Master 4a0f Luna Gregory Has Everything She Needs A Dream Job As Personal Assistant To The Marchioness Of Lionsbridge, And A Home On TheYear Old Arborage Estate But Her Encounter With Swedish Entrepreneur Stefan Lundgren, Charismatic, Devastatingly Attractive And Third In Line To Inherit The Estate Leaves Her Irresistibly Captivated What Stefan Doesn T Know Is That He And Luna Have Met Before, That He Is Drawn By Than Just Her English Reserve And Quiet Beauty Luna Has Her Reasons For Concealing The Truth From Him She S Built An Entire Life For Herself Based On Keeping The Past In The Past Stefan Initiates Luna Into A World Of Sexual Exploration Where They Push The Boundaries Of Pleasure And Control, The Ties That Bind Them,literally, In Desire Not Content With Possessing Luna Physically, Stefan Wants All Of Her But He Is Keeping His Own Secrets, Secrets That Could Drive Them Apart WARNING THIS BOOK ENDS ON A CLIFFHANGER

  • Kindle Edition
  • 356 pages
  • Lord and Master
  • Kait Jagger
  • English
  • 20 August 2019

About the Author: Kait Jagger

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Lord and Master book, this is one of the most wanted Kait Jagger author readers around the world.

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    A gifted copy was provided by NETGALLEY for an honest review First of all, hooray for me for finishing a contemporary romance Lord and Master revolves around Luna and Stefan Luna is a PA to the Marchioness of the Arborage and Stefan is a Swedish entrepreneur who owns a business consultancy, and is related to the gentry Luna works for Both are attracted to each other from the first time they meet, but they don t get it on until 20 ish% Most of the book details Luna s life as a PA, but there s a lot of intrigue in succession and inheritance of the estate, Arborage Think Downton Abbey with corporate espionage.Bad writing plagues this genre from my experience at least , but Jagger is an exception The word that comes to mind to describe her writing is elegant I was surprised to learn that this is her debut novel She certainly has the writing chops to execute complex plot lines Unfortunately, this novel doesn t have much by ways of plot in the first 70%, just a lot of smexy times.I also liked Luna s character She s described as an Ice Princess by several characters in the book, and she really does this title justice She s by no means a bitch but she is reserved and probably has OCPD I actually admire women who has that quiet strength poise whilst dealing with stressful situations , as it is far easier to freak out and just smack offending assholes upside in the head She doesn t blush and is never coy with Stefan, she pursues him just as hard as he does her Stefan is thankfully a departure from the beautiful but damaged love interests He s normal Or as normal as a Nordic God could get He s an actual gentleman, he doesn t push himself on Luna and he plays video games.As mentioned above, there s not much of a plot in this book, but this is the first in the series Will I read the second book Yes I recommend this if one is in the mood for a classier contemporary romance mild erotica without simpering MCs and rapey love interests.

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    5 STARS I could not drop this book Kait Jagger created a marvelous erotic story that kept me glued to the pages.Luna is a personal assistant for the Marchioness of Lionsbridge at Arborage Estate People describe her as the Marchioness s loyal dog because of her dedication As the estate plans on renovations to keep up with its competitors, she runs into a lot of issues Her biggest problem being Stephan Stephan is third in line to inherit the estate He visits the estate as a consultant to find improvements He and Luna hit it off with lots of steam and the chemistry between them is intense But there are so many secrets This book is beautifully written, and I really enjoyed the lovely description on the estate I cannot wait for the next book

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    ARC received from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review Complete post here WOW This book It just made my list of Favorites of 2015 I discovered this book on Netgalley and I believe it s Kait Jagger s first book I was blown away by the level of professionalism in her writing Lord and Master doesn t even look like it s her first book I was intrigued by the blurb and I had a feeling I might like the story, but I wasn t prepared to be so immersed inside this book and to love it as much as I did The story revolves around the romance between Stefan Lundgren and Luna Gregory, but it goes beyond it My favorite kind of stories are the ones where we can see there s an actual story besides the romance This was one of those That singular quality in some books, makes them feel like a movie for the reader It didn t even notice I was reading the story, it was so alive Stefan is Swedish, intelligent, rich A Nordic God What s not to love Oh, did I mention he is dominant and knows his way through a woman s body This story doesn t really deal with BDSM, but both Stefan and Luna have different control issues, so they both benefit by his dominance Luna Gregory works as a PA to a Marchioness, she studied in the same girl s school as the Marchioness daughter and there s a mystery I didn t see coming about her past She and Stefan had had a brief encounter in the past, an encounter that marked both of them For different reasons It helped Stefan be who he was and Luna be who she wanted to be.Their romance start when Stefan goes to the Marchioness state, Arborage Estate after her ladyship asks him for help in managing it Luna is her PA and they start interacting and their mutual attraction is inevitable.But it isn t all roses and rainbows There s a boiling family intrigue Stefan is the son of the Marchess s cousin, and there are other relatives, including the Marchioess daughters, invested in wanting the Estate out of Stefan s managing hands The Marchess and Marchioness live apart, she in Arborage Estate and he in Venice, but no matter their differences, they have the managing Arborage in common The Marchioness wants to make some changes, specially because the Marchess brother is the first in line to inherit the Estate someday and he is a cruel, disgusting man But he is canny He has his nieces in the palm of his hand, specially because Stefan is the third in line to inherit it his father is alive and is the second in line You might be asking yourself it this is a historical romanceNo it isn t It s as contemporary as they come But what about our heroine in the middle of all this Stefan and Luna keep their relationship in secret, but not for any reason in particular as I gathered They first started with a night of passion, when even though Luna didn t trust Stefan yet, they shared so much lust and Stefan showed her how he could help her let go Luna is a serious girl, almost stuck up, when she wasn t with her group of friends After their night, Luna wasn t expecting anything from Stefan, specially because he left her after they were had their night But Stefan had other ideas He didn t let go of her No matter his reputation and filmed prove, after his one season starring a reality show of sorts of a player, he seemed really into her At first he seemed invested than her While their romance built, Luna bloomed She became less stuck on her past She had reasons to be, as we discover later on Stefan really isn t a player, he proves his worth to her and he made me swoon so MUCH while doing it But then in the middle of it, things escalate in the family drama and Luna is caught up in the middle of it and her relationship with Stefan doens t help calm her down Lord and Master is a long ish book, which I LOVE By 50% there was already so much story going on and that always make me happy, because I hate seeing a good book ending There s a web of secrets and intrigue in the story and although it has nothing to do with Luna, she gets caught up in the middle of it and has some choices to make Specially after finding out that no one was who she thought they were Does it end in a cliffy Well, I might not be a good reference to answer that, because I feel cliffies differently than most people The story isn t done, in the end, we see there s to come and I was left satisfied with that knowledge, so for me there isn t a cliffy Now, for me there is a feeling whenever I find a book that I just know will be a success It s weird, because every time I find one of these I also feel afraid, because I might be crazy and loved the book but people might not It was the same with some of my favorite books like Degradation, Rainfall and Breach And when I recommend them I feel the pressure, but I absolutely know they are amazing Lord and Master is the first one I felt like that in the last months I felt that way about My Time in the Affair too, but whenever the book is by an author I don t know yet, this feeling gets bigger You might think the story in Lord and Master starts slow, but after a few pages only I was already hooked, until I was so immersed I just wanted to keep reading it I really lived this story and that s the best part of a good book that is a long one You have the time to really enjoy it And the writingI fond Kait s writing style is FANTASTIC There s no other way to describe it It s not easy to make us readers forget we are reading a book Even when a book is really, really good, sometimes we still don t live the story, like we are watching a movie This book is filled with good story, passion, good writing and real characters Nothing feels forced, the story flows flawlessly Kait has done a GREAT job giving her characters life It was almost like a punch in the face when I finished it and couldn t stop thinking about it At first you think it s just a common story, with family drama and romance and very well built characters But then as the story progresses you realize, it s such a GREAT story, that is uncommon exactly for being so AMAZING as a common story At first you might think, what s so special about it Well, besides Kait s incredible talent, it s the characters and how right they fit in their places.It s the setting And it s Luna and Stefan Stefan is my newest book boyfriend, and I want one of my own This story is one of those that is so complete, that the romance, the background story and the characters, either they are the main ones or the supporting ones, all fit right into their places and so perfectly timed that we can hardly belive it is really fiction, that it was made up by someone Coming up with an story that good is no easy feature, but putting it into words and giving it life and justice, is even harder and I can say Kait Jagger did it perfectly Lord and Master is definitely one of my Favorite Books of 2015 and I can t wait for of Kait s writing in the sequel coming this year She gives us a small excerpt of the second book and it was so intriguing it left me curious to know how did that happen haha It s hard to explain exactly how I felt about this book, because it was different than others, obviously, but at the same time it wasn t different There isn t anything particular about it that made it stand up from the other books I ve been reading It s not angsty the type that usually stands out for me , dark, sweet There isn t anything too sad, it didn t make me ugly cry or cry at all , no tortured pastIt s so fresh to discover a story that doesn t have anything specifically different that makes it special, yet it s so special you can t stop praising it

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    This was very very hard to get into I don t really feel a connection between Luna and Stefan There is no feeling of I can t wait till they appear on the page together and no feeling of wow they are so good together The story dragged till the last three chapters I almost gave up on it Luna at times drove me nuts and she was such a doormat and her loyalty was totally misplaced If her boss daughters treated her so badly, why did she ever think her boss valued her as then just the help Children learn behaviors from their parents I am American and many terms in the book were very British and European I had to stretch my vocabulary constantly The story though fiction reinforced the manipulative evil ways of the aristocratic society in Britain They will say and do anything to get the outcome they want lying, cheating, using others, and covering up criminal activities then Get away with it all because of who they are I will read the next because I want to see what will happen.Received this as part of the ARC compilation of the Lord and Master series through NetGalley.

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    Lord and Master gave you much details about the characters involved and those surrounding the story between Luna and Stefan There was family drama, intrigue, secrets, deceit, and misdeeds There are lines that needed to be followed to see the whole picture There was some major depth in this first story of the series IT all starts with Luna and Stefan But that was not where it ends This one brings you in on the world of the wealthy, titled, and their prestige, petty bickering, desire to succeed and the need to make it all theirs.

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    I actually REALLY liked this book The title and blurb associated with Lord and Master are a bit misleading I was thinking it was going to have something to do with a super dominant male, rope, and some kink In actuality, it was a well written novel where sex takes a back seat I m not even sure this should be classified as erotica However, in this case, that s not a bad thing While not a dominant pun intended part of the book, the sex was hot It only flirted with BDSM, but it seemed enough for the story As stated before, Lord and Master was excellently written, and I fell in love with the characters Stefan was one smokin hot Swede I d let him tie me up any day I also loved Luna s story the angry teen, the personal assistant hiding in the background, the closeted biker chick, the wild party girl I loved her The character development in this novel was spot on I was left wanting at the end of the book, which concluded with a major cliffhanger I will definitely read the next installment when it comes out Lord and Master was a pleasant surprise, and I heartily enjoyed the read Four stars I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in turn for an honest review.

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    Arc kindly provided by NetGalley

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    Review will be posted soon D

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    I ve been reading a lot of heavy books lately so when I saw the publisher s blurb about this book, I thought I d give it a try I m fairly picky when it comes to romance erotica, quickly losing patience with heroines apparently born without a spine the common penchant for ALL DRAMA ALL THE TIME But I particularly liked the author s comments as she seemed to share some of the same pet peeves So I began reading about Luna Gregory, uber PA fixer for Lady Augusta Wellstone She works lives at Arborage, an extensive estate just outside of London In the middle of a mini crisis, she comes across Stefan Lundgren who is Augusta s second cousin in law all around hunk He s also a successful consultant who specializes in advising businesses on how to restructure beef up their bottom line Luna is asked to assist him while he comes up with a strategy for moving the estate into the 21st century.Then it began.the insta lust, descriptions of toned muscles, firm jawlines quivering body parts I thought oh no, another tale of a smart professional woman who is reduced to a mooning school girl every time the male MC crinkles his eyes How did I go wrong But you know what I didn t I don t think I m spilling any beans if I reveal Luna Stefan soon embark on a steamy affair And from that point, the story it s characters hit their stride This is a romance with 2 well matched MC s, mixed into a suspense story with great, well rounded peripheral characters They may be equals in the bedroom but it s a different story on the rest of the estate Stefan is technically 3rd in line to inherit Arborage his presence is making employees family members nervous Before it s all over, he Luna will have to deal with hidden agendas, petty jealousies, intrigue downright dangerous situations as others move to protect their positions There are several side stories that keep the plot humming along Characters include Luna s best friends who are a hoot, a slightly shady gamekeeper the heir apparent who will make your skin crawl But just when you ve separated the good guys from the bad, the author has a few surprises in store So I m happy to report this ended up being an entertaining fast paced read that kept me turning the pages to see how it all shook out And the final chapter ensured I ll be on the lookout for the next instalment.

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    I was looking for something different a little break from the cozies and mysteries that I enjoy so much I cam across Lord and Master and was intrigued by the contemporary romance s description As I started reading, I quickly found myself captivated and hanging on every word, urging my eyes to stay open for just one chapter.Luna is a personal assistant to the Marchioness of an English estate She loves her job and is very good at what she does Luna can handle just about any curve that her boss throws at her but Stefan Lundgren, the nephew of the Marchioness and a consultant hired to asses the future of the estate, doesn t play by the rules As Luna and Stefan get closer, Luna puts her whole self in his hands and on the line But a dangerous and sordid turn of events may break the pair apart and destroy Luna.Lord and Master is what Fifty Shades of Grey wishes it was sultry, steamy, and driven by story instead of just sex It s sexy without being salacious, featuring bedroom romance rich with lush detail but not so much so as to be gratuitous I loved that author Kait Jagger creates the character of Luna as a friend and colleague with a full life of her own, rather than a flat character simply waiting for a man Lord and Master is indulgent and magnetic I stayed up way past my bedtime on than one night simply because I needed to know what happened next Now I feel the same I can t wait to see where Kait takes Luna, Stefan, and us all next.I received a free copy of Lord and Master in exchange for my honest feedback and review All opinions expressed are my own and a favorable review was not promised at the time of receipt.

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